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Story Notes:

A fanfic about Alice seeing Bella cliff-dive.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Twilight. Everything in that beautiful world belongs to the equally-beautiful Stephenie Meyer.



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Author's Chapter Notes:






Alice looked ahead to her brother's future. Once again, nothing truly important. She saw him sitting in a dark, dusty place of some kind. Voices were in the background, but not in the room.


A flash of him and Bella. A possible yet impossible future, for he changed his mind before Alice could clearly see what was going on. Back to another vision of his tracking.


She worried for her brother. He was only seventeen. He might have existed so much longer, but a part of him would always be young. And to be hurt so badly . . . so young, yet so experienced . . . she didn't believe that he would ever truly get over Bella. No. Never.


Alice sighed, alerting Jasper, who knew that she was hurting – It wasn't a surprise to him – but knew his wife rarely showed it. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.


Tanya walked into the room. She was a caring woman, true, but she had a very selfish mind most of the time. Even in through the pain this family was going through, Tanya had focused on herself. She was hurt when Edward had shown even less interest than usual, not even caring enough to be the gentleman he usually was.


Jasper loved his brother. How could he not? Brotherhood was a strong bond, and Edward was an amazing person. But his sadness was hurting Jasper's love, and Alice was very close to Edward. His pain was hers, as well.


And he had taken away someone whom Alice was close to! That had been a selfish act. A horrible act! He resented his brother for it.


He was brought out of his thoughts by Alice, stiffening in his arms. When he pulled back, he found her eyes far away and her face blank. Slowly, very slowly, he felt dread enter him. Not his own dread, but Alice's. Something was wrong. He easily guessed Edward had done something wrong. Something Alice doesn't agree with.


But then Jasper began to think of different horrible situations; he was filled with his wife's dread and overreacting. Or so he thought.


“No!” Alice yelled. Her tiny body shook with sobs she couldn't control. “No, no, no, Bella!”


Alice replayed the scene in her head.


Bella was standing at the edge of a cliff. This had to be the only vision she had seen her happy in since they had left. A small smile played on the edges of her lips. She went into a diving position, crouched, then threw herself off the edge. The scream that she had yelled was still ringing in Alice's ears.


“I'm going to Forks,” Alice said flatly, holding back sobs.


“What?” asked Jasper.


“Bella is going to commit suicide. She's jumping off a cliff.” There was no emotion in her voice.


“Alice, no. We shouldn't interfere with this. It's not right - “


“No!” she screamed again. “It's not right. He should have stayed. We all should have! And now she's gone. Because of us. I'm going.”


Jasper and Tanya stood frozen in shock. Tanya, in a way, was celebrating. Edward would more likely get over her if there was no way to go back. But, of course, she felt pity. The girl had only been eighteen.


Alice had never yelled at Jasper like that. Alice was soft, Alice was sweet.


Alice didn't care, anymore. Alice got on a plane. Alice headed for Forks, Washington.


Alice wasn't prepared for what she found.



Chapter End Notes:

I got it up! Now it's time for you guys to tell me what you think of it! Review!



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