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Broken by jarielynn Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 444]


Three people, two brothers and one girl. The Cullen brothers both love the same girl, Bella Swan. Emmett is her high school sweetheart, He has loved her since he was sixteen years old. Edward is the man who helps her with her college pre-law classes. Edward finds himself falling for his brother's girl. Guilt, shame, and desire build within him. Sometime's when he looks at her he swears he sees it in her too. 

Rec'd by:!/twilightfanfic


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward, Emmett
Series: None
Chapters: 33 Completed: No Word count: 83035
[Report This] Published: May 29, 2010 Updated: March 19, 2012

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 18, 2012 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 32 - Spring

Upset about the rumor going that Bella was physically unfaithful to Emmett with Edward before she broke up with Emmett.  Bella and Edward didn't truly get together as a couple until she told Emmett it wasn't working.  I can understand Emmett still being angry with his brother, but he has to know eventually he's going to have to deal.  His attitude will upset his parents in the long run.  Alice being still mad because the family will never be the same again.  Edward couldn't help who he fell in love with.  He tried to stay away from Bella for years.  Lived with someone was miserable.  He's happy and that is what Alice should be thinking of now.  Yes Emmett is miserable, but in time he will get over Bella.  Forgiving his brother might be another story.  But now we see him meeting Rose and where is the pain of Bella.  Almost seems like it doesn't exist any more.  So if Emmett moves on, then how will that effect his relationship with his brother Edward?  Will be interesting to see.  Was very happy to see Edward and Bella enjoy being together in Florida for Spring Break.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 27, 2011 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 25- Always Searching

Bella is trying to do what she feels with hurt the Cullen family the least.  She never intended to fall in love with Edward.  She was in love with Emmett, they just drifted apart.  Their dreams were in different directions.  Edward was crazy about her from the beginning he tried to stay away, but couldn't.  He had to be in her life.  Bella just had more things in common and similar goals and dreams as Edward. She still cares for Emmett, but things changed. In her mind by breaking it off with both of them she was saving the family from the rift. Making herself along with both Emmett and Edward miserable.  There was no way Bella could tell Emmett that Edward was the man she had fallen in love with.  Since Emmett was the one who asked Edward to help her with  her papers in law classes which brought them closer.  His working late nights, missing meals, having Edward around a lot, etc.. Brought Edward to the forefront.  Alice accusing Bella of sleeping with Edward while dangling Emmett was cruel since that was not what was happening. When she realized it was already too late it had already occurred without her knowing.  She was in love with Edward, but still loved Emmett also.  The road to happiness is with Edward, but Bella won't destroy Emmett and his family to have the dream of completeness. Nightmares of reaching for something and it not being there, reaching for the one thing in life (love). She wants and needs Edward.  Bella's resolve to stay away from Edward is weakening quickly.  Edward is feeling the same way.  Only Edward is going to make the effort and call her in her weakened state of mind from her nightmare. I think we are pretty close to the prologue, right?

Author's Response:

Hi, sweetie!! So glad you're still around. I know it's been a long wait. I had some trouble with my twilighted beta. I don't know if she quit the site or what, but finally I have a new one. Hopefully, chapters will be up quicker. I am going to try and play catch up with 1 a week until we are even with So get ready. :)

I love reading your summary's. At least you seem to understand my Bella. A lot of readers don't like her. Yes, the prologue is coming soon. :)

Thanks for sticking by me.




Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: November 05, 2010 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 12 - Rabid Minds and Meandering Brains

Edward being you right now sucks.  You spend time with the woman you have wanted for years.  Your hormones and body take over instead of your brains.  Frighten Bella but not for the reasons you are thinking.  It appears a part of Bella became alive from your touch.  Guilt for feelings when she was still with Emmett.  Confused about the conflicting emotions and body reaction.  At least you gave her an apology through the door and had the sense to walk away.  Alice calling to get together to rebuild your relationship with her was great.  Enjoy that time.  Bella on the other hand had a rough night couldn't sleep.  The inner turmoil of the things she just learned that evening.  Her goals of finishing her degrees.  Emmett dropping out of college all together when he only had one year left.  He wants to work for Billy managing the business.  Her strange reaction to Edward.  Concern for her future, will Emmett stay for the six years left of her education?  What happens after college? Will she and Emmett still be together?  A lot of thoughts, emotions, concerns, too much unknown factors over time.  Bella has begun to think about her relationship with Emmett now they won't have college in common, he's working full time with desires of opening his own shop, Bella has additional years of college, years of being junior grunt worker before either private practice or partner is large firm.  Lots of variables, differing life goals, drifting apart due to the variables.  Emmett by quitting school, working long hours, different goals in life, difference in what they want to do.  Example Bella's excitement about visiting New York.  Emmett could really care less. Education vs Working full time.  Subtle changes in both Bella and Emmett.  Emmett felt her toss and turn all night.  He can feel Bella drifting away from him gradually.  He doesn't know how to fix it.  He doesn't know what Bella needs from him.  What bridge to build to fix the rift in their relationship.  Looking forward for the following chapters.

