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Penname: FrostedCullen [Contact]
Real name: Maria Frost
Status: Member
Member Since: January 08, 2009
Beta-reader: Yes

Hello to you all.

I am Maria, though if you were to address me as such you would potentially go ignored. I abhor formality so please call me Ri. I am in my twenties, I have a fiancé, two children and a cat named Fleas - I should also point out I have a warped sense of humour too.

I have always had a passion for reading the written word; though it has only been in recent years that I have turned my hand to writing.

My mum was an astounding poet who; when in a sullen mood, could produce words so profound to make a grown man cry; very rarely committed anything to paper. When she passed away, and the task of sorting through her possessions become unavoidable, I found a note book buried in the cluttered recesses of a kitchen drawer with page after page of her thoughts and words, many scribbled out into obscurity but there none the less.

All those who have lost someone close to them know how quickly it seems their memory fades, their image in your mind becomes hazy and the tone of their voice becomes a distant whisper.

It wasn’t until a much later date, years later in fact, that I found her notes stowed safely with mementoes of my past did I realise that we had shared something I had known about but failed to recognise.

Self expression through writing.

It was in that instant my passion was reborn and my memory of her sharpened. Painfully, but I digress.

My Sister inherited the gene for the poetic; I however am not as lyrically minded and favour the written, descriptive words found in dusty, long forgotten books reverently.

During my earliest attempts my stories were at best… Lacking. Though I can’t bring myself to dislike them. With a more tempered mind, I can look back and appreciate how I have grown as a writer. I have written several pieces based upon the well crafted worlds created by others, my guilty pleasure of Harry Potter had me puppeteer the characters to amuse my own imagination for months on end.

And I’m digressing again - you will notice I do that an awful lot. My friends have come to call it endearing, I however accept it as babbling…

I had; to begin with; thrown myself into the world of fully fledged published authors, before stumbling across the world of Fan Fiction accidentally, and I have been in Love with it since.

I have formed lasting friendships that stretch across oceans, and it was through those friends that I discovered my reason and yours for being on this site. Twilight. The Cullen’s simply Dazzle me. Corny? Yes. But I can’t make myself care. I saw the film on a Saturday night and by the Monday evening I was reading Eclipse - thank the goddess for the wonder that befalls the ‘Day Off’.

My only complaint about the whole series is that due to the disloyalty by someone Midnight Sun will never be completed.

I have a very eclectic personality and with that comes a great many a likes and dislikes, since I like to babble, I will give you a few instances.

My favourite scent in the world is Cherry; either the waft of it up my nose of the taste on my tongue has me smiling like a fool.

I have an unhealthy ability to drink whiskey like it was water, though a glass or two of Chardonnay and I am giggling like a pubescent boy through sex-ed.

I have gold eyes which for some reason betray me with their honesty on an almost daily basis. Oh the universes ( I surpassed worlds a decade ago) of trouble that has caused me I hate to tell.

I loath ‘Fake’ people. And I detest anyone who feigns Empathy. Be who you are meant to be, the truth will out in the end. Meh…

I love tattoos and piercings; who am I to argue with another person’s choice of self expression, and subsequently have a few of my own.

I love the colours Forrest Green and the darkest of Purples.

I will willing sit and eat anything pasta based and not even the tooth fairy could pay me for my sweet tooth; though I am trying to reign in my control. My sugar twitching scares people apparently.

I will listen to just about anything, I tend to follow popular trends though (so with my new found worship of Twilight, Paramore (as is norm), Iron and Wine and Muse can be mostly found on my iPod). I am a sucker for the Classic’s too, haunting melodies draw me in and capture my imagination - I impressed myself by knowing Debussy when I watched the film, my mind had until then failed to make the connection, stupid mind.

When it comes to the silver screen and books I tend to lean for the more mythical and magical end of the spectrum. Underworld, Twilight, the Covenant, the Reaping and Blood and Chocolate are all in my top ten. Anne Rice might even make an appearance on my preferred reading list too once I have devoured the entire Stephenie Meyer Saga again. And again.

As a sideline I also take pleasure in sketching, portraits mostly. Email me and I’ll gladly show you.

There are many words people, allies and foes alike, have used to describe me, I shall share but a few of them with you; Spontaneous. Honest. Hyper. Sarcastic. Realist. Hazardous To the general populations Health. Confident. Caring. Creative. Self Revealing. Exuberant. Pessimistically Optimistic. Short Tempered. Fiery. Funny. Reliable.

And my favourite Different.


I also get distracted very easily, thus I shall leave you here. Though if there is anything about myself you find yourself curious too, ask and thee shall discover…


Toodles. X.

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