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Penname: EmeraldEyes [Contact]
Real name: Jennifer
Status: Member
Member Since: December 16, 2008
Beta-reader: Yes

I'm a 23 year old graduate student in Clinical Psychology... hopelessly in love with a fictional character.  My mind wanders a lot, and these are the stories that keep it busy.

A few things about me?  Umm...

1) I am a soccer hooligan.  Its my religion.  I love all things about the sport.  Really, it borders on ridiculous.

2) I have a sexy stud of a fiance', it's unfortunate that he absolutly loaths all things Twilight related.  I think its sort of like an imaginary pissing contest.  He can't compete with Edward because Edward is not real.  So I think he feels threatened that i'm so attached to a fictional character.  Oh well.  He'll get over it.

3) I swear like a sailor.  I've tried to stop, I can't.  So I live with it.  You'll have to if you want to ready my stories.

4) I love to travel.  I've been all over the world.  Currently, I'm planning a trip (BY MYSELF!... I KNOW!) to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.  I'm staying for a month in Cape Town, and I have tickets to 10 games.  Seriously sick.  Awesome.  However, i'm kind of scared to go by myself to SA, but you only live once.  And hell, i'd rather go out having fun then die without trying.  You know?

5) I love my family.  I love my dog.  I love Edward Cullen.  But more importantly, if Robert Pattinson and I ever met... I'd kidnap him in a burlap sack and take him away to an island somewhere.  I love all things twilight, but Robert Pattinson is my own personal diety.  I don't know why, I don't care to understand it.  I don't even care if he doesn't shower.  I'd love him regardless. 

I think thats it?  I dunno.  Who the hell cares. 

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