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Real name: amy Hall
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Reviews by wingd writer
Brotherhood by blondie, Roo Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 98]

The Cullen boys go hunting. Jasper can't stop quoting the Princess Bride, Emmett can't stop quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Edward, rather put out, responds with Shakespeare. Hilarity ensues! Cowritten with the awesomely funny Roo and the Edward-centric blondie!

Amazingly in canon - believe it or not!

Categories: Eclipse, Crackfic Characters: Edward, Emmett, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes Word count: 9835
[Report This] Published: June 12, 2008 Updated: August 04, 2008

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: March 11, 2009 Title: Chapter 4: Inconceivable Midsummer Knight Shrubbery

Absolutely brilliant.  I laughed and laughed. 

AB Type by Alcyone Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 18]

The greatest story of all time, told by the Historian of the world. Aro's lived, figuratively speaking, for three thousand years. Ever wonder what he's seen and done?

Categories: Pre-Twilight Characters: Aro, Caius, Marcus
Series: None
Chapters: 21 Completed: No Word count: 61336
[Report This] Published: June 18, 2008 Updated: September 11, 2009

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: April 23, 2009 Title: Chapter 20: Disintermediation

I love it when someone takes the time to write a historical fiction.  Aros story is very interesting and a nice break from all the human bella/edward stories.I  find it interesting that you do not dwell on the eating habits of these creatures, like its just a side note., to their real lives.


Warmth by KatieBelle Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 859]


A running smutline of Edward and Bella's honeymoon . . . and everything afterwards.

Categories: Breaking Dawn Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 20 Completed: Yes Word count: 100790
[Report This] Published: August 10, 2008 Updated: March 21, 2011

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: April 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Dangerous

Wow.  Thank you. 

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: April 19, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Craving

Wow.  No way to stop reading this even if you have to go to bed and get up early in the morning.  13 chapters of pure sex.  I am in heaven.  And  I am sure to read this again, and probably again,  OK and again.




"In a moment’s time, I’d be his, entirely. The one thing I’d wanted more than anything itself. The pain, the pleasure- it was worth it knowing I’d be able to claim to be his…at long last.


"The silence in the room was deafening. The intimacy of this moment made the world hold its breath in anticipation. Time ceased to exist; the only fathomable concepts were Edward and me."

For all of us who read Breaking Dawn, closed the back cover and said; "Yeah...not what I expected..."

This is my version, my ending of the Twilight Saga. In short, it's purpose is to show how Edward and Bella meet the trials and tribulations of being newlyweds, Bella being a newborn as well as other things life has to offer. It's meant to highlight their love, devotion, the strengthening of their bond as well as how they grow together emotionally and physically.

Rated NC-17 for Mature themes, language and adult and sexual content.

WARNING: quite a few lemons here ;]



Categories: Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Phil, Renee, Rosalie
Series: The Beginning
Chapters: 20 Completed: No Word count: 132794
[Report This] Published: October 30, 2008 Updated: November 15, 2009

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 16 - Vile

its  not "I've ashamed you"....  It would be: " I am ashamed of myself" or "I have shamed myself"  or "I have brought shame upon myself"  or simply " I have let everyone down, Carlisle!"

I am really not one for constructive criticism but I had to re-read that several times.

I am really having fun reading your story.  Bella is doing well, just more believably not so well.  I personally would have drained them!

Thanks for the great writing!


Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: November 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 11- Burning

Your the first person to write about the body fluids.  I wondered about that.



Yes, Please by Coquette Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 82]
Summary: One-shot. While out of town, Bella devises a way to finally seduce the ever virtuous Edward – with a little help from an unexpected source.
Categories: AU, Eclipse Characters: Bella, Edward, Renee
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 7768
[Report This] Published: October 30, 2008 Updated: October 30, 2008

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: June 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hopefully you have a Mom who gives you the right advise one day.  Mine did!  THANKS MOM!

Mind Over Matter by SubtlePen Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1378]

mom banner


Bella challenges Edward's limits of self control by insisting that he build up his tolerance level to intimacy.

Set in the 6 week 'blank period' at the end of Eclipse / beginning of Breaking Dawn, between the battle, and the wedding.  Bella and Edward expand and deepen their physical relationship in preparation for their impending marriage.

Categories: Eclipse Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 19 Completed: Yes Word count: 70976
[Report This] Published: November 26, 2008 Updated: August 16, 2009

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: May 19, 2009 Title: Chapter 4: Not the Same

Yes, just think of canning apricots

Author's Response:

heh...   mmmmm apricots.

Knowing by februarysong Rated: R starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 16]

This is Alice's story, in her words, from childhood to being with Jasper. Why was Alice put in an asylum? Why was James after her? How long did she dream of Jasper?

Categories: Pre-Twilight Characters: Alice
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 6095
[Report This] Published: December 15, 2008 Updated: February 10, 2009

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: June 18, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Knowing - Chapter 3

Really great.  With an overbearing religious father, its no wonder that she is so very independent.  But it could have gone the other way.

Only the smart ones know its best to hide talents which foster fear and jealousy in others


‘ While the Doctor’s away… ’

By Bec

Rating: Adult

Couples are as cannon… Alice/Jasper, Edward/Bella, Rosalie/Emmett, but be prepared for some surprises.
Bella discovers that her new family have the occasional tendency to get closer to each other than she ever dreamed, but will her and Edward participate? Various chapters written from varying POV's. LEMONS/SMUT.

AU All Vampire, No Jacob.

Set After Renesmee's birth and Bella’s transformation.

WARNING: Contains material of an explicit nature… please do not read if under aged or easily offended.

