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Reviews by romancaholic
Sins of my Past by content1 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1941]

Banner by the awesome angelgoddess1981!  You rock babe!

Bella was left by Edward to clean up the ruins of her life after his betrayal. What happens when Edward finds out that not all was as it seems. What are the consequences of his sins and what will he do to get her back?

TwifanfictionRec's - Top 10 Favourite Fics - October 2012

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Leah, Rosalie, Seth
Series: None
Chapters: 92 Completed: Yes Word count: 431753
[Report This] Published: September 30, 2011 Updated: February 10, 2015

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 26, 2012 Title: Chapter 40: Thawing

Bella is finally opening up her wound.  She is letting out the pain and telling Edward how she felt over the lapse of time away. All that pain has just been festering inside Bella all this time, it's about time she's getting it out of her system.  She's calmly telling him how she felt when he left and with his playboy days.  Even finally telling Jake how she feels about Edward and how he needs to get used to him around.  He needs to be nice to him at least.  Edward knowing "sorry" isn't enough for Bella, he needs to earn her trust and then hope to ask for her forgiveness for them to move on together.  Glad they are starting to talk things out, opening up the wound, getting the festering pain out, discussing them, and starting the healing process between them.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 24, 2012 Title: Chapter 58: Foundation

Loved the outtake - Demetri can't contain himself.  Elizabeth thou protest too much.

Edward letting Bella run their physical relationship  oh the fireworks they are a coming.  Bella those know her man.  He is an extreme sexual being. Their bantering back and forth. To end the afternoon with a battling of the minds with a chess match. Bella inviting Edward to have dinner with the family.  Discussing the trip to LA for Carlie and Seth with Jake and Leah.  Should be very interesting meal and discussion.  Especially since the using of Aro's home for the children to be staying.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 65: Assessment

It's amazing how many people interfered with the couple. If Charlie has approached the Cullens all those years ago how different their lives would be now. Bella might not have written her books and become a successful author. So many what ifs scenarios of half steps had been completed to a new outcome. But again the saying "All things happen as they should." Edward did a little brown nosing with bar-b-queuing (manning the grill), at least he was able to have Seth stash enough of the ribs for them to eat while standing in line for the rest of the food.  Smart move - Jake taught him right.  Get it whIle it's there. Edward helped the tribe/elderst with Sarah. Putting her shoulder back in place and getting primarily exam before paramedics.  I wouldn't want to be Sarah's husband right now, I have a feeling the tribal men will be teaching him a sever lesson. If not they should be. I think Edward's answers to Billy's Q/A's was very satisfactory. A new level of respect or reserve to observe Edward in regards to his relationship towards both Bella and  Carlie. Hot loving against the wall, couldn't wait another second. Gotta love that hot, sexy, and gorgeous doctor Edward.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 17, 2012 Title: Chapter 44: Whiplash

Bella's lunch with Rob was cute.  Loved Rob.  He was so funny.  Had great ideas to make Edward jealous.  Didn't need them, just the fact that Bella went to meet him was enough.  Edward was already jealous and worried that Bella would be leaving him for her old flame.  Rob knew that Bella held the torch for Edward that's why she would never open her heart completely for him.  Rob was ready to make a permanent commitment.  Bella had tender memories and she'll miss Rob, but her heart is solely owned by Edward.  Carlie talking with Jake about the "Daddy" issue.  I was proud of Jake for understanding her dilemma of having the two "Dads".  Jake would always be daddy, but she wanted Edward to get the title of dad also.  He is her biological father and he does love her.  Carlie cares for him also.  She is already telling Edward he needs to build the house on Cullen Acres big enough that she has her suite and her new sister Samantha has hers also.  She doesn't really care about his room just the girls' rooms and shared living room.  Esme is going to have her hands full with Carlie's demands on what she's expecting in the new house.  Carlie's already planning on moving in with Edward.  She's pushing for sooner rather than later.  I guess Edward isn't going to be able to take it as slow as he wants to since both girls in his life are planning on pushing him to reach their goal to be together.  Edward's feelings of insecurity when Bella left to see Rob, to surprise of Carlie's declaration of what to call Edward, to her decision of a new house big enough to have her new sister move in, to the news that Carlisle comes in to announce.  News that Tanya had an overdose. Which of course, we all know wasn't her choice.  She messed with Bella and Aro didn't stand for it.  He caused the overdose.  Granted it will be better for Garrett and the baby in the long run because she was an unfit mother.  Bringing that child into the world as an addict.  Talk about the ultimate in being selfish.  If Edward's tests come back well the following day he'll be leaving the hospital and both Edward and Bella will be separated.  They won't have their unlimited time together.  In some ways it will be good because Bella needs to start taking care of herself and resting more after her surgery.  She's overdoing it, not following procedures of post op, not resting, etc....  Her headaches and eye sensitivity are only some of the symptoms starting to come through at this time.  Looking forward to Edward's reaction when Bella tells him Rob wants them both to travel to England to visit him there and send him a wedding invitation.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 09, 2012 Title: Chapter 43: Seduced by Chocolate

