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A mosaic freely drawn from book and movie, wanders into AU as the story unfolds ... ....


Showing is stronger than telling.  Forks was just like I remember it.  I felt the short little hairs on the back of my neck stand straight on end.  Cut your losses before they can become catastrophic.   “It’s not fair,” I say aloud.   The night wind swirls, lifting the fine surface powder from the tops of the snowdrifts, coating us in diamond dust.  


Then weave for us a garment of brightness


Moving to Forks, spending the last eighteen months of her childhood with a father she barely knew ... it seemed like a good idea at the time.




A/N about the rating: The narrative in this story ranges between PG-13 (most of it) and R (occasional language and occasional non-graphic reference to mature themes). An isolated technicality in a late chapter has necessitated changing the rating from R to NC-17, however R is a much better measure of the farthest outer limit of what the reader will encounter in this tale.




<3<3<3  and  @};-  @};-  @};-  to  DeliciousDreamer for this beautiful banner ~~

delicious dreamer's lovely banner for garment of brightness

I never in my wildest dreams thought that something I wrote would inspire someone to make something like this.   I am so touched.  THANK YOU DD!

Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 30 Completed: No Word count: 59050
[Report This] Published: November 28, 2009 Updated: February 13, 2011

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: March 16, 2010 Title: Chapter 14: Vol de Nuit

Alice is pretty smart.  If Edward can choose whether to kill the sheep waiting for them after their exhausting run from them, then he has the choice not to kill Bella.  Alice has had a vision of herself and Bella as close friends.  All Edward can think about is Bella, her scent, her blood flowing through her body, and imagining the taste of her blood flowing down his throat.  Edward will regret killing Bella for more than shame, disappointing Carlisle, Volturi, or any other logical reason.  He already has made the choice not to kill her.  He has the control not to drain Bella.  He has done it twice.  Yes the temptation is there and even assorted plots of how to either steal her or lure her away from everyone to take her.  As Alice said he has the choice and subconsciously he has taken the option of not taking or killing her.  Edward hasn't recognized any further reason he doesn't want to kill her.  Looking forward to further chapters.

Author's Response:

You know, I think you understand Alice's little ploy better than Edward does, or any of the others for that matter.   You also seem to see into Edward's mind very clearly, as well.  I always look forward to your reviews that encapsulate the entire chapter so well.  Thank you so much for posting!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: April 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 15: Dance of the Hours

By Edward avoiding Bella at all costs, he is actually harming himself even more.  Getting used to her scent by being inundated by it.  The more he stays away the stronger and more desirable the scent is to him.  He is obsessed with Bella.  1) He can't read her thoughts. 2) Her scent drives him crazy with desire and thrist. 3) He follows her ever move through the minds of their classmates. Watching her all day long through the minds of students.  Watching her face during her blushes to hiding her face behind her hair 4) Edward so in tune with fellow students' mind literally forgetting to pay attention to the road he's driving and almost crashes. (not that any of them would be hurt, just his Volvo) 5) His concern for her personally has already started, concerned about her safety from himself, concern that she might be upset/hurt curled into a ball by her locker. So with concern comes feelings/emotions towards Bella.  He knows her complete routine, which path in school she'll take to depart and arrive at her classes.  6) Doesn't like other boys and their fantasies about Bella in their minds.  He thinks she is pretty and amazed that the boys don't consider her to be really pretty.  Edward does, he is attracted to her more than just another meal.  Teenage boy is still within himself.  He can judge beauty for himself.

Some day Edward will get it all together.  For a vampire he really is slow in thinking when it concerns his feelings and thoughts.  Edward the situation between himself and Bella are not just black and white, they are mostly grey.  Both are very attracted physically to the other one.

Author's Response:
Ah, once again you hit all the high points, and cut right to the heart of the matter all at the same time!  Thank you!

Teenage boy is still within himself. 
This comment means the most to me.   I have wanted so much for that aspect of Edward's character to shine through, and it is the aspect that I have felt the least confidence about in my portrayal.   To me, it is central that he is forever 17.   And a 17-year-old from the beginning of the 20th Century -- the generation that was decimated by the Great War, and also the Spanish Influenza.   Yes he has lived for 90 years since then, and certainly he has been deeply affected by his experiences, many of them (the mind-reading, and his 'vigilante years' especially being destructive of innocence.   But, in my mind, he is still 17, and I actually see that as the crux of much of his character:  the tension between his emotional age, and all the life that he has lived.   Dear me, I see that I am going on and on about this.  Anyway, thank you so much for every part of your review!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: May 11, 2010 Title: Chapter 17: In Grandmother's House

