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Sins of my Past by content1 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1934]

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Bella was left by Edward to clean up the ruins of her life after his betrayal. What happens when Edward finds out that not all was as it seems. What are the consequences of his sins and what will he do to get her back?

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Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Leah, Rosalie, Seth
Series: None
Chapters: 91 Completed: Yes Word count: 421991
[Report This] Published: September 29, 2011 Updated: January 14, 2013

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 37: Confessions

Today was Edward's happiest day.  Bella told him she loves him and has always loved him.  She's been by his side and isn't leaving until he goes home.  Edward wants to earn and deserve her love.  He plans on winning her back through courting and making up for all his past mistakes and mistreatment of her.  That was quite a kiss she gave him.  Took his breathe away in surprise.  Bella thought she lost the love of her life when he was shot.  In fact she did lose him a couple of times where they had to revive him.  Carlisle and his little clues with winks trying to tell Edward that Bella had been there for him.  She was a wildcat for him when it came to his attorney.  She's determined he's going to make it.  Carlie was so adorable once her father was awake.  When she called him "Daddy" it made his heart soar.  Just that one word made everything ok.  He didn't even need an apology from her.  In fact Edward expected that kind of reaction from her, only he wished it hadn't come on her piano competition recital.  Then to hear her tell him she loves him.  Those words made Edward feel like a king.  Wanting to hear those words from his daughter.  Just like being in heaven all his dreams coming true.  She kept his note also.  Very emotional.  Bella better being taking care of herself by sleeping because if she doesn't Carlisle and Edward along with Felix, Demetri, Aro and his family, and Jacob and Leah will be all over her.  Edward was upset that his dad put him on narcotics (pain meds), but he wouldn't have been able to stand that kind of pain without them.  The sooner you get off morphine the better, the headaches aren't worth the benefits of killing the pain in the remaining portions of the body.  Edward is on the mend fought his way back to consciousness.  Loved the teasing of Emmett and his holding Alice back so Bella and Edward could have some alone time to discuss some personal issues.  Alice kept wanting to interrupt all the time.  Those things would never have been said if she kept coming in and out.

Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 05, 2011 Title: Chapter 16: SOMP Outtakes Chapters 9-13

The treatment given to Bella was horrible.  Even her phone calls to Edward about being an emergency.  Couldn't believe he didn't give her a chance to talk with him.  Alice pushing her down the stairs. Totally unacceptable behavior for any type of fault or betrayal in her mind.  Most of them didn't want to give her a chance to say anything in her defense.  Carlie was right how could Edward love her so much and not trust her.  Or give her an opportunity to give answers to what went wrong.  Bella has no idea what went wrong.  Everything one day was great and the next her whole world was destroyed and devastated.  Since Bella didn't know the prior experience in Seattle with Alice and Edward, she couldn't have understood the problem with trust issues.  Edward believing Tanya without even thinking clearly about Bella.  His judgement on people surely was askewed. Edward couldn't feel any worse than he does already.  I commend him for giving Carlie the entire story from beginning.  Knowing he might lose Carlie when she learns of his behavior to Bella prior to her birth.  The honesty of not knowing about her existence was true.  I suspected with the messages Bellal was leaving on his phone, email, etc... Carlie is giving the family a chance, but internal anger at them for treatment of her mother.  Jacob is her father physically/emotionally.  He was there since her birth.  Bella and Jacob are both under the impression that the Cullens were aware of Bella's pregnancy and left her to her own devices.  Cullens weren't like that.  Family is family.  Edward should have searched for Bella immediately after Tanya admitted her lies.  It was too late and no excuse for his behavior, but he would have been involved with Carlie a lot earlier and Bella wouldn't be so closed.  This game with Demetri isn't going to work.  It's going to backfire on Bella.  She's still in love with Edward.  Her dreams are a dead giveaway. I foresee more heartache for Edward with this game of Demetri and Bella. Carlie's actually on her dad's side it appears. Looking forward to future chapters.

Author's Response:

Hopefully the next chapter will be up today or tonight.  Just waiting on the beta to return it! ; )

You know there has to be some angst...  Edward has to learn the folly of his ways.