Have to say when the Cullens want to pour on the romance, boy so they know how to do it.  Even in the hospital, Edward has help from his parents and sister to surprise Bella with a homecooked romantic dinner.  Mom cooks it, Dad brings in all the components to set up in his room, Alice distracts Bella away from his room with a good excuse (Samantha.)  Bella has no idea until she walks into Edward's hospital room and sees the table with actual (linen tablecloth and napkins) with candles burning on the table, lights dimmed, and Edward holding out her chair to the table for her.  Based on Bella's behavior it won't be long before Bella pushes the envelope to move them up to the next physical level.  Edward was physically exhausted by all the activities in setting up the dinner and their after dinner make out session.  I bet that boy slept late the next morning after that work out.  Good thing he has a strong heart, to pump all that blood of his throughout his body especially southward.  Exactly where both Bella and Edward want it to go.  It's just Edward is still too weak to be able to fulfill that endeavor.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 16, 2012 Title: Chapter 74: Chase

Very exciting chapter. Very brave of Seth and quick thinking on his part. Leaving a trail of clothes or something for them to follow him as he chased the man who took Sam2. Have to admit felt fear at the sight of blood near the bench.  Thought something very horrible had happened to either Seth or Sam2. Was very happy to hear it was the creep who was bleeding instead. Was glad they thought of dogs to pick up Seth's scent to follow the trail and thought of the idea of employee at apartment complex for access to basement and tunnels.  Fear again when shot rang out, but relief when Seth ran into the rescue team with Sam2.  Happy that Seth didn't kill the evil fiend, but sorry in a way too. Always a chance the courts will let him slip through the system. Even though they were able to save the other little girl, doesn't mean he'll actually pay for his crimes and the crimes before. At least if he died there, it would all be over and for good. But then again to lay that type of burden on the shoulders of a fourteen year old boy is a tough job. Seth did what he had to do and did it well. He pursued, protected, and saved both Sam2 and the other captive little girl from harm and further harm.  Even though Carlisle is concerned about child protective services visit the following day, what happened could have happened to anyone with a child, I'm sure with Aro and his team behind them Sam2 will be remaining safely at home with the Cullens as her family.  Just to let you know my heart rate is finally setting back into normal range after reading this chapter. Looking forward to the future chapters.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 14, 2012 Title: Chapter 32: Orders

Edward did everything right once he found out. Didn't listen to her commands of don't touch me.  Carried her to the elevators.  Had his car brought around. Placed her into his car and buckled her into all with her yelling and hitting at him. Drove like a maniac to the hospital calling his dad via his car in transit.  Didn't listen to any of Bella's protest.  Got her into the hospital and into a bed.  He was just about ready to give her a sedative to calm her until his dad arrived.  She was so overwhelmed by his declaration of love.  When Bella yelled her last "Don't" that was the final rejection Edward could take.  He stayed within the hospital until she was stable.  Meanwhile also was noticed that he sliced the bottom of his foot while carrying her to the hospital whether it was from his apt to the car, car from the hospital, in the hospital.  He had been bleeding from it. He left the house in pj pants, t-shirt, no shoes, probably no wallet, no driver's license, etc.. just his keys and Bella.  When Bella finally awoke after 4 days of medicated sleep, she realized her actions and her words.... How they must have affected Edward.  She wanted to talk with him. Jake said no one can find him.  Can't blame Edward for checking on Demetri's background especially in his mind, he's what makes Bella happy.  Meaning he'll be around his girl and daughter a long time.  Wants to make sure that they are both safe.  He's willing to take a back seat to his own happiness to make Bella happy.  He'd do anything for her.  As Carlisle told Bella it was Edward's quick action that saved the surgery.  Edward being mad at Carlisle for not telling him of surgery, as a doctor he must understand the limit Carlisle can go with privacy.  Especially in this case, Bella ruled who knew and who didn't. My heart goes out to Edward at this point in his life.  All his hopes and dreams for a future with Bella and his daughter as a family have been dashed.  He's lost the only true love of his life by his actions as an irrational teenager.  So he has a long weekend of heartache. He gets to enjoy his daughter playing piano, but has to watch Bella being escorted by Demetri everywhere. Then Monday morning has to attend parole meeting for the man who brutalized his sister to ensure that man stays behind bars to never see the true light of day and sense of freedom again. So emotional roller coaster for him this whole week losing his only love, watching her with someone else, joy and pride at his daughter playing piano, fighting to keep that brute locked away.  A lot of things to have on your mind and to deal with in such a short period of time.  Edward doesn't know that Bella wants to talk to him.  She's made that request more than once. Deep down Bella wants his statement to be true, but afraid to let her complete defenses down.  Since she still loves him too.  Jake will be giving her a huge bad time if she starts dating Edward again.  But it is Bella's life.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 09, 2011 Title: Chapter 17: Deceit