Bella's little escape during lunch into the forest while raining has made her quite ill.  She caught a chill and now is really sick with a temperature of 102.  Edward followed her into the woods probably causing the dream about the deer/mountain lion embrace which woke her up.  Making all the noise in the bathroom looking for medication to help make her feel better.  Charlie was woken up and found her something to alleviate the fever.  Charlie mentioned Deputy Dave would drop off medication and something for Bella to eat.  When she checked downstairs didn't find Deputy Dave's care package, but one from Edward.  Confusing for Bella very understandable why she checked every detail regarding the remedy he provided.  Bella has no reason to accept Edward to make a gesture like being concerned about her health.  The tea she brewed did help her a lot.  She ate very little during the day.  Really not very hungry and the thought of cooking was just so exhausting.  Deputy Dave dropped off additional medicines and hot soup for Bella.  She even thought of Charlie to save half for him.  How thoughtful of Bella, here she is so ill can hardly walk up and down the stairs, making sure Charlie has something to eat.  Instead of being concerned with herself to make sure she has nourishment and plenty of fluid throughout her sickness.  

Edward followed Bella into the woods.  Saw her return to school after lunch.  Blue lipped and soaked.  Great means to getting ill.  Since she wasn't at school, he made her a paper flower with instructions on how to brew Chinese tea to help with her cold/flu.  Edward's feelings of protecting and caretaking of Bella are becoming stronger.  If he didn't care for her, he wouldn't have taken the time to bring over something to help her.  He would have just left her alone.  Since he knew all the symptoms, was it because he checked her over in her room or just listening to her breathing while she rested?  He listed each one she had as if he examined her.  90 years of experience and multiple medical degrees.  Truly enjoyed his last remarks regarding taking care of herself and avoiding walking in the rain without eating.  Wanting Bella healthy and safe.  Who would have thought based on his behavior when he first met her?  Gave Bella something to think for sure about Edward.  Thought his gesture was an apology for his horrible treatment of her at school.  A sign of his deeping feelings for Bella.  Wonder if he will ever express his feelings/thoughts/emotions to Bella directly.  Beautiful paper design intricate and delicate just for the beautiful and delicate girl he secretly adores.

Author's Response:

Since he knew all the symptoms, was it because he checked her over in her room or just listening to her breathing while she rested? 


Wonder if he will ever express his feelings/thoughts/emotions to Bella directly.

The chapters to come will hopefully answer these ...

In the mean time, thank you for such a bravura summary!  You make me want to read the chapter all over again, even though I know what is in it.

Beautiful paper design intricate and delicate just for the beautiful and delicate girl he secretly adores.

*Sigh*   That is perfect.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 19: Dumb Barter

Bella drawing on the paper she folded into a coin.  Inside of her vines and flowers are two words.  Thank you.  Expressing her gratitude for the medicines that cured her.  Edward obsessed about her scent.  Inhaling deeply until no longer purely her scent.  Frustrated he tears it up and throws over the cliff.  By inhaling her scent it should help him become accustomed to her scent to control his bloodlust as well as 17 year old lust.  Even if he doesn't want to admit it.  Edward's plan to hunt and then watch over Bella during the night.  The family is worried he'll go too far.  Seems the rest of the family is right behind him in wanting Bella's blood.  Wonder if he'll attempt a small whiff tonight.

Author's Response:


Ah, me, poor Edward, just floatin' down dat river in Egypt ... de-Nile.

What will he do in her bedroom tonight ...?  Will he indeed attempt a small whiff ...?

The next chapter tells all.

Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 13, 2010 Title: Chapter 20: The Owl Called Her Name

I can imagine why the owl likes him so much.  Lots of prey for the owl to swoop down on them for his evening meal.  Edward watching Bella from his branch in the tree.  Edward hears Bella say his name in her sleep.  Arrows in his heart turn to flowers Edward has finally acknowledged his feelings regarding Bella.  She's not his prey, but the girl he is has deep feelings for her.  He already has protectiveness and now tenderness as well.  All from hearing his name upon her lips while sleeping.

Author's Response:

Ah, this is lovely!  May I use your synopsis as the recap to put before my next chapter?   I think it would be cool, and help with continuity if I have a hard time updating quickly.  Let me know if it is ok.   Thanks!



Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 21, 2010 Title: Chapter 21: Morning

Bella awakens from a strange dream about fish with constant changing.  Her day went from strange to bizarre to tragic.  Bella followed her normal routine of getting ready for school. A day she is dreading to go to school since she gave Edward that note.  Bella regretted it, but what is done is done.  She headed down the stairs noticed the coffee brewed in the pot.  She called a greeting to her dad.  No response from dad at all, Bella panicked and searched the entire house for her father.  Bella checked outside her dad's cruiser was still there.  Bella began to worry about her dad.  She ran outside looking for him only to have him pull up into the driveway with her truck.  Charlie told Bella he put chains on her tires due to the weather conditions.  What a thoughtful and sweet dad, right?  Bella finally relaxed and breakfast with her dad.  Charlie left for his day and told Bella he was helping with an bizarre investigation in another area.  He told her he would be late getting home.  Bella wasn't uneasy about her day, but this added additional stress on her.  Bella drove to school.  She saw Edward standing by his car and he was scowling.  Once she parked, she noticed Edward was scowling at her.  She just doesn't understand him at all.  She was searching in her backpack when she heard the squeal of tires.  Bella looked up to see Tyler's van skidding towards her.  Bella looked at Edward saw his mouth open staring at her.  The next moment she was being held protectively by someone.  She saw it was Edward and he was moving the van away from them.  Bella was enjoying being held in his arm and his body close.  Bella wanted Edward to stay there forever holding her.  Edward left her and jumped over the truck.  Everyone in the parking lot was yelling, "call  911" and chaos ensued.  Tyler leaned out his window to tell Bella he was sorry.  As if that could solve what happened.  Bella knew she was going to die when the van started to skid towards her.  Instead Edward was there instantaneous and miraculously the van never reached her. 