I'm sending Rose outtake to you directly.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 09, 2012 Title: Chapter 72: Bringing down the lights

Edward taking them all out to dinner and having them all experience it with blindfolds. Just the idea of it to honor his Bella and her time of being blind was just the sweetest thing. I can't blame her for wanting to repay him by having him blindfolded while she pays homage to his body.  It was such a gracious thing to do I want to do it too. Great chapter.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 26, 2012 Title: Chapter 59: Chapter 59

Seth is a pretty observant individual.  Knows Carlie very well and Aunt Bella.  I think he likes Edward.  Seems Edward was able to explain their lab homework to them easily.  Wonder what he has planned for this New York trip in the future.  I can only imagine that it will probably be both an Aro and a Cullen man checking on them in LA.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 26, 2012 Title: Chapter 36: SOMP Outtakes Chapter 35

All of the Cullens are thrilled with Bella's reaction towards Edward with her feelings, just not the circumstances.  It's a shame that it took such a drastic measure for Bella to own up her feelings for Edward.  His near death (death-heart stopping) condition before Bella would drop her ice control and let her true inner feelings show. After Edward has already told her how he feels towards her.  But Carlisle's reaction to Bella standing up to Jenks during the reading of will and living will a portion of him was delighted that she was fighting fiercely that no one was pulling the plug until there was no hope.  When Carlisle saw Edward's heart rate jump gave him hope Edward knew what was occurring around him. Emmett such a sweetheart wanted to make sure Bella was taken care of giving her his share of grandfather's inheritance.  That's a huge sum of money to give as a gift.  Emmett saving all those items of Edward and Bella being together from Edward's destructive behavior will be priceless to Edward when returned.  Esme is right parents should not have to bury their children, God willing I will never know that feeling either.  It's hard thinking of them leaving home and starting lives of their own much less leaving this earth forever.  Just waiting and worrying whether Edward will pull out or not especially knowing he had crashed more than once.  Especially after Carlisle was removed from the operating room due to his being overwhelmed by his son on the table.  Rosalie's got the right idea as well as the rest of the Cullens Edward once well will be pursuing Bella with no holds barred if Bella will allow it.  She has to let him know it he has a chance.  He'll woo her until the cows come home.  The man is a born romantic.  He only has to listen to his heart to do and say the right things.  Demetri said if Edward didn't woo her, he would go back into the ring as competition.  I don't Demetri will have to worry about Edward not taking the gaunlet and take his second chance on making Bella his girl now and in the future.  Looking forward to next week.

Hope you had a great weekend with hubby.


Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 22, 2012 Title: Chapter 51: Line in the Sand

Good job Bella.  Stopping the man from over thinking everything and never feeling worth of a second chance.  Not only does he have you with him currently, but the gift you gave him expre ssing your feelings towards him.  He's wearing at your request and placed on by you just lke it was originally.  One of his possessions of your relationship he got rid of, but regretted for all these years.  Bella you won't have any problems with Carlie wanting to be a family.  She  has already made up her mind a long time ago.  She's been waiting for her parents to just get it done.  Edward definitely went to bed a very happy and contented man.  Reaching out for her even in his sleep to hold her close to him.  If Bella hadn't said no, he would provided her with the same pleasurable contentment.  She at least has the happiness and security of sleeping in his arms.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 15, 2012 Title: Chapter 50: Receiving