Sounds like everyone is against the Demetri boyfriend plan.  They all know it's a ploy since "Edward" Cullen and the Cullens have returned into her life now.  It's to avoid direct contact with Edward.  Even Leah who hates him can tell he's a changed man.  Even with his playboying/man-whoring ways he hasn't done a real relationship since Bella.  He has never stopped loving Bella.  Now she has heard this from both her daughter and her best friend. Bella doesn't want to believe that everything Edward told Carlie was the truth.  In her mind Edward was lying to Carlie.  Why would Edward paint himself in such a negative light if he was going to lie to Carlie about himself?  Doesn't make sense, if you want to be in a better light you cut out all the bad behavior/treatment/implications of things said and done towards Bella.  Edward didn't do any fluff when he told Carlie he was straight forward and to the point.  Only Bella's heart, pride, self esteem, etc... can't believe or conceive that Edward could still have feelings for her after all these years.  She is still under the assumption that the Cullens were aware of her pregnacy with Carlie and just ignored her.  Of course, they were not ever made aware due to Tanya taking the letter and removing the evidence provided at the time.  this is all new to all of them.  Edward would encourage her to go through with the surgery in order to restore herself as much back to the norm as possible.  Regain as much of her sight as possible prior to the birth.  Bella needs to rethink her heart and feelings and if Edward is making an effort to be nice then Bella needs to attempt the same thing with Jasper.  Waiting next chapter to see how Jake approved of Demetri.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 12, 2011 Title: Chapter 18: Wrong

It's amazing what the gossip rags will add to a picture for a headline with a celebrity.  Stirring up a scandal with Edward and his daughter Carlie trying to accuse him of robbing the cradle.  So the Cullens with Bella and her lawyer Aro will fight with their own PR to stop any further damage.  Bella should have contacted Emmett when she tried to speak with all of them in high school.  He would have spoken to her and then the Cullens would have been aware of Bella being pregnant then.  All of their lives would have been different. Hearing Carlisle refer Bella as his daughter hurts Bella so much after the way they all treated her like she had the plague.  Talk about further from the truth, even though they really felt that way, they sure didn't show her they felt that way to her when she needed them.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 19, 2011 Title: Chapter 19: Humbleness

Bella doesn't believe that Edward ever had feelings for her.  She learned to hate him and his family for their abandonment.  Now they are all in her life again.  Carlie a little like both of them.  Believes her father's explanation.  Not happy with the way they all treated Bella, but has the back up story to some what understand. Bella cannot believe the story Edward has given the reporters to protect her and Carlie.  She believes some of them to be lies, but in reality everything Edward is the truth.  She can't understand why he is risking his career admitting to his drug addiction, etc... He has approached her for a chance to explain where he was mentally at the time, the lies he was told, his sorrow, wants to know what he can do to make amends to win her respect and regard again.  If at all, but he truly wants to be a part of her and Carlie's life in whatever capacity Bella can handle.  Edward has lost total control of meeting with Bella.  It's all up to Bella to make the next move of reaching out to Edward.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 21, 2011 Title: Chapter 20: SOMP - Jacob Outtake

You have to hand it to Jacob for being honest with Carlie about his true feelings about Edward in the beginning.  He is assuring her no matter what kind of relationship she develops with her biological father that he would always love her and be there for her.  Jake's a pretty good guy.  I'm glad he's being over protective of Demitri, I'm not voting for even a fake relationship with him.  Especially not a release buddy.  Not cool.  I do feel for Carlie her whole world has been turned upside down. Learning all the facts of her father's betrayal of her mother.  In fact the entire family on her father's side abandoned her mother once she got pregnant.  I think it's really big of her to even give them a chance much less try to build a relationship with them.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 26, 2011 Title: Chapter 22: White Christmas