Author's Response:

Such a lovely summary!  Thank you so much.  ~~  "call  911" and chaos ensued  ~~

So true!   And the trouble has only just begun ...

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: June 30, 2010 Title: Chapter 22: After

Thank goodness for Edward and his vampiric powers.  Otherwise Bella would be flat as a pancake.  Instead she is in the hospital emergency room on a gunery waiting to be examined.  Tyler was hurt more than Bella. Edward protected her body with his. My thoughts and emotions are with Charlie.  He leaves Bella in the morning with brand new tires to handle the weather.  He tells her he'll be late he's heading to another city's investigation to help with animal attack.  He would be home late.  Can you imagine what he thought and felt when he was radioed by his station in Forks that Bella was in the hospital after Tyler's van slammed into her truck.  Not having the particulars of her condition only that paramedics arrived and she was alive.  When Dr Cullen came to examine her I think Charlie felt a little better.  Carlisle wants to keep Bella in the hospital overnight just to make sure no concussion or other serious injuries.  Bella sure hates hospitals.  Carlisle promised if everything okay in the morning Bella could go to school.  Bella announced to both Carlisle and Charlie that Edward saved her from the vehicle crash.  Wondering if Edward will be spending the night in the hospital watching over her to make sure she's okay.  The man can't deny he has feelings of protectiveness and affection for Bella now.  Almost exposed his whole family to what they are by his actions.  Speed to get by her side, using his body as shield, stopping the van and then pushing it away from Bella.  Bella will sure have more questions for Edward now.  How can you say I stink, then provide Chinese herbs medicines to cure her, and now risk his life to save hers.  His actions don't add up to Bella.  Very Confusing.

Author's Response:

Oh, yes, I would definitely say that Edward is very confused!  Thanks so much for saying how scared Charlie was until he could see Bella with his own eyes.   

Can you imagine what he thought and felt when he was radioed by his station in Forks that Bella was in the hospital after Tyler's van slammed into her truck.  Not having the particulars of her condition only that paramedics arrived and she was alive. 

That is it exactly!

Still ok for me to borrow from your reviews for the recaps?   They really help me a lot!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 11, 2010 Title: Chapter 23: The Loony Bin

Bella has been admitted into the hospital.  She was totally bored.  Her dad left with all her clothes and arrived with her backpack with her school books.  The nurses have been coming in to check her vitals periodically.  The nurses know that Bella was in for only observation.  Nothing really wrong, but maybe a few scrapes and knock in the head from the accident.  They were more worried about their other patients on the floor.  Bella's dad was working so for the most part of the day she has been alone.  Bored out her mind, attempting to decide homework or watch TV.  She was pondering the facts of life, destiny, and robbing death.  She felt for the guard, her father left that morning to help investigate his death and his family.  Wondering how and why was she able to defeat death from the van while the security guard met his fate leaving behind a family.  In Bella's boredom decided didn't want to do school work or TV opted for a nap.  When she awoke wanted to know if anyone from school visited her or not.  She heard a knock on her door and Edward asked to come in.  Edward even being at her door confused her again.  He entered upon seeing her nod.  He came into her room. An actual closed room environment with just the two of them.  Edward asked how was Bella doing? He still covered his mouth and nose limiting his intake of Bella's aroma and the call of her blood.  Stranger still Bella got out of bed and walked towards him.  They were face to face discussing how he got to her in time and how he stopped the van.  Edward's response was he was standing right next to her.  Right!!! He wanted further explanation on how he did it.  Bella responded you pushed the van away with one hand.  Edward told her no one would believe her and they would leave her in the loony bin section of the hospital.  The fact he stared right into her eyes trying to influence her mind to believe his stories and failing.  Bella's lack of fear approaching him to whisper argue the issues.  Bella was confused with his attitude based on their conversation and wanted to know why he saved her wouldn't it have been better if he just let the van crush her.  Edward was shocked.  What????  Bella's opinions based on his first day excuse of she stinks.  Why would he care what happened to her.  Why would he bring her medication to help when she was sick.  Finally why would he save her from the van when she repulses him.  She walked back to bed with her blanket wrapped around her and covered her face under the blanket.  Bella wanted Edward to stay in the room sitting at the foot of her bed watching over her.  With her head covered she could live in her fantasy world.  Both have feelings for the other.  Edward has been learning to control his bloodlust and desire for Bella to actually visit her and not kill her.  Edward's feelings were deeper than just concern.  Bella has become a very important aspect of his life.  He cannot live without her near him.

