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Penname: BellaS [Contact]
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I was introduced to the world we all know and love by a former of student of mine a couple of months ago. How naive was I to believe that she was just a girl in love with her boyfriend Edward Cullen. Four books,  a movie, and countless fanfics later, I know exactly who Edward Cullen is. :)

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Reviews by BellaS
No Regrets by superstarrh Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 88]

When Renee gives Bella her graduation present she never imagines that a trip to Greece could turn into so much more.

My "gift" for the Twi Exchange Gift Exchange. 


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Esme, Jacob, Renee
Series: None
Chapters: 14 Completed: No Word count: 30466
[Report This] Published: August 05, 2009 Updated: February 04, 2010

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: September 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Memories (VJGM)

I will be eagerly waiting for the next update! Will you continue this story after they leave Greece? They are both attending Darthmouth aren't they?

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: September 19, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Goodbye

I'm just so sad that this story is quickly coming to an end. I really wanted them to find each other in college and live happily ever after (hint hint).

Author's Response:

I take the hint, don't worry.  I promise to update very soon.  Just need to reread the next chapter.

Thank you for taking the time to review.


Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: October 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Starting Again (V to the J)

you know we are all waiting for her to run into Edward soon...don't prolong it too much :)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: October 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Acceptance

Eeeee!!!!!! (squeal!) I so knew that was going to happen. Poor Jake! (who cares!) E and B are back!!!!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: October 29, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13 (VJGM)

squueeee!!! I am sooo happy! I just knew that they were going to find each other again.  As for Jake, he was being a total ass! She made no promises and in my opinion, did not lead him on. Guys like Jake (in your version), have these horrible perceptions and then blame the ladies.


Outtakes from my story the affair. You will need to read that one before this.

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Carlisle
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 1505
[Report This] Published: August 15, 2009 Updated: September 06, 2009

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: August 20, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Thank you so much for his pov. It cleared up a lot of things. It kind of sucks for Bella because even though she cheated on him, she loved him way more than he ever loved her. I can't imagine how she felt knowing that her husband probably loved his ex-wife more than her. I am not making any excuses for Bella's behavior. It just sucks when marriages fall apart.

Author's Response:

Thank you for your review, while I agree that nothing excuses Bella's cheating it does suck that she apprears to have loved Carlisle more than he loved her. But her love was more of a first love than a true love.

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: September 07, 2009 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Go rose! I thought that you handled Emmett's pov pretty well. It was hopefully he gets rid of the audience soon.

Author's Response:

He is tearing down the posters as we speak. : )   Thanks for the review.

Waning Moon by YborJen Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 420]
Summary: Feature


The epic story of Carlisle Cullen began in 17th century England. Since the fateful night he was transformed into a vampire Carlisle has searched for two things: redemption in the eyes of God, and unconditional familial love. Follow Carlisle through the old and the new world as he meets friends and enemies on his journey toward his destiny as an inspiration to vampires everywhere. Carlisle and his family will discover, however, that love is eternal, but life is not.



Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Categories: Pre-Twilight, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Post-Breaking Dawn Characters: Alec, Alice, Alistair, Amun, Aro, Bella, Ben, Billy, Bree, Caius, Carlisle, Carmen, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte, Chelsea, Demetri, Didyme, Edward, Edward Masen, Sr., Eleazar, Elizabeth Masen, Embry, Emily, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Garrett, Irina, Jacob, James, Jane, Jared, Jasper, Kachiri, Kate, Kebi, Laurent, Leah, Liam, Maggie, Makenna, Marcus, Quil, Renee, Renesmee, Rosalie, Sam, Seth, Siobhan, Stefan, Tanya, Tia, Victoria, Vladimir, Zafrina
Series: None
Chapters: 26 Completed: Yes Word count: 152115
[Report This] Published: August 16, 2009 Updated: January 15, 2010

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 20, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11 ~ 1784

Okay, so Raisa isn't bad...she just caused him his first real heartache.I wonder if it made him change his approach with Esme.

I was so happy about the Anton thing when it was working out, but why did Aro feel it was necessary to break Raisa's spirit? Was it because Carlise didn't fear anything else except being lonely?

That was pretty cool with the four of them holding hands, however, why was it necessary for Carlisle to hold their hands too? Was it just so that Aro could read it? B/c it seemed to have let Carlisle in on their feelings instead.

I liked how you got Carlisle released. It made total sense. If he feared nothing, what could possibly keep him there? Brilliant!

Author's Response:

You have the best questions --

So Aro is a controller and he wants Carlisle to be ONLY his, he touches Raisa for the sole purpose of finding her greatest weakness so he can find a way to drive her away so he can have Carlisle all to himself again.

