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Reviews For Captured
Reviewer: djcarnation (Signed) · Date: January 20, 2019 12:00 PM · On: 13: What A Smashing Idea

i would have liked to know how tanya and jacob lives were from the imprint on would they still remain best friends? would jacob be able to return to la push seeing as he imprinted on an vampire? you did a great job portraying everything all went thru during the journey. thank you for allowing your readers to make the trip with you.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 09:13 AM · On: 13: What A Smashing Idea

Wow... you just f'd up. Really? JB imprinted on Tanya!. smh. W.ever, your story.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 08:47 AM · On: 12: Gifts Aren't Always Good

Bella has a nice gift. But elezar should just call it what it is, telekenesis. duh!.


Edward needed to hear that from bella. He needed to grovel. Im glad you didn't stretch it out thou, I've seen Fanfics stretch nonesense out for 15 straight chapters before arriving at the inevitable point!.


I see Jake played his part. Good for him. At least he was able to let go of bella this time.


What happened to Irina?, where is she w/ all her rage and grief?. Where is carmen, kate, and tanya?. I don't here much from them?.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 07:51 AM · On: 10: Can't Handle the Truth

Oh oh, thats right laurent was more than a boyfriend. But he aided in the raping of bella, so there is no way Irinia could or should overlook that character flaw. He wasn't a decent man. Most importantly, he couldn't keep up w/ his vegeterian diet; he was prone to cheating.

He was a morally weak individual, a 'user' if you will.

But jake needs to phase, get the news out there and go home. Job well done. Maybe in a few months bella could visit and say thank you for what he was doing for charlie.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 07:23 AM · On: 9: Sent Over the Edge

Rose's big mouth strikes again!. It always boils down to edward stupidity and roses big mouth.


I gotta say, JB dedication to his 'friend' deserves some props!. He really went all out.


And now the whole world goes to shit again.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 06:19 AM · On: 8: An All Around Tease

Is it me, or does anyone else find ti annoying that edward is so forward w/ bella?. He needs to be groveling!. bIG TIME.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 05:23 AM · On: 6: I Don't Want You

I feel no sympathy for edward. He is a complete asshole for what he did. He deserves all his suffering since its ALL self inflicted.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 04:14 AM · On: 3: Hell Has Frozen Over

I didn't want to read this, but i see now that this is a real tough read. As in, its really hard to deal w/ the drama of my mental picture of bella being touch roughly by anyone other than her mate. I also hate having to read the part where edward and his family leave bella for the stupidest reason i've ever heard anyone try to justify. What always made me mad about it, was that the family agreed to move. WHY??? If emoward wants to throw a tantrum, the let him go, give bella support till he comes back. I don't see the need for total abandonement.

Reviewer: Trillion (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2013 03:24 AM · On: 1: A Not So Happy Birthday

I am having my reservations reading this. I don't like what I see in the comments. I see that bella gets 'raped' by riley and lost her memories.  And it turns out that Emoward is a total tool to her, and JB is the good guy saving the day [yuck]. I don't know if I can do that to myself.

Reviewer: melanieds (Signed) · Date: May 04, 2012 07:12 AM · On: Epilogue: Time Moves On

This was a sweet story.  I liked the epilogue.  It was nice to see that Bella's parents went on and were together again.

Reviewer: kadds (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2011 11:29 AM · On: Epilogue: Time Moves On

Such an amazing story that definitely had me crying in parts! <3

Author's Response:

Thank you. I was even crying while writing it, its okay.

Reviewer: Borgy (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2011 07:22 AM · On: 8: An All Around Tease

Eh. If I were Bella I'd never forgive Edward for what happened.

He made the decision to leave. He abandoned her, he lied to her, and he left her to suffer.

You mean to tell me that the guy can read minds and he couldn't tell that Victoria was off her rocker? Don't make me laugh. He knew. He knew all along.

If I were Bella I'd stay with the Denalis and stay the hell away from Emoward Cullen.

Author's Response:

Things will happen before the ending. Don't forget, Bella has amnesia still so she can't fully remember everything. Thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: partygirl209 (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2011 11:58 AM · On: Epilogue: Time Moves On

great story!!

i'm glad u stopped it there,  the story would've probably have gotten boring if u conutined!!

Author's Response:

Thank you. I think it was a good stopping place too. ^_^

Reviewer: MaryMaryMary (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2011 05:44 PM · On: 6: I Don't Want You

Poor Edward?? You have got to be kidding. Chop off his PP and then tie him to a wherewolf and then I can start feeling a LITTLE sorry for him.


