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Wild by PeppahLouie Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1690]


A recently widowed Bella moves to Seattle to start a new life. Upon reconnecting with her friend Alice Cullen, Bella meets her brother and business partner, Chef Edward Cullen. Celibate by choice for two years, what will happen when Edward finds himself undeniably attracted to the sexy new Bella that Alice helps create?
**WINNER OF 5 SUNFLOWER AWARDS: Best Bella, Best Alice, Best All-Human, Best Drama, Best Romance**
**Fic of the Week at The Lemonade Stand, September 2011**

Categories: Twilight, AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 49 Completed: Yes Word count: 435439
[Report This] Published: January 29, 2011 Updated: December 11, 2011

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 23, 2011 Title: Chapter 46: 46 - Futuretake Two

Great looking into the future of the lives of Bella and Edward along with the remaining Cullens. Loved the term the Cullen Explosion of adding family members.  Having 3 babies all born at the same time.  Loved all their names.  Ant getting into a fight first day of school because someone hurt his lady love.  Seems when the Cullen men fall, they fall for life.  Didn't realize it started so young, but it looks like it did with Ant and Lily. Kinda cute really. Family vacations together was wonderful.  A small army unit they are when all together.  Was strange to meet Tanya, but was wonderful that she finally saw the light and got her head straight.  She changed her life around.  She fell in love and changed herself for the better. Bella is such a forgiving person.  She has taught Edward a lot about that that is for sure, the only person Bella didn't forgive was her mother. I can't blame her for not especially with the mourning doves.  It made the cabin different without them cooing all the time.  Wonderful wedding present to have the cabin enlarged and enhanced.  Now it can be a real party home for the entire family as well as enlarged for any growing family they might have as well.  This has been my favorite story on twilighted.  Now that's it is over it's kinda sad.  I always look forward to seeing an update to Wild in my inbox.  But will update you to author faves so when your next story hits I'll be sure to read it.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 18, 2011 Title: Chapter 16: 16 - Confessions

Edward really has it bad for Bella.  His thoughts are constantly on her.  What a way to wake up on 6/21 by your father in law reminding you of your wedding anniversary which you didn't even remember.  To think about the farce that was your marriage.  Thinking that Jake was gay the entire time.  From his conversation Bella has the idea that Billy knew Jake was gay and still let the marriage go through.  Pretty cruel if you ask me.  Jake just got a girlfriend quickly to get Billy off his back after catching Jake and Jared in the garage.  Bella felt guilty she didn't remember to contact Billy on Father's Day.  Bella invited Jared over for dinner with Edward and Alice when he called her on her wedding anniversary also.  Both men were trying to offer her comfort for her loss of Jake, her husband.  Alice took a friendly liking to Jared and wants to play matchmaker again.  I enjoyed the bet between Edward and Alice about the first real kiss between himself and Bella.  Alice gets a new pair of shoes and Edward would get a spa day for Bella and an evening on the town for the both of them.  Neither knew Bella heard the entire conversation so she's wise about what's at stake.  She has a little imp inside her to make it a little harder on Edward to make him want her even more.  Both Edward and Bella in their own minds are considering the other their girlfriend/boyfriend.  Since Edward has decided on having a relationship and falling for Bella it's getting harder and harder figuratively and literally. Alice set up a dance night at a club after work on Friday night including Jared and friends from Forks and La Push. Anticipation the entire week for all, but poor Edward had one cook quit and the other had a death in the family.  Really short handed - having a difficulty time of keeping up.  Even forgot Alice asked him to this Friday clubbing event days ago.  Made it know Bella would be dancing with him.  Quil dating Leah, but still interested in Bella.  Mike Newton still interested in Bella.  Even co-worker Tyler is interested in Bella.  All these men want to be with her, but all Bella wants is Edward.  Bella has confrontation in ladies room with Leah regarding Bella's attempts to steal Quil and all the boys Leah has ever been interested in.  She claimed she was always in love with Jake.  She has no idea Jake was gay.  She would have been so hurt if she pursued him.  Bella can't help what other people think or feel. It must be marvelous to spend the evening nuzzling into Edward's neck and nibbling on his ear lobes.  I'm jealous, wish it was me. Can't wait to hear Edward's reaction when Bella stopped Edward from kissing her at her door with the comment that Alice doesn't need another pair of shoes.  Proving she has known all along about the siblings' bet on when their first real passionate kiss will occur.  Edward's ready now the hell with the bet, but Bella will keep him on the straight and narrow.  It'll make the anticipation, the tension, and the passion increase to make their first experience ignite.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 28, 2011 Title: Chapter 11: 11 - Catharsis