Great double date for Edward/Bella and Jake/Leah.  Jake giving Edward a second chance, but still letting him know I'm watching ya -- fly straight, or else.  Thoroughly enjoyed the football game, especially the excitement of Bella being able to actually see it.  Nice of Jake to leave Bella/Edward alone during half time for them to get some rest.  Since both of them are recovering from surgery.  Really liked the bantering back and forth amongst all of the characters.  Embarrassment of Jake with the college girls hitting on him.  Bella's cougar comment and then her indecision of which guy kissed better Edward or drunken college guy.  Come on we all know it's Edward.  I'm with drunken sorority girl, if Bella's not sure about Edward I'll take him too. Emmett and his wicked sense of humor.  My goodnes, Em, your brother just came back from the dead.  Look at the tortur you're putting on him.  Red satin sheets with black ropes tied from each of the four posters of his bed.  Skimpy sleeping attire for Bella in one room, black boots in another, sex toys in the bathroom including flavored oils, and the final kicker Edward's present to Bella, her bracelet.  The bracelet they discussed was his letting go element as they are going through Bella's book.  Edward has it back just in time to completely give Bdella all of his heart.  I'd still kill Emmett for the embarrassment.  Poor Edward wants to do it right and everyone including Bella are pushing him to just go for it now.  It feels right, it's comfortable, just do it.  At least that's the vibe I'm picking up from Biella.  She's not holding back, she's ready to move forward and let the cards and fallout lay.  Carlie's ready for her parents to be together.  I think when Edward is feeling his full strength again, he should be allowed one punch to Emmett with no repercussions about the redecorating of his bedroom, Bella's bedroom, the bathroom, and the outdoor patio.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 02, 2012 Title: Chapter 47: Need

Some tough times for Edward going through withdrawals.  Bella being mother hen.  Wanting to baby him through the process.  Carlisle upset about him trying to go cold turkey instead of coming off the drugs gradually making it easier for him to control the DT's.  Edward never should have tried to walk across the room to the showers alone in his weakened condition.  Not without his walker or assistance from either his father, brother(s), or Bella.  He doesn't have his strength back yet or complete control over his limbs. Edward is afraid of Bella's reaction towards his withdrawal symptoms.  She wants to be there throughout them to be there for him.  Both her and Carlie want to be there for Edward.  Esme was grateful that through Bella coming back into Edward's life he is able to use the piano as a distraction during his worst times of his symptoms of narcotics withdrawals.  Utilizing music to express his feelings in the moment to release them from within.  Esme's joy of just hearing him play after 15 years.  Bella overjoyed just seeing Father and daughter playing the piano together and enjoying it.  A sight she never expected to ever see.  I'm glad the story is on the uphill battle to rejoining Edward and Bella as a couple.  What a young man does as a teenager (a mistake made by a very immature, insecure, child) shouldn't be totally weighed whether to forgive or not compared to the man who has changed his thought processes, clean up his life, grown up, became a man, good career, helping others, wants to make amends, and feels remorse for his behavior.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  (I have heard of a theory that a teenager's brain is removed by aliens at the age of 13 and not returned until the age of 21.  So any actions made during this time are done by a total alien and not by the original human child.  So if that is true, then Edward never did those things, the alien brain invading his brain did them. haha.)  No I have a friend who jokingly said that when kids become teenagers since they change so drastically from when they are young the joke is that an alien sucks their brains out at 13 and doesn't return them until after the child is 21.) Edward has done so much penance for his actions towards Bella in so many ways.  Once he was cleaned up from drugs and back on track with his life, he figured she had moved on with her life and he didn't want to cause her any further pain.  He loved her enough to let her go, to let her be happy.  He would rather suffer without her for the rest of his life and let her remain happy with whoever she was with at the time.  Of course, she wasn't really with anyone else as she was still in love with Edward.  Angry at him, which changed immediately when he was shot and almost died right in front of her. Bella would rather have Edward alive and in her life than dead and buried 6 feet under.   Edward would love to just have Bella in his life in any capacity.  Loved Bella's line about Edward propositioning her, when he requested she start off sleeping with him in his bed, only regret was he didn't have the energy to carry through anything physically tasking.  Going to read Bella's book and discuss what each section meant to each of them.  Bella's bracelet which Edward threw and Emmett retrieved.  Looking forward to the next chapters.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 30, 2012 Title: Chapter 64: Meadow

