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Story Notes:

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The following is based on the characters, settings, and events that appear in the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer. All recognizable and/or trademarked elements, including, but not limited to, characters, settings, events, plot points, dialogue, etcetera, are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. The author of this specific group of vignettes (known by the pen name, light4dawn) is in no way associated with Stephenie Meyer, or any other affiliates involved with the Twilight series of books and the stories within. These works are intended for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is knowingly generated as a result of it. Only aspects entirely unique and original to this story are owned by this work's author.


The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 01. Airport

Pen Name: light4dawn

Pairing/Main Character(s): Jacob / Bella

Rating: PG-13

Photo prompts can be viewed here:


Doing My Job

Universe/note: Takes place during New Moon - deviates from canon just prior to start of drabble


I told myself I'd find a way to work out the real life problems later. Right now, I had to save Bella's life.

"Jake? What are you doing here?" Bella asked.

"Saving Charlie the hassle of bringing your body back from Italy," I replied, picking her up.

"Let go!" she screamed.

Security chased us, while the bloodsucker yelled at them. She didn't follow. She still cared about appearances; I didn't. I ran out the door and jumped from Departures Drive down to Arrivals, not caring what it looked like. He would die, but she would live. My job was done.


Prompt: 21. Police Station

Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward / Bella

Rating: PG-13


No Baseball Today

Universe/note: Takes place during Twilight - deviates from canon at the start of drabble


"Something's happened," said Edward. Was it morning already? "Charlie's coming." He disappeared out the window before I could speak.

"Bells? Get up, honey. There's been a murder in town, and you're coming to the station with me."

"But, dad, I was going to-"

"No, you're coming with me! It was right in town! The body was drained, could be a serial killer."

I got up glumly, knowing I had no choice.

"They were nomads," Edward said, as he climbed in the window.


"Yes. You stay with Charlie, and we'll take care of them," he kissed my forehead and left.



Prompt: 18. Meadow

Pairing/Main Character(s): Jacob / Bella

Rating: PG-13


The Meadow

Universe/note: Takes place during New Moon - deviates from canon at start of drabble


It was possible I'd break down and cry, with Jake there; yet, I was trekking through the forest anyway, looking for a place seemingly nonexistent.

"Bells? We're doing this grid—over to the east," Jacob called.

"I think it's this way. Can we try?"

"Sure, sure."

It took a while, but we found it.

There was no Edward, no life, nothing.

"Looks like the flowers are gone until spring," Jake commented.

"They're never coming back," I replied, defeated. "Let's leave, Jake." I was done looking for him. It was better to be without, then to find what we had, dead.



Prompt: 20. Parking Lot

Pairing/Main Character(s): Jacob / Bella

Rating: PG-13



Universe/note: Takes place between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - deviates from canon at the start of drabble


I let the invitation fall, about to run but didn't. Even if she shattered me - again - I had to save her.

She was in the Thriftway parking lot, not at home.

"Jake!" she squealed.

"I got the invita-"

"What?" She looked pissed.

"Don't worry, I know where I stand, but I'm staying until the fat lady sings, and I'm going to be a pain in the ass."

She still smiled.

"Well, can you help me then?"

"Sure, sure."

"My truck's dead."

It was obvious.

"Someone sabotaged it."

She was pissed, and for the second time today, it wasn't with me.






Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed these snippets, and reviews are always appreciated!

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