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Reviewer: CHACHITA (Signed) · Date: August 17, 2010 01:48 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

love the story cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response:

Hi Chachita, thanks so much! Ch. 33 is ready and awaiting validation. Please keep reading and reviewing. Hugs.

Reviewer: RobsYorkshireGirl (Signed) · Date: August 14, 2010 08:41 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Ooooo!! Sexy times by the fire! *fans self ...... again*

Another fabulous chapter sweetie!

Author's Response:

Hi bb, so happy you're back and enjoyed the chappy. You know your help is invaluable to me and I appreciate it so much. Luv you lots. Ch. 33 coming right up. Muaa.

Reviewer: Binky1 (Signed) · Date: August 10, 2010 12:38 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

As always Scilla, loved it!!  And the sex was fuckhawt as per usual....Does MrScilla lick...i mean like french vanilla ice cream too??  *gigglesnort*.....can't wait for the Skype chapter...HUGS

Author's Response:

Binky!!! So happy you're back. As for Elvis, he loooves vanilla ice cream, but he hasn't tried it with peach pie yet. Why didn't I think of that,lol. Must try soon. Thanks for reviewing, bb. Muaa.

Reviewer: AllyVera (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 09:57 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

elvis4scilla, what a great story!  I can't wait for the next chapter - I think I must have read all the chapters in one go, my eyes are hurting..  LOL.

You are a very talented writer, I hope you are thinking of publishing something one day. 

Thank you again for the great read!!  Take care - AV

Author's Response:

AllyVera, wow, you flatter me with your kind words. Thanks so much! I just submitted ch.33 to my beta, hope it posts soon. Please keep reading and reviewing! Hugs.

Reviewer: TwilightCougar1 (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 09:48 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

oh my darling Marissa...yep will ALWAYS be Marissa to me...if ROB could meet you...he would fall for you just like he did for her...I cannot tell you how hawt sweet and amazign this chapter was...I just flew home from Texas today...from seeing DD graduate...cried all the way home on the ariplane...maybe we can talk on the phone about why...but I knew I needed to read this chapter...couldn't wait...but I didn't want to do it there...where I couldn't immerse myself...

YOU HAVE GOTTEN better and better and better...hotter and hotter...I went home with Rob when he was stalked, I went down on him when she was doing her thing, I made a pie with her, I could see the ring...I could be that cougar scilla...I was has been amazing to go all the way from Italy to here...

And of course Gavin de Beckers Gift of Fear is my fave...had to read for Psch him..and he of course would be the man Rob would you make it all real...that book changed my life and I love you even more for THAT too...scilla...I love you more than words can say and OTI will always be in my heart...sniff sniff for being comment 1600....

Mad mad cougar luv for you babY!!!!!

Author's Response:

Ding, ding, ding, throw the confetti, you're my 1,600 review, bb! Mad cougar smooches to you. Only you would drop everything to go read my wordy chapter and then review, just 'cos you knew it meant so much to me. Love you tons. I'm so glad you can see the progression in my work. And you flatter me with comparing me to Marisa. I only wish Rob would give me a second look. You must be so proud of your DD, can't wait to hear all about it. So glad to hear you're familiar with Gavin de Becker, definitely invaluable books that he writes. Anyway, before I get any mushier, just know that your love and support mean the world to me. Thanks again! Muaaa.

Reviewer: Arr (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 02:49 PM · On: Chapter 1--Open to Interpretation

I don't read FF and this is my first. I was only going to read one chapter just to see what it's all about and now I'm hooked. Hooked! I keep checking back 3-4 times a day for the next chapter, I'll be locking my door and turning the phone off when it finally arrives. I really like the way you write; it's fast paced without being sloppy, and you describe the scenery and emotions without being pretentious. I can't stop laughing at the sounds Rob makes when he's coming, and I love that you 'made' him like garter belts, cos that's just hot.

Author's Response:

Yay, so happy to hear from a new reader. Thanks for your detailed review and your kind words. Ch. 33 is coming up soon. Please keep reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: bellemeer (Anonymous) · Date: August 09, 2010 11:05 AM · On: Chapter 30--Meet The Pattinsons

You had me rolling in the aisles - peach pie!!! Laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Nothing like a good double entendre!

Author's Response:

Hi bellemeer, so happy you liked it! I had so much fun writing that part of the chapter and cracked myself up too. :) Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: rickcc (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 10:27 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour


Author's Response:

Thanks so much and thanks for reviewing! Ch. 33 coming up soon.

Reviewer: Enchanting Lilly (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2010 10:45 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Oh dear girl everytime I read another chapter I just want to jump out of my skin. Your writing is amazing and so our you. I really don't want this story to end. You make me feel that there is still hope for us older ladies to find the passion in our lives.

