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Summary: Feature

Dark Side of the Moon banner

Thanks Roo, for the amazing banner! 

And more keep coming in!  Thanks to m81170 for this lovely piece of art:



Here's another amazing pic that fits in with Dark Side of the Moon perfectly -thank you to JohannaL for ID'ing the author: check out her (I assume) other manips - she's a genius!


Updated November, 2009

This story is now COMPLETE!

Dark Side of the Moon is my version of New Moon from Edward’s point of view.  Witness how Edward agonized over leaving Bella, hunted for Victoria, faced the Volturi, and came to realize that with Bella was where he was meant to be. 

This tormented story has been a part of my life for about a year and a half – and what a ride it’s been!  Meant to be canon and in character, I hope you enjoy angsty Edward and his suffering during New Moon.  As unhappy as Bella was during this time, Edward suffered so much more (I think).  So be sure and crack open a fresh box of tissues before reading!

 Thank you to everyone for all the reviews, especially to those of you who reviewed each and every chapter!  Your support and loyalty have been the driving force to me getting this project finished – and I hope it’s lived up to all of your expectations.

Love you all,


PS.  As one last thank you, I’ve posted a formatted, printable copy of Dark Side of the Moon at, as will also post as an electronic version suitable for viewing on a kindle or MobiReader.  I’m also posting a ‘Director’s Cut’ that includes citations of all of Bella’s quotes from Twilight, research notes, and even funny comments from my betas in this version in the same directory.


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Use of the dialog from the series is just for clarity - Stephenie Meyer owns all things twilight!  I'm making absolutely nothing from this work.

Categories: New Moon Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 24 Completed: Yes Word count: 163080
[Report This] Published: May 09, 2008 Updated: February 27, 2010

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: November 18, 2009 Title: Chapter 23: Epilogue: Bad Blood

Great! I liked the last part, the encounter of Jake, Bella and Edward the most. You made the original even better!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: September 24, 2009 Title: Chapter 20: Epiphanies

As good as the vote is in SM's version, yours is even better. Great connection between Alice and Edward and how he interprets her visions.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: October 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 21: Proposal

Absolutely fantastic. You did a great job, as always.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: November 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 22: Postlude: Aftermath



Reviewer: kalanthia Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: February 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 24: Outtake: Missing

Fantastic chapter! I absolutely love Charlie!

Seducing Ms Swan by Rialle Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3026]


AU Post-New Moon.

Bella never jumped, Alice never had her vision and Edward never came back. Six years later, Bella is struggling to make a new life for herself as a teacher in Rochester, New York. How will she fare when a very familiar student crops up in her classroom? Will she be able to remain professional, or will old ties get in the way?

Edward is convinced that getting Bella back is just a matter of 'persuasion', but Bella isn't prepared to be that cooperative. What's more, she's in the grip of a dark secret which threatens to prevent her from loving ever again.

Bella Swan is slipping under...


Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 22 Completed: Yes Word count: 124383
[Report This] Published: June 16, 2008 Updated: July 25, 2010

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: November 18, 2009 Title: Chapter 18: Ghosts

I always like a good sad story ;) Keep writing!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 16: Control

Thanks for the update!

I think you did a great job with keeping the guys in character, especially Jake worrying about Bella, how he doesn't like to be out of control and still saying funny stuff when he tries to talk about his feelings :)


cover banner

Bella went cliff diving, but it didn't turn out so well. She broke her back. A decade later, Edward reappears in her life on the same night she loses her best friend and husband to a freak accident. Now a graduate student in Women's Studies, Bella isn't thrilled to see him. But when the Cullens re-enter Bella's life, they bring change, hope, and a new joint project that will require all their expertises.