Author's Response:

Ah, life, destiny and robbing death. What a perfect summary of what Twilight is about. You have a way with words. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying, and leaving such lovely synopses.  <3 @};-

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 16, 2010 Title: Chapter 24: Secrets and Lies

Bella's confusion and embarrassment causing her to hide underneath the covers.  Edward blocking his nose and mouth to prevent him from attacking Bella.  In his mind he wants to talk with her  and wants to learn all about her.  Her secrets, past experiences, hopes and dreams.  He knows he is still tempted with the siren call of her blood, but his logical mind wants more from her.  He wants to know her.  He already has deep feelings and he knows Bella has no intention of telling anyone he pushed the van away or that he had superhuman speed to reach her in time.  Bella just needs to know for her own peace of mind.  Rosalie is freaking of course.  Selfish to the core only thinking of herself.  Killing another human in her mind means nothing she justifies by saying she is saving the family.  But by killing Bella she will completely divide the family.  Edward wants Bella in his life and so does Alice.  As usual Jasper will fall into Alice's side if push comes to shove.  Even Carlisle has no desire for Bella to be eliminated.  Neither Rose or Carlisle thought of what would have happened if Bella had been squashed by the van and the actual scent of her blood flowing into the pavement.  The reaction of Edward along with Jasper who hasn't been a vegetarian as long as the others.  Edward is protecting Bella.  Even if the vote at home reflects that Bella's life needs to be taken to save the family from discovery, I truly believe Edward will be camped in her room.  He will fight whoever has the nerve to try and hurt her.  Edward just hasn't realized that he has the power to make the decision of whether Bella is more important to him as a person rather than as a meal.  It's just like the mountain sheep he didn't hunt.  He made the choice.  Based on his thoughts and his arguments to Rose and Carlisle, Edward has made his decision.  He wants Bella for himself.  Edward said it himself "She's MINE!!!!"  His interest is more than just a quick snack, but someone he wants to get to know personally.  Rose is such a hotheaded witch.

Author's Response:

Very good point about what would have happened if Bella's blood had actually been spilled in that parking lot. None of them has thought of this yet, each for his/her own reasons/preoccupations/limitations. I also really like your point about the parallel between the mountain sheep and Bella, and that in each case, he has a CHOICE. Nice! I wonder when all the blind spots will be swept away, and he will finally see what life has brought him in Bella ... ?

As always, thanks so much for your lovely review!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: July 27, 2010 Title: Chapter 25: Caliban

Edward is close to losing it.  His family is concerned about exposure.  Bella talks in her sleep, but she isn't staying at anyone's home.  Charlie rarely walks into her room while she's sleeping.  Bella promised not to tell anyone.  Carlisle has decided to wait with the decision of Bella.  His brothers are both upset with him because of physical threats and emotions.  He is still concerned and obsessed about Bella.  He needs her near for his peace.  He can't be far from her for too long. His need for her is growing stronger.  Bella is safe from his family this night, but he's worried about himself all the time.  I truly believe he's stronger than he gives himself credit for when it concerns Bella.  She is the only thing he really thinks about all the time.  He can't think of anyone or anything hurting her.  Protective to the point of distraction.  Protect her from illness, physical violence, and even ill thoughts.  Edward's anger is quick to flare when someone insults "HIS" Bella.

Author's Response:

Poor Edward, he really does feel very protective of Bella ... and he doesn't even really realize it yet, still sees himself as a monster. I agree that he needs her to show him his true self. But he has to dare to get close enough first ... When, oh when?

Such a lovely review you write, as always. Thank you!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 20, 2010 Title: Chapter 26: Quasimodo

Charlie's sorrow about his little girl being hurt.  But his imagining the possibilities of how she could really look based on his experiences as a police officer.  Imagining his daughter bloody and broken like so many other parents' children he had been the first on the scene of an accident.  The depth of love he has for Bella is profound.  He needs to be there with her to protect her in anyway he can at this point.  Probably still has guilt for being away helping another force instead of looking after his little girl.  Edward reading his thoughts seeing Charlie's memories of the stages of his little girl.  Once Charlie is gone, Edward invades the Swan home to learn more about the woman he is obsessed with.  Seeing pictures of her growing up from little girl to now.  Once upon reaching Bella's room he looks at everything in her room.  Consuming her scent through his senses through her possessions.  Holding her pillow like it was her.  Smelling the scent as if he was cradled into Bella's neck.  The draw of her scent the craving for her blood, but above that his physical desire for her.  Wrapping himself into her quilt and rolling on the bed absorbing all of Bella into himself.  Once his desires got out of control, his guilt of stealing her innocent essence in the room, caused him to jump out of her window.  He had to make the room the same as he left it to hide his presence in the room.  Bella will sense him when she comes home.  His fragance will be among all her blankets and pillows.  Edward's desires for the woman are becoming stronger than his desires for her blood.  His body reacts to everything he learns about her, her scent, her things, the knowledge she kept the note he gave her with the medicines, and the deisre to keep her safe, protected, healthy, happy, and innocent.