Thank you


Author's Response:

Of course there's hope, there's always hope. So happy you're enjoying OTI and that you liked ch. 32. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: MidnightRaven (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2010 05:31 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

So romantic and sexy!!!!!!!  I love a man that is not afraid to shed a tear.

Thank you!

Author's Response:

That means a lot. Thanks so much! Please keep reading and reviewing. Hugs.

Reviewer: featherme (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2010 04:24 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Another great chapter!  I really liked how you described their last night at Marisa's.  It was so hot yet loving and sweet.  "I was going to savor every delicious inch."  Good gravy Marisa is one lucky woman.   

I loved the ring she gave him and that she bottled some of her perfume for him.  Can't wait to see what you have in store for them on skype.  I know you'll make it good.  *evil grin* 

Thanks for writing! 

Author's Response:

I like how you summarized what you enjoyed about the chapter. Thanks so much! Please keep reading and reviewing. Hugs.

Reviewer: naturaladdict (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2010 03:40 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Wow, how scary about the stalker, seriously, I was really feeling bad for Rob, and the tear, that made me almost cry. Sweet how his mom understood how he needed Marisa to stay.

The poesy ring reference almost killed me, both me and hubs have poesy rings from the same shop, I have been wearing mine from way back when we just started dating and I bought him one, and they have also served as our wedding bands. We have the gaelic rings linked here

The lemons were super hot as always, you never disappoint.

And I am sure expecting some crazy skype action going on!

Author's Response:

Hi bb, stalkers are definitely scary and sadly most celebrities have to deal with them. That is so cool about you and your hubby having poesy rings. Most people have never even heard of them. So romantic. Definite Skype action in the very near future. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: buffalocruz (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2010 01:43 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

i voted for you, good luck!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for voting! I really appreciate it and thanks for your consistent reviews.

Reviewer: SwimmingBee (Signed) · Date: August 05, 2010 06:26 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Aww, I love your story, Scilla! I've been reading for ages but I've been a bit bad and haven't left reviews, sorry! I've started posting a bit more on RAoR too. I think after far too long lurking, it's time to actually join in on the h00ring. :)

I shall never think of peach pie and ice-cream in the same way again!

Bring on some hot skyping! Yay!

Author's Response:

Hi SwimmingBee, I saw you on RAoR, so good to see you here too. Peach pie and ice cream for the win, lol. Hot Skyping coming right up. Please keep reading and reviewing. Thanks!

Reviewer: melgiraffe (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 10:07 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

why did you stop writing??????????????????????

Author's Response:

LOL, I haven't stopped writing. Editing ch. 33 right now. Hope to get it posted soon. Please keep reading and reviewing. Thanks!

Reviewer: duders79 (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 03:13 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

'Stalker or no stalker, I wasn't going to be seen without make up.'

THAT was my fave line in this chapter!  I love Marisa! So Scilla, I'm all caught up - took me a while, but I'm here!  I love your story Rob - he is so very attentive to Marisa, so eager to please!  He's like a big, bouncey, horny puppy!  *Sigh*...

I like that you didn't start writing Rob as some perfect sex God who could make you reach your happy place just by giving you the look.  He's had to work at things, which I think is far more realistic - although his oral skills...Jeeeez!  Please, give me some of your story Rob - just one night's worth!  LOL!

I like the fact that you've brought in a stalker element, because I wonder if there's probably quite a lot of that going on with people like Rob that we just don't hear about.  I'm sure he's had his fair share of weirdo encounters. 

So, yes - caught up.  Love it!  Mwah!

Author's Response:

Duders! so happy to see you here. "Big, bouncy, horny puppy," love it! Yeah, I try to be as realistic as possible, with some poetic license here and there, just to keep things interesting. But my Rob definitely had to have mad oral skills, that was a deal breaker. Let's hope real Rob is as into eating peaches as fic Rob is. Please keep reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Laila Cullen (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 09:16 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Awesome chapter.

Thanks for posting.

Author's Response:

Hi Laila, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Please keep reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: saraedf (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 04:01 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Scilla I'm RobLover4ever!!! I couldn't stop to read the story until the last chapter!! You write so clear and fluid and it was so easy to me read this fantastic story.

Of course there are words and phrases that I couldn't understand too well, now I can stop and ask you for some of these, but I have to re read because I even didn't copied them, toke me too much time and I wanted to keep readinghahahahaha

Author's Response:

Yay, so happy to see you made it! Just let me know what you don't understand too well and I'll help you out. Mil gracias, amiga. Un beso.

Reviewer: jacoblucas (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:22 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

wow...that was just unbelievable!  I think my most fav chap yet...please, please don't let the angst last too long...u r the best!!

