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Penname: TheDoctor [Contact]
Real name: Derek
Status: Member
Member Since: July 16, 2010
Beta-reader: No

Belive it or not I've never read Twilight, but my wife has and she made me sit through the first three movies. As it turns out, I am really intriqued by Jasper. I like his premise, and his background. Well, by sheer happenstance, I am a history geek who wrote his master's thesis on certain aspects of the American Civil War. The opportunity to explore Jasper was simply inevitable.  So I have entered a world I never imagined. Actually, two worlds: Twilight and fanfic! Admittedly, this is a deep, dark secret I keep from almost everyone "in real life" but I must admit that I am finding some unexpected pleasure in pursuing this endeavor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

So, now for the inevitable questions:

Q. If you don't like Twilight, why do you write fanfic?

A. It's not the story or the plot that I like, it's the characters.

Q. Why do you play with them the way you do?

A. Because I'm a little bit like Dr. House; I like to know what made people into who they are. Perhaps that's why I'm a historian.

Q. Are you only writing about Jasper?

A. For the time being, yes. I have written a one-shot about Carlisle that I rather enjoyed. It's nothing like this, and frankly, it feels quite juvenile.

Q. Why do you call it "juvenile"?

A. Because I am still learning how to think and write fiction of any kind. I have always wanted to write, but it's like anything else you learn how to do. Simply put, I'm going to have to have some stuff that sucks until I learn how to do it properly.

Q. So... what's with your nom de plume?

A. I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan... and no, I don't say "huge" because I'm fat, it's because I've seen nearly every episode since the beginning!

Q. So why aren't you writing WhoFic?

A. I might. I actually have some ideas, but I will wait to explore them until after I finish playing with The Home Guard.

Q. If you're a Doctor Who Fan, who doesn't like Twilight, how'd you get started in the first place?

A. I blame my wife. Seriously! She read the books. Then she loved the books. Then she started writing fanfic. I blame her.

Q. Oh, your wife writes fanfic? Anything I might have read?

A. Hey, that's not fair! You're asking a quesiton in two parts! The first answer is "yes." The second answer is, "I'm not sure." Her pen name is WuogKat, and you will find her here on as well as (under the same name). She's written a few stories, but I've only read parts of The TA, which I believe to be her most reviewed fic to date.

Q. Are you and your wife a lot alike?

A. Not really. For starters, I'm a bloke and she's definitely not (a fact for which I am quite grateful). Seriously though, she seems to kill a lot people in her fics, while I just play with back stories. I like to tinker with the possibility of "this could have happened."

Q. Wow, this is a really long bio!

A. I know, but that wasn't a question.

Q. Well, here's a question: why'd you make this so long?

A. Well, it is intended for you to get to know me. At the minimum I hope people who made it this far have been mildly amused, but I'd really hope for someone (or anyone) to be laughing. It's okay if they laugh at me and not with me, so long as they are laughing!

Tom Baker on the Simpsons

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