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Reviewer: Silton (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 06:09 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose promise biting and then you tell me I have to wait weeks to get it???   At least I'll have something to get me over the after holiday blues.  Nice set up for the next chapter - Enjoy your holiday!

Reviewer: 2journey (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 05:02 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Love Jealous Rob!  But what a cliffie!  hope you don't leave us in suspense for the full 3 weeks.  You know... a holiday surprise would be great! LOL  Just glad you are back. 

Reviewer: 2journey (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 04:59 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Love Jealous Rob!  But what a cliffie!  hope you don't leave us in suspense for the full 3 weeks.  You know... a holiday surprise would be great! LOL  Just glad you are back. 

Reviewer: HaDeTo (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 04:58 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Another great chapter. Jelaous Rob is soo cute. Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm sure it's gonna be intense.



Reviewer: biddyswife (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 04:34 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Hi Scilla. Love the update, it was worth the wait. I love how you write Rob and Marissa is such a sweetheart.

"they would whip their cocks out and challenge each other to a dick duel for my affection." OMG that was hilarious! Can't wait for the showdown. Hmmm and the hot animal sex too....

Have a great Christmas. hugs Clare x

Reviewer: robskitten (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 11:09 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

I love the descriptions of Paris, the realistic interaction between Rob and Marisa, and the way the whole chapter hangs together so well.  Thank you my friend for a wonderful Christmas present.  Hope RL calms down for you and that you have a great holiday season!

Reviewer: muldergirl (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 11:00 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

OMG, I'm game...poor Marisa. But to have two men fighting for her Thanks for that lovely chapter. Looking forward to the 'showdown'. LOL

Reviewer: DebbieCDC (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 10:37 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Scilla, mon amie, I have missed u terribly on Twitter.  Liz DM'd me that some asshole wasd giving u shit and I am totes sorry to hear that.  Miss u hard BB!

So happy to see Robrisa back again.  It's funny, I was just thinking yesterday that I would re-read the last chap of OTI because I was missing the story and here you are!  Merry Christmas to me.

Loved the update of course ma cherie.  Oooo, jealous possessive lemon.  I can't wait.  Jean-Luc might as well pack up and leave Le Dodge.  There's a new marshal in La Belle Paris.  Why do I have a vision of High Noon being played out on the Champ du Mars?

A tout a l'herre BB et merci beaucoup.  Joyeaux Noel!

Reviewer: NKubie (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 10:18 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

I do hope your muse returns, but I'm glad that you have not given up in the meantime. I can't decide whether I do or don't want this to get ugly. Though I'm sure a pissing contest in a restaurant is a major health violation. ;)

Reviewer: Pattypattz (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 10:16 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

LOL Scilla..yep we've missed the duo here. Okay so no peaches or lemons, but some UST is good.

I so loved the line that Marisa layed on Rob about her being Latin and how he liked it in bed but maybe can't handle the heat otherwise. That is so right. As an Italian I feel the same way love our Latin side in the bedroom and our passion as it comes out via our lifestyle choices...(clothing, cooking, vino. art, our passion in general for living), but they so don't know how to handle our tempers and emotions when they come into play. I do understand where he could be jealous, as most men would be and all, and I think that with what they just went through recently that Rob is still weary from that. I like a man to have a certain amount of possessiveness to them...its a turn on for a Latin, but here again Latin woman are the same way and are also possessive of their men and families.

OMG..I bet this next chapter is going to be interesting. You crack me up on the spaghetti western analogy and all. My vote is for Rob to stand there and hold his ground. Afterall, he is with Marisa now, and JL was her past...Rob is in her present and is going to be her future, so JL should bow out gracefully and deal with it. Can't wait for more. Great chapter as always. Oh and I love the idea of being able to take your dog with you everywhere there also. Funny about the dog drooling too.

Glad your taking a break from twitter...this way you have more time for your family and then writing and other things. I had to give it up addicting and between that and time for much else.

Reviewer: bellaval (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 09:55 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

So this is you without your mojo?  Well, I think you are still fantastic.  I love jealous Rob and I can't wait to see what happens with him and Jean Luc.  I also liked that even though there wasn't a lemon, you still showed their intimacy.  I really love this story and I was so worried you weren't coming back.  My heart skipped a beat when I got the notification that you had updated.  Can't wait to read the next one.  You are the best.

Reviewer: pirate51 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 09:30 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Fun in Paris.  I love jealous Rob.  So cute.  Can't wait to find out what happens with Jean-Luc.

Reviewer: spunkaroo (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 09:03 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

scilla, thank you for this mah hOOr....another great chapter. Must say I read more into the bloodied sheets, perhaps hopeful on my part. Edward's jealousy may prove to be his undoing given his status, hope Bella can help keep that in check.  The whole sitch with Jean-Luc is needless and I really hope you don't spend too much time pursuing that angle....we get that Edward would kill this guy in a heartbeat and it would all be meaningless given that Bella has given herself over to Edward. These two just need to find a balance with each other. Love the pendants they now each wear for each other, says so much and is still private for them alone. Love you and your story, I've been rec'ing the fuck out of this everywhere I go but you know your RAoR girrrls love you like no other. Merry merry to you and Mr. Elvis, see your update in '11 with bells on baby!  Muahh!!


Reviewer: ctfan (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 07:50 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Was so happy to see this update. Glad you didn't put a lemon in this one. It will keep us begging for more later.

Reviewer: kimjhill (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 07:48 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

cant wait for the showdown between rob and jean-luc!  great chap :)

Reviewer: cbrand1996 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 07:03 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Thanks for the update. I really enjoyed the chapter and I hope your mojo comes back in full swing after the holidays! Feliz Navidad!

Reviewer: maizeandblueinvalpo (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 06:11 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

I'm thinking Marissa would be none too pleased if Rob received a late night phone call from a former flame.  I can only imagine how things will go down.  I hope Rob can reign it in a bit.

Reviewer: Twiliterati (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 06:02 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

i wud totally pay big money to see that cock Great Chap as always.

Reviewer: Intaglio (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 05:19 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

She acquiesced in Esquisse! Love it! You are a minx. I was just checking my email before bed and there it was Its now 1:18am! Scurvy is healing but yeah you know........hurry up with the lemons! 

Reviewer: cullenlover89 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 04:40 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

loved the chapter and cant wait for possessive rob to come out to play!!!! glad to see you updated and will wait patiently for the next chapter cause i love this story

Reviewer: KathyK (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 04:16 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Happy Holidays to you too! You mean, hot sex when she's, uh, you know. That should be interesting. Yeah, who would choose an old guy when you could have a 24 year old? Not me. Who would choose anyone else over Rob? Not me.

Reviewer: Bumble18 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 01:00 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Quick note to say I love your fic!

Reviewer: FrostysWiff08 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 12:59 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

Oh, SO glad to have you back, bb! 

Loved this chapter - love jealous Rob... which means I cannot wait until the next chapter! 

That Blaise Pascal quote is one of my favorites - I have it framed in both English and French. :) 

Can't wait to see more soon!



Reviewer: shelly551 (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 12:36 PM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose


I was worried about you. I thought something happened to you. I am glad you are back on track wtih this story. I've missed it, everyday  for months I checked to see if it was updated. Hopefully you are happy and well. Sending you good thoughts. Wonderful update. E-mail me through my e-mail I have had ups-and-downs of my own. I would love to talk for a few. good job.


Reviewer: boomerand (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2010 11:58 AM · On: Chapter 38--La Vie en Rose

LOVE jealous Rob ... bring it on (before xmas - please)???

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