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Real name: Tracey Miller
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Edward discovers that Bella has a talent he didn’t know about. He makes the mistake of telling Emmett and Jasper, who find great humor in it. Will Bella -- or Edward -- ever live it down?


Categories: Eclipse Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes Word count: 8781
[Report This] Published: May 14, 2008 Updated: October 21, 2008

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 21, 2008 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - Even

YAY!! So happy to finally read the 'revenge'...Loved Edward's shirt! Such a cute story laced with innuendo, I love that Bella managed to 'get her own back'


Bella is a graduate student in Seattle when she runs into Edward, who teaches at the same college. What will she do when she hits it off with Edward, only to have a former love come back into her life? All-Human. Usual pairings. NC-17 for future chapters.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: No Word count: 46511
[Report This] Published: June 25, 2008 Updated: April 01, 2009

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 16, 2008 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13 - Arrangements

Your Edward is a saint....I love him. All his actions and reactions were perfect in this chapter. 

Awesome job! 


Three very different women, with one thing in common, must deal with life, love and betrayal.


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Angela, Bella, Tanya
Series: None
Chapters: 19 Completed: Yes Word count: 71422
[Report This] Published: August 29, 2008 Updated: February 16, 2009

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 07, 2008 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - The Scare I'm getting a little excited about the fact that Angela knows Dante and a lot creeped out about them naming the baby Bella ::shudders::

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 08, 2008 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - He's Sorry

Was he having breakfast with Bella while Angela was trying to reach him about the scare?????????

The cad!

I'm actually growling right now.....Rrrrrr 

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 13, 2008 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Masen's Betrayal

Oooh, it's starting to hit the fan now!! LOVE IT!

Author's Response:

The fan just got turned on to the 'high' setting...


Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: November 12, 2008 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12- Confrontation

Awesome chapter MoB...the shit has officially begun to hit the fan!!!

I hope Angela plots some delicious revenge instead of trying to forget about it like she wants to right now.

Yay for her calling Ben but I really hope the baby will be ok :-( 

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 17, 2008 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16 - Oh, Shit!

LOVED it HB! So now all the women know about each other...sort of. So bring on the revenge!!! If that's where this is

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 17, 2008 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15- Out of the Haze

I loved this MoB....I'm sorry I didn't review earlier but I read it and then the site was down....etc., etc.,

I really felt for Angela through all her grogginess and then I loved that Ben gave Edward what for on the phone...

My favourite part far...was the image you left us with of Angela watching Edward getting dragged away by security...and not doing anything to stop it...PERFECT

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 29, 2008 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - I Tried! we kinda have one HEA...I loved the wedding, so beautiful. So, is it Angela's chapter next? Will she be with Ben when they show up to give the cheque back??? Or will Masen/Edward be there...are Masen and Edward the same guy???? ARRRGH

Can't wait for the next chapter ladies.... :-D

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: February 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - The End

WOO HOO! Nice ending ladies :-)

I really was beginning to think that you were going to have a hated E/A/

You wrapped it all up very nicely and kept us all on our toes 'til the end!


Marve's Edward meets Wish_girl's Bella in high school. Hilarity and hijinks ensue.


ILY banner



Categories: AU-Human, Crackfic Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: Yes Word count: 88732
[Report This] Published: September 29, 2008 Updated: December 14, 2008

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 05, 2008 Title: Chapter 4: Laid

You guys know how much I like Edward tied to the bed, right? GAH!

Loved is he going to get untied? Tell me Alice finds him.....please :-D 

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: October 05, 2008 Title: Chapter 5: Why Can't I

WOO HOO! The backseat action was steaming hot!

I'm REALLY looking forward to the next chapter after the way this one ended! 


Bri has the chance to let her Twilight obsession run rampant when she meets Jackson Rathbone- guitar player for 100Monkeys and Jasper Hale in the Twilight movie. They have instant chemistry and their playful banter is second only to their intense attraction to one another.  She soon finds that she struggling to balance her quirky friendship with his room/bandmate Ben Graupner and her love for Jackson. The three of them create a unique dynamic that is sure to make you laugh and sometimes curse... probably at me. 

Come visit our forum board other in the "Other" section and join in the good times. Those girls know how to party over there and all are welcome.  

Categories: Other Characters: Ben, Benjamin, Edward, Jackson Rathbone, Jasper, Robert Pattinson
Series: None
Chapters: 19 Completed: No Word count: 83581
[Report This] Published: October 26, 2008 Updated: January 26, 2009

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: November 11, 2008 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8

I'm crushing on Ben a little bit don't worry, you're not alone.