Edward is giving mixed signals again.  Flirting with Bella.  Making comments he'll always be there to take care of her.  Then plays the big brother card.  Inside he doesn't want to be big brother, he wants Bella for himself.  He can't handle thinking of her going out with anyone else.  Alice is playing Edward to a tee.  Once she returns to her apartment and Edward is so hurt, Alice finally gets Edward to tell her how Tanya hurt him.  By her cheating ways, she took his confidence and pride in his career.  Made him feel the hype was false.  He wasn't as good as the reviews given.  He hadn't made a name for himself in Chicago, his girlfriend just slept around to get the good reviews.  Alice is telling him he deserves better.  It's time to leave Tanya behind.  He moved out of Chicago to get away from her, why keep carrying her around to hurt him more.  She's his past, it's done, time to move on and create his future.  Wonder if Edward will finally take that advise from Alice.  Because Bella will be dating men, she has already decided she needs to move on from her previous life.  She has been hurt as well.  Not only the two most important men in her life died, but she found out her husband had been sleeping with his best buddy for years.  She meant nothing romantically or sexually to him.  The marriage was a sham for his dad wanted him to marry Bella.  All her efforts to make a successful marriage with Jake was never going to happen.  In a lot of ways Bella has been hurt in the same way as Edward.  Betrayal.  they can help each other heal from their pain and hurt.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 28, 2011 Title: Chapter 36: 36 - Big Balls

Pretty exciting chapter. Dress destroyed by Tanya.  Where is she getting the keys?  From Aro, part of the plan to destroy Edward and Bella. Right like that's going to happen.  Edward having a fit in the kitchen thinking he has seen Tanya there.  Turns out she's Aro's date for the evening.  Wants to humiliate Bella.  Wearing the same color dress as Bella (orange).  Bella's real dress is green for Edward's eyes.  Loved Esme and Rose putting Tanya in her place especially when she tried to claim prior ownership of Edward and association of Cullen family.  Bella is part of the family and has been claimed by them.  Bella being stalked by Mike wanted dances later in the night while Edward was away in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Jasper good deflection and later by Edward.  Quil bussing tables nearby glancing at Bella always.  Emmett had threatened  Quil the day before so every time he made eye contact threatened him with fist in hand to make him stop.  Every time threatening him with a beating to stop looking at Bella.  Aro's constant attention towards Bella also very annoying towards Bella.  When Edward left the kitchen to say Hi to the family just prior to dessert, he kissed Bella's hands promising to be quick with shower and changing.  He left and Tanya left the ballroom quickly after that.  Alice noticed, mentioned to Bella, Bella was a raging murderous bull, wanted to check on Edward to stop Tanya, Rose and Esme joined them, Jasper also, opening that door to see Tanya naked on the bed.  I don't know how she controlled herself from beating Tanya.  I'm sure I would beat the crap out of her for all her games and snide remarks at the table.  For the crap she did to Edward back in Chicago and all her stunts when she arrived in Seattle and this dinner affair.  Bella was able to maintain her temper.  Edward was the one to loose his cool. Tanya was the embarrassed one when all the Cullen women walked in with Jasper in tow as well.  then to admit why she was there to try and break Bella and Edward up so Aro would have a shot at her. Like that would even be a chance to happen.  Aro creeps Bella out his actions freak her makes her nervous.  Tanya tried to deflect the blame for her actions on Bella to her lying about who she was at the hotel.  In reality she didn't lie when she said her name was Marie, her middle name is Marie.  She didn't say she worked for Wild or that she lived across the hall from Edward and Alice.  But that wasn't needed at the time.  The main suspects are still on the list though still creepy and obsessive.  The family returned to the ballroom getting ready for Carlisle's speech. Tanya was given time to dress and leave.  Edward made his speech about the food and preparations.  Brought Bella over and showed appreciation for all her work in preparations and set up to make the dinner and benefit possible.  But to surprise all her would be suitors, his family, guests, and Bella Edward got down on one knee and gave the most romantic speech and marriage proposal ever.  Very cruel that you left us with a cliffhanger at this point.  Knowing that both have been thinking along these lines and both have those long term plans in their minds hoping for a positive answer.  Wonder how this will effect the nightmares of both Bella and Alice.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 15, 2011 Title: Chapter 14: 14 - Celebrations and Epihpanies

Father's Day at the Cullens was fun, but also very emotional for Bella. I can't blame her there.  After my dad died it didn't take a lot for the memories of our past and the tears flowed freely.  My dad belonged to an organization in the company we both worked for.  At one point he was handing out balloons and encouraging people to join the club (club worked for handicapped children.)  Well the following year it was someone else standing there doing it and I lost it.  I couldn't even speak the tears flowed until I thought I would never stop crying.  I have to admit Emmett's speech to his dad was very heart wrenching and loving.  Carlisle's was also heart felt in regards to fathers alive and dead with the desires to join them again in the next life.  Brought tears to my eyes as well.  Edward is definitely not hiding in the corner. He was right there to comfort her and help her in any way she could need.  Working that evening with the Newtons showing up.  Mike talking about having crush/tender feelings towards Bella since high school.  He also thought those feelings helped to end his marriage to Jessica.  Talk about inconvient timing that Jessica and Eric were walking by during this confession.  Jessica was down right rude and insulting towards Bella.  I was proud of Edward protecting her and of Bella standing up for herself telling off both Jessica and Mike.  It wasn't a happy high school reunion for the four of them.  Getting ready for Edward's birthday getting ready for the baseball game.  Very romantic homemade lunch in a beautiful setting.  Edward is being more attentive towards Bella and not afraid to touch her.  Showing her how special she is and that he cares about her.  Perfect day together.  Arriving at the restaurant for the surprise birthday party. Talk about making them both jump when lights and shouts occurred upon their entry.  Glad that they were able to surprise Edward.  He didn't have a clue it was happening.  He sure didn't let Bella out of his sight or close to him the entire evening.  Looking forward to further developments.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 11, 2011 Title: Chapter 13: 13 - Moving Forward