Also, you can find a SPANISH version here:

AND you can find images for various things like Esme's house, Edward's piano, Bella's wheelchair and Rose's car on my profile page:

OR in my LJ gallery:

Special Update:

For personal reasons (a ridiculously full teaching schedule and being recently put in charge of a bi-annual local conference and ongoing project), I am no longer able to reply to reviews and questions. But that said, I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYBODY for the wonderful feedback and kind words that have been sent my way since the completion of this story in August 2009. I do still check my messages about once every 1-2 weeks and read *every* review. I just have too many to reply to anymore, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring her/him in particular, or didn’t appreciate readers taking time to leave a review. Writing this story was tons of fun and I’m thrilled readers seem to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the chance to write it. I can’t tell you how flattering that is!!! As I used to reply to all reviews, I feel a little badly about this decision, but work has been requiring virtually all of my time since the new (academic) year began.

Best to all of you in 2010 and beyond!



Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Other Character, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 68 Completed: Yes Word count: 221619
[Report This] Published: September 11, 2008 Updated: August 26, 2009

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: July 22, 2009 Title: Chapter 52: Chapter 52

Thanks for the new chapter! I love the ending! Very Bella-like to think of such an extraordinary gift, but of course Carlisle knows better ;) I've been really looking forward for his return to the family.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Bella is ... unconventional. LOL!  But yes, writing Carlisle is fun because, like Martha, he's someone Bella really looks up to.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: July 25, 2009 Title: Chapter 53: Chapter 53

Thanks for the new chapter! Very lovely and very romantic! *sigh* I always imagined Carlise playing a role in Bella's and Edward's wedding ceremony.

I'm wondering, is Rose's necklace really a bad omen or is this just what Edward is thinking?

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Writing Carlisle was fun.  And no comment on the necklace. ;)

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 56: Chapter 56

Wow! I can't wait to read what happens next!

I really like the "I'm from Texas"-scene. Jasper rocks!

Author's Response:

Just had to say ... Jasper Definitely Rocks!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 57: Chapter 57

Thanks for the new chapter! I can't wait to read what happens next! Will you switch to Bella eventually?

Author's Response:

Yes, Bella has a point of view part coming up after 2 others (Alice and Edward).  I wanted to show sort of, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch,,.,,)

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 09, 2009 Title: Chapter 60: Chapter 60

Wow! Your best angst chapter so far! I like your realistic description of how Bella feels and her bodily needs.

Thanks so much! Take your time with posting the next chapter!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 10, 2009 Title: Chapter 61: Chapter 61

Fantastic chapter! Charlie is just the right amount of confused and angry before he comes around; and I really like Rose's straightforewardness.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 63: Chapter 63

Very good chapter! I'm suffering along with Bella.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 64: Chapter 64

Wow, very moving chapter! Thanks for the quick update!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 65: Chapter 65

Wow, you did a wonderful job with Bella's transfomation and Edward's emotional state! I think I died a little with her ;)

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 19, 2009 Title: Chapter 67: Chapter 67

Wow, the chapters 66 + 67 are absolutely amazing!

You describe Bella's slow process of recovering her memory very well; and the meeting with the Wives leaves me speechless! Sulpicia and Athenodora are as threatening as Aro and Caius, Jane is as wicked as in SM's books and Esme is every bit the strong protector of her familiy I imagine her to be.

Thank you so much!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  And I REALLY wanted the Volturi women to be SCARY.  Truly the "mates" of their men.  Likewise with Esme.  She is the Cullen "queen" in truth now.  I wanted her (not just Rose) to finally have "found herself," by the end. :-)

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 27, 2009 Title: Chapter 68: Chapter 68: Epilogue

Thanks so much for your wonderfull story, the emotional ups and downs and your unique writing style!

Bella's limping is a great solution, Edward did his best to save/heal her, but a reminder of her past stays.

I liked the second part best, but I also think the goodbye from Martha is a very suiting ending, though a sad one.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  The last is sad, but brings the story full-circle to where it began.  Still, I put in the second part to give readers a sense all is not sad or desperate!  Vamp Bella and Edward are happy, and still have family around!