In the communication scene Aro was just wanting to read all of their thoughts at once because he was so offended that there was something going on that he did not know about.  None of them had any idea that Carlisle would be able to see the communication too.  Carlisle has an affect on every gifted vampire's powers that is different than anything they have ever encountered.  So it was unintentional and shows that he is more powerful than all of them...

Carlisle fears many things, but he does not fear his own destruction, and he does not fear the Volturi, which is why that was almost a "chicken" match: would they dare try to kill him?  What would happen if they tried and failed, and what would that do to their position of power?  In the end Aro had no choice, he had to let his favorite piece in his collection go or else risk losing EVERYTHING.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  More to come soon!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9 ~ 1770

This is so crazy! What does the Volturi want with Carlisle? What is his gift? I can't imagine that they need a doctor...I am very curious to see how the whole visit to Volterra goes.

Author's Response:

Hmm, yes, what DO the Volturi want with Carlisle!?  That question is completely connected to Carlisle's gift. See below:

Regarding Carlisle's gift I just wrote this to another reader:  "EXCELLENT question about "compassion" as a gift.  I will argue YES.  It is considered a "spiritual gift" in many religions, not just Christianity and my story takes Carlisle's gift in that direction.  His gift encompasses more than his personality (though obviously he is quite compassionate) he as a POWERFUL connection to both humans and vampires.  Both Alistair and Charles have tried to describe it to Carlisle, but no one has ever seen anything like him before.  Not even the Volturi... which is why they've been watching him.  More on that very soon..."

No the Volturi don't need a doctor, they have been watching him and feel threatened by him because without even realizing it he has been exuding a power that no one can explain, both Alistair and Charles and Makenna felt it and tried to tell him about it, but they couldn't.  More on that in the next chapter... I'll be posting it in the queue sometime today...

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7 ~ 1721

How interesting. I always imaginged that Carlisle willingly went to Volterra. From your pov, it seems unlikely that Carlisle would seek them out after the advie he was just given.

Author's Response:

No, you are correct!  The reputation of the Volturi preceeds them and knowing how Carlisle feels about feeding on humans, I always felt that he would never willingly SEEK the lions den.  But, he is conflicted because he is definitely curious to know more about vampires.

So, instead he is biding his time, and preparing himself.  He knows eventually he will meet them, and he wants to be ready for that meeting, but you are right in the sense that Carlisle will not be forced into anything, if he goes to Volterra it must be willingly...

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8 ~ 1751

Who knew that Edward wasn't the only musically talented one in the family. I felt bad for the Koller girl, but she isn't esme so who cares. As for the 24 year old pervert, thank goodness he left! good job carlisle protecting the village. he got to see his fighting skills after all.

Author's Response:

If you had all the time in the world, wouldn't you learn to play an instrument? :) I'd learn them ALL if I could!

I feel bad for Koller's daughter too, but both she and Carlisle have learned to love again.  It's good for her because she can finally move on after the 24yr old jerk, and Carlisle's heart is a little more open... which is good for Esme. ;)

Carlisle defending the village has taught him what he is capable of, and I don't address it in this story, but SM stated that Carlisle became a protector of villages in Italy too (Stregoni Benefici).  This first act of defending humans that he loves encourages Carlisle to continue that and as he travels through Europe and Italy he defends many, many people on his way to Rome...

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 ~ 1679

Oh yeah, I liked how creeped out Hawthorne was about Carlisle watching him eat...totally Bella!

Author's Response:

LOL ;) Totally, Bella!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 ~ 1679

I really liked the line where Carlisle said that he knew how to cook, he just doesn't eat. It was really cute.

I was sad to see Hawthorne in that state, but I guess Carlisle has to move on to the next phase in his life.

It's pretty cool that he doesn't have to worry about money. It all just fell into his hands.

Author's Response:

LOL I loved how Carlisle and Hawthorne interact, they have such a good rapport. ;)  So sad I had to let him go.

And yeah, the money thing was kinda convenient, but it just made sense at the time.  Hawthorne was a gentleman, and who else to give his legacy to than his only "son"?  It did make the next phase of Carlisle's life easier, and kept him moving onward and upward too.  I did miss an opportunity to put him through some hard times, but in the end I felt he's had it hard enough so far. ;)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 18, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10 ~ 1770

I thought we dodged a bullet with him leaving the Koller girl, but now this. Raisa sounds like trouble to me for some reason. I don't know why. I can''t wait to see why you brought in this new character. You must have a really good story arc.

Author's Response:

LOL, do not worry!  When Carlilse meets Esme it will be clear she is his soul mate.  But he still has a loooong way to go, and his relationship with Raisa does teach him another valuable lesson, as does every time we love and lose. ;)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 27, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13 ~ 1847

Wow. People back in the old days were so brave to just pick up and move. Look at  the doctor for instance. He was originally from Wisconsin or whatever. what made him just pack up his belongings and end up in Forks? It's not like now when we can text/call/fly anywhere.