Adorable chapter.  Our hero and his sweet goodnight kiss on the cheek for Bella.  Cooking together for lunch with the family.  Then he's her knight in shining armor when James makes a crudely gross attempt at a pass.  The man has no class just plain crude, disgusting, and down right rude.  Edward made it known that Bella was taken.  Still enjoy Edward taking Bella from Mike at the club.  He has caveman instincts on all alert when it comes to Bella.  Loved the 20 questions on the road towards the Cullens for Father's Day.  Edward planning on taking things slow, romantic, sensual to sweep Bella off her feet.  Now he admitted he overheard their conversation at the sleepover.  I bet he's still thinking of the sight of Bella when he walked in while she was being taught how to give pleasure with a vibrator.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 24, 2011 Title: Chapter 35: 35 - Adding Thickener

Jared hurting and drunk leaving a voicemail on Bella's cell phone. Pretty scary.  Even Jasper was surprised.  Added him to the list.  Quil still up on top along with Mike due to his stalking ways.  Jessica is still firmly on the list as is Renee.  Even though unable to track her.  Aro is still a mystery, but he's still very obsessed about Bella.  While preparing for all the rental equipment arrival, floral arrangements, food, band, servers, busboys, cooks, etc...  Making sure they all have their uniforms and checked in compared to the list. Surprised again both Quil and Jessica are part of the serving and busboy.  Weren't on the rosters before the buses arrived.  Checked in with Bella with Emmett at her side.  Edward is cooking with Garrett teaching the other cooks for the gala in the kitchen.  Emmett quietly tells Quil he'd better watch himself the evening of the gala and not be near or even look at Bella or will be seriously in trouble.  Meeting Emmett's fists.  A Tanya is dating Billy Black.  From the description it sures sounds like Tanya Denali.  But according to Jasper's investigation she's in Hawaii.  But Jared says she's in La Push for weeks with Billy.  But Jared doesn't know last name.  Renata was talking about Aro's date for the evening being a real witch complaining about the limo driver.  Wonder who will be sitting at their table with Aro.  Who could the wicked lady be?  It seems enough enemies are going to be at this dinner as it is.  All showing up at the last minute unannounced.  Bella is escorted to her and Edward's room to shower and start to get ready for dinner.  Alice had bought a dress to go along with the orange color gown told to Aro.  When Bella came out of the shower she could tell someone had been in her room.  The door was open.  The orange gown was shredded.  Her undergarments and jewelry were still there.  Strange.  Lots of people who dislike Bella.  Who would have a key to the room though.  Alice knew someone was going to mess with Bella's gown.  Wanted to make sure Bella would be unable to attend the charity gala with Edward.  Wanted to humiliate her, destroy her gown when really wanted to destroy her.  Looking forward to finding out who that person is.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 18, 2011 Title: Chapter 42: 42 - To the Plate, and Garnish With Lemon

The chapter was filled with highs and lows.  Emotions flowed from joyous to deep sorrow.  The feelings of relief and satisfaction to the realm of delight and happiness for all the characters in their lives and for their future. Renee being dead is the only way she would stop harassing Bella or attempting to take her money.  Renee's jealousy over Bella was an illness that had been steadily becoming worst and festering since her birth and led her into insanity.  Billy's diagnosis was heartbreaking to say the least.  Bella calling his daughters (her sister-in-laws) regarding his condition.  Billy was already dying before this whole ordeal had begun with cancer.  The accident with the truck just added to it and enhanced the outcome. Carlisle's estimation of about a week left for him was saddening.  His wish of being the father to walk her down the aisle for her wedding with Edward was so sweet brought tears to my eyes.  Just knowing that Jake, Sarah, Charlie are there with in the hospital waiting to take him with them in peace is comforting.  I'm glad Edward decided he couldn't let Bella keep the ring had to trade it for a new one.  I personally wouldn't want it either knowing Renee had worn it trying to brainwash me into believing Charlie had bought it for her before his death.  Still can't believe the story she came up with that she wanted Bella to believe.  It would always bring up those horrible memories and be tainted with Renee and those times to me.  Edward was smart to realize it.  Bella and Edward see the house all dark and think the house empty thinking some alone time only to have Alice the pixie with her favorite thing surprise party.  Great Birthday party and engagement party.  Wonderful no alone time only all their friends and family gathered to add more stress and more frustration to them.  It will all work out in the end.  Sorry to see this end it has been a great ride.  Looking forward to the epilogue.

