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Penname: ahommel [Contact]
Real name: Amanda Hommel
Status: Member
Member Since: November 28, 2011

On the one hand . . .

I'm new to the online Fan-Fics. On the other hand, I've been writing my own personal fan-fics since I fell in love with Gaston Lerox's Phantom of the Opera. If you enjoy a good love story and have not taken the time read Phantom, make sure to take time. There are some awesome published fan-fics from this as well, including Susan Kay's Journey of the Mask, although it is out-of-print, so you really have to search hard for it.

Leave me a note: how did you come across your favorite book?

How I got hooked on Twilight:

My husband and I went out for one of our rare date nights in November 2008, with two toddlers at home, we wanted to watch a more grown-up movie. That night, it seemed every movie was family geared, with just one exception: Twilight. A part from the excessive MySpace ad, neither of us knew much about it but decided to give a try. The movie felt very choppy, like I was missing something, and it seemed to move faster than the character dialogoue let on. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but soon put it out of my mind. A week or so later, while grocery shopping, an odd shaped book caught my eye. It was Twilight, but it was cut into the shape of a coffin and was only $5. I figured it wasn't a huge loss if I never finished it.


I was hooked.


I finished Twilight in less than two days, even reading it to my toddlers for their nap-time story. When I went to the store to look for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, I found out that they were sold out. I called around several book stores to find out the same. I downloaded the rest from Audible and collected the books later as they became available.


I'm very interested in reading fan-fiction and to see what other's have thought of the series, the different perspectives, etc.


Come friend me on my Facebook page at :)

Save Tonight: This story came to me one day while I was cleaning house and the Eagle Eye Cherry's song, Save Tonight popped randomly into my head. A quick search later and I pulled up a unique remix of it on YouTube and the story of Edward and Bella post-graduation unfolded and I knew I had to write it down. Currently on hold while I complete Ginnungagap. See the Twilighted thread for Save Tonight at:

Ginnungagap: This was an original story I came up with almost 11 years ago; originally set in mid-evil Europe, this story has gone through an extreme makeover. Lots of historical research and character outlines later, and the story is set in the Viking era (1100 AD) with some of our favorite Cullens. There's a lot being unsaid in the story itself that will be revealed later, so it is a slow build that you kind of have to invest in. I hope you'll give it a try. See the Twilighted thread for Ginnungagap at

You can find me on Twilighted (, The Writer's Coffee Shop (, and here of course.


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