Author's Response:

Little does Charlie know that in staying overnight with Bella he truly is keeping her safe. Even if Rosalie changes her mind and decides to disobey Carlisle, she can't do anything now, with Charlie in the room ....  

As always, you bring out all the touchstones in the chapter. Thank you so much for this. I love the images that you create in your review.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: August 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 27: Grendel

Edward is frustrated with his life and the feelings he has for Bella.  Beating up the rocks along the cliffs of the sea.  Beating for his wants, needs, and desires for the girl whose blood/scent drive his wild.  His family was worried about him.  They want him to return to them.  Each send their thoughts to him to come to them.  His body is full of water and his weight has sent him to the bottom. Jasper sensed him by his torn emotions.  The family create a vampire chain to reach him at the bottom.  Together they pull him back to the surface to rejoin with them.  Edward needs to make a solid decision.  If he wants Bella in his life then he needs to approach her, befriend her, woo her, and love her until she is his.  Otherwise he needs to totally avoid her all together.  Leave and go somewhere far away to stop his tortured mind.  Bella has been hurt by his shortness, but she is touched and confused by his concern and kindness towards her now.

Author's Response:

You've saved the day with this lovely distillation of the chapter. Poor Edward, he is so overwhelmed by feelings that he interprets as depraved, that he hasn't really been able to realize what a treasure Bella could be in his life. What he is feeling actually is all about her soul, but it just smells like blood to him. Thank you SO much for reading and especially for your review!

@};- @};- @};-

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: October 02, 2010 Title: Chapter 28: Ithaka

Carlisle's statements means that they must be united together against any foe, or in this case the outside real world. Stay together as a unit/opinions/family because if you don't it's better to be apart/divided/not family.  Rosalie wants to kill Bella because she knows Edward saved her from the van.  Edward doesn't want to kill her.  His feelings for her are deeping each and every day.  Physically he desires her more.  His scent is all throughout Bella's room and she does notice it.  Mostly within in bed quilt and pillow.  She is loving it.  Buring herself in his scent remembering his holding her in the hospital.  But she has discovered Edward's journal.  Which on some subconscious level Edward left the journal for Bella to see and learn the truth about him.  Actually she was thinking it was a journal from one of his ancestors that he found before becoming part of the CPS.  When she reads it, it might reflect other things.  It will be insightful of how he was when he was a young man in 1917/1918 before his transformation.  Edward telling his family he left his journal at Bella's in his mind he has sealed her doom.  It will go either way, the family as a unit will elect to kill her, leave, or accept Edward's love for Bella and embrace her into their family unit.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Author's Response:

Ah, united against the real world -- it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I start to wonder ... !

You are so right that Edward's subconscious desire to be known to Bella has now created havoc for them both. We will just have to wait and see. 

Thank you so much for your lovely review and summary. Delicious as always!

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 13, 2011 Title: Chapter 30: Consequences

Bella hasn't realized that Edward from 1917 is the Edward in her class.  In her mind she's picturing current Edward to the words she is reading.  We all know they are one and the same.  Edward left the journal in her room subconsciously, but maybe on purpose for her to learn about him.  Now in 6 days hasn't been able to find it or retrieve it.  Family quarrel about what to do with Bellal especially since Edward saved her from the van. Family is split with the majority on the side to leave her alive.  Jasper being the only true warrior among them must have thought her death would be the easiest solution since Alice saw her vision.  A vision which has Alice in disagreement with Jasper.  Jasper is hurt Alice would choose a human over him.  After she told him about the vision and her feelings towards Bella, Jasper would never do anything to Bella to hurt his Alice.  His exposed possible shame has him reeling in guilt and painful emotions.. So much he has to leave to set him mind straight. Alice is upset about his leaving and missing him.  Esme gave Edward great advice you have to live through the darkness (worst circumstances) to get to the light (spring -- his heart's desire.) Edward can't be apart from Bella under the excuse of retrieving his journal watching her reading it on her bed.  While he hides in the tree branches and leaves taking inventory of the skin exposed to his sight.  Taking them to memory and making assumptions on what she would feel like in his hands.  Gotta realize soon Edward your feelings towards her run deeper than your bloodlust for her blood, but actual lusting for the girl.  17 year old hormones are coming to the surface for Edward towards the only girl to have ever grabbed his attention.