In spite of the news of the actors of these wonderful characters' real life drama, doesn't reflect on your story. The journey between Bella and Edward is very different as Bella discovered today. Mistakes were made on both sides by them. Bella could have let them be aware of Carlie a lot earlier. Contacts could have or should have been made a long time ao, stopped by fears, anger, guilt, selfishness, etc. Since Edward almost died al those things are secondary to the truth, they both still love each other and want to be together. In regards to Edward feeling each woman he slept with was a betrayal to Bella and his love for her, then shouldn't it follow that Bella's physical relationships be the same betrayal since she has the same devotion deep within herself. Both would need to forgive the other for their betrayal of love on the other. Bella denying Edward the years  with his daughter.    That would have stopped many of those playboy years of Edward. Things would have changed a lot earlier and maybe a lot less pain, anger, eTc.... Bella is seeing all the things Edward has done within himself to attempt to right the wrongs he could within his world without Bella. Taking all the memories of her and doing them he utmost of honor and respect. Pleasure too with gazebo for long reading time, buying the house where they first made love, etc... All things within his control, Bella until recently wasn't something he knew where or how to resolve. Now she's his first an foremost goal to happiness along with his daughter, Carlie.                          

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 25, 2012 Title: Chapter 35: Directives

Edward getting shot has made all the game playing stop.  Bella doesn't want to prolong telling Edward how she feels about him and moving forward.  Edward has already declared his feelings for her. Carlie already knows her dad loves her.  He had the courage to come back after her verbal outburst.  She never did get to tell him she didn't mean it.  It was all in anger.  It was the shock of hearing the exact horrific things he said to her mother that appalled her.  When she thought about Edward did tell her he said horrid things to her, he was extremely mean to her back then. I absolutely loved the wildcat that came out when Jenks came to the hospital room.  Carlisle appreciated it too.  She tore him into Jenks and if he hadn't left after she threw his briefcase and papers out; she'd probably would have decked him on principles.  I couldn't believe he was stupid enough to still stay after his briefcase flew across the room in the first place.  She already gave the answer she wasn't going to give her conscent until there was no hope.  In Bella's mind would probably be never because she would never give up hope for his recovery.  After Edward hearing Bella's reaction and her fighting for him, he had all the reason in the world to come back.  Especially after both of his girls told him they loved him and need him to come back to them.  Great way to be woken up by having Edward's hand in Bella's hair.  The two of them staring into each others eyes was a great ending, but still cliffhanger. 

Have a great weekend with your husband.  I refused to wait until Sunday to read it.  I couldn't wait that long.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 67: Refuge

Loved Carlie's enthusiasm about her parents' PDA. Positive movement for her mom, little does she know how close Bella was to Robert. She is really in love with Edward. Seth and Carlie are so cute together. Bella is getting her eyes fully widen now with Edward going through withdrawals from pain meds. Taking it easy their last day with a picnic in Edward's old bedroom definitely will change the bad memories there into happy and romantic ones with Bella. Bella is ready to do whatever it takes to get Edward over the hump with the withdrawals and work on them being together as well. We already know Edward will do everything in his power to atone for his past to have his girls in his life again. Even admitting being human and eventuality of making mistakes and screw ups along the way. 

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 13, 2012 Title: Chapter 26: SOMP Outtakes - Chapters 15 through 22

Too bad Edward didn't know Bella was being chaperoned by Marcus in her suites.  It wasn't just her and Demetri alone.  Edward did make the right decision in going home.  The good angel on his shoulder won out, he needs to wait for her to come to him.  He has planted the seed, left the ball in her court, or any of a million cliches,Bella needs to make the next move to approach him or not.  He can't push it or he might lose her forever.  That would also make his family lose her and possibly all of them lose access to Carlie as well. Bella is not going to turn around immediately, it's been 15 years of pain and longing.  She has a lot to deal with and work through.  Edward saw her reaching for him.  I truly think Bella sensed he was there and was searching for him.  She has been thinking about him.  She can hear the truth in his words. Words that are reaching her heart, but the pain and fear of more rejection has to be dealt with also.  Aro and Carlisle's talk solidified some of the things Aro has already found in his investigations.  Also uncovered others he will need to do further research.  Such as Quil's household's claim of delivering Carlisle's message to Bella of wanting to express their apology and reconnect. I have a feeling it was never delivered. If it had all those years ago, the resentment, the hurt, and the pain wouldn't be so great as it is today.  The misunderstandings could have been dealt with so much easier and better.  The fact that Edward almost died multiple times in his grief of everything that had happened to Alice and leaving Bella in his belief of her deception.  I couldn't believe Tanya leaving him after their evening of heavy drug induced partying thinking he was dead.  Not even calling 911 for the paramedics to arrive to check on him to help him.  Sounds like Aro's accessment of Tanya in the outtake is true to form.   She was just in it for the free ride.  As he said Tanya couldn't get to Edward until he was stoned out of his mind.  Sober he wouldn't touch her with a 10' pole.  Tanya still isn't even remorseful over all the pain and devastation she caused all these people involved.  Her husband really needs to know how devious and evil she was and can still be to him and his family.  Martling family doesn't need her to place any blemish of their good name with any of her future schemes of grandeur.  I pity her baby having such a ruthless and selfish person for a mother.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 20, 2012 Title: Chapter 75: Suit