Author's Response:

GOLD!  It's all about the GOLD!  Forks was a river settlement in the northwest, perfect for panning for gold.  There is an old fur trade in the area, but Forks grew significantly with the gold rush.  I think the doctor from Wisconsin was the younger son of his family and wanted to make a name for himself in a new place AND find a little gold.  He just never knew that something like the Russian Influenza outbreak of the 1860s would come his way.

And yes, I agree, I can't quite imagine going that far out with so many dangers and uncertainties.  I am a traveler and adventurous, but probably not THAT adventurous. ;)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 27, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12 ~ 1811

What was the purpose of the vampire that was negligently (is that a word?) killing those people? Was it to lead to te conversation between Carlisle and Sioban about changing people?

Author's Response:

Yes, mostly it was about the issue of desperation, loneliness and the fact that Carlisle is still a long way away from being capable of making new vampires no matter how desperate he is.  It was also about showing that Carlisle is connecting with vampires, he has compassion for them now, even vampires who are killers like Siobhan.  He is starting to have his positive influence on vampire society even though they haven't realized it yet. ;)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 ~ 1661

When I said your story was different from the usual, I meant that many of the sotries focus on Edward and Bella. You have chosen Carlisle to focus on.

I like your story because we get to see the journey from the beginning. I always knew that I disliked Carlisle's dad, but I really despise him in your story. You give so much depth to your much detail. I don't really have to imagine the situation since you do such a good job of describing it already. (Not that the other stories on Twilighted aren't good, most just don't

Author's Response:

Ahhh, now I see.  Yes, that surprises me that more people have not written about Carlisle, but then I suppose I am biased ;)

I'm an origin story person, so I am always writing about what happened to people along the way, explaining why they have become who they are.  So naturally, I begin at the VERY beginning.

Rev Cullen surprised me at how nasty he became.  He started as a simply overbearing extremist, but before I knew it I realized that there was more to him.  He is the worst kind of abuser, no remorse.

I'm so glad you are connecting to the characters and descriptions.  Let me know what you think of the rest!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15 ~ 1918

So Edward's teacher was Esme?

Also, according to this story, edward chose this life. Does that mean a lot of his self-hatred issues will be resolved?

Lastly, I see a lot of parallels with Carlisle and edward (the monster thing). Was that intentional?

Author's Response:

Yep! It was Esme!!
Edward didn't really "choose" this life, but he did consent and he did embrace it at first (in my story).  The self-hatred comes in much later after he starts to develop severe remorse for killing hundreds of humans.  He doesn't think that being a vampire makes you go to hell, it's the killing of people.  And he won't change Bella because he thinks that no one can be as faultless as Carlisle (who Edward believes will go to heaven) and that she will lose control like Edward did, kill someone and then lose her soul.
And this all feeds into the recurring "monster" theme.
Carlisle actually thinks that he is the original monster who created all of these vampires.  Edward disagrees, because he sees Carlisle's intentions, and finds Carlisle faultless, but considers himself a monster after he leaves and starts killing.  Which is the bigger monster?  A one who creates killers (Carlisle), or a killer who kills killers (Edward)?  Is either a monster?
Great questions! More coming soon!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16 ~ 1921

This is an awesome chapter. Everything see,ed to be going really well and then bam...Edward is gone! The story is gettig so exciting now because we are finally getting characters we know and love. Esme was so sweet. I am happy that she is there for Carlisle.

Author's Response:

Things were good, but Edward was in a free fall for the last few years pretty much from Carlisle and Esme's wedding until he left.  Carlisle tried but could not really help Edward.  Esme and Edward talked more, and she knew where to find him when he disappeared after he killed the railroad boss, and she went without Carlisle to find him, but even she could not get inside Edwards head enough to fix him.
I'm really glad you are liking my interpretation of the characters you love!!  More to come.  I'll drop the next chapter in the queue this weekend, but my beta is on a break until Monday, so more coming soon!! ;)

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 ~ 1661

I realy like how this story is so different from all the others out there. I am excited to read it from the beginning...where everything starts.

Author's Response:

I'm really glad you like it so far.  I have no idea what other stories look like, I started writing this in a bubble, and then purposefully stayed completely off the fanfic websites, because I didn't want to be influenced.  I can truly say any resemblance to other stories is TOTALLY unintentional.  Let me know what is different about this story, now I'm curious!

I hope you enjoy it.

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 ~ 1671

How did the professor know what carlisle was from the very beginning. For all he knew, Carlisle could just be squemish around blood.

