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Penname: Daylen [Contact]
Real name: Daniel
Status: Member
Member Since: March 01, 2009

Mid-30s guy with an addiction for fan fiction presently, and a slew of unfinished writing in my file cabinet and computer that I never seem to manage to complete full stories. Plots and bits and pieces, sure, but start-to-finish stories still elude me.

Aside from that I'm always over-thinking things, have a science background but love my fiction books... and I guess I'm a twi-guy being here as much as I am lately :S (I own the series and The Host as well). Also a fan of David Eddings and Clive Cussler.

Just starting an Education degree that'll eventually send me out to Middle and Secondary schools to teach math and science (mostly biology, probably).

Oh and my friends just gave me an Edward doll from the Barbie range (he sparkles! lol they didn't realise it at the time either) My Twi-diction is kind of a running joke for them, but their nice enough about it :)


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Reviews by Daylen

It’s been months since Bella Swan showed up on the doorsteps of the Cullen home resembling little more than a broken doll. It’s taken her a long time to get to this point in her life; the point where she feels safe at night, where she feels loved and accepted. But her demons aren’t far beneath the surface. What will she do when life throws yet another challenge in her path and those demons come back to haunt her in the flesh? AH, AU, OOC.

Categories: AU Characters: Bella
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: No Word count: 87723
[Report This] Published: December 15, 2009 Updated: December 19, 2010

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: February 16, 2010 Title: Chapter 10: Your Touch

Interesting, if somewhat scary to see Bella zone out so much. I'd like to hope that it's not really James, but what're the chances of that given the fiction? ;)


Author's Response:

Ah, what are the chances, indeed? You'll just have to wait and see! :D As for Bella, you'll get a better understanding of why she reacted the way she did in the next chapter!

In the mean time, here's your teaser!

He rubbed his hair with the towel for a few more seconds, trying to get the dampness out, before tossing it onto the bathroom counter without a care. He flipped off the switch for the light in his bathroom and softly padded over to the bed. He bent down as if he were going to get into the bed but then paused.
“Would you prefer it if I wear a t-shirt?” he asked me softly.
I couldn’t see his face because my eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness of his room but I could hear the trepidation in his voice.
“No,” I whispered back, “I just need you to hold me.”

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: March 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 12: Abandoned

awww Bella gave Emmett a wedgie! Our little girl is really breaking out :)

Author's Response:

Hehe, yeah, Bella's learning to dish it out! You can't blame Emmett though...French toast is amazing after all :)

Here's your tiiiiiiiiiiny teaser from the next chap, I couldn't find a bigger chunk that didn't give away too much!

I watched him come closer and closer until I could taste the mint of his gum on my breath as we stared each other down. His eyes grey, mine brown. Was this really happening?
“Kiss me Jasper,” I whispered.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: April 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 15: Tension

haha I kind of feel bad for Edward - he's so worried about Bella's problems and how to deal with his own feelings he's not allowing himself to enjoy the moment, to REALLY notice Angela, for one thing ;)

Author's Response:

lol I know, a lot of people feel sorry for Edward. Actually, my beta made me promise to get Edward laid before the story is finished! Hahaha!

Thanks for taking the time to review! I appreciate it! Here's your teaser:

I sat up suddenly and grabbed my hair, tugging on it sharply because I was frustrated.
Yes, of course Bella knew that she could trust me. Of course she did. Right?
But what was it about her past that she was so hesitant to tell me about?
Was it because I had never sat her down and told her my whole story?
Was there something—something besides the fact that James beat her—that she was hiding?

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: May 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 18: Discussions

hmm so I wonder if we'll be finding Rosalie before anything majorly bad (aside from Jasper's leaving) has happened to her?

kind of funny to see B&J talking things over - they've often seemed the two more thoughtful characters, I can see them talking over every little step they take in the relationship. Even if it sometimes happens after they've barreled through hehe :)

Author's Response:

Yeah, they didn't exactly think through that last romp did they? Then again, who really does when the moment strikes, eh? As for Rosalie... well I can't tell you just yet, but I will say that it won't be happening in the next chapter....

“I know what we can do! I’ve been thinking about doing it for ages,” Emmett said, a glint in his eye.
“Are we going to get in shit for this?” I asked warily.
“Nah. Mom will love it.”