Author's Response:

So sorry for the lateness of this review reply! No review notices are getting to my inbox for some reason. Ah but what a review this is. I love this:

While he hides in the tree branches and leaves taking inventory of the skin exposed to his sight.  Taking them to memory and making assumptions on what she would feel like in his hands. 

So sensuous .... :">

And I love your description of Jasper as the only true warrior.

There is more to come on all of these. Thank you so much for following every chapter like this!


Bella and Edward are "buddies" and while Bella wants more, Edward pulls away every time she tries to make things more official.  Then one evening, she meets a tall, dark, handsome man out in a club, and he promises her everything she always wanted.  Will Bella take it, even if it's not with the person she thought it would be with?  And what will Edward do when his friend is suddenly no longer available?



Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jacob, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes Word count: 36646
[Report This] Published: November 29, 2009 Updated: February 11, 2010

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 02, 2010 Title: Chapter 10: Ch 9: History Repeats...

I'm wondering if Tanya's baby is really Edward's.  Who knows she might have been knocked up before she lured him in.  So he could be the patsy.  Any woman running around with nothing under her skirt and blouse and attempts seduction she's looking for something.  Even if he found out after he and Bella were dating, granted he should have mentioned it. Or if it was to hard to tell her then let Bella go.  But this being f***ing Buddies isn't fair to Bella.  She's just being his sex tou whenever he wants it.  It's not a relationship.  If he truly had feelings he wouldn't mistreat her that way.  Hopefully she will tell Edward off more firmly and start dating Jake.  At least Jake treats her not a lady.  He treats her with respect and makes her laugh.  Edward is in such a dark place right now because of the Tanya situation he shouldn't be near anyone else.  In fact he should have 1) he should have trumped her threat by telling his folks 2) made her prove it was his 3) let her parents know how things happened.  Yes it might be embarrassing but then he would have admitted to the act, but not rape.  Definitely not rape, she threw herself at him.  But he didn't talk to anyone, took Tanya's word for it, and ruined his relationship with Bella.  Can't feel sorry for him, he did it all himself.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: December 30, 2009 Title: Chapter 8: Ch 7: First Date

Enjoying the premise of this story.  Even after 8 chapters still think Edward is a douche bag.  if he feels that way about her he needs to let her know instead of the way he is currently treating her.  Actually I am Team Edward, but the way he is in this story, Jake is a better man for her.  How can you have a relationship you think is not only comfortable but perfect and then become a jerk?  I mean Emmett was right he treats her like a woman with benefits.  He doesn't even treat her with respect.  Just get what he wants and then ignor her until she leaves until the following weekend with no conversation during the week.  That's wrong.  Bella is wrong for letting him treat her with so little respect.  Granted she has feelings with him, but she needs to truly examine how he treats her.  Jake has treated her with the ultmost respect and tenderness.  She has fun with him and the shock from their first touch and kiss means attraction is there for both of them.  She has Edward in the back of her mind always.  But he called her only once and left message.  She called him back said she was in the city with Alice for her birthday.  Why didn't he offer to join her in the city to spend some time?  Why hasn't he just text message her with a "I miss you" or "Wish you were here" or at least "Hi I am thinking of you".  By being so rigid and only calling once a week to spend the weekends together it's so inpersonal.  Bella feels rejection and unloved, which appears is not really how he feels about her.  Bella is worth than a weekend playmate, have fun, ignor her until she goes home to wait another week.  Douche Bag.  If Jake takes Bella away it would be no one else's fault by Edward.  Hoping to see Edward make an effort to win her back seriously to make a commitment.  Looking forward to seeing where the story leads Bella in her search for love and happiness.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 01, 2010 Title: Chapter 9: Ch 8: Reflections and Surprises

What the heck is up with Edward?  text message from T Tanya.  Not only is Edward manipulating Bella with his words and actions.  He is also cheating on her and seeing Tanya on the side.  What an absolute jerk?  He has totally lost his morals.  Treating Bella as a common whore, just a body to release himself inside.  Actually Edward better change quickly or I'll change to Team Edward on this story. Alice made a point about comfortable can be nice instead of intensive.  Intensive if not nutured will burn itself out.  Right now Edward isn't nuturing anything just taking it when and where he wants it.  At least with comfortable it is a give and take situation.  More equal than being a self-centered horny man only calling to get his rocks off.  Crude but that is the way I am seeing Edward at this point.  He has no respect for anyone or anything.  Even with the chapter admitting he has feellings for Bella, I still don't see it.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 05, 2010 Title: Chapter 11: Ch 10: Ready for More

