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Lover of poetry,Twilight, and puppies. (But not neccesarily in that order...)

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Reviews by TwilightRose

What happens at Charlie's wedding is hot and unforgettable for Bella Swan. Charlie's best man has her moaning and melting everywhere from her father's living room to the coat closet at the rehearsal dinner. But great no-strings-attached sex suddenly becomes complicated. And what will happen when Bella meets someone else who just happens to be the best man's son?

Thanks to Leslie (red delicious) for the awesome banner!


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Esme, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 19 Completed: Yes Word count: 112144
[Report This] Published: June 20, 2009 Updated: April 21, 2010

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: December 08, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11: The Wedding

I love your story. I love Carlisle and Bella together. They make a good pair. I like Edward this way, but I never really liked the way he was in the book. I liked your addition of the Denali ladies. I couldn't stop reading this once I started. I've never reviewed on here before but felt compelled to for this story. It is the right mix of smut and "other stuff". So <3! Keep writing! I can't wait to find out what happens next! :-)




A simple visit to La Push beach one summer day turns everything Paul ever knew right on its head. The nastiest shock of his life – second only to phasing into a werewolf, of course – is quite possibly discovering that Jake is his potential brother-in-law.

The trials facing Paul include Jake's imminent return and the underlying vampire threat, while the rest of the pack (particularly Leah) really isn't helping.

How will Rachel react to discovering that the legends of the place she fled are true – and they're not letting her go any time soon?

Because this is Breaking Dawn, we know how the story goes, but how does it look from the other side? The most volatile of the La Push werewolves is in for the time of his life...


Categories: Breaking Dawn Characters: Paul
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: No Word count: 63531
[Report This] Published: July 22, 2009 Updated: January 23, 2012

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: December 28, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Amazing. I never really thought about Paul & Rachel much. I hope you give Leah a little something else. I always feel like she gets a bad rap from all the guys. It's not her fault Stephenie is a bitch... am I right? lol Anyway, love your story... Now, on to the next chapter! <3

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: December 28, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

You know what? I'm usually not a "review after every chapter" kinda girl. I like to just leave one massive note of love at the end of my reading session... but your outtakes are too darn alluring. So <3<3<3<3 Outtake now, please?

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: December 28, 2009 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15

I don't watch/read another vampire series. But I do read another shapeshifter series by Rachel Vincent. Check it out... kick ass. P.S. This story rocks. I really wanted to see Sam & Leah get into, but I'm kind of a Leah lover. Well, Team Shapeshifter in general, but I do love Leah. So snarky in here. Love it! <3 Also, Paul is freaking hilarious as are just about everyone else! <3 <3 <3


Shane lost everything: his family, his home, his money, his future. Now he's taking life day by day, hoping that somehow he'll manage to make it through.

I smiled softly at her and reached out to stroke her cheek. The expression on her face was unreadable but fear lingered in her dark eyes. I leaned forward and gently brushed my lips against hers.

"Thank you," I whispered into her ear, "for giving me something to live for."

This is the story of Shane and Leah

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Leah, Other Character
Series: A Little Thing Called Imprinting, Hey, Move The Damn Spotlight!
Chapters: 14 Completed: No Word count: 22535
[Report This] Published: August 05, 2009 Updated: July 04, 2011

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: December 01, 2010 Title: Chapter 12: The Pain of Waiting and Worrying

This is good, but chapters are so short! I would definitely read a longer chapter if you gave us one! (P.S. Enough with the cliff hangers already! :-P)

Author's Response:

I know they're really short, and I'm sorry :( they just happen that way! (Lol, I love my cliff hangers ^-^)

Falling Slowly by MrsAC Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 139]

Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight. Edward and Bella’s families knew they would be perfect for each other. But will the two of them see it?


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Completed: No Word count: 45492
[Report This] Published: August 10, 2009 Updated: January 07, 2010

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: January 08, 2010 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Whoa! Loving it! I'd love to see more Emmett & Rose... they crack me up! I love how they spent the whole day after the wedding together... so romantic! Makes me want to do the same thing with my honey! Keep writing! You're awesome and this is great! :-)


 The Two Sides of the Moon

This banner was created by the the amazing and ultra-talented Paula (FrozenSoldier) check her extraordinary work here:

Post BD. After the non-war, Leah finds herself fighting for a life without pain and loneliness. She starts getting along with her pack mates, and life brought her a new beginning when she's accepted in college. There, she met the man of her life, a man she started hating and that hides a secret.

