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Reviews For Caravaggio
Reviewer: dcook78 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 06:33 PM · On: Moving On

Thank you for posting again.  Still an avid reader.  Looking forward to more.



Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 06:24 PM · On: Moving On

I'm glad that Bella listened to what Edward had to say. I wonder what will happen with these two now...

I don't have a good feeling the Duke guy. Especially since Edward told her he's obsessed with her.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update soon?

Reviewer: Addicted73 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 05:34 PM · On: Subject Matter

Just started this story today, couldn't stop reading.  Hope you update soon.

Reviewer: wendy sue (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 05:20 PM · On: Moving On

Just started reading this story... can't wait for the updates:)

Reviewer: xtwilight3 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 05:11 PM · On: Moving On

great chapter! update soon!

Reviewer: biddyswife (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 04:10 PM · On: Moving On

Wow. That was certainly worth the long wait. I'd almost given up hope, not meaning to be rude, that the story would be finished.. I'm glad you did post though. It was worth it. 

Well, it's no surprise that the parents are splitting up is it? They were both trying too hard, and Renee's little league evenings were a bit too frequent.

I thought that Edward gave Bella "the picture" spoke volumes. OMG he wants her forgiveness? Well I think she will in the end. It may take a while though.

Felix & Bella? No way. Won't last.

I loved how Edward finally admits to himself and Bella that she's the one. So sad that he thinks he's not good enough. That bloody b***ch Heidi really did a number on him didn't she? She seriously needs a good slap. But Edward was also stupid to think she'd let him go without causing more grief. He made a stupid mistake, we all make them, maybe not as stupid as that but we are all human. I really hope Bella will let him make amends.

And as to the Duke, eeuuww creepy. Something definitely dodgy about him.

Looking forward to the next installment. Please post a bit sooner than last time, I don't think I can cope!! Love this story, it really captivated me. hugs Clare x

Reviewer: kday (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 04:02 PM · On: Moving On

I hope u don't wait long for the next chapter to come's too good of a story to wait for.

Reviewer: crf720 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 03:41 PM · On: Moving On

oh no!  so torn because they are supposed to end up together but i don't know if i could forgive him either!  what is gonna happen?!  update soon please!

Reviewer: newborntwifan (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 02:59 PM · On: Moving On

Thanks for a great chapter. I love this type of Edward - all angsty & uncertain. But naturally I hope for a HEA. Interesting about this Duke guy...I'm anxious to read about this little twist.

Reviewer: readergoof (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 01:38 PM · On: Moving On

dun dun dun

Reviewer: diamondtopaz (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 01:29 PM · On: Moving On

Great work!

Please update soon!

Reviewer: Sammy_Jay114 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 11:37 AM · On: Moving On

Wow it was SO GOOD. But i want to know wot took u so long cause i did think to stop looking but i stayed with u. Also i want to know when/if Bella & Edward get back together and it should be soon cause i don't like it when they fight & that. its sad :(. Any way i thought this chapter was 1 of the bests but need more lemon fun soon. 

BYE PEP:)xox 

Sammy Jay 

Reviewer: Morbidmuch (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 11:22 AM · On: Moving On

I've been waiting for an update forever it seems, and this chapter didn't disappoint in the least. Great chapter, and I hope you'll update soon.

Reviewer: Chiquitaf16 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 11:04 AM · On: Moving On

Hmmm, I am interested to know about this obsession, thanks for another chapter. 

Reviewer: PoisonousGarden (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 11:04 AM · On: Moving On

Well, great...another thing for Bella to worry about :S

Reviewer: shichi (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 11:04 AM · On: Moving On

I was hoping Edward could give Bella something to help her come around, but I realize that is going to take time. The Duke is going to be a force to be reckoned with, I fear. His obcession with Bella will be interesting to watch unfold. Can't wait to read all about it.

Reviewer: Vampiriccountess666 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 10:27 AM · On: Experimentation

i love this story :D

Reviewer: loveofhenry (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 09:30 AM · On: Moving On

so in the end edward protected bella from the duke----

Reviewer: LupeGold (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 08:59 AM · On: Moving On

I'm still reading!!! :) I love this fic, I really do.... and I sincerely hope for another update soon! Occassionally I feel like Bella's just so mature for her age, and then you drop a line like this: "as a family, we seemed pretty keen on keeping dating on the down low, so I just went with the flow." and I'm thrown back to 18 again... I was exactly the mature girl, feeling like a grown up in a teenagers body, but I still had the teenage attitude inside my own head ;) In fact I think that's something I never really shook off, ha. Anyways, loving it, keep up the great work and I can't wait to see how Edward's gonna crawl his way out of this hole he's dug himself.... Lupe xxx

Reviewer: fairyfey86 (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 08:25 AM · On: Moving On

Great chapter! Thank you SO much for making your Bella have more dignity than most stories peg her with. I like the fact that she doesn't open her arms (and legs) to Edward as soon as he said "I'm sorry". Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope it comes out soon. Summer session begins 2morrow, and God knows I'm gonna need a healthy dose of  my favorite Fanfic's to keep my sanity in check.

Reviewer: jujubakiller (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 08:15 AM · On: Moving On

This part off the story is making me really sad...but I get it, and it still is a wonderful story.

Now I'm worried over Duke's obsession with Bella...I wonder if he will do something about it...

Reviewer: mscope (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 08:12 AM · On: Moving On

And just when you think the plot can't get any thicker.....

The whole Charlie/Renee thing has really moved forward.  I can certainly understand why they would want to hide the open marriage from their daughter.  Very interesting twist.

Alice will never give up on these two will she. 

Bella went on a date?!!  I do not know why this surprises me considering the name of the title and all.  Maybe because she ran into Edward.  I am glad they had a chance to talk.  You certainly hit a key point when you said it is easier to forgive than to forget.  When you think about it how does Bella forget what she walked in on?

Well enough of those two for that my focus has been moved to "the duke".  Just what is in store for Bella now?


Reviewer: DirtyAim (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 08:04 AM · On: Moving On

Aro obsession, eeewww.

Lemme just say that I LOVE the fact that your Bella doesnt give in and just get back with Eddie! Its alot more realistic and it feels like he's actually forced to reap the consequences instead of just having to see her cry a little before being taken back.

of course im still reading, so looking forward to the next update!

Reviewer: SugarBluesSmoken (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 07:48 AM · On: Moving On

that's a little creepy...

Reviewer: JRbtsn (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2010 07:47 AM · On: Moving On

This is so awesome!!

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