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Reviews For Mimiteh
Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2010 12:13 PM · On: The Third Wife

Victoria killed Nina's son!

Author's Response:

Great theory! We shall see if you're right, peregrin. :)

Reviewer: IssaBissa (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2010 08:39 AM · On: The Third Wife

Ooohhh What a chapter! I loved it! Keep up thwe great work! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you, IssaBissa! I appreciate the encouragement. I hope to write the next chapter this weekend. Jen xx

Reviewer: LetMISAlive (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2010 06:11 AM · On: The Third Wife

Wow, wow, wow!  This story has entered a mind-blowing climax!  I did NOT expect the Cullens to arrive --  loved it!  I'm intrigued by the Nina storyline and impressed by her bravery in this chapter.  Bella acted exactly in character -- as did they all!  I've always known, and I still believe, that this is one exceptional Twific!  :) 

Author's Response:

A mind-blowing climax? Yeah!

I've been missing the Cullens, and I loved the idea of Carlisle flying in a plane (probably his own).

Nina is one brave woman. When you've been through hell, it frees you to take risks, I guess. Bella, on the other hand, is simply drawn to danger! Thanks so much Nixy.

Reviewer: AnnaWinters (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 11:19 PM · On: The Third Wife

It wasn't to confusing it was good.

Please update soon 

I love this story.


Author's Response:

Phew, I'm glad the character bonanza wasn't too confusing. It's all SM's fault, making the Cullen family and the pack so big! ;) Thanks for your encouragement, Jen

Reviewer: sistergrimm (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 08:26 PM · On: The Third Wife

Oh fuck! The shits really hit the fan now!

i did NOT see that coming, you rule!

Author's Response:

Yes! I rule! *punches arm in air like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty*

Hee hee. Thanks for your review!

Reviewer: Arabella_ (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 06:50 PM · On: The Third Wife

Yay for an update! I'm glad my strange mind could be of some use ;)

Author's Response:

Your idea was perfect! Thank you. Jen xx

Reviewer: edwards_girl_4_ever (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 06:50 PM · On: The Third Wife

oooooh great ch!

Author's Response:

Thanks, hon! :)

Reviewer: readlots (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 06:12 PM · On: The Third Wife

Very pleased to see you updating again :-) Looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response:

Thank you, readlots. If I'll goes well I'll try to write the next chapter this weekend (never know what's going to happen with the old muse). :)

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 05:20 PM · On: The Third Wife

Favorite part: Alice and Jasper's swan dive off the cliff!

Quite the whirlwind chapter. I'm eager to see what Victoria's connection is with Nina ...

Author's Response:

Hee hee, glad you liked A & J going in for a drink. I can only imagine their gracefulness. Perfect tens for sure!

Thanks, meow!

Reviewer: Bart (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 05:02 PM · On: The Third Wife

Voctoria in Nina's past? Not a clue!

Author's Response:

We shall see what my devious little mind cooks up about their past relationship. Thanks, Bart!

Reviewer: FanNan46 (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2010 04:24 PM · On: The Third Wife

Is Nina going to shift?   Exciting chapter!!! :)

Author's Response:

Interesting idea, Nancy! Stay tuned. Thanks, Jen

Reviewer: j_kard (Signed) · Date: October 18, 2010 08:15 AM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

o_0 I think I just unhinged my jaw...
wow....what an intense chapter....awesome stuff mate....thanx for the update.Keep it coming.... :DDD

Author's Response: Hi Jan! (My mom's name is Jan). Glad you enjoyed cliffhanger number 594. ;) I hope to write another chapter this coming weekend. Thanks for the feedback! Jen

Reviewer: skr4romance2 (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2010 03:08 PM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

I miss this story...I miss you Mimiteh...I hope you get updated soon...*sigh*

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you for stopping by and leaving a note. Unfortunately I was out of town most of the weekend so I didn't get my writer mojo going (plus I'm editing a novel), but I don't have any travel planned until Thanksgiving so I hope to be able to update more regularly, especially after leaving such a horrible cliffhanger! Jen xx

Reviewer: cilou6 (Signed) · Date: October 11, 2010 02:37 AM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

8-O !!!!!


THAT is something I did NOT anticipate!