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Leah
Series: None
Chapters: 20 Completed: No Word count: 49755
[Report This] Published: June 09, 2010 Updated: September 02, 2011

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: September 17, 2010 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1

More please! :-)

Author's Response:


Oops! I didn't realize about this review :P Don't worry, I'll be updating this regularly now.

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! :)


Already Gone by FigSk8ingAngel Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 33]

Banner by candykizzes24


Everybody deserves a happy's just getting there that's the challenge.

This is the continuing story of the World of Twilight.  It takes place about five years post Breaking Dawn and centers around the lives of Jacob's Wolf Pack, (Embry, Quil, Leah, Seth, and Jake) and their imprints/love interests.  Nothing is ever easy, especially falling in love.  The pack will face heartbreak, new love, old enemies, and much more.  All the while finding out who they really are, as well as who they really love.

The title is based off the song "Already Gone" by Sugarland.  The lyrics perfectly describe what I always imagined it would be like for a wolf to fall in love/imprint.


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Banner by Dazzled By Jake

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Claire, Embry, Jacob, Leah, Other Character, Quil, Renesmee, Seth
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Completed: No Word count: 28657
[Report This] Published: August 05, 2010 Updated: May 29, 2011

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: September 07, 2010 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Truth Hurts

I'm excited to find out more of what you think happens to the pack following Breaking Dawn, but I'm really hoping this becomes more than just Jake/Nessie's story! I want to know what happens to everyone else too! :-)

Author's Response:

Don't worry!  You will get your wish!  The next chapter is the last of Nessie and Jake for a bit...then you will get to see what a few of the other members of the pack are up to. :-)  I like to think of this as more or a "Wolf Pack Story" then a Nessie/Jake stoy.  Although the main story line will revolve around them...the others just get mixed in to all the drama.

Thanks for the review! Glad you like it so far!



In defiance of her domineering boyfriend Edward, Bella decides to get her lip pierced at the new shop in Forks where she unwittingly gets up close and personal with free-spirit Jacob. Smutalicious. Slightly OOC.


First Piercing is the Deepest

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Jacob
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: No Word count: 73801
[Report This] Published: September 20, 2010 Updated: June 10, 2011

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: November 05, 2010 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

I think she'd like to forget all about Edward, but knowing Edward he isn't just going to let her go. Weird surprise to make Leah Jacob's sister. I'd like to see more of her. Maybe hook her up with Embry? (I am very anti-Sam & Leah. LOL)

Silver and Gold by kkalmm Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 75]

Silver and Gold by @kkalmm: Banner by @FrozenSoldier

Maria wants Jasper back and badly. When she tries to hurt him through the one he loves the consequences are huge for both vampires and werewolves. Rosalie's life is shattered and Emmett has to pick up the pieces. A mostly canon, post Breaking Dawn, epic that causes all manner of chaos amongst vampires, werewolves and the Volturi. C/Es, A/J, Em/R, Ed/B & Jacob/Leah

Banner by the truly amazing FrozenSoldier

Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Carlisle, Demetri, Edward, Embry, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jane, Jasper, Leah, Nessie, Quil, Rosalie, Sam, Seth, Tanya
Series: None
Chapters: 14 Completed: No Word count: 54299
[Report This] Published: March 29, 2011 Updated: September 29, 2011

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: May 01, 2012 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14 - Recreation

Hi! I love your story! Please write more! I think the whole thing with Leah is awesome! Definitely a theory I've discussed with other fans and I love reading it! Can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work! <3

Silver Moon by Shae Shae Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 88]

Thank you Mist for the beautiful banner.

Summary:  Leah has gotten past the pain of Sam imprinting on her cousin, but she still keeps a wall around her heart.  Can she let go of the pain, and let love in?  Jacob finally finds love, but can he find the courage to tell her about his wolf.  Meanwhile, a new enemy builds strength in the south, threatening to destroy everything and everyone they hold dear. 


Categories: Post-Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Alice, Angela, Bella, Billy, Brady, Carlisle, Charlie, Collin, Edward, Embry, Emily, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jared, Jasper, Kim, Leah, Nessie, Other Character, Paul, Quil, Renesmee, Rosalie, Sam, Seth
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: No Word count: 126628
[Report This] Published: June 19, 2011 Updated: September 08, 2015

Reviewer: TwilightRose Signed
Date: August 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 5

More please! This is great! <3

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading!  The next chapter should be up soon.  I'm just waiting my beta service.


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