Author's Response:

I think you did this chapter better than me. I love how this review is to Edward. So cool...  "your hormones and body take over instead of your brains." LOL!!!  So insiteful on Bella and Emmett too...  Thank you.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 11, 2012 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 29- Drowning

Emmett is angry, but he doesn't remember he threw them together.  He brought Edward to help Bella with her law homework for a certain professor.  In reality he brought them together.  He was always gone working.  Bella was right they were drifting apart.  Neither of them saw it.  They both wanted different things in life.  They had changed since entering college.  They weren't the same people they were in high school.  What Emmett accused her of doing with his brother wasn't true.  Bella didn't do any of those things until after Emmett moved out of the apartment. Bella had already broken up with Emmett, told him it was over.  Bella still has feelings for Emmett. She loves him, but she is in love with Edward.  Edward fell hard for her the first time he saw her.  He stayed away during holidays.  Starting living with a woman he wasn't in love with for years.  When Emmett asked him to help her with homework he just couldn't stay away.  Then Emmett asked Edward for dinner, hang out in bars, bowling, etc... Beating his brother up enough to place him in the hospital wasn't good, no matter how mad he was, Edward is your brother.  Renee was wrong, Bella should have gone to Edward in the hospital.  It would have helped with his recovery.  The message she left on his cell phone is only going to make all three of them miserable and unhappy.  The rest of the Cullen family will be unhappy as well because Edward and Emmett are depressed. Bella is punishing herself for her guilt in falling in love with a man who she has more in common, similar dreams, interests, goals in life, etc...., guilt for hurting her high school sweetheart for falling out of love with him, drifting apart, having different dreams, goals, etc.... Looking forward to how Edward and Emmett take that the last cell message.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 16, 2011 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 19- Something's Got to Give

Bella is in a dilemma.  She's living with Emmett and has loved him for years.  Now every time she is near Edward her body reacts.  Her body tingles and starts to burn. The dream she had of Edward making love to her affected her so much.  She is so confused.  When she wanted to apologize to Emmett seeing Edward after all the confusion made her irrational.  The guilt of wanting Edward and knowing she was with Emmett made her literally sick.  Both men wanted to take care of her, comfort her.  Neither will be able to do that for her.  She has placed herself in a predictament.  She has fallen for Edward over the time they have spent together.  They have common interests, common goals, and he has the time to spend with her.  Emmett is working constantly and doesn't have the extra time to spend with her.  They don't share the same goals any more.  Their interests are different.  Emmett has what he wants in career field.  He's a mechanic.  Bella wants to continue on her education to become a lawyer.  She still has more education to complete after she graduates this year.  Law school.  The rift between Bella and Emmett has been widening for a long time and is now as wide as the Grand Canyon.  She can't tell him what's wrong because it's about having feelings for his brother.  The guilt she is experiencing of having feelings for both men.  Doesn't want to hurt either one.  She needs time to think.  The fact it has happened is still amazing to her.  She doesn't know how it happened.  One minute she is totally in love with Emmett.  Wants to spend her entire life with him.  Now after spending so much time studying and hanging out with Edward, she has finally realized has feelings, desires, longing, etc... for Edward.  Can't figure out what happened to her feelings for Emmett.  She needs time to think.  Find out what her true feelings and goals in life.  decide which man she wants.  Knowing that she'll hurt one of them.  The fact that they are brothers also knows will destroy not only one of them, but will destroy the family dynamic.  It's going to be tough on Bella for awhile.  She asked Edward to leave and instead of saying no to their normal study date, she said yes.  She wants him.  Edward was almost there to kiss her, but she realized and remembered Emmett.  Stopped her cold.  Made sure Edward left.  Her friends could see the future problems.  Alice could see them.  Wonder how she'll deal with it in the near future.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 12, 2011 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 20- In the End

Both Bella and Emmett are in so much pain and confusion.  Emmett has been feeling her become more remote and withdrawn from him for months. Bella is confused about the strong electrical current and excitement she feels when in Edward's company.  She feels trapped, guilty, confused about her feelings for Emmett and Edward.  She finally realized she felt jealous of Jessica because she has feelings for Edward that she hasn't fully acknowledged.  She loves Emmett but what they want in life are total opposite.  Emmett has been trying to bring her back to him, but has felt her moving even further apart from him.  He hasn't a clue as to why.  Bella is trying to decide where she is and where she's heading.  She doesn't want to hurt either Emmett or Edward.  She hurting herself by being in the middle.  Bella really needs to think through everything and make a firm decision.  Her word vomit really laid into Emmett until he was sure she was leaving and moving out on him.  Bella can't keep dangling both men.  It's not fair to anyone of the three of them.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 23, 2012 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 30- January