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: May 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 19: The Banshee

hehehe the thought of Emmett and Edward routed by a little kitty cat is hilarious... looking forward to more of that; when they're not worrying about James finding Bella :S

Author's Response:

Haha, I'm thinking that an outtake with some more of Emmett and the cat is in order, thoughts?

I'm glad you liked the chapter :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Here's your teaser:

Later I would have no idea how long we stood there, probably making quite the scene, as Jasper attempted to sooth and I trembled steadily. Later I would barely remember Edward and Emmett coming out of the pharmacy and telling us that there had been no sign of a man fitting James’ description in the pharmacy and that none of the staff had recognized such a description either. Later I would only remember the feeling of the panic swelling up through my stomach, making me feel nauseous, and clawing at my throat as it suffocated me. Later I would only remember Jasper’s arms and his sweet scent.

Cinnamon. Old Spice. Leather.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 15, 2010 Title: Chapter 21: Holding Hands

hmm there's just so many 'compromising' positions Bella & Jasper can find themselves in if he's teaching her self-defence... though I think I'm more amused by the prospect of Bella shoving Emmett around inside the house until Esme busts them and tells Emmett off. Because it couldn't possibly be sweet innocent Bella's fault? ;)

Author's Response:

YOu have no idea how close you are to the mark! ;)

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I had to write something new before I could tease you! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Here's your teaser:

“He’s not teaching me to fight, Em, he’s teaching me to defend myself,” I told him, stirring the sauce so that the cheese mixed seamlessly with the tomato base.
“Same difference,” Emmett said, reaching a hand towards the sauce.
“Emmett McCarty Cullen,” I said, my voice a warning, “Don’t you dare put your finger in my sauce.”
He looked up and grinned devilishly, his eyes glinted with the challenge, “Oh? What are you going to do about it, little sister?”
I turned towards him with a smirk, “Are you stupid enough to want to find out?”
Emmett’s grin widened. He moved faster than you would expect, given his bulk, but I hadn’t been training with Jasper for nothing. I reached out, just as fast, and grabbed his finger before it went anywhere near my bubbling sauce.
“Consider this your warning,” I said, still smirking, fully hoping he’d push me.

He did.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: June 30, 2010 Title: Chapter 22: The Champion

hehe I know being able to defend yourself is a serious thing, and it's good that Jasper hasn't ignored Bella's need for it, but it was still amusing to see Bella "The Champion" over Emmett... and of Jasper, in more ways than one ;)

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: July 10, 2010 Title: Chapter 23: A Night To Remember

somehow i don't think Jasper's going to have a problem with Bella being "in control" more often hehe ;)

Author's Response:

Haha, no, I don't think so either. We'll be seeing more of it, I promise you! ;) In the mean time...

A longer than usual tease to make up for the lack of a tease last week:
“I want to talk to you and your brother, Emmett,” Lauren said, sliding up to the locker next to mine and leaning on it as if she did this daily. I tried not to sigh outloud. I didn’t want to deal with her first thing in the morning.

“About what?”

“Something very important...”she trailed off, causing me to look up.

She had a carefully constructed mask on her face. With her lips pursed slightly and a little frown on her brow one might think that she was deep in thought, and concerned about whatever was going through her brain. I knew better; Lauren Mallory had no brain, for starters, she was in my Data Management class so I could attest to that. Secondly, the mask was too perfect and that put me on my guard.

“If it’s so important then why not tell me now?” I demanded, suddenly rounding on her, “Why wait? Unless it’s not ‘very important’ but merely another one of your ploys to get attention from anything with a dick between its legs.”

Okay, I had to admit. That was harsh. But I figured that pissing her off was the fastest way to bring things to a head here. I didn’t want to play games; she either had something to say and would spit it out when she was screaming her head off at me or she would trot off and lick her wounds.

“Excuse me!?” she hissed, her eyes narrowing into near slits.

Oh yeah, I’d pissed her off.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: September 21, 2010 Title: Chapter 27: The Other Guy

oh wow things just went whole kinds of pear-shaped for the family now :S


One decision changed everyone's destiny. Will Edward be able to live with the consequences of his actions? Will he be able to forgive himself for the pain he has inflicted on the only person he has ever loved, and most importantly will she forgive him?

A story beginning with the cliff scene in New Moon and taking you on a journey through the dark side of fate. Where Edward and Bella's lives are both changed, but they react in completely different ways.