Aro telling Bella, Jacob, and Leah the Cullens' past legal difficulties and horrific problems brought Bella's memories of past actions and words new meanings.  She could see in what context they were said and done.  Where they never made sense before it brought it all into play.  All the pieces of the strange reactions and words all being put into place and understanding.  Still with her compassion has to remember how they treated her without compassion or fairness to hear her side of it.  The letter from Tanya was just a letter of nothing as Jake said.  It stated she said something incorrect, but no detail.  She did mention to Bella she would talk with her privately and discuss all the details.  Her only sorrow was for the child not knowing her father.  What about the lack of time the two lovers were apart and the support of each other through all their dark times together?  If Bella had still been there for Edward he wouldn't have gone into the dark with drugs/liquor/etc....  He would have had Bella for comfort and support.  When she was in thrall of depression and angst about the baby she would have had Edward and his family supporting her on the birth and help raising their child.  So many mistakes and misunderstandings, no one have enough nerve or guts to take the initiative to approach and talk things out early enough to make a difference.  Just taking things at face value without finding out if what they were seeing is what was true.  Esme and Carlisle seeing Jake, Bella and the children together thinking them a happy family.  A family they are and were, but not a couple.  More brother/sister with their children going on an outing. Knowing the facts now about Edward might soften her heart towards Edward some, realizing he was tricked and manipulated into believing he was deceived into bringing dangerous people back into his home.  Which he if truly loved Bella he should have realized wasn't true.  With his guilt he couldn't trust himself so he panicked.

I did enjoy the outtake.  What a perfect Christmas for both of them. Each giving the other such a meaningful gift to express their love for each other.  Wonder if they both still have those gifts around and what they mean to them now.

Author's Response:

Yes, It is now all out there!  She has to decide on her own how she'll handle it.

I'll send Aro to you directly.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 19, 2012 Title: Chapter 39: Beginnings

Only logical that Bella would be jealous of beautiful women around Edward based on his past reputation with them.  She knows he loves her, but trust has to be rebuilt between them. Edward was right he had to prove his love to Bella and court her.  Had to win her trust again in order to pursue a more permanent relationship between them.  Bella has finally realized that it will take time.  Physical and emotional healing needs to be done together.  Talking through issues and dealing with the pain caused to move forward must be done.  It's not going to be easy.  Giving Edward a sponge bath got them both worked up can understand why Edward wants to talk about Bella's jealousy feelings towards Elizabeth Pascal. Make her angry at her original feelings when she saw them talking and laughing.  Her jealousy made Edward feel good though.  Trying to cool their jets don't need Edward to suffer any more pain than what his injuries and surgeries have already caused him.

Author's Response:

Poor Edward.  Death by lust.  :)

It'll all come around, but he is going to be insistent on airing the dirty laundry...

For now, sending Aro and Tanya to you directly.


Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 30, 2012 Title: Chapter 41: SOMP Demetri Outtake

Demetri has got it bad already for Elizabeth.  The poor boy thinks he actually has a choice.  Right!!!  He's showing the signs now where he is obsessing about her.  Plus she is the granddaughter of his mentor at the FBI.  Heard stories about her and now he's met her.  Elizabeth isn't too impressed or is acting like she isn't right now. Demetri is being a typical guy checking her out and having his thoughts run amok towards the gutter.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 14, 2012 Title: Chapter 56: Memories

My heart goes out to Sam2.  To be so young and so fearful of everything.  With the Cullens loudness is to be expected.  Lots of energy, passion, excitement leads to loud and crazy in both fun, passion, sorrow, and joy.  Something Sam2 will just need to get used to when living with them. Hopefully the referral from Elizabeth will be able to weed out all her fears and insecurities.  In order to help her learn that a raised voice doesn't mean a beating, brushes are used to brush/comb hair on your head, blood sometimes happens without violence, etc... Her father needs to be hung out to dry for his treatment of one so young and defenseless.  I really do hope charges will be filed and he will be locked away for the rest of his life.