Bella did the brave thing and told Edward it's over.  The way things were currently had to be finished it was tearing both of them to pieces.  Bella with pain of rejection, being used, and unloved.  Edward was pain of not truly being with her in a relationship plus the guilt of how he treated her every weekend.  As a weekend playmate not as Bella.  But Edward backed out because of Tanya and her pregnancy.  How can Edward fall for her teary act she only changed from being bitchy to weepy because Edward was leaving.  So to keep him she uses the water works and he like a lot of men melt when a woman cries.  Alice is concerned that Bella is jumping from heartache pain of Edward and then going to Jake on rebound.  But Bella wants to start living as a person, herself, not waiting for whatever time Edward can squeeze her into his schedule.  Bella hasn't dealt with pain from Edward yet.  Granted she ended it today on the phone, but later that evening or tomorrow she'll think about what she stopped.  Time spent with Edward.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 09, 2010 Title: Chapter 12: Ch 11: New Spaces

Wow Edward at the end walking into the bar with Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Jake.  Bella told Edward had plans with a new friend.  I am proud of her to set limits with him as well as make the return of her house key at Bella's convenience not Edward's.  But what pain for both Bella and Edward to be in the same place at the same time.  Edward will be jealous and hurt because Bella is clearly on a date.  Bella will be torn by her feelings towards Edward, she still loves him.  Not the way he has been treating her lately.  She will also feel awkward being with Jake in the same room as Edward.  Jake is pretty sensitive he'll catch on quick that Edward is Bella's recent ex and be on the defensive side to maintain being with Bella.  Jasper and Alice will be along for the ride, quiet, awkward, uncomfortable, and tension.  Should be interesting the next chapter.  Looking forward to where the story will continue with Bella/Jake, Edward/Tanya/baby, Edward/Bella, etc...

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 11, 2010 Title: Chapter 13: Ch 12: New Places

I can say Garrett said it all -- Edward messed up his own life not his betrayal to families with Tanya, but not giving Bella a chance to either say goodbye or stand by him and support him through it.  Now he has seen her dating a good looking guy can't keep his mind in the game of pool with Garrett.  Bella can't handle Edward being at the bar.  The only reason Bella approached Edward was to show him I am on a date now, and then proceeded to drink shots to get drunk.  Played the game at the bar so Edward could see her there with Jake.  Bella wanted Edward to see what he was missing without her.  Of course, we all know Edward is quite aware of what he is missing and how miserable he is about it.  Then Bella wanted to go home and to her bed.  Not necessarily with Jake.  It wasn't decided until Alice dragged her into the bathroom to talk to her.  Her temper flared and then her mind was made up.  But along the way, the love she felt for Edward wouldn't allow her body to go through with it.  Her conscience said no it's not right.  Jake got angry, which in a way could be appropriate because she did play a lot to make Edward jealous if she is honest which she does realize.  But then again a girl always has the right to say "No.  We are moving too fast."  A guy needs to realize that just because you go so far, it's always the woman's decision before the finale whether it will be completed or not.  The fact he showed her the anger only rather than be understanding dropped many points on his behalf.  Now she feels miserable again.  She has no Edward and no rebound guy Jake around any more.  Jake won't see her until Edward is out of her life, her mind, and her heart.  I don't see that happening any time soon.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 13, 2010 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13: It all comes crashing down...

Alice finally got Bella to semi calm down into a least a functioning mode.  Then who comes knocking on her window Saturday night.  A drunken Greek god, gorgeous beyond belief.  He starts babbling about being in love with her.  Wants marriage, children, forever.  She's confused.  Makes Edward sleep on the couch.  Next morning Edward's in the shower and what rotten luck Tanya the witch and a half text messages his cell phone.  Bella picks it up and reads the message.  Her first question to Edward who is Tanya?  Then he tells her the story.  She becomes livid because she felt he should have approached her before they broke up.  Now she cannot stand the sight of him.  She feels he should have told her.  Now after all the pain she has to sort through all of this new information.  After using her for so long.  Now to know he actually was still in love with her with the way he treated her.  I wish Bella luck.  Tanya is a she-whore.  Used Edward and is faking it is his.  Probably some scum boyfriend of hers refused to own up and to save face is blackmailing Edward.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Apologies

Well at least Bella and Jake were able to talk regarding the situation the previous week.  Granted she did use him to make Edward jealous, but she really did like him.  She made the choice to seduce Jake, but couldn't go through with it.  For his and her sake.  Jake was just mad to get there and have to stop and being used to make Edward jealous.  But at least he realized he was at some fault in the situation.  He knew she had an ex and it didn't end pretty.  It would be hard to run into an ex while on a date with a new guy and vica versa.  Edward leaving when she asked him and then text messaging her all morning.  Wow that's intense and annoying when you're trying to sort out your own thoughts to have someone telling you I'm here and I'm not leaving until we talk.  Then when she is ready to talk he has to leave because numbskull witch is in the hospital.  Claiming something is wrong with the baby.  I think the only thing wrong with her is HER.  Tanya is freaking nuts.  Why didn't Edward ask her to go along with him?  If he wants to include her and answer any of her questions and get back together, shouldn't he be starting with her accompanying him now.  Showing the crazy Tanya he loves someone else.  That eventually Edward will not be available for her every beck and call.  Not saying if the child is his, that he won't support it or be a major part of the child's life, but it won't involve him being involved with Tanya.  He wants a life with Bella.  Bella would be an excellent stepmom.  Besides Tanya doesn't leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings of being a good or loving mother.  Tanya is just too self absorbed and I still have doubts the child is Edward's.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: January 25, 2010 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 15: The Future Beckons

