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Reviews For Episode
Reviewer: stmur (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2011 05:34 AM · On: Caret

I'm really trying here but this is getting ridiculous.  At any point, even with Emmett present, he could have just said: I'm not dating Rosalie.  Especially after the swimming debacle. 

I know she has zero self-esteem.  I know she wouldn't believe him.  But at least he would say the words.  Get them out into the ether.  I don't expect them to fall into bed together and everything is perfect.  That's not plausible.  In fact, that would be even more ridiculous than this avoidance of communication.

So, now she's going to see the pics of Edward and Rose and it will just confirm her belief that they're dating.  She will aviod him once she gets back to the cabin and (if she stays true to form) sneak out in the middle of the night.  Alice will finally get fed up and go to Vancouver, meet Bella, tell Bella what is really happening and Bella will run to Edward crying her shame over not EVER listening to him.  That is, IF Alice gets to Vancouver before Bella leaves the hotel for good.  If she doesn't make it to the hotel before Bella runs (again), Edward will not see Bella again until he's filming in Austrialia.  By that time, Bella and Riley will be back together.

I have never left a review like this before because I think it's rude and if I don't like a story, I stop reading.  Your story has so much promise that I don't want to stop.  But I may have to because I can't stand it.  Ten chapters of this, I counted...If you update weekly, that makes almost 3 months of this so far.  With 3 more chapters to go that makes almost 4 months before this is resolved.  I've only found your story about three weeks ago and I loved it but now I think I'm done.

I'm sorry.

Author's Response:

You feel frustrated, anxious and desperate?  Well, at least my writing is communicating what I want it to. I want you to get riled up, I want you to experience the emotional roller-coaster with them. Have I achieved that? It would be a shame if you flounced now, considering what is coming up...but if you haven't connected with the characters enough to make you want to read through it and experience it with them, then I completely understand, no hard feelings and thanks so much for reading this far. 

I enjoyed reading your theory on where I would take my story... would you be relieved if I told you were completely off the mark? Can I encourage you to take a look at the Chapter 26 teaser on my blog and then decide whether or not you're 'done' with Episode?

These characters will not resolve their relationship in a couple of if my ten chapter angst didn't prepare you enough, then maybe you would be (metaphorically speaking) happier on the ferris-wheel, rather than the roller-coaster?  I'm glad you told me how you feel. If I do not hear from you again...I'll assume you've stopped reading :)


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: bookfreak (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2011 03:57 AM · On: Caret


Author's Response:

Thanks for yelling!!!!!


Chapter 26 tease is on my blog :)

Luv BBxx

Reviewer: twimomof4girls (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2011 02:18 AM · On: Caret

great update.  And thanks for the eye candy up top.  Yum.

Author's Response:

Thank you :) You're welcome. Can I entice you to watch a tease for Chapter 26 on my blog?

Thanks for reading, Luv BBxx

Reviewer: HockeyChick (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 11:04 PM · On: Caret

So not cool. They both need their heads clunked together. Too dense for their own good lol

Author's Response:

Yes! You're the third person that told me they need their heads bashed together! lol I agree :)

There is a teaser to chapter 26 on my blog *giggles*


Thanks for continuing to read,


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 10:26 PM · On: Caret

Good Chapter.....

Author's Response:

Thank you!


Chapter teaser is on my blog. I hope you enjoy :)


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: Jalice (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 10:23 PM · On: Caret

God, I hate Bella.  Not just your Bella, but almost every Bella that has ever been written.  At a certain point, I can't imagine anyone thinking this chick is worth it.

Author's Response:

I know, she can be extremely flawed...that's what I like about Stephenie Meyer's Bella. She was flawed, and yet, she was perfect for Edward... There is a teaser to Chapter 26 on my blog


Enjoy :)


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 10:07 PM · On: Caret

oh goshie. she's driving me crazy! give the poor boy a chance to talk :(

Author's Response:

Hello sweets! I know, she won't let him talk, but what if he sang to her. Do you think she would listen then? Chapter 26 teaser is on my blog... it is the song he will sing to her

Enjoy and I'll post asap.

Luv BBxx

Reviewer: jkmac3 (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 08:37 PM · On: Caret

I really like your story but to drag this out for 25 chapters is a bit ridiculous. Bella is acting like a child and it is annoying. Who does that? Why hasn't Edward just blurted out that he and Rosalie aren't together? I'm pretty sure that would make Bella at least hesitate before she RAN AWAY! AGAIN! Where are my emoticons? I would so be giving you an angry/frustrated face right now! LOL!

Author's Response:

Yay, I'll take those emoticaon angry faces and reward you for sticking with it, with a teaser to chapter 26:



I hope you enjoy it! Luv BBxx



Reviewer: tennisgirl (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 08:13 PM · On: Caret

i love your story. i hate this chapter. i skipped over most of it because its unbearable. emmet needs to go away, bella needs to stop running away, and i actually have no problem with edward. which is weird because he's usually the one pussy-footing around a subject. can they just spit it out already, i'm getting kind of tired of this.

