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Reviews For Episode
Reviewer: Sare (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2010 03:43 AM · On: Bracket

God pleeeease update the next chapter quickly! lol Great work mate. love it

Reviewer: fightinsurfgrl (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2010 05:36 PM · On: Bracket

Ahhh!! Update soonn please?

Reviewer: snowgood (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2010 02:29 PM · On: Bracket

Thank you!  I loved my cameo in your story!  I think I was cougar number 3!  I can't wait to see if Edward's plan works out.  So far, it hasn't!

Reviewer: Gryphon (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2010 05:44 AM · On: Bracket

I can't tell you how much I want to slap Edward silly or not spilling his guts to Bella....and how I want to slap Bella silly for being so ridiculous about her perception of herself. Frustrating...

I think you need to get Alice up to Vancouver pronto...otherwise this story will never advance! :-)

Nice work, I hope you don't keep us waiting too much longer before you finally get the two of them straightened out.

Reviewer: ButAWhimper (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 10:40 PM · On: Bracket


Update asap!!! Im passing out from suspense.

Reviewer: HockeyChick (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 09:34 PM · On: Bracket

MAN UP Edward!

Reviewer: Nicka (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 09:02 PM · On: Bracket

Lets just hope nothing goes wrong this time, looking forward to more.

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 05:10 PM · On: Bracket

really loved this chapter

Reviewer: Striking Green Eyes (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 12:24 PM · On: Bracket

Love the quick update and am anxiously waiting some sort of citrus between these two.  :)  I loved the club with him playing, I wish I could find a place like that around here to just go to listedn to GOOD music.  LOL. 

Loving the story, keep it coming!  :)

Reviewer: sevanderslice (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 11:02 AM · On: Bracket

Ugh. I just found this story and was getting all into it and then, there's no more. *sob!*

I really like this.  I wait eagerly for more.

Reviewer: Mav (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 10:53 AM · On: Bracket

I just love this story - I started from the beginning again, just because I enjoy it so much!  Excellent work!

Reviewer: terrabella (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 10:51 AM · On: Bracket

Great chapter, love the angst in this story! Def one of my favorites I drop everything when you update! So looking forward to the next chapter, update like tomorrow??? Sweet!

Reviewer: deleepowman (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 08:58 AM · On: Bracket

cougarblocking at it's worst.  I am hoping things go more smoothly in the next chapter and they share their feelings

Reviewer: oplok71 (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 08:25 AM · On: Bracket

yeah...those darn cougars!!! LOL!!  looking forward to the next chapter.




Reviewer: lfcpam (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 08:16 AM · On: Bracket

awww cant wait for the next update and see what happens


Reviewer: samekraemer (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 06:49 AM · On: Bracket

It will be better that they are alone in his room...IF they get to his room.  I understand the slow sizzle, but it's kinda driving me crazy.

Reviewer: TrueLovEph28 (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 06:04 AM · On: Bracket

I can't wait until that night either! I really hope everything goes well....they deserve some fun with each other! Heehee....

Great job! I can't wait for more!!!


Reviewer: maizeandblueinvalpo (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 05:24 AM · On: Bracket

Just when I thought it was finally going to happen you do it again.  I do agree declarations should be made in a more private setting.

Reviewer: AussieECfan (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2010 05:12 AM · On: Bracket

Goddamn stupid cock-blocking (ok love-declaration-blocking) cougars! Boo HISS! *LMAO*

Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to necessarily run as smoothly as Edward would like...I just desperately don't want to hear about either of them going away for a few days without the other knowing how they feel :(

Oh Bella....Edward's trying to protect you from the she-wolves by not telling the truth as to what you mean to him and you think it's because he doesn't see you as anything special?!

Reviewer: HockeyChick (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 11:12 PM · On: Semibreve

Loved Alice and Edward's conversation!

Reviewer: LC Cann (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 07:29 PM · On: Semibreve

So exciting!  I can't wait to for these two lovebirds to get it together!

Reviewer: megsten (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 06:27 PM · On: Semibreve

I love love love this story. I am actually liking the slow burn on this one. Good job!

Reviewer: snowgood (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 05:57 PM · On: Semibreve

Well, they are both in love with each other, and now Edward has to get the chance and the courage to show Bella what he is feeling!  I hope he doesn't fail at it!

Reviewer: arocora1 (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 04:26 PM · On: Semibreve

hmm bella going to a cabin, edward flying out to la, what are you doing to me.

Reviewer: cullenscougar (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2010 02:29 PM · On: Breve

I'd have Bacardi rum & coke or pear cider if I was in a bar with Edeward Cullen. But that will never happen. Never mind. Nice thought though. I just love how this story is progressing.

Are we going to see the typed lyrics soon??

On to the next chapter. hugs Clare x

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