Bella and Edward separation will be hard on both of them. Bella does need to go over her emotions/feelings after her abandonment from Edward.  She knows Edward has suffered and is repentent. She knows his dream is to woo her back and win in back through all the darkness over the 15 year gap.  Only time will tell, at least Bella was able to go through her memory box without falling apart into thousands of pieces. She was able to look upon the items with a new outlook and remember them lovingly and longingly.  Looking forward to the next chapter.  It'll still be hard for both of them to sleep without the other for awhile, but both have items to resemble the other.  Bella has t-shirt and Edward has the pillow each with the others scent to help them.

Author's Response:

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 02, 2012 Title: Chapter 60: Creation

Edward is such a lovesick puppy.  It's just soooo cute! Loved Carlie and her light switching dance.  My dad did that to me when I was dating too.  I know how embarrassing it can be. It's funny now, but not then. Loved when Edward gave encouragement to Carlie on her musical pieces and actually gave her the clue of how to put her soul into her selected pieces and her own compositions.  Also helping her complete her uncompleted composition and the courage to play it in competition.  Edward was so worried about being in trouble with Bella for making Carlie late coming home.  Bella was so excited seeing Carlie happy about her own compositions and confident in her work to play her piece in competition. Just love it when Bella and Edward get caught heavy smooching when Carlie's around.  Carlie thinks it's adorable too.  Now Bella's implying a lot by staying at Edward's penthouse apartment.  She's looking for some heavy-duty non-purtian activity from Edward once Carlie goes to bed after their family dinner.  Looking forward to that chapter for sure.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 10, 2012 Title: Chapter 61: Adoration

Edward taking Bella back to Forks to let all the gossips in town know that he was with Bella.  They had a daughter and he cherishes both of them.  Waits on both of them hand/foot. Wanting the gossipers to spread the word that they are together and since Carlie is 14 they'll never know how long they've been together.  Yes he was a playboy, but he's also a doting father now. Very much a romantic buying the house with the memories of his happiest times with his beloved Bella.  I can understand her anger that by not having Edward's old room honored it cast a shameful light on what occurred between them there.  Good idea making it into Carlie's room to represent and honor what love created in that room.  Edward finally got to hear what Bella felt about Edward having sex with Tanya after her.  In her mind didn't destroy the loving memories between them, it was caused by destruction of the drugs and manipulations.  It was an expression of feelings on both parties that needed to be released and then healing to begin.  Looks like they are on to a very good start.  Looking forward to the next chapter.  Finding out what is happening on the rez the following day and Billy taken Edward to task.

Atlantic City by PhoenixRN Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 268]

Bella and Japser have been best friends for years, and together fled a difficult home life.  For three years they have been making a living off the grid, rounding at casinos across the US and barely getting by.

Edward is a reluctant casino manager, living to please his father.  When he discovers that something sinister is going on behind the scenes of Volterra, he finds himself in danger.  When he meets Bella at a bar one night, he becomes completely captivated by her, but unwittingly draws her in to the danger he faces.  Now they both must fight for thier lives as they figure out what's really going on in Volterra.

Rated NC-17 for violence, language, and maybe a lemon or two...

Amazing Banner made by thewaywardgirl-

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Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes Word count: 113577
[Report This] Published: October 22, 2011 Updated: March 07, 2012

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 31: Outtake: Aro's Dream

Adored how all the different methods of torturous punishment all came to Aro in a dream.  Each method was better than the first.  Each and everyone of them was actually generous for him considering all of the damage, cruelty, and corruption he has caused over the years to others.  Just to have him wake up and head to Heidi to have the beginning of his downfall as well as his reigning dynasty.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It only takes one man to cause anarchy and revolution to bring down the empire/dynasty.  It started with Edward putting his foot down and refusing to work within Aro's corrupt restraints.  Just brick by brick everything crumbled down around Aro until he was behind iron bars with 2 life sentences.  The man will never see another day of freedom.

Author's Response:

Hello, dearest!  I hope you recall you were responsible for the worst of it- being tied by the ankles on top of a building with a burning rope?  How twisted is that?  LOVE you for that!  Yes, while fantasy was fun, he'll spend the rest of his life rotting in prison- how appropriate.  Thanks for the review!  Love ya!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 14, 2012 Title: Chapter 19: When You Need Me