Author's Response:

Hi there,
Thanks for reading and for all your thoughtful reviews :)
The epilogue should be up next weekend!!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 16, 2011 Title: Chapter 45: 45 - Futuretake One

Great reviews for Edward as chef of the Channel restaurant filling in for Amun and Kebi.  Classes with Bella advertised nicely as well in the reviews.  Edward and Bella are still enjoying their honeymoon weeks later.  Nice get away to Paris for Valentine's weekend.  Nice planning on  both Edward's and Alice's part with packing.  Very romantic.  Bella was enthralled with her husband and their mini vacation.  Edward is just going to spoil her rotten.  Also they are planning on having a family.  Suppose to be infertile for 9 to 10 months I wonder if Bella will be the exception and get pregnant a lot faster.  Would excite them both as well as the family. Having the first grandbaby would excite Esme and Carlisle.  Would put them over the moon.  Edward would be the happiest of them all.  So much joy has happened to Bella above all the grief and horror that has happened to her over the year of losing both her father and Jake.  Of having her own mother stalking her, kidnapping her, drugging her, etc... She's been pretty resilent in bouncing back.  But who couldn't when you have Edward in your back corner to hold you and be there with  you and for you during both good and bad times.  Edward and his family being there supporting you and making the tough times easier for you.  Making the dark times seem brighter and happier, losing their hold on you and making you realize your true love is with you and happiness is just around the corner for you.  The horrid things are in the past and is over.  It can't hurt you any more it's gone permanently, Edward is by your side now and for always.  Very romantic thoughts.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 16, 2011 Title: Chapter 44: 44 - Outtakes and Futuretake Teasers

Nice teasers move the storyline along through the little snippets getting enough information to learn what is coming for Bella and Edward in the future months to come. Bella is one lucky girl to have Edward thinking about her all the time and wanting her to have everything to make her life easier and to show Bella just how much he loves her and cares for her.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 02, 2011 Title: Chapter 43: 43 - Epilogue

Loved the epilogue with the bachelor and bachelorette parties and how they were joined together.  Enjoyed how Edward took Bella's mind off her mother and Billy's death along with the kidnapping by taking her away to Vancouver.  Going away to Hawaii with Edward's family.  Have to do something, the restaurant and lofts are under renovation since the fire.  The wedding planning is in full swing for their Christmas wedding.  Bella's dress sounded absolutely breathtaking. All the little details all coming to a close.  Edward surprising Bella with a trip to England for a honeymoon.  Then the family joining them for New Year's Eve.  Then dropping the bomb about cooking and managing the restaurant for 6 months on the Isle of Wight.  Bella having the opportunity to teach cooking lessons.  Giving them some time alone to be newlyweds.  Then return home to renew with New "Wild" with new loft apartment.  Give them a chance to get away from all the bad memories and create some new good ones.  Since Alice and Jasper will be doing the European tour they would be visiting off/on during the 6 month period of time they are over there.  Wonderful surprise for Bella.  She's all in.  Visiting a new country, learning an entire new culture, learning about the place where her favorite authors came from and how they lived, understand the world they wrote about as well, possibly take short travels on their days off as well.  Give Bella a chance to expand her horizon of the world than the few states she had lived in with her parents.  Really sorry to see this story end.  This has been one of my favorite stories.  Excitement when the updates would hit my email.  Oh goody Wild is updated.  Can't wait to read the next chapter.  Now it's over, but will be checking for the new story to when it starts it travels through Twilighted.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 24, 2011 Title: Chapter 17: 17 - Sunflower of My Life

If Bella and Edward make the next 2 1/2 weeks without kissing on the lips it will be a miracle.  They are both ready to internally combust.  Each and every statement, text, is only adding to the tension between them.  Edward is such a romantic.  Leaving her flowers at her door with love and adoration notes attached. Even with going to work early since the restaurant is still short handed.  All the extra hours he still has time to spoil and make Bella feel special.  He was concerned about Bella's wrist and her bruises from Leah.  He is so happy and smiling.  Alice is just so pleased and happy for both Bella and Edward.  Edward planned a lovely day for he and Bella to have.  Lunch together, naming a seagull, blowing glass vase and bowl, dinner and lecture with Bourdain.  Completely delightful day together with many activities to share as well as plenty of alone time together.  Both are teasing Alice about losing the bet.  She doesn't care about the bet really, she is just happy about her brother being happy again.  This has become my favorite story.  Puts a smile on my face when it shows up in my email as updated.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 24, 2011 Title: Chapter 17: 17 - Sunflower of My Life

If Bella and Edward make the next 2 1/2 weeks without kissing on the lips it will be a miracle.  They are both ready to internally combust.  Each and every statement, text, is only adding to the tension between them.  Edward is such a romantic.  Leaving her flowers at her door with love and adoration notes attached. Even with going to work early since the restaurant is still short handed.  All the extra hours he still has time to spoil and make Bella feel special.  He was concerned about Bella's wrist and her bruises from Leah.  He is so happy and smiling.  Alice is just so pleased and happy for both Bella and Edward.  Edward planned a lovely day for he and Bella to have.  Lunch together, naming a seagull, blowing glass vase and bowl, dinner and lecture with Bourdain.  Completely delightful day together with many activities to share as well as plenty of alone time together.  Both are teasing Alice about losing the bet.  She doesn't care about the bet really, she is just happy about her brother being happy again.  This has become my favorite story.  Puts a smile on my face when it shows up in my email as updated.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 26, 2011 Title: Chapter 18: 18 - A Swan Can Break a Man's Arm, You Know