Bella leaving Washington to heal from guilt and pain from Emmett.  Needing to deal with past and deal with new relationship with Edward.  In love with Edward and missing him terribly.  Going to stay with her grandmother in Florida until school starts in NYC in September. Edward has taken her voice messaging and left her alone for 6 weeks but can't stand it any more.  Awaiting her outside her classroom building, he stops her.  Bella can't resist him once she sees him.  Who could resist Edward if he stopped any of us, I know I wouldn't be able to either.  Bella told Angela she would go home with Edward.  Angela reminded Bella of her flight the following day to Florida.  I think she should have reminded her also of getting her boxes out of her old apartment as well before going to Edward's.  Since she'll be out of town for months and will need them in Florida and then in New York in September.  When she admitted she loved Edward he couldn't hear it enough.  Edward said he would take the bar exam in New York and intern there.  He likes New York and would have probably moved there any way.  Now he has a reason to move there earlier.  So they will be together in September and keep in touch by phone, text, email, and I'm sure skype as well.  It will give Edward time to mend fences with his sister, mother, and father.  Hopefully Emmett as well.  Seems Rosalie Hale has it bad for Emmett and Emmett hasn't really even noticed her.  He's badly injured from his break up with Bella.  I'm sure eventually Emmett will notice Rosalie and his feelings will change towards her from Bella.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: October 17, 2010 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 11- Library Rendezvous

Bella's upset with her paper for Mr Banner's class.  Emmett wants to help in any way he can, but the course is something he doesn't know anything about.  Em realized that Edward had taken the course and understood the material.  So he contacted his brother and set up a time for Edward and Bella to get together.  Edward met her at the library, lusted after Bella, read her paper, listened to her ideas and thoughts, researching to enhance her paper, to saving her from crashing to the floor after reaching for a book to high.  When they returned with the books to improve her paper, they sat together and Bella leaned into him listening to things to add additional arguments for her paper.  Edward leaned in towards her to kiss her.  Talk about what are you doing Edward?  Bella yelling at Edward.  Bella feeling tingling when her fingers touched Edward, what is going on with her?  Ran away to Em.  Confusing for them both.  But as mentioned last chapter Em and Bella are drifting apart, their interests aren't the same any more.  Outside factors such as college, career choices, goals, etc...  Tingling and electrical shocks from touches between Bella and Edward.  Thinking what does it mean.

Author's Response:

Looks, touches, electricity.. hmmm. "Edward lusted after Bella" yep- glad you see that it really isn't much else yet. I don;t want people thinking he loves her already! IKR? Whaat was Edwar thinking with that almost kis.. or was he thinking? Bell amay be a little overwhelmed and confused. Look for more of that in te next chap. Thanks for continuing to read and review. I always enjoy your comments.

A teaser for you-

Slowly, he came to his senses and began to walk down the sidewalk, following the way she’d ran. He would have to go see her and apologize; if nothing else he owed her that. What if she doesn’t want to see me again… ever? His steps faltered and he stopped his mind going blank at the very thought.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 26, 2010 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 5 - If You Only Knew

Bella and Emmett together is very different.  Emmett younger than Edward.  Edward's instant attraction and obession with Bella.  Even Vicki couldn't stop him thinking about Bella.  Bella and Emmett together in college.  Huge fight over no consideration and communication.  Bella does love Emmett.  She was very disturbed when she noticed Edward staring at her.  Esme and Alice both gave Edward advice to stop the attraction to Bella, Emmett is in love with Bella.  After the fight with Emmett, Bella called her friends and went out for drinks.  Vicki finally had it with Edward.  He wasn't in love with her and she couldn't figure out why he stayed.  He stayed to avoid thinking of Bella.  If he was busy with Vicki the thoughts occasionally went away.  She packed a bag and left him.  Moving in with her friend Kate and her brother James.  I'm guessing James will be the guy to return her love.  Edward arrived the same club as Bella.  I see even more trouble in the future.  Especially since the prologue had Bella broken up with a guy.  She has to talk to him and he is clearly obessed with her also.  Based on the pain and his call she goes to him.  The other gentleman arrived at her home and she wasn't there.  That's because she was sleeping with the other guy.  Can only suppose Emmett is the man she broke up with a couple days earlier.  The other man she is obsessed about is Edward.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Looking forward to the remaining chapters.

