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Reviews For Loner
Reviewer: hitchy (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 06:14 PM · On: Chapter 54

Aww!  They're adorable. I hope he doesn't have a nightmare and freak her out!  I also hope some "accidental" touching happens while they're unvder the covers...  Maybe it would help Edward get over some of his fears.

Reviewer: twilightfanatic (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 06:13 PM · On: Chapter 54

OMG, this was the most adorable chapter yet! I hope the next chapter comes soon!

Reviewer: Gillian Aubrey (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 06:06 PM · On: Chapter 54

That was such a excellent chapter, it was so sweet seeing Edward open up with Bella about his feelings. Love the story as always! =)

Reviewer: lobsters4ever (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 06:04 PM · On: Chapter 54

Edward is communicating so much better with everyone.  I loved his convo with Emmett.  That was great.

Such sweet loving moments with Bella and Edward always make me smile.

Reviewer: AlexaET (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:55 PM · On: Chapter 54

Oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........................

I'm like literally mealting on my chair! This was the cutest, sweetest, chapter.....sigh!

I just love it!

And I'm so glad that Edward is finally 'trying' with Emmett!


Reviewer: FanNan46 (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:54 PM · On: Chapter 54

Another baby step, another big step!!  Go Edward!!  I noticed he didn't say it again though...  Glad he got a decent interaction with Emmett too.

Thanks for the frequent updates - I hate waiting for another bit of this awesome story! :) 

Reviewer: Little-lamb (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:41 PM · On: Chapter 54

Loved the update, as per usual. ''D I do miss snarky Edward though.

Reviewer: GoSpikey (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:37 PM · On: Chapter 54

Hey hun!

We just sat like that - holding each other - for almost half an hour, until I noticed how she tried to stifle a yawn.

Oh noes, the ice cream is melting! *sniff* At least I think so...

“Hi.” I swallowed, my eyes running over her as I was taking in her appearance. She was barefoot, wearing dark blue cotton pajama pants and a white tank top - simple, yet absolutely stunning. My mouth suddenly felt dry. As she shyly looked down at her feet, I realized she must have caught me staring, and gulped. “So, um, do you...?” My voice trailed off as she wordlessly moved into the room.

Swallowing, wandering eyes, thinking she looks 'stunning', dry mouth, staring, and is that gulping him as well? Eddie... progress, my man. Even if you don't get it. And that 'in a few years I'll show you my scars'? Not gonna make it. In the good way. :-D

She smiled and curled up on her side, and her arm went around my waist. “Let’s just try to get some sleep now, okay baby?”

Her head seemed to fit so perfectly in the crook of my neck. I couldn’t help but smile as well.

FINALLY they are in bed together! Well, you know what I mean... I think I went on vac over a month ago, and it was announced back then, the sleepover, and finally they're there! At the sleeping part...

“I know,” she breathed, and I could tell she was about to fall asleep. “Night, baby.”

I carefully slid my arms around her and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to claim me.

Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww. She'll sleep like a log (is it said like that?) and maybe he'll stare at her about all night long, with a smile on his face, and when morning comes, he'll reawaken, with a little present in his pants. There. I typed it up. If we're not going to know now, I don't know when.

Come on, Eddie, or is that 'Little Eddie', don't disappoint me now!


Reviewer: cyndilu32 (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:35 PM · On: Chapter 54

awww what a cute chapter....enjoying reading this story

Reviewer: edwardishandsomelvr (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:33 PM · On: Chapter 54

oooooh cute (not the scars but you now,the love)

Reviewer: sherylb (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 05:25 PM · On: Chapter 54

This is HUGE!!!!! SO great!

Reviewer: LetRobstenLuv4ever (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 04:50 PM · On: Chapter 54

wow they are going so slow.  I wonder if they will ever get there. Will they ever have a physical relationship?  I know he is trying and he has come a long way but gosh its so slow.

Reviewer: LetRobstenLuv4ever (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 04:33 PM · On: Chapter 53

Wow what a break through. At least they said I love you. At least she told him that James was sick and maybe he will start to believe it.

Reviewer: spunkaroo (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 04:21 PM · On: Chapter 54

Edward is making so much's nice to see that even he is surprising himself with his new feelings and reactions.  Hope Bella's departure doesn't cause a setback for him. Loved that Emmett made the effort with Edward, showing him he is loved and cared for.  Look forward to the rest of your story.

Reviewer: joli (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 04:04 PM · On: Chapter 54

ahhh whenare we gonna see some action. 

Reviewer: Longing for Edward (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:59 PM · On: Chapter 54

He is making such progress - I just hope the time away from Bella and the meeting with Victoria don't set him back too far.

Again another beautiful chapter!

Reviewer: LetRobstenLuv4ever (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:58 PM · On: Chapter 51

Well at least Edward knows what Emmett did for him. But it doesn't look like Emmett is happy about it. But still Edward needed to know that Emmett really loves him.  I want to know when Edwards hormones are going to kick in????

Reviewer: therunaway (Anonymous) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:53 PM · On: Chapter 54

You ALWAYS give me goosebumps with each chapter, and I'm ALWAYS impressed, Nilla. You are developing the story nicely, not too slow, not too fast. Just pefect.

You. Are. Amazing. You always leave me wanting more.

Reviewer: bettin_on_alice (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:45 PM · On: Chapter 54

can't wait for the next!

Reviewer: beesha42 (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:44 PM · On: Chapter 54

omg, i loved that chapter!  finally some good progress for these two.  love this story!!

Reviewer: nanuvamp (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:44 PM · On: Chapter 54

aww sooo cute and sweet i love this

Reviewer: TammyDevil666 (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:43 PM · On: Chapter 54

Aww, cuteness and more progress, with Emmett as well.  Great chapter=)

Reviewer: Sheeijan (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:29 PM · On: Chapter 54

I'm glad that Emmett is more understanding of what is going on with Edward.  He's seeing things more clearly, or maybe he's simply less frustrated now.  I don't know.  At any rate, they've gotten over the hurdle of where Bella's going to sleep.  I think Edward may want to rethink the whole sex thing though.  He didn't think he could love Bella and look at what he said today.  Never say never.  *grin* 

Thanks for the update!

Reviewer: smartasssbich (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:27 PM · On: Chapter 54

Such a sweet chapter. I'm just getting worried about what's going to happen when Bella goes on her trip. Can't wait for usual!

Reviewer: HopeStreet (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 03:24 PM · On: Chapter 54

Wow, scars - ones that can be seen and others not quite visible.  Thank you for another great update!

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