Love the sexy banter back and forth between Bella and Edward.  Even Alice with her input about new shoes and putting them on hold.  Convinced she's going to win the bet.  She just might.  Edward and Bella are finding it harder and harder to resist each other.  I have to say it's getting scary to walk around town alone.  James is a creep.  He's been rejected by Bella multiple times now.  Edward has repeatedly told him to stay away from Bella.  Now he quotes all this personal information about her to her face and attempts to lead her into a deserted alley.  Stalks her and approaches her with no one around.  Already proven he's handsy with her, vulgar in speech and paws, doesn't take no for an answer. Bella takes her self protection lessons from daddy seriously and does a couple on James.  Makes him angry and in pain.  Threatening her for the future.  Bella threatens him, but she can't carry the threat through to fruitation.  Even telling Edward, if he goes after James, it'll be Edward going to jail for assault not James.  Actually he could call it on Bella.  She could claim her fear of his actions as well.  Repeatedly stalking and touching her inappropriately.  If the loft and building belong to James he would have a master key to the entire building.  Causing alarms to go off.  The more false alarms occurring the less action taken by police forces.  Edward not letting Bella out of his sight.  Can't really blame him.  I don't think I would either.  James is kinda wacko.  Doesn't know when to give up or laid down.  "No" means No back off, go away, bother someone else, lady isn't interested. Doesn't seem to sink into his dense brain.   Coming home from the movie with Edward snuggling together until time to enter her apartment.  Trying to unlock the front door only to find door open and lights on in the apartment.  Both Edward and Bella remember turning off the lights and locking and checking that the door was locked for the apartment.  Edward going in to check the apartment.  I think I would go into Edward's apartment, call the police, wait for them to check the apartment, add additional locks, change the locks so have new keys (master key won't work), get an alarm system with movement scanner to contact police if unauthorized activity sends police.  That's pretty frightening.  Looking forward to finding out who it might be breaking into her apartment.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 03, 2011 Title: Chapter 20: 20 - Kiss Me, Baby

The tension is building more intense between Edward and Bella each day.  4th of July Emmett and his bucket of water over them because of parentals present.  Very funny.  At work control is just barely there.  Each day Edward asks Bella the date.  Days are dwindling until the end of the bet.  Other admirers of Bella show up Aro Volturi famous tenor.  Best client of Wild and friends of Edward.  Edward agreed to do their charity ball as the chef.  Wants Bella as date.  Made sure Aro was aware Bella was his girl and off the market.  Bella confided in Alice Edward is such a sexual being.  He has experience and just oozes sexuality; she has fears she won't be able to keep up, perform, be to shy, won't know what to do, etc...  Alice mentioned to Edward and the next day he doesn't flirt, touch her, kiss her forehead, neck nothing, she questioned what was wrong, he went back too far.  Bella just has never been kissed or anything else touched etc.. unless Edward has done it with her.  Bella has been spending time with all the Cullens.  Helping Carlisle in his clinic on Saturday.  Finally got Victoria Trakker to stop stalking Carlisle when she saw Bella since the whole James Bella situation.  They all hear a table of critics are coming to the restaurant and Bella was watching Alistair make up the plate of a customer sitting near the critic's table.  The fish was undercooked.  She was hoping Edward would catch it.  He didn't.  Bella tried to softly let Edward know to get another plate.  He wouldn't so she had to tell him why.  Confrontation -- Bella embarrassed him in front of his cooking staff told Alstair to make another plate.  Edward told Bella office.  Strong words between them both.  Bella said she tried to tell him discretely.  Edward was angry.  He asked the date.  Bella gave it.  The bet was over.  Edward gave Bella the best kiss she had ever had in her life.  They both enjoyed it.  Edward had to stop it because they both had to get back to work.  Shucks e darn.  Couldn't go further would have been too much too soon.  I did like the conversation at in n out burger about "going steady" and being steady girlfriend.  very cute. wear guy's class ring or fraternity pin.  Like a high school/college romance.  Alice won't be getting any new shoes from Edward.  Looking forward to the dress Rose is designing for Bella for the charity ball of the Volturi brothers.  Also more on the break in of Bella's loft.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 05, 2011 Title: Chapter 21: 21 - Slow Simmer

Now that Edward and Bella have kissed on the lips with tongues included both will never go back.  They have started their physical and romantic relationship.  Edward wants to go sexually physical gradually for Bella.  Doesn't want to go caveman on her.  Wants to be romantic, worshipping her, loving her first, fast and furious can always come later but she deserves to be cherished and loved first.  Courted, honored, devoted, etc....  From steady beau, boyfriend, cover bases as they come, lovers, etc....  Bella's body is on fire she's ready to go now.  Edward wants to make it special since it's truly her first time,  since Jacob didn't really romance her, kiss her, love her, worship and cherish her.  She needs to have a man show her how a man should treat a woman he loves above all others.  Edward is going to have to have all the control because Bella doesn't have it.  A part of her is ready to go further and further.  While another part of her is afraid to go further  because she doesn't know what to do and concerned about what to do, will she be able to perform and please Edward, do it correctly, etc...  Looking forward to future chapters.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 15, 2011 Title: Chapter 23: 23 - Building a Flavour Base