Author's Response:

Wow, you're fave chapter, that makes me so happy. I worked long and hard (twss) on it, so hearing that is very validating. The angst will develop in a way most people may not be expecting. Don't worry, I won't let it drag out, like the missing cell phone chappies, lol. Thanks for reading and reviewing! Hugs.

Reviewer: loving40s (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:12 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Fan-fucking-tastic!  As always, you are a brilliant writer of lemons.  That was some delicious loving with the ice cream in front of the fire. YUMM!!  And adding in the stalker plot line was genuis. As always, looking forward to more!

Author's Response:

Good to see you loving40s! Yeah, that lemon was hard to stop once it got started, lol. As for the stalker, there will definitely be more twists and turns coming up. Please keep reading and reviewing. Hugs.

Reviewer: maizeandblueinvalpo (Signed) · Date: August 04, 2010 12:02 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

It would be scary having to deal with a stalker.  I know she is going to miss him terribly but having a night like they had would be worth missing him for eight weeks.  I can only imagine what the reunion will be like.

Author's Response:

Yep, stalkers are definitely scary. Keep reading to find out how that part of the story develops. I'm glad you enjoyed the lemons. Please keep reading to find out when and how the reunion takes place. Thanks for reviewing. Hugs.

Reviewer: Pattypattz (Signed) · Date: August 03, 2010 08:20 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Very nice chappy Scilla. I'm still kinda creeped out by the whole stalker thing..(I have had to deal with this also)...I liked how you went through all the feelings from not only Rob and Marisa, but also with his family and friends on this issue. Really nice that Claire asked her to stay over that night too. I hope she is warming up to least for the love of her son.

I just loved your whole peach pie the real one with pastry dough and then of course the actual one that he loves the most...oooOooo Ice cream on the peach...that is a fun thing to do...and so is using the can of whipped just have to watch cause those things can bite...*ROFL*...

Hey I also cracked up about the moan, moan, bark thing going on....too damn funny. It is so amazing how animals are in tune to things going on with their owners....very funny for you to throw that in there.

Love the ring she gave him...very French and def something lovers did back then. I loved your AN's and links to even see the ring...really good for those who don't know anything about them.

I do hope in the next chappy they catch the stalker...and of course that Marisa gets to go to Paris to spend time with him there. It is hard to be seperated from someone your in love with...especially when the relationship is new...I hurt for both of them and loved Rob's response on the perfume and running back to the car...maybe he is a little insecure about leaving and all...afraid Marisa might turn to another man....but, I don't think she would ever do that....I know I wouldn't if I was in her shoes.

Can't wait to see what your clever, and pervy mind come up with next for us....Oh and love the mention of the Stoli shirt...just not how it is missing now and by whom.

Ciao', Nicole

Author's Response:

Nicole, bb! You made my day with such a long and detailed review. Muaaa. So sorry to hear that you've deal with a stalker. Such a scary thing, I'm sure. Yeah, have to keep putting Thor and Lulu in there, animals are so funny about that kind of stuff. I'm glad you liked the poesy rings, Marisa had to come up with her own romantic gesture. They are both definitely in love, and that makes the separation so much harder. I'm editing ch. 33 right now. Thanks again!

Reviewer: FlorenA (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 06:32 PM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

Scilla great chappie!!! I've read it yesterday but my internet got f*cked up and I couldn't review...

I fluv Marisa!!!! she (you) crack me up!!!! ¨stalker or no stalker, I wasn't going to be seen without make up ¨ LOL!

And the peach a la mode... UNF... SOFA KING HAWT!!!!!!

But at the end I've got a little worried... WTF does he mean when he said

¨ no matter what, please always know that I love you ¨ ??????!!! I'm reading to much in to it?! or something bad is coming? 

I can't wait for the next chapter!! besos!!!

Author's Response:

Hola Floren! Yeah, Marisa likes to look good at all times, lol. Very observant about that sentence Rob said. It may or may not have significance, keep reading to find out. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing OTI! Besos para ti tambien.

Reviewer: AussieECfan (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 11:32 AM · On: Chapter 32--Au Revoir, Mon Amour

*sniffles* They're separated now :( Don't know how these two are going to last the weeks apart - tho I do expect there's going to be a fair amount of sexing up of Skype :P

Oh, the stalker situation is pretty scary - here's to hoping they don't find out about Marisa any time soon, or discover where she lives. Rob would never forgive himself if his stardom put her in any danger.

Author's Response:

Sexy Skyping guaranteed! You took the words right out of my mouth, Rob would definitely never forgive himself if something happened to Marisa. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: rickcc (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2010 07:36 AM · On: Chapter 30--Meet The Pattinsons

Hot hot hot!

I loved how Rob was outside her front door when he was talking to her on the phone. That was a great surprise. I would have loved to have seen them jump each other in the doorway and do it up against the wall. That would have been hot!

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