Aro was threatening Edward that he would regret not going along with his plans. That he would hurt him through people that meant a lot to him.  He made Carlisle sick by the food in the casino.  Sold him the casino he always wanted, put him out of the way.  Used his brother who was blonde to represent Carlisle.  He had all the ducks in the row before Alice called Edward.  Edward didn't have a chance to get to Alice before she was taken out of the hospital.  Esme and Carlisle had no idea what was happening.  Carlisle sick and out of commission.  I'm surprised that ID wasn't required to check her out. Probably fraudently ID as well. Alice being held by the Volturi brothers with James as well.  I'm feeling bad for Alice now.  Edward is beside himself knowing Alice is gone knowing that Aro is behind the whole thing.  Aro wants Edward to be his pawn in the authority position to turn his head from all Aro's discrepancies of the law.  Something Edward would never do unless someone he loves was in danger.  Edward is slowly getting cornered to take the blame for everything illegal Aro's done since Edward's worked for him and what's to come in the future.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  Good theory about Aro making Carlisle sick, and you're right, the Alice abduction was premeditated.  The id question will be answered next chapter.  Alice is so sweet and innocent, of course we feel bad for her :(.  Aro has nothing but bad intentions for Edward.  It's about to get ugly.  Thanks for reading!!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 22, 2012 Title: Chapter 21: Streets of Fire

If the governor gets Bella's letter based on what Emmett and Rosalie overheard in the bathroom, then the governor should provide all the assistance possible to help bring down Aro.  He already doesn't trust Aro so anything that adds additional mistrust should be another reason to be leery of him.  An incentive to work with Edward, Bella, and their allies to further investigate all the transactions, dealings with people, etc... of Aro and his associates to verify if legal or totally on the up and up.  Bella being with Maggie and Emmett would be the safest place for her.  James calling Bella doesn't ring true for Aro's plan.  He's got his ace in the hole for Edward, it's Alice.  Edward will play along for as long as Aro is implying threatening his sister's safety.  James wants Bella.  It could be a trap to get her while Aro is gone.  James knows Edward is with Aro and unreachable.  Bella offered a trade of herself for Alice would do it for Edward to relieve all the devastation she had seen over the last couple days.  Only she doesn't realize that losing Bella would cause him even more devastation and grief.  He wouldn't be able to cope with things without her.  Hopefully Emmett or Maggie will follow Bella with her sneaky attempt to escape the casino for her secret meeting with James to trade for Alice.  It could be a big buff as well, just to get her out in the open for him to take her.  Bella is making a very bad move.  I wouldn't trust James as far as I could throw him.  He's not a very honorable creature.

Author's Response:

Thanks for another awesome review!  The governor should be able to help.  Bella up in the secuirty office should have been safe had she not acted impulsively!  James is bad and should not be trusted.  Bella suffers the same problem of not seeing herself clearly, so she thinks she's doing the right thing!  Thank you so much!!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 05, 2011 Title: Chapter 10: This Hard Land

Bella and Jasper were just barely getting by with her counting cards at the blackjack tables. Trying to talk Jasper out of dealing with James was very good advice.  Jasper didn't catch the true plan until it was too late. Bella must have been born under a lucky star running into Edward and Emmett from the car.  Edward's meeting in the bar and the incident reminded him of Alice's prediction of the woman in his life.  She's beautiful.  Carlisle making Alice think she's crazy and needs drastic measures to cure her is horrendous.  Seems with Jane in Vegas already connected with Bella and counting cards now moving to Atlantic City the link to Vegas seems to be full circle.  Jasper got himself beaten up pretty badly there.  Bella was noticed.  Aro is spreading his operation from Vegas to include it in Atlantic City too.  Getting his piece of the action of the underground money making activities.  James was stupid telling Bella that Jasper died of a car crash because that is something that can be verified.  Of course, he figured by then she would have been taken by him and drugged beyond control.  Bella would have been totally out of reality.  James didn't plan on Edward following them.  Demetri wasn't looking for anyone following them.  Too cocky to think someone was on to their kidnapping and brutal techniques. The fact that Edward wanted to fire on the spot the two men who allowed a woman to be abducted from their premises in plain sight and get fought by Chelsea is definitely suspicious.  Then Felix taking James' information out of the database.  Avoiding Emmett and Edward from knowing who he is and what he has done before.  Seems like Aro is placing in key roles  (positions) his employees to cover up tracks of his underground men (bosses) running the illegal money trades.  Bella would have been in danger with or without Edward's involvement and so would Edward have been in danger with or without Bella.  He had already been fighting with Aro's appointments of employees and being told to fire people he hired who were doing excellent work. I think even now Emmett is starting to get a bad feeling something bigger is happening with Volterra than either of them ever suspected.  A vampire theme casino a great unique idea.  I like the color scheme especially the maroon gaming tables.  Looking forward to future chapters.