The contrast between what Edward has with Bella is so much more beautiful and real compared with the flaunting and fake he had with Tanya.  She took everything away with her betrayal all his success, confidence, and essence.  Being so self centered and self asborbed wanting to continue the high and rich life style she wanted to keep the business coming in so she made the critics happy to write great reviews.  Using sexual favors for reviews betraying her boyfriend behind his back for her personal gratification down the road.  The ultimate humiliation to him.  Instead of helping him she destroyed him.  Women were not Edward's best suit in life.  Lauren was more in love with drugs than her boyfriend.  Telling him eating disorder.  In a way it was she was more interested in drugs than eating.  It is hard to hear about someone you once cared about dying.  I can relate a college boyfriend of mine died last year and it was hard to attend his funeral without remembering the time spent with him and reason for break up etc... As Bella said Edward shouldn't blame himself he really didn't know and Lauren wasn't in a position or ready to tell anyone what her true problem was at the time.  At least both their horrible past lives have been brought out into the open and they know where they have both come from and where they are both going and how they are both want to improve where they are going together.  Both have heard Bella in her dreams talk about crossing the river addressing both her dad and Jake.  Is she referring to cross the river to her new life with Edward?  Originally I thought she was referring to crossing it to them, but it seems to cross away from them.  Just adore this story.  It is really my favorite.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 17, 2011 Title: Chapter 24: 24 - A Little Poison in the Pot

Everything was going so great for Edward and Bella.  Just perfect  Sending some of the best love songs of the last 40 years.  Saying just the right things to express their love for each other.  Bella overhearing Edward just throwing out the trash (Tanya) trying to deliver her with as much death blow pain as she inflected on him with her behavior and actions.  Little did he know that Bella over heard him in his chilly cold hearted tone and feared that he was the same inside and she was the flavor of the month.  I'm not quite sure how she could believe that after how much Edward has changed and his patience in waiting so long for any physical activity between them.  He was her friend first before anything more.  Maybe deep down Bella knows that and that's why she is following Tanya to make sure Tanya isn't planning on screwing with Edward any more.  Bella saw her reaction when Edward threw her to the curb.  Which Bella thinks is what she deserves after her treatment of Edward in Chicago.  Hopefully she'll call Alice once she's settled in her hotel and thinking rationally.  Edward was speaking out of a place of pain and anger.  Wanting Tanya to go away for good by lashing out hateful, angry, and vicious things to her.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 21, 2011 Title: Chapter 25: 25 - Antidote

Bella checking into the same hotel as Tanya.  Bella's idea to track Tanya and learn about why she came back and what she really wanted.  She watched The Notebook a tear jerker romantic movie, drank, and cried herself to sleep.  The pain she felt when she first heard his remarks cut Bella into two.  But with a good night sleep and rational thought returning the tone and things Edward said didn't match the Edward she knew as Alice's brother, her friend, and now as her boyfriend.  Bella still wanted to track Tanya down and get her side of the story.  Couldn't believe what a heartless, cold, callus, self-centered, egoistically, sadistic person Tanya could be.  Only wanted Edward because of the life he could give her.  He was good in bed.  They looked spectacular together.  But no love on her side at all.  Never wanted a future together, the white house with a picket fence with children.  Just wanted the here and now.  As long as she was sexually satisfied and could sneak getting more from other partners.  Didn't care about spreading diseases either. Essentially wanted her cake and to eat it too.  Didn't want forever.  Thought that time had passed enough that maybe Edward would take her back for more great sex and spend time again.  The biggest revelation was that she lied about his reviews.  She never slept with any critics for good reviews.  He earned them all.  Bella learned all she needed to know and went home.  She apologized to Edward that she doubted him and let her insecurities take over before giving Edward a chance to explain.  Great makeup time.  Teaching moment for Bella.  Edward is going to be a goner.  It's going to be even harder to be around Bella now remembering Bella touching him, bringing him to climax, tasting him, etc...  That trip to Forks won't be coming soon enough for either one of them.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 25, 2011 Title: Chapter 26: 26 - Approaching the Boiling Point

Edward is just so sweet.  Setting up a romantic spa experience for Bella after her work out at the gym.  along with making lunch for the two of them and Alice.  The man is just amazing.  I don't believe that they are going to make it until Forks to make love for the first time.  A month away, it's getting harder and harder for them each day.  What's Bella's mom showing up for?  What's her motive for coming around now?  A surprise visit with no warning-- Since she only saw Bella 2 weeks out of the year when she was growing up.  No wonder her perfume was familiar, but not instantly recognizable Renee isn't around enough.  Is she around to bum money?  Or between men folk?  Looking forward to the Monday pool party coming up.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 30, 2011 Title: Chapter 27: 27 - Hello Renee

