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Story Notes:

Twilighted Validation Beta: Jenny Cullen

Author's Chapter Notes:

It seems that Edward has been harboring a secret fantasy...



"All right, Edward. She's ready for you," Alice's thoughts trilled.

I silently dashed into Alice's bathroom. There sat my beautiful bride-to-be. I couldn't help but stand there and take a moment to appreciate her delicate form. She was covered in a fluffy, white bathrobe, the lines of her graceful neck exposed and elongated as she leaned back over the hairdresser-style sink. Her mahogany hair was fanned out behind her into the basin. I took a deep breath to steady myself as my gaze lifted from her freshly painted toenails up to her soft lips. I smiled at the adorably annoyed pout placed there, no doubt, by Alice's forced pampering. Her eyes were covered with a beauty mask with some kind of greenish gel substance inside of it. I smiled wickedly to myself, knowing her blindness was an essential part of the plan.

"Alice! I still don't understand why I have to go through all this. It's not like we're going to prom again or anything." She huffed. "Right? Alice?... Hello?" Her voice was on the edge of a panic, probably thinking about her fear of dancing, of all things.

"Have fun!" Alice's laughed in my head. I heard her skipping off to go meet Jasper.

Bella started to raise her hand to remove the eye mask. I interrupted my admiring and moved quickly over to the side of her salon chair, turning on the water in the sink.

"Oh, there you are. I thought you'd left. So are you going to tell me what the special occasion is? I've been very patient with this whole 'Guinea Pig Barbie' thing, Alice."

I didn't respond, as I simply ran my fingers lightly through her hair to work out any tangles. Luckily, she allowed herself to be easily distracted and settled deeper into the chair.

"That feels nice. I guess this isn't so bad. Playing with my hair always feels so nice."

I breathed a silent sigh of relief that she was going to go along with this. I knew as soon as she found out it was me, not Alice, she would be embarrassed at the attention and wouldn't let me finish what I had planned.

I had been day dreaming about this for days now, thinking about the feel of her silky hair between my fingers and her intoxicating aroma. Imagining the graceful lines of her neck arched and exposed as she leaned her head back into the basin. Alice had finally gotten so sick of seeing my fantasy play out in her head, and then disappear every time I changed my mind, she convinced me Bella would enjoy it as much as I and had volunteered to help. With our combined preparation, I'd come this far, and I certainly didn't want to be discovered yet.

I tested the temperature of the water to get it just right. Wetting her hair with the warm water, I had to stifle a small groan at the intoxicating perfume of Bella's hair. Her lovely smell intensified a hundred fold with the water. I smiled to myself as I noticed Bella's strawberry shampoo perched on the sink ledge. Thank you, Alice. I squeezed some into the palm of my hand and lathered it into her hair. As gently as I was capable of, I started to massage her scalp with my fingertips. As the strawberry smell combined with her own natural floral-freesia scent, I couldn't help myself, and I leaned in closer to inhale silently. Such torturous delight. Heaven and Hell. I loved every second of it.

Bella shifted her tiny body a little bit as she softly moaned at the touch of my fingers against her scalp. She let out a tiny embarrassed giggle at the sound, and a beautiful flush began to creep up her neck. "Sorry. That feels really good, Alice."

I watched as the blush made its way from the exposed hollow at her throat and up to her cheeks. She bit her lower lip, no doubt to keep her noises in check. It was almost my complete undoing. This was so much better than I had ever imagined in all my day dreaming.

I continued to massage her scalp, and then eventually rinsed out the soap from her hair. I delayed further by applying a conditioning rinse, again running my fingers along her scalp. When I had no more excuse to linger, I guided her back up to a sitting position and wrapped a towel around her wet hair, making sure the mask was still in place over her eyes. Trailing my fingers from her head down to the nape of her neck, I continued my path down the back of her neck, massaging and rubbing gentle circles. I could feel the tension in her muscles relaxing under my fingertips. It was so hard not to follow my fingers' path with kisses along her soft, tender skin, but I refrained. I didn't want her to know it was me yet. I couldn't believe I was getting away with this for so long. Bella seemed none the wiser to our little switch.

My fingers continued onto the tops of her shoulders, pushing the robe just slightly farther open. With the robe out of the way, I enjoyed a little bit more of her beautiful, creamy skin. I couldn't resist it any longer. I began to plant soft, light kisses along the side of her neck and down to her shoulders. She arched her neck into my kisses.

She moaned again. "Alice, that feels so good."

I froze. Did she ...? Did she just moan Alice's name? My state of shock was interrupted by her laughter as she whipped off her beauty mask.

"You should see-" she gasped between chuckles "-the look on your face!"

I growled playfully and kissed her now uncovered eyes, and then her lips, enjoying the sound of her accelerating heartbeat as she continued laughing at me. Apparently, she hadn't been fooled as long as I thought.

"When did you realize it was me?" I accused.

She just looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and smirked. I continued to kiss her senseless. Even if my siblings teased me about being fooled by Bella, which they undoubtedly would, it was worth it. Every glorious second.


Chapter End Notes:

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