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Penname: Daylen [Contact]
Real name: Daniel
Status: Member
Member Since: March 01, 2009

Mid-30s guy with an addiction for fan fiction presently, and a slew of unfinished writing in my file cabinet and computer that I never seem to manage to complete full stories. Plots and bits and pieces, sure, but start-to-finish stories still elude me.

Aside from that I'm always over-thinking things, have a science background but love my fiction books... and I guess I'm a twi-guy being here as much as I am lately :S (I own the series and The Host as well). Also a fan of David Eddings and Clive Cussler.

Just starting an Education degree that'll eventually send me out to Middle and Secondary schools to teach math and science (mostly biology, probably).

Oh and my friends just gave me an Edward doll from the Barbie range (he sparkles! lol they didn't realise it at the time either) My Twi-diction is kind of a running joke for them, but their nice enough about it :)


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Reviews by Daylen

What if the vampire family that embraced Bella was not the Cullen's but the Denali's. After a series of tragic events, Bella is led to Denali. Despite the unpleasantness that leads to her joining their family, she eagerly accepts all the love and sense of sisterhood the Denali's offer her. Bella finds herself happier than she's ever been. But how long will that happiness last? What happens when the Cullen's come to meet the newest addition to the Denali coven?

 This story has been beta'ed by the lovely and wonderful Mommakat!!!


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Categories: AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 36 Completed: Yes Word count: 94495
[Report This] Published: February 17, 2010 Updated: June 28, 2010

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: May 27, 2010 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 32

hrm so John's Change took a little longer, which makes me wonder about what his abilities might be when he settles down a bit, perhaps the wolf-gene got an interesting "kick" from the venom??

Had to chuckle at Bella's throw down with John though, that was so cool hehe :)

Author's Response:

John won't have any special abilites sorry. There will be a tiny explanation as to why he thinks his change took longer though. Yea Bella wasn't taking shit that day. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 33

ohh trouble!! though I can't help still laughing at Edward's counting the 75 times he called Bella! I can see that argument biting him someday way in the future ;)

but for now, the pack is coming, and things are looking tense :S

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34

well, at least they've got a window of opportunity to get out... it could've gone a lot worse! :)

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35

well, it's intense, but looks like all is going to end up happy enough for our two families... the wolves will be pissed for a while though, I'm guessing, but at least no one has been really killed?


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 29, 2010 Title: Chapter 36: Epilogue

aww all's well that ends well, I guess (and I've still got Beyond Repair to continue reading for now hehe :)

It was great to see John, the Denali's, Cullen's and the Pack look to be on a more amiable road by the end of it.

It allows me to hope that they'd eventually be friendly enough to able to revisit Forks.

Thanks for sharing the story with us all.

Beyond Time by tkegl Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1732]

After the Cullens leave Forks, a twist of fate lands Bella in Chicago in 1918. She thinks it's her second chance... a chance to build a life with a human Edward. But when she finds him, he's not quite what she expected... and Bella has some hurdles to overcome to create the future she's hoping for.


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Categories: New Moon, AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 38 Completed: Yes Word count: 286468
[Report This] Published: February 17, 2010 Updated: June 05, 2011

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: October 29, 2010 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 31: Of Saying Goodbye and Saving a Life

I wondered if there'd be an attempt at transfusion - it was dicey at the best of times back then, so it'll be interesting to see what happens for our characters :)


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: October 10, 2010 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 30: Of Fear and Fate

so aside from all the drama of this chapter... I'm wondering if Carlisle were to bite Bella in the past, before the La Push Treaty, and then she ends up going through the Change in the future, Carlisle wouldn't be able to get in trouble maybe? lol of course, that assumes Bella's really been time traveling? :) still reserving theories on that one :)

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: November 30, 2010 Title: Chapter 37: Epilogue - Of Final Farewells and Facing the Future

awww so sad to be over :P

So cool to see Maggie's family and their messages/collections for Bella and Edward.

I only wish that they'd found Bella's ring :(

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: November 01, 2010 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 32: Of Prayer and Purpose

so the transfusion didn't quite work & things are looking tense now for Bella yet again. Will she be going back to "realtime" soon or is there more to do I wonder? Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: November 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 33: Of Running and Reality

ohh so I wonder how long Bella was "out"... and at least it seems that spirit travelling was strong stuff given Edward's "proof" :)

Great chapter - my looking forward to the next one is tempered with the thoughts of running out of story :S


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: September 23, 2010 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 28: Of Baths and Beds

Bella and Edward certainly enjoyed their honeymoon - even if they didn't travel very far to start with ;)

Bella's still working on Edward regarding her independance and mutual partnership in the marriage... something I've often wondered is just how much equality was or wasn't present at that time in a marriage.