Renee is just visiting for money.  Who knows what has happened to Phil?  Maybe he has left her cheating ass.  As soon as she finds the hidden tip cash in the dresser Renee will leave as soon as she came. She was lying about when she arrived to see Bella.  She was stomping around a couple days ago wanting to pawn some cash out of Bella.  So she's only claiming to have just arrived to start the con game on Bella.  Using Bella's goodness and selflessness to get what she wants by manipulating Bella into offering her the funds instead of Renee actually asking for them.  But she'll find the cash in the drawer and will take it and just leave without even a good bye.  You can tell by her comments about all the designer clothes and shoes.  All the degrading and insulting comments.  Making both Alice and Edward angry.  But to do the insulting remarks in front of the entire Cullen clan was a huge mistake.  Especially with her history with Esme and Carlisle.  Now hitting on a man that's approximately the same age as your daughter.  That's pretty bad.  Admire and even lust from afar, but to actually think a man that young would be interested in  you is just gross and disgusting.  How could Renee be stupid enough to admit to Alice who was introduced to her as Bella's best friend and manager at Wild that you resented your child.  Jealous because your husband paid more attention to her than you. That he was more concerned with her safety than running all over the forest and woods camping out in the mountains.  It means Charlie grew up when his daughter was born. He wanted a home and a family.  He wanted to be a daddy.  Work, come home to his family, spend time with his daughter to take away stress from work, relax and enjoy the time he had with his family.  Renee chose not to join in with the activity of being with their child.  I'm sure they could have played with Bella in the crib or playpen.  Just Renee never grew up to give of herself for someone else.  She always wanted things to revolve around her.  Well with babies and children it revolves around them when they are helpless without their parents.  Children need their parents to take care of them, to love them, to support them, etc.. Renee just wanted to continue to be a free spirit doing whatever she wanted when she wanted to do it.  Not be tied down and responsible for anyone or anything.  Charlie was never like that and settled quite quickly and happily.  Renee still resents Bella for her youth, her kindness, her tenderness, the people who love her, her beauty, her loving and giving personality, and for her unselfishness.  Everything that her mother wasn't and never would be.  Renee feels Bella has everything that Renee should be entitled to since Bella stole her husband from her.  So all the money she received from Charlie she believes she deserves her cut since Bella wouldn't have gotten any if it wasn't for her.  A mother she isn't.  She's a pirana, a parasite, an annoyance, and a common manipulator using b--ch.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 04, 2011 Title: Chapter 29: 29 - Pay Up, Pixie

Bella is lucky to have found the Cullens especially with a mother like Renee.  She has resented her since she was conceived no less.  Even more after she was born for losing Charlie's attention.  But to express nothing but negativity due to that resentment and then to expect retribution for that treatment and lack of parental responsibility/affection/love.  Actually demanding her portion of Bella's inheritance like she deserved it by having giving birth to Bella.  I would think that obligation was long ago bought and paid for, she lost any right to any further funding by not being any type of decent mother after that time.  I was so afraid that Renee would find the tip cash in Bella's dresser.  At least $16,000 is no way near what she was demanding.  I can't believe Bella was just going to give it to her no questions asked.  I probably would have requested the bills sent to my advisor and have them electronically paid in full including past mortgage payments.  Just to make sure the money went to where she claimed she needed it to go.  I wouldn't trust her.  Then to have her steal shoes and dresses and feel that it's a down payment.  Right.  That's all you get.  Bella needs to write Renee off as nothing.  She might have been her biological mother but never much after that for sure.  Since she's been with the Cullens Esme has been more of a mother to her than Renee has been her entire life.  The final blow was seeing Renee literally hitting on Edward.  Knowing that he is her daughter's boyfriend and making comments that Bella wasn't woman enough to satisfy him.  Talk about the ultimate insult and disgrace to her.  Renee has hit and oogled on all the Cullen men.  Now she knows the love of an entire family, the love and desire of a man, her Edward.  Sisters in Rose and Alice.  Brothers Emmett and Jasper as well as Jared and back home.  Her father Charlie and Jake loved her very much, but now she has a new set of parents who love her as well.  A man who absolutely adores her and would do anything for her.  Looking forward to the trip to Forks foro Bella and Edward.  Time alone  just the two of them with no drama from Renee with her demands, no pending danger from whoever, etc....

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 08, 2011 Title: Chapter 30: 30 - Forks