Author's Response:

Hey you! So glad to see you here.   Bella and Emmett is different and a little strange for me to write, but this story just had to come out and I had a mini Emmett in my head screaming for attention. Actually he's still screaming. Seems I'm giving to much screen time to Bella and Edward. I promised him he'd get his cance soon. ;) Poor Vicky, she was just a distraction technique. Not very nice of Edward to use her like that for so long. More trouble is on the horizon I'm afraid. Rough waters ahead.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 29, 2010 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 6 - Something's Never Change

Bella sure was drunk.  She lost all her filters.  Dancing on the floor alone to see Edward at a distant.  Walking over, semi-flirting with Edward, drinking even more, slipping her beer over herself, dragging Edward to the dance floor and making suggestive remarks.  Poor Edward seeing the woman who has plagued his mind and heart for years.  Dancing close to him, speaking her mind freely, talking about his glances, and his reaction to her bosom.  He doesn't stand a chance.  At least Bella realized about Em and pushed away.  It was very gentlemenly of Edward to walk her home to make sure she was okay.  Hysterical as she was when she ran into Emmett's arms.  The brotherly talk should be quite interesting.  Why are you with Bella?  What happened to her?  Why did you let her drink so much? All those questions that will be awkward.  Of course, it was totally innocent why they were in the same bar.  He just walked in and she was there.  She needed to get out because of her fight with Emmett.  the plot is indeed getting deeper.

Author's Response:

Bella was drunk! I used some of my own experiences of drunkeness to write this. Her emotions were all the map, she didn't make much sense- she had no filter- and she was very handsy.  I loved writing that part it was fun. You always think about why you got drunk in the first place, even is trying to forget. Drinking just makes things more esperate and crazy. So thinking about Em and bursting into tears was so appropriate fo rher here. ;) The talk may be a bit intense, but maybe not for the reasons you're thinking.

Sending a teaser your way.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 06, 2012 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 31- February

Feeling  bad for Emmett, but he is wallowing in self pity.  His relationship with Bella has been over for quite a while now.  He needs to start trying to get over it. Taking Kate home and bedding her is a start.  Too bad he didn't notice the interest Rose has in him. Meeting Tom in the paint store and helping him with brushes/rollers/etc... will probably get to know Rose through him.  Bella and Edward have been apart for quite a while as well.  It was nice of Emmett to send her the tickets to New York.  He didn't have to send them. He could have cashed them in, cancelled the flights, exchanged them, etc.... Sounds like Angela and Bella are having a great time sightseeing.  Edward through text messaging going right along with them.   Like a trio visiting the city.  Bella's going to visit her mom for Spring Break and Edward's picking her up at the airport.  He's spending time with her at her mom's over spring break.  Interesting development there.  They'll be glad to see each other for sure.  Wonder how Renee will take the new relationship of Bella's with Edward Emmett's brother.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 7 - Regrets

Was surprised to hear that Emmett felt Edward hated him.  Edward couldn't tell Emmett why he avoided him.  How do you tell your only brother the girl he's in love with, your attracted to an obsession over the same girl?  Wouldn't go over to well for sure.  Hopefully he'll have enough time before arrival to dinner to come up with some excuse or story.  Tension in his relationship prior to their separation and break up.  Too much conflict/tension at home needed to spend time to rebuild/work on their relationship.  anything but the truth.  Bella woke with the mother of all hangovers.  Physically miserable.  Emmett was so sweet to her.  Of course she didn't remember all the things that happened the previous night.  She did remember the boob question, but Angela had to remind her of her activities on the dance floor.  Bella being aggressively fondling Edward was a surprise for her and embarrassing as well.  She felt sorry for him, he must have been extremely embarrassed with his brother's girlfriend touching him.  Angela said no way, he looked like he was totally enjoying the whole experience.  Of course Edward enjoyed it, he has been obsessed with her for over 3 years.  If they were in contact more often he wouldn't be able to restrain himself from making advances towards her.  Angela advice about acting dumb, you don't remember due to liquor consumption, is the best way to handle it.  Edward isn't going to bring up, "Oh Bella was fondling me on the dance floor Em.  She gave me the hugest hard on."  Right like that would ever happen.  He's not going to say anything either, he doesn't want to hurt his brother at all.  He just have this overwhelming attraction for Bella, this pull towards her.  An inner magnet zoned on Bella only to fulfill his deepest longings for her.  Em wants Edward and Bella to become further acquainted since they are both people he loves very much.  Emmett suggesting a trip to New York with Bella hoping she'll change her mind about wanting to move there.  Emmett wants to stay in Seattle for college.  Closer to home and family.  Looking forward to the remainder of the evening with Edward, Emmett, and Bella.  Edward will be non-stopping drinking his beer.  Hoping Emmett doesn't become to demonstrative with Bella in front of Edward.  Would really break Edward's heart and state of mind.  Bella will have a hard time looking at him because she embarrassed by her brazen activities of the previous evening.  Should be very interesting to hear the different POV's regarding their thoughts during their dinner and evening together.  Looking forward to how the story will progress from her to reach the prologue where one man left/broke up with while Bella had just returned from sleeping with the other gentleman.  Bella caught in the middle between two great intelligent, physically fit, gloriously gorgeous, gentlemen, kind, and passionate.  It would be hard to choose between them.  Who wouldn't want to be there to choose either of them.  Bella just has to follow her heart to the right man for her. 

