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Penname: sandyk199 [Contact]
Real name: sandra wright
Status: Member
Member Since: September 02, 2008
Beta-reader: Yes

Hiya, or should that be ... g'day?

I'm 38, and live in Western Australia. I work full time, am putting myself through university part time, paint, and write. Oh, and it goes without saying that I'm a huge fan of Twilight. I've written fanfic before (in my ancient past), but I'm yet to take on the Twilight genre.

That said, I've done a few creative writing courses at uni, and if anyone wants a beta and knows the characters and settings, then pick me!

I've finally registered because I've become SUCH a fan of so many of the stories here, that I'm working my way through my list and making sure that I leave reviews for them all.



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So, you've finished Chapter 3 you say.

*strokes chin thoughtfully*

Interesting.  This is very interesting.

And you mentioned you've done a fair bit of work on chapters 4 and 5.

*nods slowly*

Hmmm.  I'm liking the sound of that.

Posting once a week is ... tolerable, I suppose, although I do have NEEDS of course, but I'm prepared to grant a temporary stay of execution because your stories are very promising.

Still, I cannot guarantee that I will never indulge in fangirl behaviour along the lines of ... oh ... say bursting into tears and promising to become a better person if I can please, please have one more chapter.  Just thinking off the top of my head you understand ...


As for the reviews - you'll be hearing from me every time my dear. You're on my favourites list here (I'm not one for playing hard to get), and I'm a huge believer in feedback. 

Brace for impact is all I'm sayin' ...

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