The List by Laura Cullen Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 13659]

Four weeks before her wedding to Edward, Bella is frustrated. She knows there's little-to-no chance of getting him to bend his rules and boundaries now, but there's no harm in fantasizing about what could happen later. So she begins compiling a list of things that she and Edward can do together once they're happily married. She's surprised to find she might be able to cross some things off earlier than she thought...

Story contains mature themes and is not intended for younger readers.

Thanks to Mandi, aka m81170, for the great banner!

Categories: Post-Eclipse Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: Yes Word count: 187877
[Report This] Published: December 28, 2008 Updated: March 19, 2010

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 28, 2009 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Alive and Awake

Happy birthday! ;)

A great chapter!


It's been three long years since Edward left Bella, and things within The Cullen family have changed epically. After Edward's final stand off with Victoria, Emmett is left heartbroken and alone. A chance vision sends him back to Forks, and into the healing arms of the one person he never expected. Why fight with fate?


 New Moon AU - Bella/Emmett.


Categories: New Moon, Eclipse, AU Characters: Alec, Alice, Angela, Aro, Bella, Caius, Carlisle, Carmen, Charlie, Demetri, Edward, Eleazar, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Irina, Jacob, Jane, Jasper, Kate, Laurent, Leah, Marcus, Renee, Rosalie, Sam, Tanya
Series: Emmett Stories
Chapters: 23 Completed: No Word count: 64433
[Report This] Published: January 13, 2009 Updated: February 23, 2011

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: September 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16 - Run

Muahahaha! Hilarious chapter! Jasper's POV is great! And Emmet is even better!

Daddy Grizzly  - first thought: a little perv ;-D  I can so imagine Emmet telling Bella his new nickname in bed... and teasing her because he is sort of her sugar daddy, at least he's older in years.

Second thought: a fantastic hint! What about Em and Bella as Papa Bear and Mama Bear?! Am I over-interpreting Jasper and Alice calling each other baby? ;)

I can't wait for Bella's reaction or Bella and Emmet's first talk!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: September 26, 2009 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - Stand By Me

Hm, a name... How about Emmanuelle? That's the closest thing to a combination of Emmet and Isabella I can think of.

Nice chapter, but I'm wondering why Edward didn't find out about Bella's pregnancy so far.

Jasper being the first one to hear the baby's heart beat - beautiful scene!

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19 - Please Don't Go

Great! I don't think you intended it to be so funny, but Emmet always cracks me up.

Poor Charlie, though.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: July 29, 2010 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 22 - Hearing Damage

Maria and Aro teaming up againgst the Cullens is just plain evil. Gives me a bad stomach feeling.

"We are not civilized, no matter how much we think we are." - I love this sentence. Marcus is the only one among the Volturi kings who could be considered a true leader because he sees all the mistakes they made and himself become a victom of his megalomaniac brothers.

Will Felix and Demetri become friends with Emmet? I always liked the idea of those three fighting togehter. I can't wait to see their reaction when the meet the Quileutes.


The year is 1921. Esme Platt Evenson, depressed at the loss of her
son, throws herself off a cliff, and Carlisle Cullen finds and changes her.
Can she ever learn to forgive him for damning her for all eternity?
Pre-Twilight. Canon with a dash of AU.  A re-envisioning of Esme and Carlisle's story intertwined with the genesis of Edward's bitterness.

Categories: Pre-Twilight, AU Characters: Carlisle, Edward, Esme
Series: None
Chapters: 23 Completed: Yes Word count: 69793
[Report This] Published: January 15, 2009 Updated: April 12, 2010

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed starstarstarstar
Date: November 20, 2009 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 18

Interesting development! Keep writing!

I hope Carlisle will look for her soon.

Reviewer: kalanthia Signed
Date: August 12, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Thanks for the update! I'm glad you're continueing your story.

So Esme and Carlisle admitted they have feelings for each other, lovely ending.

I half-expected Carlisle to offer help with Esme's French pronounciation, maybe next time there'll be some "amour" ;)



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