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 30, 2010 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 8 - Pizza with a Side of Deception

Edward having dinner with Bella and Emmett.  Edward having a hard time dealing with Bella and Emmett being affectionate with each other.  Makes him envious and jealous.  His feelings for Bella are getting deeper and deeper the more he gets to know her and learns about her.  The conversation went towards Bella and Emmett's spring break trip to New York City.  Edward had been there for a semester so he was recommending places they might want to see.  Emmett was bored, but Bella was enraptured with all the information.  Edward's feelings for Bella are getting out of his control.  It's harder and harder to hold himself away from her.  Emmett asked why he dropped out of the family's life.  Emmett thought maybe because of Vicki.  Edward flew with that excuse that it was because of Vicki wanting Edward all to herself.  Edward isn't going to be able to control himself much more.  His feelings are getting stronger for Bella the longer he is around her.  Also the guilt for lusting after his brother's girlfriend is eating him alive.  Edward is in so deep with his feelings for Bella.  I actually feel for his pain, but I also feel for Emmett and the pain of losing his love and the pain of betrayal from his girl and his brother which will be coming in the future. 

Author's Response:

I think there will probably hurt all around on this one... Edward is getting in deeper with Bella that's for sure and it will get worse as he gets to know her. Both my boys have it bad I'm afraid. :( Thanks for your reviews, they still mean a lot to me.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: October 16, 2011 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 26- Need

Both Bella and Edward were calling out to the other emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Both of them were so lonely and hurting. Bella's decision to suffer the most  refused to call for comfort.  Bella just knew it was Edward on the phone.  She couldn't leave him feeling so desperate. She went to him.  Both knew if Bella reached Edward that was it.  No going back.  They needed and wanted each other for too long.  Pent up and repressed desire eventually will win out. Both have found solace and completeness in the other.  The outside world doesn't exist to them now.  It's just the two of them.  The difficulties and heartache will resurface once the real world is added back to the equation.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 14, 2010 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 9- Boys, Pool, and Poker

Edward trying reach out towards Emmett away from the apartment.  Trying not to think about Bella.  But at times an innocent comment by Emmett would send Edward off into la la land of imagining everything Bella.  All he comments Em made regarding Victoria made Edward feel guilty at laying the blame at her feet why he abandoned his family for years.  I can't blame Edward for not wanting to tell his brother that he lusts after his high school sweetheart from the first time he met her.  Or the fact that it's getting stronger as the years have passed.  So when Emmett sees Edward off into another dimension his first thought is that Edward is still hurting from the break up with Victoria.  Em's answer to getting over a girl is to just bang the first good looking girl you meet.  Like his referring Edward to Tanya at the bar.  To have Edward stop being remote they played pool.  Edward beat Em.  Em surprised because he always won when they played.  Edward admitted he had always allowed Em to win because he was a whinny complaining cry baby when he lost.  My sister was the same way.  Hated to lose would even cheat to win.  Edward catered to Em's competitive nature.  He'd rather have Em think he beat him than listen to Em whine about being beaten in a competition.  Neither really knows the other very well at all.  Misreading expresses left and right.  Double meaning, deception to avoid further family conflict, hurt and betrayal feelings, etc... Emmett just wants to see his brother happy like he was before he left for college.  Emmett doesn't realize the distancing only occurred because Edward is trying to avoid his intense magnetic pull towards Bella.  Easier to deal without seeing Bella.  Even more avoiding seeing them affectionate with each other drives Edward over the edge into a fit of jealousy and envy against his brother.  Alice and his mom noticed Edward's attraction towards Bella and both told him to get over it.  Wonder if either of them still realize Edward has the pull towards Bella.  I have to admit I am looking for more Edward and Bella togetherness, but I can wait.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: September 26, 2010 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 10 - Things You Aren't Meant to Hear

Bella arrived home late to a dark home with someone lying on the couch sleeping.  It turned out to be Edward.  He followed Bella into the kitchen for a sandwich.  He made him one when she asked him if he wanted one.  He made a comment about her bum out loud. Surprised Bella didn't know what to do.  Edward was embarrassed about actually saying that statement out loud.  But Bella decided to play it cool and ignore the comment.  Edward offered to help her with any of her law classes.  Bella tried to wake Emmett, but he slept through it.  Bella undressed went to bed.  Tried to sleep, but was thinking about Edward's comments to her.  The next morning Emmett decided to make love to Bella.  Edward out on the couch heard them.  Once the thumping of the bed against the wall, Edward had to leave and quick.  Actually he was angry, but he feels stupid falling for his brother's girl.  Edward just has feelings and desires toward her.  He can't explain it.  Emmett wanted  Bella to cut classes and stay in bed with him all day.  Bella said she couldn't had to go to class.  Also didn't Em have a class at the same time.  Emmett told her he quit the university.  Bella hadn't even noticed and it had been a couple weeks earlier.  Something is definitely not right in paradise.  Bella is wrapped up in her law classes, making time with Emmett isn't the first priority right now.  Emmett made the decision to cease his education giving him a lot of free time.  So he's lonely, but he didn't have to quit school.  Bella wants the education, she had dreams and goals she wants to achieve.  Emmett needs to make some for himself.  Emmett has missed their time together, but has been spending time with his brother.  Edward can't run from Bella again without hurting Emmett even more.  But being with Emmett puts him in a position to be near Bella which drives him crazy especially if Emmett and Bella decide to have relations.  the plot is thicking, something has to give.  Bella isn't the same as she was in Forks.  She has a lot of work with her degree.  Many groups working on projects and school work.  Emmett has just taken their common ground (school) out of the equation.  Emmett needs to decide what he plans to do.  Should be an interesting bumpy ride.