All the pain both Edward and Bella have endured all because of a selfish ho and her lies.  Edward and Bella would have continued as they had in the beginning as well as get closer together.  All these months of being apart for no reason.  How the hell could Tanya do that?  What gives her the right to make other people's life miserable? I knew it.  Now Bella and Edward have to discuss things.  The issue for the break-up doesn't even exist.  It was all a lie to Edward.  In Edward's turmoil over being responsible for his actions and the love of his life, how senseless the whole pain issue to both Edward and Bella.  All because of someone, Tanya, inability to deal with her own mistakes.  Even if Marcus said he never wanted to see her again, she had no right to drag Edward into this whole ordeal.  Especially by using the blackmail card of telling both sets of parents he attacked her against her will.  Right?  Dressed like a ho with no panties, she was attacked.  Truly hoping for an excellent communication session for Edward and Bella.  Forgiveness and acceptance.  Would love to see Bella reem Tanya and tell her what a snank and dishonest witch she was. Still steaming about Tanya and her lies, even though it was in the back of my mind.  It still makes me angry.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 17: Ch 16: Happily Ever After?

I feel for both Edward and Bella.  Their lives  have been full of pain, hurt, confusion, angst, deceit, lies, uncertainty, and anger.  All of these emotions and I'm sure others never had to happen to them.  All caused by a lying witch trying to latch onto someone to legitimize her unborn child.  What she did was inhumane to Edward.  She used him and lied to him.  Edward tried to protect Bella from the pain of the situation and his guilt over his actions.  How do you tell your current girlfriend you're going to be a father with another woman?  Not an easy conversation, any time at all, even if the sexual activity was before you met your girlfriend.  A lot of women would find that situation extremely hard to endure.  But in the case of Edward and Bella the separation and disjointed time being together taught Bella to be more herself.  To assert and talk about her needs, wants, desires.  Not to agree and bend to Edward's wishes, dreams, desires, etc... That a relationship is two people working together to strive for common goals and to succeed in those goals.  To be together physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Honesty and forthrightness to trials in life, in people, in places, in jobs, and in relationships.  To approach and talk about problems, disagreements, wants, needs, desires, dreams, financial decisions, and goals.  Where do they want to go together? How will they get there? With disagreements talk them out come to a decision whether you choose one party's idea over the other, compromise, or agree to disagree.  Deep feelings of anger towards character Tanya who intervened and hurt other lives without even caring.  No consideration she was just selfish.  Happy that Bella and Edward will talk about where they were the mistakes in their previous relationship, discuss solutions to mistakes and problems.  Learn from them and establish a firmer foundation to their relationship.  Sorrow for Edward's loss and grief of not being a father.  Even if it was never his, he believed for 4 months he would be a father.  He was excited about it and looking forward to holding the baby.  Those expectations and dreams had the rug dragged out from under him.  One minute I'm going to be a father, have a child, miracle, joy, etc... Then told it's not yours it was all a lie, nothing, meaningless pain.  Glad Bella wants to help ease his pain and be their to comfort him through those tough times while they establish a new and stronger relationship on equal participation, equal input, equal status, etc...  Looking forward to as many chapters as you want to this story of love, betrayal, jealousy, anger, hurt, pain, and hopefully eventually happiness and joy.

Reviewer: romancaholic Signed
Date: February 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 18: Ch 17: Moving Forward

Bella is taking things slowly with Edward this time.  Edward has told Bella he loves her at least 3 times a day.  He is calling her every day and they are talking and confiding in each other more than ever before.  Sharing stories of their youth, their inner secrets, desires, dreams, and thoughts.  Their relationship is getting closer and stronger.  Bella hasn't made love to Edward yet.  He did mention that he would wait for her to be ready, but wanted it on record he was ready any time she was ready.  At first Bella made him leave to sleep at this apartment.  Then they were sleeping together and snuggling.  She woke up one morning after snuggling with him all night to finally realize that Bella loved Edward.  She left to jog and came back to apartment to shower.  Edward awoke and heard the shower.  When Bella left the shower she encountered Edward and placed her arms around him. Edward kissed her and told Bella he loved her.  Bella responded with she loved him also.  Edward questioned does thing mean and she said yes.  Bella led Edward into her bedroom where they made love to each other.  Very tender, sensual, and sweet.  The two are in their own little world with their relationship and their feelings stronger than before Tanya and her games.  Looking forward to the epilogue and completion of this story.



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