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Penname: cjmuehlb [Contact]
Real name: CJ Cullen
Status: Member
Member Since: May 28, 2010
Beta-reader: No

3/28/12 - just finished chemo and radation.  I plan on jumping back into my stories, focusing primarily on ROI.  I have the next chapter written, but it needs some heavy editing.  I promise to complete it before the birth of your grand children.  No worries if you want to stop reading until the story is complete.  I don't need the reviews in order to continue, but I always appreciate the ones I get.

I have only been reading fanfic since April of 2010 so I"m a serious newbie which is why I'm writing it now too. LOL   I'm particularly interested in the Carlisle-Edward dynamic so my stories will always contain a strong relationship between these two characters.  The only thing I can promise about my stories is they will always have some serious angst (well except for the smut stories).  I like angst...a lot of angst...angst for the sake of angst.  You get the idea. That said, it's unlikely that I will out and out kill off main characters at the end in some surprise twist.  I am not a huge fan of Bella; she's usually written too perfect for me and I don't see her as the bad girl so there isn't much I can do with her.  In other words, I probably won't be writing from Bella's POV anytime soon.

Carlisle is one of my favorites but unlike some, I find his possibilities are much more limited. Since I prefer canon type stories that are just a tad AU, it's hard to write Carlisle.  His history is pretty well documented and he will always eventually wind up at the same place.

So to summarize - ANGST - CARLISLE - EDWARD - CANONish   Nuff said.

Requiem of Insanity - This is my latest story.  This story is going to involve a human Edward and Bella, but the Cullens are all vampires. It will be full of angst and deal with some very heavy issues.  

Submit started out as a one shot that has turned into multiple one shots and describes Carlisle's attempts to control a coven of strong willed males using basic dominate/submissive techniques found in pack animals. It's slash but has all canon couples. You'll have to read it to find out how that works. :o) It will also include the same dominate/submissive tactics between Edward and Bella.

I'll add more chapters if I can come up with original ideas.

The Guard is a multi chapter effort. Bella is dead and the family must figure out a way to help Edward cope. This is not for the faint of heart. Edward's journey includes some violent vampire encounters and very depressing moments. This story is complete and I am considering writing a sequel that will be titled "Forgotten Memories". I will keep you posted.    


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