Author's Response:

Emmett didn't totally quit... yet. (a little hint for you) He's only dropped one class.  Emmett has dreams, one to open his own shop- in Forks. Will school help him along to this goal? That is something he is trying to figure out.. After reading your review I realize I need to dedicate a chapter to our Emmett to see his thoughts and dreams, what he wants from Bella. Hmmm... maybe after the "library" chapter. What's the libray chapter? You'll see. :) Now I want to go off and write about Em but I need to get ready for work! Damn! LOL!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: November 13, 2010 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13 - Second Chances

Alice and Edward's lunch started out fine.  Until Alice brought up Bella their conversation was going just great.  Especially when she told him the look on his face was the same as it was 3 years ago.  Alice questioned if he was falling in love with Bella.  Edward told her I don't know her very well.  He's not falling in love, he's already fallen hard for her.  Alice mentioned that Emmett was talking about asking Bella to marry him.  Hurt Edward.  Bella still has a long way with school left for her.  She won't want to get married now, she has to finish college and then attend law school yet.  Emmett is starting the work force full time in mechanics.  Their goals are changing and drifting apart.  Edward did show up at the library for the next couple of days to help Bella with her paper.  He asked when she would get the results and she told him the following week.  I was surprised Edward could control himself around Bella while working in the library with her.  Bella called from Emmett's phone with the results her paper was an "A" which Edward predicted would be a great grade.  Emmett decided to have a get together.  Bella invited him to join them she owed him so much for all his help.  they would be joined by Alice and fiance Jasper.  Edward afraid won't be able to control himself under the watchful eye of his sister Alice.  Alice doesn't miss a thing.  will be an interesting evening especially when adding some serious drinking to the mix.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 05, 2011 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14 - Jealousy?

Very nice gift for Bella from Edward.  The fact that Emmett treated it so lightly only shows the gap between Bella and Emmett.  He's into mechanics working with his hands.  Bella is purely her mind.  They have little if anything in common at this time.  They have their history, but their life goals are drifting further apart.  Bella hugging Edward to say thanks had the jolt of electricity flow through her.  Edward has had that jolt for it seems forever to him.  He didn't hug her back because he was afraid he would take it too far.  Everyone went to dinner and then bowling.  Edward watching all the couples and being lonely and jealous.  He picks up a bimbo who has been giving him the eye.  The biggest surprise was Bella's reaction to said airhead.  Even though she had no right or reason to be upset about Edward approaching any woman, but especially one who wasn't anywhere close to his intellect.  She was jealous of her touching him.  When she wanted to leave, she expected Edward to leave with them.  When he didn't it upset her even more.  Bella is zoning out on conversations with Alice/Angela/and Emmett to pay attention to Edward and his future conquest.  Bella is growing up and away from Emmett and his simplistic lifestyle and goals.  Will be interesting to see how the next meeting between Bella and Edward will be.

Author's Response:

Glad to see you're still here. thanks for reviewing. Bella's feeling something, definetly jealousy. Maybe more? :) The next chapter is submitted and hopefully up soon. It's Emmett.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 22, 2011 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 16- Tired

Bella acting jealous and angry at Edward.  I'm surprised Edward didn't put it together the reason why she asked him about sleeping with Jessica.  She was upset the night of her birthday celebration as well.  He should have noticed when he mentioned he had another date with her on the weekend Bella's reaction.  Not happy about it at all.  Bella isn't understanding her emotions either.  She knows it is being jealous, but why.  Just thinking about Edward with Jessica made her livid.  Edward's confused because Bella's with his brother Emmett.  Edward still has deep feelings/attraction towards Bella. Will be interesting to see how they get together.  As well as the trip to New York with Emmett.  I can't give you a reason why reviews are lesser. I guess we are all waiting until Bella and Edward get together since we can see the strong emotions between them.  Will we know why Edward looked so tired and distraught?