The fact that Ben ended up on the end of the bed was adorable and I loved the boys wrestling over her undies.

Jackson going a bit caveman at the club was...well...GAH! 

Author's Response:

I love the interaction between the three of them. Bri really doesn't have a clue and I am glad that she isn't crushing on Ben like I am.

I was honored that you read my story, RedChevy.... Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: November 19, 2008 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Did NOT suck...yes I want more....I also want Jackson but that's another story...

I love Ben, I'll take him if Jackson's not available.

Soooo, they're sitting with RPattz, eh? I'm hoping you update soon 'cause that was a rotten cliffie :-)

Author's Response:

I was a bad girl and should be punished soundly by the Twilight boys for my naughty ways. Ben might as well help, too. *wink* I'm still crushing on him a bit and Jackson is getting ready to go to London for a while. Ya know... well, let's just see what unfolds. Muhahahaha!

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: November 22, 2008 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

LOVED it!!! From Jackson not releasing her hand to Ben staking his claim of being next in line when 'she dumps him' LOL

Rob, of course, was cream worthy but no more so than the awesome that is Jackson...I can't wait for the next chapter...sexin' you say? Bring it on :-D 

Author's Response:

Sexin' has been submitted for approval to QJ... I sure hope it floats your boat, or rather gases up your Cougarmobile!

I thought it was cute he wouldn't let her hand go and Ben cracks me up as I'm writing. I am one weird woman.

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: November 25, 2008 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

You did great!....I'll be having even sweeter Jackson dreams for a while now....

I almost had a coronary when he slammed her up against the door and it only got better from there, removing her panties with his teeth...lord help me! 

I LOVED the color of Bri's toenails btw :-D 

The contract had me in fits...all the number 1's...hahaha 

Author's Response:

Sex and laughs all wrapped up into one juicy fic about Jackson Rathbone... live is good. :)

I liked the contract, too, and am so relieved that most people seemed to find it as amusing as I did.

Glad you caught my little shout out to you... hehe...

Glad the sex was good; I went over it like 12 times to tweak it and you know what happened to my panties each time - PFFTTTT!!! Gone, just gone.

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 01, 2008 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13

Loved it! Even though Jackson's away ::snifff:: Ben screwing with him on the phone was priceless, as was Ben's face at the strip club...hahaha

And then Ben saying he wasn't going to try to compete with a fictional character any more...poor delusional boy...we, I mean, Bri loves Jackson, not Jasper!! 

Uh...Q's phone sex idea has got me thinking...Hmmm...if you can't bring him back then what d'ya say??? 

Author's Response:

I have to say the idea of writing a phone sex scene intimidates me... but I feel compelled to give my faithful readers the smut they deserve. I will see what I can do. If nothing else, I'll at least lose a few more pairs of panties in the effort. :)

Glad you liked Ben's funny moments. I want to adopt him... Cullen style.


Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 06, 2008 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14

Ready? Am I ready for the next chapter???? You bet I

Another awesome chapter BB...Boy, Bri and Ben should never be left alone, eh? Midgets and bikers and clowns, oh my!

Love the little taste of the phone sex that we got...poor Jacks having to hide from his producer.

And then Edward..I mean..RPattz showing up at the convention? Poor Bri. I loved her staring at the back of his knees as walked into her

Do you think we need to go to New York in the Cougarmobile? I'm up for it... 

Author's Response:

Oh Hale, is there any place I wouldn't go in the Cougarmobile???? Thanks for reviewing, Red, and letting me know that I'm not sucking too bad. The next chapter is racy enough that I blushed several times trying to write it. OMJ. I think I'm turning into a fanfiction sluthor. Don't tell anyone, but I kinda like it.

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 09, 2008 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Definitely panty dropping material...although I was smart and didn't bother wearing any to read this one cos I knew what was coming...or should I say, who was cumming.

Damn RPattz!!! I hope Jackson doesn't see the pics before Bri gets to him.:-( I loved Ben's reaction, though..especially about the 'yet'.

Ben is such a sweetie...I want the boxed set of Jackson and Ben under my tree...please Santa? 

Author's Response: That extended box set is at the top of my list for Santa... and you already know the lengths I will go to to get it. *grabs the mouthwash* I'm ready, Santa... I'm on the naughty list but I better still get what I want.... or else. *flashes a picture of Santa and Rudolph... UGH! Nasty! Santa is on the naughty list, too, evidently.*

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 16, 2008 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Late to the party....sorry, RL sucks.