We all read the histories and certainly there were unequal partners - just as there are now - but I wonder if there were more equals that we didn't "hear" about or "see" because they were either kept hidden or just "assumed" to be that way. What really changes over time is how much we talk and reveal about ourselves - the spread of media helping this along - just think how much we know about each other thanks to Facebook for example, compared to what we might've known at the turn of last century without it :)

Edward would have had a child's perspective on his parent's relationship - perhaps they shared far more than he ever knew because he was separated from that level of their lives, and simply given the tools to (hopefully) communicate with his future bride and sort it out for themselves... eh not sure if that's making sense right now - my brain is refusing to put proper words to the thoughts :P

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: July 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 19: Of Dancing and Dark Alleys

hmm well it was good to see Bella defend herself successfully against James - almost therapeutic for her too, perhaps??

I'm very curious to see what's happening with Alice... whether she perhaps ate too many sweets and is sick as a result? Though now I'm wondering if she's actually got the early stages of the influenza somehow. On top of still thinking about her overlap with her "real" human timeline. Oh so many variations...

Looking forward to more unravelling :)

Author's Response:

Yes, I think it was definitely therapeutic for Bella! I know it was for me! Lol!

What's happening with Alice will be revealed in the next chapter...

Thanks for R&R!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 17: Of Hot Kisses and Horrifying Visions

hmm Alice's visions are making me think she's actually overlapping with her other self in the asylum. That's my 'best case' scenario at least.

Author's Response:

Interesting theory... we'll have to see what happens...

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: July 16, 2010 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 21: Of Clearing Names and Coming Clean

hmm I'm choosing to believe that the timeline is going to be fine with Carlisle getting all that information - knowing that he's waiting for Esme will mean he doesn't hesitate too long when she finally crosses paths with him. I'm still thinking he's going to have Edward along with him as well - and the story of his mother might be due to Bella's interactions too.

Oh, and then there was always the relative "ease" with which Carlisle accepted Alice and Jasper into the family when they showed up - perhaps because he was expecting them? ;)

Author's Response:

Perhaps... ;-)

Thanks for R&R!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: August 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 26: Of Tombs and Tea Parties

well, I'm relieved Bella didn't get arrested in the end. Seems both Edward and Bella have had a few close calls with the law since her showing up hehe

Poor Carlisle though, they'll have to have another reason to catch up and talk rather than their stolen moments at work.


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: September 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 27: Of Promises and Pleasures

Great Wedding/night :)

Seems like we're getting really close to the possible "patient zero" stages of the Influenza reaching Chicago... I'd imagine this is where things are going to get REALLY tense for Bella, Edward and even Carlisle to an extent.

It's good to see they've got their blissfully happy days before all the real madness kicks in though :)

Author's Response:

Well, the wedding was on July 20th, they move to Altoona on July 29th... the epidemic hits in the fall... so we still have a little bit of time. :-)

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: October 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 29: Of First Days and Falling-Outs

first big fight and make-up session.. and it appears as if Bella forgot something that time around though she could've been particularly fast?


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: November 09, 2010 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 34: Of Truth and Trust

ahhhhh they're so close to finding it all out (ie "we" are, hehe)

Had to laugh at Alice's vexation with Carlisle at his secrets :)

Looking forward to Bella's reaction to being told it really did all happen!! Maybe Carlisle can tell us what happened to Maggie etc if your muse allows for that??

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: November 15, 2010 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 35: Of Confessions and Commitments

awww Alice's displeasure at not getting mentioned in Alistair's book was highly amusing :)

Bella's got her new&improved&old Edward back finally :)

So sad that the tale is almost over... but it's been such a great time!!!!


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 15, 2011 Title: Chapter 38: Epilogue, Part II: Of Marriage and Memories

enjoyed that a lot! Especially Carlisle's PoV to wrap it up :)

Encore by Oleander Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 959]



Edward pulls a Forrest Gump and runs at a most inappropriate time. When he and Bella reconnect five years later, can Bella forgive him enough to give him a chance or is it too late? Canon pairings, NC-17 for future lemons and mature subject matter.

Banner by Readergoof


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 45 Completed: Yes Word count: 248313
[Report This] Published: February 20, 2010 Updated: August 16, 2010

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: March 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Great to see the new story starting up :)

So many questions created in the first chapter... I know that all will be revealed as we read, but here's a few I'm thinking to myself for now. What happened to B&E in the past? They're both apparently on meds of some description, so I'm curious if they're on the same/similar or coincidentally on completely different things. I'm favouring the former option for now.