Author's Response:

Edward did notice... he was looking for signs, but he doesn't believe what he sees... like he thinks all this is one sided. Maybe I can explain that better in the story. As for her birthday... well Edward was ignoring her for his own safety and sanity. I think everybody is waiting for Bella and Edward. But after 3 years with Emmett she can't just suddenly up and jump on someone else. That's not who she is. However we are getting into more Bella and Edward interaction and things wil be happening. Thank you for following me all this time. I really appreciate your reviews. :)  Oh-- Edward is emotionally drained and that is why he is tired. he mentioned being tired of all the things he was feeling. :)

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 05, 2011 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 17- It Happened One Night

Strange place to meet someone you know the grocery store.  It was nice of Bella to ask Edward to dinner.  Too bad she couldn't cook anything.  Edward had to take care of her, the burnt food, the smoke, the smoke alarm to stop, and then cook something to eat.  Bella is beginning to notice the little things about Edward.  Even when they talked about blushing she admitted she blushed because he was older and very good looking.  She was deep down attracted to him.  The attraction is growing for Bella.  She's miserable when he isn't around.  Jealous knowing he is still dating Jessica.  Excited about Emmett taking her to New York, which he really isn't interested in at all.  The love of New York and its sites is Edward and Bella.  Emmett is doing it just to make Bella happy.  Edward is still very much hooked on Bella.  The more she learns about Edward the more things in common they share and teasing him about things they don't.  Should be an interesting evening now that Emmett is home after helping Mrs. Hale.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 22, 2011 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 18 - Closer and Farther Away

Bella and Edward has so much in common.  They have the same life plan, enjoy a lot of the same things, have fun, been starting to have coffee, dinner, movies, and socializing.  Since the afternoons/evenings at the library working on Bella's papers for Banner's class.  Also Edward has been walking Bella to class while carrying her books on Tuesdays.  They have been spending a lot of time together.  They both experience the electrical jolt between them whenever they touch.  Emmett and Bella are unintentional distancing apart from each other.  Their interests and goals in life are becoming further and further apart.  The only common ground Emmett and Bella have is their past in high school.  People change and ideals/goals change as they mature and decide which path in life they strive for themselves.  Their schedules are compatible with Emmett working long hours during the week and Saturday.  Bella's hours are long with classes, studying, spending time in the libraries.  Bella has been jealous of Edward dating Jessica.  Now she is having dreams about Edward.  Bella was starting to make love with Emmett, but remembering her dream and picturing it was Edward's green eyes not Emmett's blue.  Once she realized that she couldn't do it.  Bella's feeling guilty about mentally being attracted towards Edward, having fun with him.  Even Edward noticed the difference in her when they are alone vs. having Emmett join them. Then going to the Cullens' for Thanksgiving all sitting on the same side of the table with Bella in the middle.  The tension between all three of them was palpable.  Alice could sense it.  Knew that if Edward would continue to see Bella problems would occur.  Alice trying to defuse the tension takes Bella away to discuss her wedding plans.  Bella had fun being with Alice.  Seems Bella gets along very well with all the Cullens.  Emmett doesn't understand what is happening.  He has tried to bridge the gap between them. He's giving Bella time to get her thoughts together and hoping she will tell him what's bothering her.  It's a tough situation to love one brother when teenager and now fall in love with the other brother. Bella loves them both, but she's leaning towards Edward. Emmett and Bella don't even talk any more.  I feel for Emmett he has no idea of anything. 

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 01, 2011 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 21 - Breaking Point

Bella is sending mixed messages changing her behavior overnight. Sitting across the table in the library.  Rushing away early when they would spend the entire evening in the library and then coffee talking. The following day Edward would walk her to her next class talking when she just walked away from him and then didn't show up to the library at all.  He went the following day and she never showed up.  His heart was broken.  He couldn't figure out why her behavior was so different.  What did he do? He had wanted her for so long.  He finally had at least a part of her.  He knew he had her friendship and maybe even more. He kept rethinking all of his actions and things he said to her.  Unsure about Emmett's injury not like Em at all.  Thursday was determined to get an answer.  Bella again tried to avoid him.  When she said she hated him.  She was blaming him for her feelings changing from Em to Edward.  She's actually hating herself.  Her feelings have been gradually changing towards Edward for a long time now.  She just didn't want to acknowledge it.  Now her guilt has her hating herself and laying the hate and blame on Edward as well.  When Edward kissed her and fondled her in public she responded.  She stopped him because of Em.  She still cares for Em and doesn't want to hurt him.  She's in the middle of them.  She cares for both brothers.  She loved Em, but they have grown and changed.  Her needs and wants have changed.  Also her feelings and love have changed she loves Edward now.  She really loves both but differently.  Her desires are towards Edward.  She knows it will tear the family apart no matter which way she goes.  Edward has known that all along, but he can't hold the love he feels for Bella inside any longer.  It's a fine line they are walking.  That's why Bella's going home for the holidays with the Swans to avoid the Cullens and tension.  She's going to have to make her choice sooner or later.  She can't keep these men in a state of limbo.  Both men know that she has changing feelings towards them.  She needs to come clean and own up to her true feelings and cut one loose and claim one.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 09, 2011 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 22 - Downward Spiral