Author's Response:

OMG really, you skipped the sunscreen rubbing? Her description of her dream? OK, well, yeah, it's frustrating...and that's what I want you to feel... 


Can I redeem myself and point you to a teaser for the next chapter:

I hope you stick with it, but it's not going to be all smooth sailing with these two...and a lot will happen that may make you want to shake with rage... if you do not want to live the emotions with the characters, then I understand if you give it the flick. No hard feelings :)


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: bloody vegetarian (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 08:06 PM · On: Treble Clef

I'm not a violent person, but this makes me want to hit something.  It seems like we've waited FOREVER for them to connect.  The constant misses are driving me mad.  I love the storyline and the writing, but I'm starting to lose intrest.  The frustration has started to eat away at was was previously anticipation. 

Author's Response:

Violence from anger, frustration, YES, that is exactly what I wanted you to feel... I'm glad it's bringing out this emotional reaction in you!  You're right, this miscommunication is beyond frustrating. May I appease with a little teaser to Chapter 26? I hope you don't expect hearts and flowers in one or two chapters?? BUT, as she won't listen to his words, maybe she'll listen to his vpice as he sings?


I hope you keep reading :)


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: Tarbecca (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 06:48 PM · On: Caret

I like this story a lot, but seriously...this is just getting old.

Author's Response:

Sorry...I hope you stick with it... maybe you should take a look at the teaser for Chapter 26 -


If I don't hear from you when the next chapter posts, I'll assume you've flounced... no hard feelings :)



Reviewer: Msarkie (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 06:33 PM · On: Caret

Okay, I'm about ready to bitch-slap all three of these guys, I'm so frustrated!

Author's Response:

:) I'm glad you feel that way... May I appease you with a sneak-peak teaser to Chapter 26? It's the song Edward sings to Bella - after all, she's not giving him a chance to speak:


Thanks for reading,


Luv BB

Reviewer: katiecave (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 06:15 PM · On: Caret

okay i didn't yell at you last chapter but i am yelling at you now!!!!! DAMN IT! Seriously cut the boy a freaking break! Please tell me that he's going to at least get the chance to speak to her next chapter if not i might combust! I love angst but there's really only so much more that i can take!

Author's Response:

YAY! Thank you for yelling. They are frustrating aren't they?


Next chapter.... yes, OK, tease is here, she wont listen to words, maybe she will listen to music -


Thanks for reading,


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: Avaanne (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 06:14 PM · On: Caret

She's really good at dodging Edward.  I wouldn't want you to make it too easy.

Author's Response:

She can't avoud him forever, and no, it's not going to be easy... there is a music tease for the next chapter on my blog if you want to see... maybe his words won't get through, but his singing to her might?


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: sparklymagpie (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2011 08:07 PM · On: Barline

I'm only halfway through reading this story and I love it.Love the way you write and the Australian bits. Someday if I can afford it I would like to go and see it for myself.



Author's Response:

Thanks Kat,


I assume you are Aussie too, with the excellent penname?? I hope you keep going with it... Luv BBxx

Reviewer: nacha_e (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2011 05:11 AM · On: Em Dash

I read all your story in 1 day at work hahaha is so addicted, well written and i love the plot.

I can't believe you stopped now!! i hope you update soon because i'm dying here and i need to read something while i'm in the office doing nothing hhaah


Author's Response:

Ha ha. I though I was the only one that read (and wrote) fanfiction all day without actually working! High-Five to that! I've submitted next chapter to my validation any time now :)


Thanks for reading!


Luv BBxx

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 02:16 AM · On: Em Dash

Shit... I'm all caught up now and completely addicted. I can NOT waiiiit for another post. This story blows me away :)

Author's Response:



I'm so glad you have read and reviewed. It made me all squeely to read as you were...the next chapter is waiting to be validated, so hopefully very soon XX Thanks again for reading...

Luv BBxx

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 01:58 AM · On: Underscore

FINALLY!!.... Geez, don't let Edward fuck it up!!

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 01:46 AM · On: Asterisk


Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 01:28 AM · On: Apostrophe

First writer, then lyricist, next budding actress??

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2011 01:10 AM · On: Tilde

Wow, that was a large print author"s note! I hope they talk on the phone soon - I can't stand another chapter where they're separated!

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 07:54 PM · On: Hyphen

I love the diary trip down memory lane... any girl could relate!

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 05:28 PM · On: Rest

I soooo wished that Edward had bailed on the junket and just gone to Forks!!

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 10:02 AM · On: Hemidemisemiquaver

This chapter made me feel not good inside... like Vegemite.

Reviewer: bellybean (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2011 07:34 AM · On: Demisemiquaver


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