Talk about willpower of both Bella and Edward waiting until the Forks and cabin weekend to consummate their relationship.  Their passion has been escalating each and every day.  It's getting harder and harder not to take the next step.  I was glad that Billy accepted Bella having a boyfriend and moving on.  Bella forgave everyone and gave Jared the house she shared with Jacob.  I was appalled with Renee's behavior in the Swan's residence.  Destroying Bella's bedroom and bathroom.  Slight understanding of the dishes, china, and glassware due to resenting Bella having custody of what Renee would have considered possibly original wedding gifts.  Still uncalled for and very vengeful, hateful, very menancing, and very childish and immature.  Just because the money transfer was denied.  I can't blame Bella for pressing charges.  One breaking and entering in her house (doesn't matter she knew where the spare key was hidden -- she wasn't invited -- the house wasn't hers), two trespassing and residing in the residence, three destroying personal property and vandalism, four previous theft of cash and designer clothing and shoes, and five all the emotional trauma with the after effects of seeing the destruction of memories associated the items destroyed, taken, vandalized, etc.... Couldn't believe the stupidity of Mark from Forks Police in not thinking about Renee using previous identities such as maiden name, previous married name (Swan).  With Bella trying to reach Phil sounds like he dumped Renee for her cheating and spending ways already.  Renee moving to Phoenix doesn't have anywhere else to go.  Only has the cash she took from Bella and the clothes in her suitcase.  She is still thinking Bella will calm down and later will approach her for more cash.  Too bad it won't happen.  She will be caught and realize she lost a lot more than she can imagine.  At least Bella finally has found peace with her past with Jake, Billy, etc...  She can still have them in her life along with the Cullens/Wild/Seattle.  Fear that the cabin would be in the same destructive state as the house by Renee ran through Bella's mind.  Was relieved Renee didn't go there.  Poor Edward finally gets Bella to the cabin and Jared shows up and hangs around.  Waking up to find him there talking with Bella only to find out about the damage at the Swans' Residence. I thought Edward was going to burst into a thousand pieces until Jared finally left.  Escorted him personally to his jeep to get Bella all to himself.  I would say Edward made it worth all the waiting time for both Bella and himself.  Very beautiful, pleasurable, desirable, and memoriable for them as well as the reader.  very well done.  They will enjoy the rest of the night.  Bella will need to let him rest a little bit before again, but I'm sure Edward will be up quite a bit more as the evening progresses to the enjoyment of both of them.  

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 14, 2011 Title: Chapter 31: 31 - Let's Get Physical

I have to say Edward was right, the waiting made it all the more better for both of them.  Neither one appears to be able to get enough of the other. I have to say I enjoyed the  hike and the rest stop for lunch.  Both of them sparkling and deciding on skinny dipping to remove sparkles.  whatever excuse you need to get together works.  But having Quil and Leah show up wasn't cool.  Why would Jared open up his mouth about them being up there.  Knowing that Quil would make a trip up there to stalk her.  He's obsessed with her.  Jared has already seen Leah in action against Bella already when Bella hasn't done anything at all.  I enjoyed Edward standing up for her and also for Leah because of his disrespect of her as his girlfriend.   Quil is such a lecherous pervert when it comes to Bella.  Seriously wondering if Jared is really a friend to Bella if he told Quil where to find her.  Of course it could be Billy also.  Since he knew where they were going to be as well as having them looking for the vegetation needed for the charity affair for Aro Volturi.   Snotty Leah and her let's embarrass and harass Bella into staying around while nude swimming.  Bella  bold as brass going to walk out and dry herself.  Not only shut up Leah but made her slap Quil into submission and have them both leave.  At least it hasn't ruined the rest of their weekend for Edward and Bella.  Looks like Alice has helped Bella buy some really sweet nighties to sweep Edward right off his feet. 

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 16, 2011 Title: Chapter 32: 32 - Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Chair Sex, Car Sex

Whenever I see an update for Wild it just makes my day.  This was no exception with continuation of the weekend at the cabin.  Edward and Bella exploring their sexual relationship.  Neither can get enough of the other.  Bella is making up for lost time.  Having to return to the house in Forks for the cleaning crew to clean up the mess created by Renee early in the morning after being up late enjoying each other.   Pretty hard, but just opening the door and going to the diner for coffee and planning a nice afternoon at the beach.  Doing some cliffdiving and swimming.  Jared calling to see what's up.  Joining them with Laurent to spend the day and plan for the following day for fishing and gathering other vegetation. Decided to have Billy join them at the beach.  Thought it was funny when Billy teased her about the hickey and told her it was bad luck unless she marked Edward also.  Then he checked out Edward and noticed he had one too. So everything was fine. Sneaking in a loving session in the water away from everyone. Edward enjoyed cliffdiving until he came back to Leah having a screaming match at Bella again.  She just can't win with her.  Leah still calling her names.  Quil still asking her out because neither are married even if they are in committed relationships. Jared/Laurent attempt to get between the girls. Billy has Leah come to speak with him.  Leah finds out Jake was gay.  She doesn't believe it.  Jared confirms it.  Amazing she apologized to Bella.  Surprised the hell out of me.  Glad she gave Quil his walking papers, he wasn't showing her any respect or loyalty as a boyfriend at all.  Definitely Bella wasn't encouraging him at all, she was turning him down at every turn.  The following day with the fishing trip when they needed to get away from the bear, crossing the river, was thinking this might be the nightmare.  About crossing the river because he is on the other side.  But it wasn't  and all 4 arrived safely away from the bear who only received one of the fish caught that day.  The four of them had a wonderful dinner cooked by the Chef.  Jared/Laurent spent the night on the sofa sleeper rather than drive while intoxicated.  Smart really don't need a DUI. It's so cute that when alone Bella and Edward are fulfilling each others' fantasies.  I know once they returned to their apartments in Seattle they still would have enjoyed some alone time, but Alice/Jasper couldn't wait to see them.  As soon as they arrived Alice was greeting them home.  So excited to see them both.  Well alone time is shot for quite a while  until Alice decides it's time for her to be alone with Jasper again.



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