Author's Response:

Wow, thank you so much for the detailed review!  All of your suspicions are right on track!  Things are starting to come full circle, and Edward & Emmett are pretty smart, they'll figure it out!  Next chapter will shed a lot of light on Aro.  I'll post it as soon as I can!  Thank you!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 27, 2012 Title: Chapter 29: Your Own Worst Enemy

Alice was fine just fainted from her fear of the dark and stress of what was to come.  Jane tased her and Alec carried her.  Seemed justified that Jane got the same treatment.  Poor Alice having to relive her most fearsome experience of being in that dark storeroom. Walking up everyone screaming in fear that she was still there or would soon be returning there.  Bella was great comforting her and making sure that she would be protected.  It was putting Edward and Bella on the spot when Alice started talking about Bella being her sister and how beautiful their wedding was going to be.  Since neither Bella or Edward were at the stage yet. Just trying to stay alive right now.  Know that they are planning on being together, but no mention of rings or weddings on the horizons.  Alice brings it up though.  Even the mention of Jasper's death which Alice knew was her soulmate and Bella's best friend made Bella faint in front of Edward.  So fainting from extreme stress/anxiety is just the minds way of taking a break, trying to stop any more input until it can handle what's already there and calm enough to add more. The scenario of what happened to Aro I didn't think of but was very appropriate based on what Aro had done to Heidi's husband.  Only problem Heidi, you weren't high enough to cause permanent damage (like death) maybe enough to make a cripple out of him.  Talk about demented that Aro would be trying to convince everyone he was innocent and that his daughter needed to be arrested for pushing him over her balcony.  He's lucky she didn't shoot him and move the body somewhere else.  I can understand why neither Bella or Edward want to remain in Atlantic City any more.  Bella not wanting to be anywhere near casinos or gambling any time soon.  Of course, if you move to Nevada they have slot machines everywhere, grocery stores, diners, etc... But since her game of choice was blackjack (21) that wouldn't be too bad.  Hopefully in the epilogue the remaining family will be picked up by the feds or local police so all of them will be arrested and the Cullens willl finally be safe from any further harm.  Very interested in alternate ending and epilogue along with the outtake.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  I had great fun writing about Jane getting tased- a little taste of her own medicine.  Alice definitely put Edward and Bella on the spot, but we all know that they're going to get married eventually anyway ;).  Alice knew Jasper was her soulmate, but she only saw him in a dream, she doesn't know it's the same as Bella's friend.  Glad you found the Aro death appropritae- you're right, if Heidi lived a few more floors up, it might have been a more just ending, but at least this way he'll spend the rest of his life in prision as someone's bitch!  I'll post the epi and outtakes as soon as I can.  Thanks!!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 14, 2012 Title: Chapter 26: What Love Can Do

Bella's okay--doesn't appear to have concussion or serious injury from Demetri hitting her on the back of the head.  Stupid move on his part.  Sent Edward flying to kick his bum.  If it wasn't for Emmett Edward would have continually sent punch after punch onto Demetri's jaw,face, nose, etc...  At least he's in jail.  Bella and Edward have had their reunion.  It was a shame that by the time Emmett and the additional police arrived at Marina 13th floor, Alice wasn't there.  So whoever was watching Bella and Demetri for Aro reported to Aro that Bella spilled the beans.  Hoping Alice is okay still.  Aro is extremely mentally disturbed.  With his plans falling and crumbling around him, with his key players and people he's threatening to work for him are being rescued he isn't getting the intel he needs to get the entire area all to himself to build his empire for himself to complete his father's dream.  Aro's losing family members from his side also.  At least Rose, Emmett, Bella, Edward, Esme, and Carlisle will be on the same floor under police protection.  Not that that will stop Aro from making a move on them.  Since he has people everywhere. Let's see if Edward and Carlisle can mend some of their bridges and start being a family again.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  Aro's world is going to come crumbling down very soon, I promise!  Once Alice is home safe, the family can start to heal.  Thank you so much!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 09, 2012 Title: Chapter 25: Code of Silence