Demetri doesn't have any rose colored glasses when it comes to his family's behind the scenes transactions.  Even though he may not know exactly what he knows things are done and uncovered.  Knowing that the Cullens won't have any problems with the courts taking away Sam2 will be great news for them.  Also him just knowing Esme and Carlisle and their huge hearts will probably have no problem taking in that poor child who was trapped in that maniac's wall.  They would be able to provide her the stable loving home she would need to thrive and overcome all those horrid memories of the creep plus her horrible life with her addict absent mother as well.  Hoping that he will approach them soon with the request and that things will happen to give that poor child a chance at a loving family and a safe home environment.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 19, 2012 Title: Chapter 68: Everything

Carlie's initial reaction was pretty heartbreaking imagining her mother and herself pounding on the glass watching the family inside without them. Life passing them by alone. Edward's soft spoken words of telling her he regrets the missed time with her as well comforted her and told her the house was hers too and the new memories to make in the house.  Great words. Bellal's reaction from inside as well.  With the tour of the house very snarky comments from Carlie to her parents.  Embarrassing in fact to them and then to equate the playing field she embarrassed Jacob with mention of the Rabbit.  Big surprise when they arrived at the Cullen Compound and Carlie requested how long it would take for additional new clothing to come home with them.  Flabbergasted Edward.  Overjoyed inside as well as confused, unsure of what Bella was thinking.  Totally out of left field for him, but after talking to Bella it's a dream come true.  So glad since it is really what Carlie has wanted all along since walking into that family meeting in the first chapter.  To meet her dad and his family and to bring the family together.  Make her mother completely happy again and to be a family with her dad. I sure do love a happy ending.  Wonder how she'll want the third floor revamped and decorated for her at the house in Forks.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 07, 2012 Title: Chapter 31: Hole in the Heart

Definitely a lot of reasons to celebrate for Bella and the extended family.  She can see up close, but not clearly.  With glasses gives her great eye sight.  When she's home alone looking at the pictures in Carlie's room.  Especially the ones of Edward (Anthony) of the past with her and the current with their daughter.  Bella has admitted to herself that she has not stopped loving Edward.  She goes to his new apartment to talk with Edward.  Bella doesn't want to go over the past.  She has heard it all through Aro.  She wants to start from now and move forward for the sake of Carlie.  Edward keeps bashing himself in front of her.  Edward hasn't been made aware of the eye surgery so has no idea that Bella can actual see him and his expressions as he tells her his emotions with his apologies and devastations.  Edward is trying to explain why and Bella is attempting to understand.  Edward just declared that he loved her back then, during the separation, and still today.  Bella loves him also.  Looking forward to Bella's reaction to Edward's declaration of love.  Will Bella admit her feelings towards Edward? Next chapter should be full of new and exciting revelations.  Carlie and Seth are ready for Bella and Edward to get back together.  When Bella calls Edward "Anthony" it really hurts him.  He would rather her call him Edward. 

Author's Response:

I love to read how you synopsis everything!  Hope you continue to like!