How did Emmett stay away all that time without apparent contact? He's always been one I'd peg to tell Edward where to take his "need for a clean break" hehe

Already absolutely loving Alice (but I'm almost certainly biased in that area :) I'm wondering how many panty-jokes/taunts can be made in her direction over the course of the story ;)

Oh... and (the big smelly question) how long will that magazine last The Stroker?! ;)

Looking forward to it all!!

(Ok, well, maybe not so much that last part, but anyways... )


Author's Response:

Hi Daylen!!!  Bet you thought I was gone forever!  Seems the queue for new stories is quite deep right now.

Although it will come out in the next chapter, I will tell you this much:  Emmett didn't know where Bella was.  None of them did. 

My advice to you:  Hold onto your love of Alice dearly.

The magazine, as I can tell you from personal experience with him, does not last him long.  >.<

More will be revealed in the next chapter.  Hold tight!  It's in for validation.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: April 14, 2010 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

hmm so many things again in that chapter. I can understand Alice's reasoning in her stance, though I'm not happy the fight seems to have triggered the seizure - with all the drama in Bella's life recently it was probably a matter of time, from the looks of it :S

I've read that thing about aroma's and flashes signalling an episode somewhere, it's not everyone, but enough that it's been recorded... the burning ozone sort of smell seems to be the more common one.

Aside from all that, I'm hugely impressed with Edward through this chapter! I liked that Emmett told him what was going on, and gave him the options. If B&E hadn't already had their talk about their feelings it might've made that decision more difficult, but as it was Edward stepped up :)

I had to chuckle at the overheard conversations on both sides, and the respective apologies and defenses flying around.

It was certainly an intense chapter, but it had a lot of good feelings to it in the end.

Author's Response:

Ah, my faith in my readers has been renewed this morning.  Yesterdays reviews were all venomous calls for Alice's death, this morning they all seem to be more understanding. 

I'm glad that you can see where she's coming from...Alice's intentions are good, her heart is in the right place, it's just her execution that stinks.  I have had to deal with something similar, dealing with a broken friend who was trying to get back with the person who broke her (circumstances were slightly different) and I wanted to yell and spew ultimatums, but I didn't.  Alice is kind of saying what I had always wanted to say, mind you, I know it wouldn't have worked.  ;)

Next chapter will be lighter fare, and considerably less intense.  I promise. 

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: April 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

wow ok as much as I'm uncomfortable about Adam's behaviour, which feels very predatory by nature, I'm sort of happy since his actions have ultimately forced B&E's hands.

I'm guessing Adam's not going down without a fight, so there's going to be some tense moments ahead... he's someone who seems to identify just how to approach a girl to put himself in the best light, and just push that little bit harder to get what he wants/needs. I've no doubt the women are happy enough with how things work out too, I'm just wondering now how many of them get what they want too, versus getting left with the proverbial bad-taste whilst Adam spins off to the next encounter.

I've been overthinking that a bit from the looks of it :P

Anyways, very happy to see B&E get their new "first I love you's" out, it almost looked like they wouldn't!


Author's Response:

Adam is going to be around for a while... ;)  I shan't go on further because I don't want to reveal anything. 

B&E have a rough road ahead of them, but getting their first I love you's out is a good first step.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: August 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 43: Chapter 43

first, have fun at TwiTour :)

Alice's reactions to everything that's been done for both her, Jasper, and the upcoming addition to the clan were pretty darn cute and funny all at the same time.

Rose and Jasper's heart-to-heart was sad/sweet/uplifting too... like they were both acknowledging the pain of the way their own parents behaved towards them, but also understanding that Carlisle and Esme were more than willing to step up and give them the love and support they've both been craving even if it's only recently they've been able to realise it :)

Author's Response: TwiTour was AMAZING! I had so much fun and the cast were so cool. I actually held Demetri in my arms...seriously! I have a photo of me lifting Charlie Bewley. :) I'm happy you enjoyed the chapter. Everything is winding down now, and I'm hoping to get some major work done on the sequel when I get back from Toronto.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: May 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20

hehe almost felt sorry for Edward's apprehension/misunderstanding that Bella was having a seizure there. Pretty sure I'd have made the same leap :P

Author's Response:

It was an understandable and logical reaction to have under the circumstances...I guess.  I think Edward's a little nervous.  ;)  Especially where he hasn't actually seen Bella have a seizure. 



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