Categories: Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: No Word count: 32926
[Report This] Published: December 19, 2008 Updated: May 14, 2009

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 06, 2009 Title: Chapter 8: Ostentatious Part 2

I wasn't taken aback by this story at all.  I really got off on it.

And I have to say that, for sure, vampires don't have to confine themselves to the restrictions and social taboos of human society.

But you just couldn't bring yourself to include Carlisle and Esme into the festivities. They're not really related, so how could it be incestuous?

Ok Ok..but Carlisle is hot!

Author's Response:

Lol, oh honey, i totally agree... Carlisle 's fucking gorgeous!

Thanks for reading and reviewing... i'm glad you liked it.  More soon.  xoxox

The List by Laura Cullen Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 13658]

Four weeks before her wedding to Edward, Bella is frustrated. She knows there's little-to-no chance of getting him to bend his rules and boundaries now, but there's no harm in fantasizing about what could happen later. So she begins compiling a list of things that she and Edward can do together once they're happily married. She's surprised to find she might be able to cross some things off earlier than she thought...

Story contains mature themes and is not intended for younger readers.

Thanks to Mandi, aka m81170, for the great banner!

Categories: Post-Eclipse Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: Yes Word count: 187877
[Report This] Published: December 28, 2008 Updated: March 18, 2010

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Good-Byes

I am very thrilled with the direction you have taken this story.

I was very sick of the Jake thing and I am glad you gave him a mate, and the sense to acknowledge the fact that sometimes laws just need to bend.

Looking forward to the last little gift that Bella had Carlisle store away for a rainy day. HMMM

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Good-Byes

Oh and I also wanted to say thanks for the no baby thing.  I really rolled my eyes in Breaking Dawn when Bella got pregnant.  What a cliche.

Oh and then Charlie was still going to be in her life and Renee and Jacob. My, my, she didn't have to give up anything? 

It was sappy and really un-lifelike, especially un-vampire life-like.

Sorry Steph

Just something I thought of.  Bella's venom in her eyes burned through the contacts..If there is venom in Edward's semen, how long would it take to burn through latex.  And there is no venom in pre-cum?  She swalled some of that right?  Picky picky.  I'll shut up now.


Author's Response:

I agree with your thoughts on Breaking Dawn expressed here.  On the took a while before the contacts succumbed to the venom, so I'm taking the same idea here.  If he removes the condom right away, it should remain in tact long enough.  And in terms of venom in the pre-cum, my thinking is that it would be roughly the same amount as the venom in his saliva from when they kiss.  So, yes, she has likely been exposed to small amounts of venom over the two years of their relationship.  When Carlisle gives the advice to use a condom, he says to do it to be safe--as in BD, they don't really know what will happen if venom is introduced through intercourse.  So the condom makes sense as prevention, especially because during her first time a small internal cut was likely and a sure way for venom to be introduced into her bloodstream.  There's actually an interesting story where the venom she gets through kisses started her transformation in a piecemeal manner over a course of months, and it takes them a while to realize what's happening to her.  It's called something like I've Been Waiting For You For Forever.

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 29, 2009 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Countdown to a Change

Oh wow.  Thank you for this. 

Now hurry up and keep typing!

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: August 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Countdown to a Change

I am betting Bella will be better off without Morphine.

Hey orgasms are great for cramps and worried minds, what else could they ease?

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: September 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Alive and Awake

Wow.  Really loved it.  But what about, the gift?  Don't think we have forgotten. 

Author's Response:

Neither have I!

Dying By Degrees by Reamhar Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 664]

Banner for Dying By Degrees


What if Bella’s thoughts on the plane flying back to Seattle from Italy take her in a different direction from the plot in New Moon? Just where could a little twist of fate take the characters? An indepth look at Bella's thoughts and feeling at the end of New Moon and into an AU Eclipse.

Canon couples, and rated NC17 just to be safe. I am Bella and Edward all the way, so if you like Bella and Jacob, then I am afraid this is not the story for you.

Dying By Degrees on discussion forum.


Categories: New Moon Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: No Word count: 106997
[Report This] Published: January 03, 2009 Updated: June 19, 2010

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: March 01, 2009 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

I check every day for a "Next".  I am obsessed with this plot.  Please!

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: June 14, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

I was so excited when I saw that you had updated.  Thank you.

I am wondering if Edward physically "heard" Bella screaming, or is there something else?  Maybe I am looking at it too hard

Author's Response:

Secretive smile.

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Waiting, waiting, waiting

You really know how to turn up the anticipation!  but please!

Author's Response:

Update has been in the queue to be validated for a couple of weeks.  They must be snowed at the moment. Sorry.

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 11, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Yeah! So happy to see an update.  So who's next? Carlisle or Rose?

I was always suprised that Bella never asked Alice is she had "seen' something bad enough to make the whole family leave.

Everyone is of course waiting for then B+E to get together again, but I am glad you are really in depth.

UD soon!  Your fans are counting on you!

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: July 31, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

:(  Sorry to bug you again.

Waiting is like having the best book and only reading on chapter a month.

Please say you are going to finish this.

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: August 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10


Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: October 07, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11


gotta love Alice. 

So very happy to FINALLY see an update. 

Honestly I had almost given up hope!  Good thing I am one of your Die-hard fans.

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: November 08, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

I keep waiting and hoping....

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: December 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Maybe you will have some time to write after the holidays?  I am always hopeful

Reviewer: wingd writer Signed
Date: December 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13

You are right.  Bella should let Edward earn forgiveness.  So I have been wracking my brain thinking of how Edward is going to do this.  Hopefully he comes up with something on his own, or at least thinks its his own brilliant know how men are! Ha

Was so excited to see an update, you made us wait so long!!  Meanie!



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