Edward sent to you directly!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 23, 2012 Title: Chapter 28: Light

The day of the eye surgery has finally arrived. Carlie so anxious to know how her mom is doing.  she is waiting with Seth, her dad Jake, Aunt Leah, Grandfather Carlisle (Poppa), Felix for the surgeon to come in with the updates of the surgery.  Livingston came in said surgery was successful.  More scarring than expected might need additional surgery in another year and possibly need glasses once bandages were removed.  Bella was still in recovery until vitals were stable before returned to her room.  Carlie was so excited her mom finally decided to have the surgery she called her grandmother Esme and told her all about it including grandfather was mom's doctor.  Thank goodness Bella when told that Carlie had told Esme about surgery she called to get Carlisle off the chopping block.  I can only imagine the lamblasting Carlisle got when he got home after Esme found out and he didn't tell her about the upcoming surgery. Bella smoothed things over for him.  Took pity on Carlisle especially since he kept his word and didn't tell any of the Cullen family of pending surgery.  the exciting part of this chapter was when Livingston removed the shield and bandages -- Bella was able to see light/shapes.  When lights dimmed and she opened her eyes, her first glance of the world was the face of her daughter.  The most beautiful sight in the world to her.  The one she has been wanting to see all these years.  Seeing that Carlie is her duplicate with Edward's eyes.  While still under she was dreaming of Edward and him leaving.  She called his name out loud.  All the family there, Felix, and Aro heard her call his name.  That's when Carlie let her mom know she was there.  Bella has been thinking a lot about Edward lately. My favorite part was Bella's reaction on seeing Carlie for the first time.  It was wonderful.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Have been wondering what Edward's reaction will be when he learns Bella has had the surgery and he wasn't made aware of it.  Probably be hurt and angry.  Maybe even regret that he couldn't be there for support and share the moment when the shield and bandages removed.  Sharing the moment of her seeing their daughter.


Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 19, 2012 Title: Chapter 34: SOMP Outtakes Chapters 26-31

If I didn't already cry with Edward's POV earlier, it was even worse hearing it from the others POV watching the action like a train wreck. Knowing what was going to happen, but not having any way to stop or prevent the final outcome. Amazing how many of the family was packing weapons and had reasons to fire. Edward was very brave in thinking of others especially his love's happiness to protect them all at the risk of himself. The rest of them feeling slightly guilty.  Carlie realized after Edward left that Edward had told her he was cruel with his remarks to her mother.  Not specific, but she wanted to focus on now and future along with Seth.  Bella did also. Calling him "Daddy" for the first time as he laid there possibly dying and asking Jake if he was going to make it.  Jake's heart breaking for Carlie because in this scenario he as daddy couldn't fix it for her.  It was left up to the doctors, fate, miracles, Edward's stamina and reason to fight for life. Bella calling him "Edward" he heard as he blacked out.  What she was whispering in his ear only Bella knows.  But the fact that she and Carlie were the first women there shows their true feelings for the  man.  At least Demetri isn't fooling himself about Bella's true feelings, he knows where her heart lies so hopefully he won't be hurt like he was with Heidi.  At least the man who killed her received the same treatment just more live pain longer. I think that's what his father Marcus was warning him about "taking care."  Now we have to wait for the next chapter to learn about the reports made to the cops, how Glenn escaped from prison, Edward's health status, Carlie and Bella's state of mind watching over Bella, and the rest of the joined families.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 13, 2012 Title: Chapter 73: Nirvana

It was great to get an Esme POV.  As she was watching her children, their spouse/significant others, grandchildren, etc interact over the masked dinner. Just watching the faces of her own children and seeing their inner glow coming through finally after all those years of being missing.  Seeing them truly happy and peaceful.  It was beautiful from her eyes.  She was probably the only one besides Bella who didn't have food all over her front and over the napkin bib draped there.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 13, 2012 Title: Chapter 49: Prison and Jail Birds

you have to feel for Jasper with his wife literally clawing him to death in her sleep during her nightmares.  Takes a great man to put up with angry welts and still love the woman giving them to him.  Trying to force her awake to realize she was safely at home and in bed with him.  No danger Will Robinson.  Only love and safety in the arms of your scratched up husband.  Wonder what Bella's reaction will be when she discovers it was Alice who eventually convinced Edward that Bella was just playing them for a con.  That deep down Edward was trying to fight all the lies from Tanya, but when Alice jumped on board that was the final severed cut that took Edward from her and Carlie.  Looking forward to seeing that reaction.