Aro's not taking no for an answer at all. Won't release Alice either. Determined that Bella will be an asset in his plans.  Make her think she's checking the casino out, but he's setting her up.  Only it doesn't work out that way for him. At his little family dinner Chelsea made the announcement of daddy's big mistakes of kidnapping people.  Sulpicia, Aro's wife was shocked and left the table.  Total unaware of her husband's work tactics.  Chelsea and Afton both left the dinner and the house wonder how daddy dearest will react to that action from them. If he eliminates his daughter and son-in-law, his wife will really be upset with him.  Aro is between a rock and a hard spot.  He really can't go either way at this time.  He's now hit a dead end.  If he does certain activities his whole plan will crumble down in rubble with all ends leading to him and his family. Emmett and Kate were still looking each casino for Bella.  Emmett saw her and tried to get her to leave with him.  Bella tried to convince Emmett that she was using Edward and has moved on.  Emmett and his cousin Kate don't really buy it.  Emmett calls Edward who arrives at Eclipse new casino on Aro's list to purchase cheap.  Edward confronts her and won't believe the words coming from her. He knows she doesn't mean she never loved him and she's moved on.  Of course she'll say that with a gun in her back from Demetri. Rosalie really didn't have the right to call Edward's mom to talk to him and straighten him out. Talking about Alice's condition of bipolar -- could that just be her reaction to the vision of having her soulmate be murdered before she even got the chance to meet him, know him, love him, etc... Just knowing she'll always be alone.  It was wrong of his parents to block him from seeing Alice in the hospital as well as not letting him know the condition of his sister.  Dad can't enjoy his casino now that he knows he was manipulated along with his family.  The man who did it also arranged for his daughter's kidnapping to use as bargaining chip to use his son for his own ends.  Bella being dragged away at gun point by Demetri yells at where Alice is at is she at Eclipse 13th Floor or Marina 13th Floor?  Stupid move on Demetri's part of knocking Bella out with his gun. Gonna have people coming from all directions towards him to kick his bum.  With his attention distracted knocking Bella out maybe Kate can acquire her gun or back up arrives and ends him good.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  Aro's little fantasy world will def come crashing down soon, especially with his family starting to turn against him.  As far as Alice, for the story purposes, she really is bipolar, she's just been hiding it from Edward.  His parents were wrong- at least Esme admits that.  Saying Alice was at Eclipse was a typo- you're right, she's at the Marina!  And yes, Demetri made a huge mistake, one that won't end well for him.  Thank you so much!!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 11, 2012 Title: Chapter 18: Badlands

I'm surprised  that no one double checked with the single owner of the 3 casinos as to why he sold them unvalue.  Being pressured by James.  His family threatened, his life threatened, etc.... Chelsea told Aro (her father) adding another twist to the plot that he's moving too fast.  Authorities will begin to be suspicious. Verified that Edward doesn't trust her or any of Aro's staff.  Edward is being aware of everything going on in Volterra.  Aro is just using his daughters, where is the love? Heidi sleeping with an official to have a scandal for him to resign.  Aro thinking to have Edward placed into that position.  Aro thinking Edward would be his puppet politician on the gaming commission.  He really has underestimated Edward all around.  Aro might be smart and think he has all the answers, but people have free will.  They don't react the way Aro expects all the time.  Edward is already planning on taking things and flying out (I'm sure with Bella too) to get Alice.  The three of them will go into hiding somewhere far from the gambling cities.  I think Edward has been planning on resigning each and every day as all Aro's changes have been stuffed down his throat.  He didn't even trust the last several weeks when Aro was letting him make his own decisions regarding the casino.  James has been accused of kidnapping and attempted rape by the law.  Edward has reported it to the authorities.  The fact that he returned to Volterra Edward had the right to throw his ass out of the casino by force if necessary.  James would need to be thrown out.  Felix wouldn't do it.  Maggie not strong enough.  Edward should have contacted the local police force and have him arrested on kidnapping charges (of course the evidence was erased by Felix).  Edward and Emmett saw the tape. Bella is a witness that she was abducted and he was going to rape her but Edward saved her.  Have the cops lock him up and throw the key in the deepest water available.  So it will be unable to locate and let him starve to death.  He has used everything and everybody to excesses enough.  Time for James to pay up for his evilness.  The next person will need to be Aro.  Sounds like Chelsea has plans to double cross her father.  She doesn't believe in his search for ultimate power along with more wealth.  She could turn state or federal evidence against him and send him and all his cronies, brothers, etc... to prison for life for all their underhanded gambling, murder, blackmail, etc.... Looking forward to the next chapter of Bella and Edward fleeing to get Alice.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!  Fear not that the shady casino sale will be looked at by the governor.  People are starting to get suspicious. 

Edward and Bella will be making thier way to Las Vegas in the next chapter.  You're completely right that the police should be involved, but the evidence was erased, like you said.  James will get what's coming to him, don't worry!  Chelsea is still on the fence about crossing her father. 

I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can.  Thanks for reading!!



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