In high school Bella and Emmett had a lot in common.  Went to the same school, similar friends, same grade, both revolved around sports, etc... First love for both of them.  Emmett hasn't changed still has same goals, same wants to a degree, just dropped out of school and now working full time.  He wants to settle down and eventually have a family.  Bella on the other hand, has changed drastically from the girl she was in high school.  Her world has opened up, she wants to travel, broaden her horizons, see museums, very career minded geared on further education -- attorney.  Bella is gearing herself to finish up bachelor's than being accepted into a law school to complete law degree/bar exam, etc... Still has a long way to go before she's ready to settle down.  She wants to expand her mind in all ways.  She's not completely content in what was the status quo in high school, she's not that Bella any more, she has new layers, new interests, new goals, new desires, new dreams, etc...  They are new avenues to explore and expand. Emmett doesn't want to change he's happy and content where he's at now.  She still loves and cares for him, but she isn't IN love with him.  All the time she has spent with Edward studying "law" common issue with career choice, common interest in music, activities, events, etc... A lot of the same interest in areas want to expand and explore into as well.  She didn't want to, but with all the time she has spent with him getting to know him she has fallen IN love with Edward.  Bella loves the Cullen family, Esme, Carlisle, and Alice.  She has no intention of wanting to break up the family by coming in between brothers.  But now she knows that Edward returns her feelings.  Bella is being "Torn Between Two Lovers."  An old song of the '80's.  "Loving them both is breaking all the rules." Edward knows about Emmett, but Emmett has no idea about Edward at all.  When he finds out it's going to really shatter him to the core.  It will break the family wide open.  Alice saw it when Edward first saw Bella at the family dinner when they were in high school.  She noticed it the last family dinner.  Alice has noticed how Edward looks at Bella and how Emmett looks at Bella.  She has also noticed how Bella has acted towards both brothers trying not to notice Edward and be semi attentive to Emmett which usually makes him awkward and quiet throughout the entire time.  Bella's a powder key ready to blow at any minute.  Now when she went home crying uncontrollably and Emmett noticed marks on her neck, swollen lips he jumps to conclusion Bella has been distancing herself from him for another guy so his angry just notched up again.  Wait until he learns it's Edward.

Author's Response:

Your reviews are always so inciteful (?) and right on. I love reading them. I am glad you stuck around and waited all this time for an update. I would have been extremely sad to lose you as a reader.

thank you.



Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 23, 2011 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 23- The Truth

Everyone is hurting now.  Emmett, Edward, and Bella. Emmett's feelings of betrayal by Bella of cheating and lies. Edward feelings of longing since first day he met her.  He had tried to avoid her, but couldn't stay away. When he finally decided to make a play knowing she had feelings for him. Edward did make his move and Bella did eventually stop him and left to return to Emmett.  Thus rejecting Edward and hurting him even more.  Bella hurting with her feelings for Edward.  She has fallen in love with him.  She still cares for Emmett and when he's in pain she feels it twofold. She feels his pain and her guilt for causing his pain. She won't reveal the name of the other man she can't it would destroy the brothers. She's in the middle.  She really can't have one without the other brother hurting and causing a rift in the Cullen family.  Another guilt and pain Bella is carrying around on her shoulders.  She tried to reach Edward after she was kicked out of her apartment by Emmett, but he didn't answer his phone.  She called Angela for help.  Angela and Ben took her in for her to think and get out of the cold. Edward returned her call, but only could leave a message.  Bella called him later that evening.  Asked him to come over so they could talk.  Wonder what they will talk about.  Wonder what Edward's reaction will be.  I'm sure he'll be angry about Emmett throwing her out in the cold. Wonder what Emmett will be doing with Bella's things. How will Emmett deal when he realizes the other man in love with Bella is his brother Edward? It'll kill him.  Edward knows about Emmett of course, but Emmett has no idea about Edward.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: November 03, 2011 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 27- Betrayed

My heart does go out to Emmett. He's going to be hurt no matter what happens. Bella is heading towards another path which Emmett isn't following. Doesn't matter whether she's in love with someone else or not. They both want different things in life now. Their goals have changed, their dreams are not the same, and there is really no common ground or room to compromise. The fact that the man Bella fell in love with is Edward does hit Emmett with a double whammy. Bella's plan was to avoid both men. Have them both live their own lives without her in it. Bella would rather be miserable than to destroy the Cullen family dynamic. The reason Edward and Bella are together now is because Bella is hurting so much from Emmett's remarks of earlier. In a lot of ways it was Emmett who threw them together constantly. Edward tried very hard to avoid going after Emmett's girl. Living with a girl he had no deep feelings for, his feelings were for Bella from the moment he saw her at his parents. I still think it's awful that Alice is laying all the blame on Bella being the destroyer of the family. She's in the middle. Caring and loving both men only being in love with Edward. Will be interesting to see where Emmett's anger and hurt feelings will take him.



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