Edward enjoying waking up with Bella cuddled within his arms.  Knowing that eventually Bella will have to move back home.  He'll have to enforce his Win Back Bella Campaign and hoping against hope to succeed in winning back her love, her trust, her heart, her hand, her body, and finally her soul to be joined with his forever.  Now she is just there to help him recover from his wounds, surgery, and therapy.  Only it seems Bella has forgiven him a lot and is ready to move their relationship physically along.  Edward is trying to take it in baby steps, winning her back slower as he earns and jumps over each hurdle and consoles each hurt that was inflicted on her.  Appears Bella doesn't want to go through those steps.  She was to go to getting to know him bodily.  Appeared his body and hers still knew how to communicate in order for her to release tension and arrive the happy peace state.  Edward didn't want to push the envelope and received his in the shower not once, but twice.  Not only was he dumb enough to say it out LOUD, but late enough in the morning that his brothers could hear their conversation..  Edward should know older brothers never forget anything and when the time is right, any and all embarrassing information will be released at the most inappropriate times.  Usually in large crowded rooms or in front of someone who blushes bright red making everyone in the room know exactly the topic of conversation.  Emmett is a great one for doing just those kinds of things.  Only Bella has quite a quick wit herself.   Should be interesting to hear what Bella will return to him.  Glad Mother Esme got involved and told Emmett and Jasper to behave and stop teasing poor injured Edward. Now as to what big brother Emmett is going to leave in Edward's room with the waggling eyebrows is anybody's guess.  Could be a bouquet of blown up condoms with his sense of humor?  Probably with a message don't use them all in one encounter?  Something crude and rude I'm sure.  Emmett can swing from one extreme (crude/rude) to the other (sappy/sweet) it just depends on where the pendelum is currently swinging at the time.  Based on their teasing earlier towards Edward about himself and Bella it's leaning towards the crude/rude side.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 19, 2012 Title: Chapter 33: Peace