There is no way you are losing your seat on the Cougarmobile...unless, of course, you stop writing

So...I LOVED this chapter...totally. I thought that Jackson's and Bri's reactions to everything were absolutely spot on and I know you won't leave Jay crazed and hanging for long so it's all good.

The text messages were hilarious btw....I love Ben soooo much and then picturing him just standing there with his fingers on his lips after Bri kissed him...awwww

Screw the Code!

Author's Response:

*raises fist in the air* Screw the Code!

I love him, too, that's why Bri's all fucked up! She has to live vicariously through me... or maybe its the other way around. *snicker*

I am so relieved you LOVED it and that you didn't auction off my Cougarmobile seat! Whoo-hoo! You thought it was spot on and funny! That kicks ass!

Hey, sorry about RL though... there's a reason why we write fanfiction (besides the hot flashes and panty drops)... RL sucks!

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 23, 2008 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17

Awesome chapter BB....I love Jackson to death and I totally agree with you about Rob...I can certainly live without him :-)

Author's Response:

Well now... being as I am getting ready to get busy with him in the Cougarmobile, I have decided to give him a chance to redeem himself for his slightly creepy demeanor in my story. I am sure Lisa is going to bring back my old image of Rob and we are going to have a grand time. But.... you know I will be ogling Jacks from the corner of my imaginary eye the whole trip... and I will be willing to take your leftovers if he has any energy left at the end of the road trip to heaven.

Have a merry Christmas and thank you for the review and the support. SCREW THE CODE! hehe!

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: January 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 18

Loved it!!! YAY for NAKED JACKSON...I can never get enough of that! The make up sex was hot, hot, HOT (and almost on the counter of the store..LOL).

I LOVED Ben as always...him and Kelly seem like a match made in hell..."Holy shit, we can't let them procreate..." 

Awesome as always...Now let's get rid of Bri and have Jackson all to ourselves ;-)

Author's Response:

Here is my tribute to Jackson's mad haiku skills on his band's My Space page:

Screw Jay on counter

Have sex on a waterbed

Fucking die happy

Not quite up to his level of talent in that area, but I can write really hot make up sex scenes with him so I think that evens us up a bit. :) Thanks for the review, Tracey! You rock my fellow Jacksonite!



Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: January 26, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19

I can't believe that skanky ho of a stewardess kissed my Jackson!! um...I mean, Bri's Jackson...yeah, that's it.

I loved the flight...Ben is such an adorable jackass...srsly.

Looking forward to London.... :-)

Author's Response:

Ben is an adorable jackass.... got knows the boy freakin' owns my sorry ass at this point. I tried to leave him behind in the states but he wouldn't hear of it and snuck on the plane with them. Damn cute little bugger has me wrapped around his little finger. *sigh*

I can't hold a grudge against Danielle.... Jackson is just irrisistible. *sigh* And, she took some REALLY HOT pictures of Ben and she shared them with me! LOL

I am looking forward to London, too! We are going to have a blast! *evil grin* Thanks for reading, Tracey! You know I appreciate your support! XOXOX

Finally Mine by SubtlePen Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 69]


Bella struggles with memories of an Edward that never returned to Forks...


Now a Contributing Story to "The Bella and Jacob Chronicles" !!!




Thank you to DiamondHeart for inviting me to participate, and for creating a place we can count on for quality, positive Bella/Jacob stories.  Yay!




Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Charlie, Edward, Jacob
Series: The Bella and Jacob Chronicles
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3242
[Report This] Published: December 05, 2008 Updated: December 06, 2008

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: January 19, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I LOVED it! A very realistic AU ending.

Author's Response:

OMG RedChevy!  I'm flattered you liked this!  ~squee~    :)   Thank you!


Bella and Charlie move to Chicago and into a very old house.  But there's something very different about this place.  What if Edward had died in 1918 and what if he never really left his former home?  Will he finally have a shot at romance after all these years?  And will Bella fall for him?  Rated NC-17 for language and future lemons.  Usual pairings.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Charlie, Edward, Elizabeth Masen, Emmett, James, Jasper, Laurent, Marcus, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: Yes Word count: 61919
[Report This] Published: December 10, 2008 Updated: March 27, 2009

Reviewer: RedChevy Signed
Date: December 25, 2008 Title: Chapter 1: New Start

Good start...I'm intrigued about how you are going to play this if Edward is spirit/ghost of some sort....



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