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By Mr. Mister

He's a lean and hungry hunter, on the street tonight the fire's bright
She's in his sights
She's a lonely little dancer, out to find a daring new romance
The girl takes a chance
They're hunters of the night, find their love where they might
We're all hunters of the night
She can see her lonely stranger, standing in the cold street corner light
There in the night
She can feel his arms surround her, wanting this embrace to never end
Still once again
Ohhh-ohhh, we're all hunters of the night
See the lean and hungry hunter, standing in the cold street corner light
There in the night
She can feel his arms surround her, wanting this embrace to never end
Still once again
We are hunters, we all hunt the night, findin' love wherever they might
We're all hunters, we're hunters of the night
Ohhh-ohhh, we're all hunters of the night
Ohhh-ohhh, we're all hunters of the night
Ohhh, we hunt the night, we hunt the night, we hunt the night... (to fade)




The night was teeming with scents, some good and many very bad. This kind of street party tended to bring out the worst in our kind. They figured that they could do anything they wanted. There would always be someone stupid enough to wander away from the firelight and they could take advantage of the situation.

It was the job of my brothers and I to make sure that didn't happen.

No matter where we lived, we always tried our best to make it a safer place. That way we could stay longer. We'd been called freaks more times than I really wanted to count. Didn't matter that much to us, though. There was something about a home that we needed, more than we needed the others to approve of us. To that end we needed to keep our territory safe.

This street party was to celebrate the end of summer. The town had a wide range of people and the music had to complement them all during their party. I'd already heard a polka, some jazz, Elvis, Randy Travis and All Star Weekend.

As I leaned against a lamp post, my senses on alert, the music changed from a country ballad to a hard rock number. Half the crowd was dancing, liberally greased with the alcohol that was offered from several small kiosks. No one was out of control, but the Sheriff Department was out in force to keep things running smoothly. They'd take care of the human element and we'd take care of the supernatural aspect.

A breeze stirred the trees and blew over the dancing crowd. I stiffened as the scent of vampire blew toward me. Breathing deeply I reassessed my findings, female vampires, at least two, maybe three of them.

Knowing that he'd hear me if I thought his name, I gave a mental call, "Edward, we have intruders in the middle of the crowd. Get Emmett and let's go in."

The three of us had been spread out around the town square keeping an eye on things. Emmett was on the roof of City Hall and I could see him leave his post. He was going to the back of the building where he'd drop down into the dark alley.

The wind shifted again and I lost the scent. I walked around the edges of the crowd, looking for someone lurking. The beat from the music was pounding on me and I watched the bodies twisting in a mass. In the middle of the crowd were three women, their arms up as their hips swiveled. They were gorgeous and I immediately knew they were the vamps I was looking for.

Instead of switching to another type of music, the DJ started another hard rock track over the current one. I guess he was inspired by the sheer amount of bodies on the street dancing. The polka hadn't had this many people dancing.

The music swelled and the three vampires through their heads back as they sang the lyrics with the rest of the dancers. Emmett and Edward melted out of the darkness to stand beside me.

"Who are they?" Emm asked. "Why are they dancing?"

I reached out with my talent and pinpointed the three of them. What I felt nearly knocked me back a step. It was joy, plain and simple. There was no hunger, no need to feed, no dangerous vibe at all. Just delight.

Shaking my head, I fed the feeling to my brothers and they looked at me askance.

"I have no clue who they are, but they sure are happy." Expanding the feelings, I let the joy flow out over the dancers. More voices raised on the chorus of the song and smiles abounded.

As Twist and Shout came to a close the DJ put on a slow song, Unchained Melody, by the Righteous Brothers. The three vampires in the middle of the crowd of humans began making their way to the sidelines. As if we were of one mind, my brothers and I stalked toward them.

One in particular had caught my eye. She was petite, almost childlike in her movements. Her hair was inky and spiked attractively. When she turned the impression of her being a child fell away. Her curves were lush and her red lips looked kissable.

That is until she caught sight of us. Then a hiss escaped her mouth and I felt a spike of anger from her. Her two friends flanked her and their emotions matched hers.

I was shocked when I realized that her eyes were golden…just like ours were. Her surprise when she noticed was nearly palpable.

We all raised our hands in a sign of peace. I quickly glanced at the other two women, one blonde and one brunette. They couldn't keep my attention and I looked back at the small one. They had continued walking slowly toward us.

Interest, lust and curiosity was pouring from them and from my brothers. We'd seen very few vampires with golden eyes in our second lifetime. Our sire and his wife were two. A couple of nomads…and that was it.

They stopped and looked us over. Edward, always the gentleman, nodded and introduced us. We waited for them to respond and I realized that I wasn't the only one who was holding his breath.

"I'm Alice and these are my sisters, Rosalie and Bella." The small one nodded at each of the women in turn. "What are you doing here?"

The music switched from the slow song to a raucous Madonna song and we all drifted farther from the crowd. Before any of us could answer, Edward's head swung to look to the east. A growl left his throat and he hissed, "That nomad, James, is back. He and his coven are trying to herd a couple of college girls to the back of the school."

At his words, anger flared through the women. The blonde, Rosalie, was in the lead and the other two were hot on their heels as they rushed toward the scent I now noticed. It was a good thing that the side of the street we were standing on was in the dark, otherwise the humans would think they'd just disappeared. My brothers and I didn't even need to discuss it; we were behind them in a flash.

Chapter End Notes:

There are four parts to this story...this was Jasper's.

Edward's bit comes next...

Then Emmett's...with an Epilogue to follow.

Thanks for reading!


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