What should have been a great day for Edward full of acceptances and awarenesses of where he currently exists in the lives of his family, his beloved, and his daughter.  Going to enjoy her competition performance on the piano, visiting with his family since he rushed Bella to the emergency room, seeing Bella after her visit to his apartment and his apology and declaration of his feelings, seeing Bella with Demetri (accepting him as beau because Bella said he makes her happy), facing the Vealthri family at large, the paps and flashing camera bulbs, etc....  After seeing his therapists he has resigned himself to accept that he has told Bella where he was at and where he now.  The ball is in her court to do what if anything with it. Now I know he told Carlie he said some horrible things to her mother when she first spent the night with him.  Maybe not specific enough, but I remember he mentioned they were terrible insults in front of people that Bella didn't deserve and he knows that now.  Now Carlie is going to be upset about them because she hears exactly what they were.  She couldn't imagine what they were before from his explanation of what went down between himself and Bella. Before Edward can even rejoin the entire family gathering Tanya with another man shows up drunk and sloppy yelling all the things that were said way back when in the past.  Talking about the Edward that doesn't even exist any more.  The Edward who was a young adolescent confused and still going through recovery of the trauma of his sister's brutal rape and assualt from Glenn.  He just believed the wrong person, an old family friend, rather than the girl he loved.  Long time vs current new relationship.  Even after he did it, realized deep down he needed to go to Bella make it right.  Multiple times he should have done it, but ignored it, by getting high, drunk, lost in someone or something else to hide away from himself and her.  But in his sleep and losing control he couldn't lose his Bella, I can imagine Tanya being very upset when Edward would call her Bella.  Especially during sex, that would be a real kick in the pants to her.  Slap in the old face to the hag/liar.  She blamed Aro for her husband taking her daughter and himself and leaving her.  Based on what she did back then, he behavior and supposedly apology letter to Bella, her actions of that night, she hasn't changed one bit.  She's still the same only thinking of herself and what she can make the most of and get the most for herself.  She was ruined in her marriage, so she decided she was miserable, she wanted Edward to lose everything also. So she said all those horrible things from the past. Then to put her heel onto his injured foot causing it to break open again and bleed was just cruel. Wonder why they didn't do more than gag the woman, didn't want the negative publicity.  Need to put her in rehab away from the world at large until she learns to be a better person (never happen though.) Carlie was appalled and couldn't even look at her father and insisted he leave.  Very proud of Bella punching her and knocking her down.  Because Bella was right Tanya was still living in the past, that's all she had, the past and a bunch of lies and manipulations of good people.  The Cullens are trying their very best to make amends for their behavior back then and to get to know their grandchild and hopefully be accepted by Bella again.  Edward did leave, Carlie's action of throwing him out verbally broke his heart. He got that inner voice he  always ignored before, but didn't.  How Glenn got out of prison is a mystery, since Monday Edward was going to the hearing to testify to keep him in prison to fulfill his entire sentence for his crime against his sister.  He's there with a gun.  Claiming he was going to take everything from Edward.  Talk about a brave move from Edward.  He figured he had to save the man in Bella's life to make her happy.  He jumped in front of the gun to stop Demetri from being shot meanwhile blocking any further shots.  He's the only one shot though.  The other shots killed Glenn.  All the women Edward loved are safe from him, can never hurt them again either.  But at what cost, his life (you can't let him die, I know you won't), but as he blacks out the two women who mean the most were at his side calling him Edward (his beloved, Bella) and Daddy (his daughter.) Edward believes he is dead thinking he saved the man Bella is in love with not realizing that the man she still loves is bleeding on the floor unconscious.  Looking forward to the other POV of their opinion of what occurred during this event.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 05, 2012 Title: Chapter 71: Bless Your Heart

So wonderful to have Alice's final demon banished. All her fears removed and the joy of having Bella attempt to be her true friend. She sure loves hers man. Hopefully the paints are washable. It would be comically to have a warpainted Jasper face at dinner.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 24: Observer

Edward has so much pain.  Most if not all has been achieved by his own hand.  Granted he had what he thought were good reasons back then in his teens.  He is trying to make up for it now.  Carlie is giving him a chance.  It appears Bella isn't giving him a chance to express himself at all.  His love is so deep and just the thought of Bella in New York with Demetri, he is so jealous.  He can't stand it.  Take the bull by the horns, put your gaunlet in the ring to win the fair lady's hand. Hopped a plane to New York at a moment with a decision made in a flash.  Looking forward to future chapters.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 14, 2012 Title: Chapter 62: Souls

Where's the line to get an Edward?  Amazing.  When Edward finally decided to get physical in expressing his love, he doesn't mess around. He takes Bella to the highest points of heaven.  Not once, but he's planning on doing it over and over again.  Being tender, loving, and passionate.  Lucky lady.  Having a work of art make love to her.  Spanning the space of time to reunite them together at last.  Awesome chapter.  Bella is beyond words.  Looking forward to hearing Edward's thoughts and emotions.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 22, 2012 Title: Chapter 63: Union

Healing has started for both of them.  Loving is on both of their minds.  I don't think they'll be leaving Edward's bedroom a lot during this weekend.  Getting closer and closer together emotionally and physically.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 04, 2012 Title: Chapter 70: Forgiveness

Adored Edward taking care of his girls in the morning, even though Bella is not a morning person. Coffee on the nightstand with floral. Very sweet and romantic. Bella is already fitting into the Cullens' lives including ideas for their charities.

Going over to Alice's and the painting. Beautiful. Tear jerker. Very happy Bella was able to forgive Alice as well and move forward. Bella has more facts now regarding both Alice and Edward's state of mind based on prior traumatic events in their lives that affected their decisions. Remember they were only teenagers. Kids. Mistakes, misunderstandings, confusion, fear of being hurt and used again. Many factors led to what happened. Regret,sorrow, loss have all been realized and learned as everyone has grown and matured. 




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