Categories: New Moon Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Billy, Caius, Carlisle, Charlie, Chelsea, Demetri, Edward, Embry, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Jacob, Jane, Jasper, Paul, Quil, Rosalie, Sam, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: No Word count: 16007
[Report This] Published: December 16, 2009 Updated: April 06, 2010

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Unwanted Change

whoa hold the phone, Jake's going to get Charlie to help? THAT should be interesting to explain and then achieve :)

Alice should be there soon, hopefully, and both she and Jake will hopefully unite for the common good of Bella to help her through the Change and early stages of her new life... not sure about Charlie's role though I know his knowledge and at least SOME kind of presence for Bella will be immense :)

Author's Response:

Charlie probaby won't be a major character as of now, but I really thought that he was the only other person that would care what happened to Bella and want to save her even if she turned into a 'monster'. Thanks for the interest and the review! Maybe you will get to see Alice sooner than you think!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 08, 2010 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four: The Result of Courage

hmm so Charlie stays in the dark (literally) for a little while longer;)

Carlisle's timing was impeccable as always hehe

Now hopefully Jacob will be able to reason with the Pack and protect Bella from them as well (assuming any of them were going to cause a problem)

Author's Response:

Love the funny about Charlie...cute :) Carlisle is just the greatest of course he comes in and makes it all better. Hope you enjoy the direction the story goes from here! Thanks so much for the review!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 01, 2010 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter Two: The Pain of Revenge

Very interesting opening two chapters, looking forward to Jacob's arrival on the scene, and wondering whether or not Alice manages to get a Vision or not from Bella's last chance attempt, before Jake causes a "Black-out" ;)

Author's Response:

Thank you for the review! I think all of your questions should be answered soon! Next chapter will be there soon!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 21, 2010 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five: Bitter Emergence

oh boy! I didn't see Bella running like that - but it does make sense as being an option for her. Looking forward to Edward's reactions... and the family to the truth of what he said to Bella upon leaving :S

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for the review! I just thought that if I were in Bella's shoes I wouldn't want to stay there and be reminded every day for eternity that I almost had everything I wanted...but a vampiric life holds no happiness for her if Edward doesn't love her.

I hope you enjoy where this story goes. Next chapter should be up soon and Edward is def in it!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 24, 2010 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter Six: Ulterior Motives

ok... this should be really interesting - Bella's going to blow a gasket at the "new" Edward, perhaps? Or Edward's up for a psychotic break at seeing Bella "dead"? Jane's going to have her frustrations at not being able to torment Bella (assuming Bella's shield doesn't drop in shock at Edward showing up)

hmm... so many possibilities... looking forward to it :)

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for the review! I think some of the possibilities you mention could happen :) The next chapter ties up some loose ends, but Chapter Eight we should be back to Edward so keep reading!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: February 17, 2010 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter Seven: Costly Mistakes

Ouch, is about all I can think of right now. It was good that Bella and Jacob had that talk, but to have it go the direction it went, well, ouch is all. Things just got very, very messy in Forks :P

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review! Yes there is every potential for disaster in Forks. I felt bad for Jacob too, but it had to happen that way.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: April 07, 2010 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter Eight: Trust & Forgiveness

gah feeling more sorry for Jacob right now than I can ever remember being... talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place :S

Hopefully the family can help sort it out! Of all the possible victims, and I know it's wrong, but at least it was Lauren and not Angela.

I'm curious how she was in the woods, just as Jasper was, I wonder where part of the story is going to go?

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for the review and I am so glad that you are interested in where the story is going. I don't want to give anything away, but someone else was there with her. You will find out in the next chapter and what happens to them. I know I even found myself feeling sorry for Jacob...hopefully we can work a happy ending out for the poor fella.

Hide and Drink by Savage Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7599]

Now Complete!

Bella’s blood was just too tempting to be ignored.  In this version of Twilight, Edward takes Bella on a sadistic journey with his monstrous side.  While Edward drags her around the world, barely keeping a step ahead of his frantic family, Bella battles the monster for possession of the gentler vampire inside her captor.  EPOV.

Winner of the Faithful Shipper Awards for best Alternate Universe.

Winner of The Vampies, Twilight Vampfic Awards for Best Dark Vamp.

Winner of the Immortal Sin Awards for Best Darkward and Hottest Dark Vamp Fic!

Thank you Lace for the Banner!