Author's Response:

A very good question.  All I can say is that Hawthorne is one of those people who is VERY VERY observant.  He picked up clues from the very beginning, odd behavior when they first met, and from the start of their relationship, not shaking hands, which over time culminated in how Carlisle reacted to blood being spilled.  Remember Carlisle doesn't need to breathe or move, his voice is mesmerizing, his eyes change color, he can move very quickly, and he NEVER changes (hair and nails don't grow).  The final clue of the BLOOD brought all of the clues into place, and a logical man like Hawthorne would know that the simplest explanation is usually correct.  Heck, it only took Bella a few months to figure out Edward, right?  People who notice and have analytical minds will not rest until anomalies are explained.  Which is definitely a problem for vampires living in the human world!  You will see as the story progresses, Bella and Hawthorne are not the only ones who are aware that vampires exist...

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14 ~ 1863

It was pretty cool reading about the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. It made it seem so much more real and recent. All the other chapters (to me) just kind of happen over a period of time somewhere far away. This one was the "ah" chapter. It tied me in to a time and location. Pretty cool. And yay! He met esme and she sounded delightful! Edward is coming up soon!

Author's Response:

Yay BellaS!  I'm glad you were able to connect to the history timeframe in this chapter!  I know it's hard to visualize things that you are not familiar with, and if you are like me, often I read a historic novel I have to go and look up things about the period.  Or I find that if I go back and re-read a story a few years after I first read it I have learned more without realizing it and I see parts more clearly than I did before.

I'm happy that you liked Esme, this was one of the first four scenes I wrote because I had a very specific idea of how I wanted their first meeting to be like, and the kind of impression I wanted her to make on him.

Edward is next!  Chapter 15 is in the queue.

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 11, 2009 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17 ~ 1928

Were the names Violet and Addison a shout-out (intentional or otherwise) to Private Practice?

I thought it was pretty cool when Carlisle was able to difuse the situation with the mob. Do we know exactly what his power is yet? It has to do something that inflluences others.

Who knew people were hooked on "prescription" drugs then? I know during that time, lots of people were hooked on coke and heroin, but was it really that easy to get their hands on it? If she went to any other doctor, she probably would have gotten what she wanted being who she was.

Edward's back! I was wondering how he was going to find them. Rosalie's coming!

Author's Response:

LOL BellaS -- Is there a character called Violet Addison on Private Practice??  I have never seen that show, which is odd because I do like lawyer shows, but I just don't have much time for TV these days with school consuming ALL of my time.  It seems that I'm only capable of watching sitcoms when I have a moment to veg out -- it's quite sad. ;)

Regarding Carlisle's power -- I'd be happy to discuss what I think his power is on the forums -- I do show him using it a bit more in the book, but I never really put a label on it!

And yes, even then people were drug seeking from physicians.  Congress passed the first controlled substances laws back around 1911 I think, though the laws governing required prescriptions to attain drugs were a bit later.  Mrs. Hale simply wanted Carlisle to get some morphine from the hospital and hand it to her so she wouldn't have to go to a public pharmacy where people could see her.  And morphine was sort of the drug of choice for the upper class already at this point, though heroin was already flowing freely from China.

Edward is back, Rosalie's coming and one more in the next chapter!  Next chapter is in the queue...


Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 18 ~ 1933

I think its morbid that Carlisle was jealous of people dying, even though it makes perfect sense. I'm glad they have Rose and Emmett now...and that you brought Edward black. So why didn't edward just feed on animals instead of starving when he was alone and and feeling guilty. Was he feeling too guilty and couldn't feed? I can't wait for Alice and Jasper.

Author's Response:

LOL - I find most of vampire existence pretty morbid ;)  But I think find the idea of NOT being able to die just tragic, which is probably why it makes a little sense.

I'm glad Rose and Emmett came along too.  And Edward didn't feed on animals because he was punishing himself, almost purging before he dared to approach Carlisle again.  It was unnecessary, but that was where he was emotionally as he prepared to return home.  Poor Edward :(

Alice and Jasper are next!

Reviewer: BellaS Signed
Date: December 14, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19 ~ 1937

Violet and Addison are two separate characters on the tv show. the show is based on doctors in oceanside, ca. If you had to pick a medical drama (if you decide to venture out of the law genre), I would definitely go with Grey's Anatomy. It's not over the top like Private Practice is.

More importantly, yay! Alice and Jasper finally made it. I thought it was cute how they just waled up to the door and rang the door bell. I especially liked how Alice got Edward's room. I can't wait to see how Edward will react to Alice.

Author's Response:

LOL -- wow that goes to show how out of it I am with TV -- I thought Private Practice was a lawyer show too ;)  I was always more of a fan of Scrubs than Grey's Anatomy, but my sister always kept me up to date with story on that show!

More importantly, yay!  I'm so glad you liked Alice and Jasper.  But I'm afraid we're going to skip over Edward's reaction because it really is better if you just giggle imagining his expression when he finds his stuff in the garage :)

Instead we are moving ahead, and you might be able to guess to what time period... >:}

Next chapter is in the queue.



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