I pass on the scene at the Blacks (very clever to mix it with Harry Clearwater heart problem! Very nice description of Charlie's inner struggle) to jump to the cliff scene (Cilou's unique atempt at cliffjumping : vertigo + fear of dark water = NOWAY for me to perform a cliffjump if nobody is aimung a gun at me!) :

Nina finding out about both Edward's nature and the shapeshifters reallity, making the legend come true, will she understand what happenned to her son?

I know you, and I KNOW the wolves aren't going to rip Ed apart.
How it will be avoided is what I WANT to know NOW!

Please update soon!

Thank you Jen!

Author's Response:

Bonjour cilou! You didn't anticipate Edward revealing himself to Nina? The wolves being revealed the Bella? Edward surrendering himself? All of the above? I like to keep you on your toes, miss dancer.

Ain't no way I'd be jumping off cliffs either, girlfriend.

I do have plans for Nina learning about the wolves, yes.

Thanks for your review! I'm going out of town this weekend so it would be a miracle if I have time to update this one, but you never know. Jen xx

Reviewer: edwards_girl_4_ever (Signed) · Date: October 08, 2010 10:52 AM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two


Please update soon, that was almost too much, but it was BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Nice primal scream there, Edward's girl. Heh. Thanks for the encouragement! Jen xx

Reviewer: His Gem (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 07:15 PM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

EEP!!! I hope this doesn't end badly! I love it!

Author's Response:

I do believe in happy endings, Meg! Thanks for your comment. Jen xx

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 06:01 PM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

This is getting dangerous!! If the pack tears Edward apart, what do they think that Bella will do? 

Part I loved best: when Nina said to Edward, "You're a cold one." And he answered, "I am."  Very cool!

Author's Response:

The jig is up--Edward's secret is out to Nina. I have some ideas for how she might handle that information.

The pack needs to come to its senses about the consequences of killing Edward. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

Thank you so much for catching up with this story, meow! Good kitty! :D

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:48 PM · On: Suicide Romance

What I like best about this chapter is that Bella realized that her feeling about killing herself was completely different from her feeling as she prepared to meet her death in the ballet studio. Our feelings, if we can just feel them, are the most honest counselors we have.

Lovely chapter!

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:40 PM · On: Shape-Shifters

Wow! This was gripping!! I really feel for Charlie. A phone message like that is a parent's worst nightmare. Hope someone gets to her in time!

Author's Response:

The relationship between Charlie and Bella is so sweet; obviously he would be devastated if something happened to her.

I'm very happy that you found it gripping!

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:00 PM · On: The Meadow Redux

Wow, that was a close one! I think things are going to get pretty sticky with Jacob knowing that Edward is in Forks ... Ah, the course of true love never did run smooth!

Author's Response:

Sticky? Maybe even suicidal? Eek!

Teenage love, centurion love . . . it's all drama. ;)

Thanks for catching up, meowkins! *purrs*

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 04:48 PM · On: Half of My (Dead) Heart

Nina gives Edward really good advice. I hope he takes it to heart!


Author's Response:

Thanks! I hope his dead heart takes in the advice too. :)

Reviewer: miaokuancha (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 04:27 PM · On: Wuthering Lows

I think you are writing the psychologist's nightmare, here. EVERYBODY has secrets, and NOBODY is telling. Gah!

Author's Response:

Yes, Nina will obviously not be very effective if she doesn't have the facts. But secrets do have a way of coming out, my dear! Thanks meow, Jen

Reviewer: EliseShaw (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 04:06 PM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two

Ack, what a cliffhanger! This was such a wonderful chapter, however :-), and I loved the revelation to Nina that Edward was a vampire as well as the joy of seeing him and Bella back together again, even if it was in the course of facing wolves!

Author's Response:

I've been kind of mean with the cliffhangers lately ;) but I blame the cliff setting, hee hee. It's good that the cat's outta the bag about Edward's nutritional preferences. I liked writing Edward and Bella back together and I want to write more of that, trust me! Thanks, Elise.

Reviewer: LetMISAlive (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:26 AM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two


I LOVE this story!

More more MORE!!!

(I can appreciate how long it must take to write, though!)

Author's Response:

Thank you, cheerleader Nix! I think I'm going to write a chapter in Twin Sacrifices before I update this one, but I hope to get back to Mimiteh soon.

Reviewer: Gwilwillith (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 02:20 AM · On: Suicide Romance, Part Two


Author's Response:


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