“There was no other blood like this.  Once she was gone, it would no longer be within my grasp.  But if I stopped now, she would heal.  Her body would make more.  The blood would replenish.  I could drink again.  The promise of more – it was the only incentive that could have caused me to stop.”


Categories: Twilight, AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 35 Completed: Yes Word count: 249263
[Report This] Published: December 22, 2009 Updated: August 28, 2010

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: August 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 35: Epilogue: Love and Live

awwww so they finally made it to their HEA :)

This has been such a great tale, thanks for sharing it with us. It had so many dark moments that it made the lighter and happier times stand out that much more.

It's kind of amusing (wrong word maybe?) to think of Edward's next college and school rotation being just that little bit different because of Bella and also his new "condition"... perhaps the Cullens overall wouldn't be so scary to the student body with the friendliness of Bella and Edward's strange forgetfulness :)

Perhaps combining to make the "kids" seem more normal overall.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 02, 2010 Title: Chapter 3: Cry and Consume

I wondered how soon Edward's own conscience would kick in.

Of course, it's only nibbling at the edges right now, sort of the way he is ;S

I can see B&E both ending up with a kind of Stockholm Syndrome thing that eventually morphs into the forgiveness/acceptance and hopefully love for the two of them... we'll see :)

Looking forward to it.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: August 22, 2010 Title: Chapter 34: Consent and Change

wow kind of sad that it's just about all over, but gee it's been a great ride :)

It's a better HEA than it looked like B&E were headed for at times! hehe

Oh and who really needs high level math that much anyways? and meiosis, mitosis? I say po-tae-toh, you say po-tah-toh ;)

Mike's reaction to the car was fun - sounds like he'll try to keep it rather than sell it.

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: May 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 21: Give and Take

well it's been a while coming (pun) but they finally got there!!!

I think this chapter's earned being bookmarked in it's own right ;)


Author's Response:

Ha!  I'm glad you liked it!  Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 4: Read and Bleed

ohhh so close... though I don't know how much longer Edward's going to have even partial reign over his internal monsters :S
I knew about Stockholm's but not Lima's... after reading up on a few things, I think there's certainly hints of both in this story.

Another reviewer mentioned that things are more complex than that though because Edward maintains certain separations. Bella's a food source first and foremost, and he's taking the steps he needs to, keeping her as healthy as possible to maintain his food supply :)

As for Bella, she still hopes for some kind of escape, so she'll try whatever she can to appeal to whatever remains of Edward's humanity so that it'll eventually triumph over the vampire's instincts.

I'm loving this story so far, although we haven't seen a Bella PoV yet, I can imagine she's finding herself more conflicted as time goes on, just as Edward is :)

Looking forward to more!!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 12, 2010 Title: Chapter 5: Touch and Take

aha! So the Cullens are in range of Edward's ability, but will he still try to run?

I'm glad that Bella was able to call Charlie finally, and relieved to see the tentative relationship between B&E growing, albeit not under ideal conditions :S


Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 15, 2010 Title: Chapter 6: Fight and Flight

ohhh wow!! Edward's really getting to know his inner-monster!

This just got crazier and more interesting hehe

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 7: Calm and Control

hmmm well Bella voluntarily going back was something I hoped for/expected, but Carlisle's decision caught me completely off guard!

Whilst Edward's actions are more than a little extreme and more akin to something I'd expect from a newborn or even a Volturi member, I think he'll be truly shocked when he and Bella begin really investigating his motivations this whole time.

I did enjoy the whole "rules" conversation, as for not being a "cliffhanger", well... that depends upon your definitions of them.

It certainly wasn't the "on edge" of how dark Edward was going to get holding on that child at last chapter's end, but it's still something that makes me REALLY curious to see what happens next for our fateful couple.

Looking forward to it, and hopeful for the eventual path back to the family too.

Favourite line (maybe oddly) was "I want to be a damn tourist" lol

Author's Response:

Cliff leaner, maybe?  :)  I liked that line, too.  Thanks!

Reviewer: Daylen Signed
Date: January 25, 2010 Title: Chapter 8: Play and Pray

hmmm  I believe 'softly, slowly' are words coming to mind to describe Bella's growing relationship with Edward... he was so tortured with her walk in the park, but to add the passing jogger as well, it's surprising he held himself back as much as he did.

So, now what will Bella do with the revelations?




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