Her misery and he laughed. CRUEL

Author's Response:

Yikes, I don't want to get on your bad side. Next chapter will explain Edward's 'cruelty'. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2011 07:56 AM · On: 1: A Not So Happy Birthday

I WAS SURPRISED THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE A COPULE MORE OF YOUR STORIES IN MY FAVES AND ONE I'VE BEEN READING SO ... sorry for the caps didnt realize they were on. anyway you do great work!


Author's Response:

LOL, caps are okay, you're not the first. Thank you for the reviews. ^_^

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2011 07:08 AM · On: Epilogue: Time Moves On

love it!!!!! LOVED IT ALL!!!!! i want to see what else you are doing or have done, going to your page next.


Author's Response:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I have plenty of stories listed.

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2011 06:26 AM · On: 13: What A Smashing Idea

OMEC! LMAO, no ROFLMAO!!!!! omg i am blushing that was so ... omg! LMAO!


Author's Response:

Not much else to say huh, lol. Thanks.

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2011 06:12 AM · On: 12: Gifts Aren't Always Good

i thought i was at the end ... guess not! loveing you and loving this


Author's Response:

LOL, thanks.

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2011 05:49 AM · On: 11: Questions Not Answered

ok, i am dont reading this much but i crave more, like edweird to bellalious blood!!! so bring on the undead and lets get this party started!!! update soon please.


Author's Response:


Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2011 05:51 PM · On: 6: I Don't Want You

omg i dont want bella to remember ... how aweful. I mean rape is hard but ... this is so much worse. good writing


Author's Response:

She doesn't exactly remember...yet. I really didn't want to go the rape route but any other ideas I had wouldn't get me to where I wanted the story to go. But at least the nomads got it in the end, right.

Reviewer: macfaerie (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2011 12:44 PM · On: 3: Hell Has Frozen Over

i'm loving this!!! however the ??? POV i know was bella.

Author's Response:

Thanks. I know the ??? is a dead give away but I have a reason, you'll find out why.

Reviewer: Camilla (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2011 10:35 PM · On: 1: A Not So Happy Birthday

Well, I am only sorry I was not reading this when you were asking suggestions. Maybe I could have helped there. Whatever, what is done is done, and it's your story, after all.

Happy writing

Author's Response:

Thanks...I think o.0

Reviewer: Camilla (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2011 10:11 PM · On: 5: Be Careful What You Say

As you see, I am catching up with your stories. I am not happy at all, nor convinced, about  Bella being turned by semen. It would have been more credible that Riley, with little control, eventually bit her. I am all for AU stories, I write them too, but if essential aspects of the vampiric nature are changed, it should be stated well in advance. Why did you made this unnecessary choice that has no real bearing on the plot? (A very good one, BTW) Do you imply that venom worked through semen  because she was awfully lacerated by Riley's roughness? Loss of virginity alone certainly would not have accounted for it. (Or Canon Bella would have become a vamp on Isle Esme)

Maybe because one of the things  I love  more about the Saga is that lovemaking happens when Bella is still human and Edward is a vampire.  So much more interesting that vamp/vamp coupling . The passion and the restraint battling together so that is difficult but eventually possible, and glorious in its own way, is an element I want to find also in AU stories, when the plot calls for it.

By changing vampires' physiology you introduce a discordant element that I don't  much appreciate. Of course here when Bella and Edward will meet again and, hopefullly, find their HEA, they will be both vmps. But in general terms it is wrong.




Author's Response:

This and all my stories are HEA. The fun thing about fanfiction is the option to change things. I'm not the only one that used the venom in semen to change. My main goal in this story was for Bella to wind up a vamp with anmesia. I've read cases where the person had a tramatic experience that caused the anmesia in the first place. Bella's been chased, hunted, beaten, tortured, and terrified by vamps before without any problems so I knew it had to be something new. I nearly pulled my hair out trying to think of another way to get the end results but I failed, I even asked people for suggestions.

I'm totally with you on the lovemaking thing, my other stories have that sweet, loving connection whether they be vamp/vamp or vamp/human. This was my only angst/drama story and I'm actually glad it's done.

But like I've said, I've read stories where their eyes are naturally gold, they used red contacts(that was a great OS by the way), they cold drink without the fear of venom, the pregnancy was longer than a month and others.

You get an idea and you go with it. Isn't that why you write?

Reviewer: k1942 (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2011 03:27 PM · On: Epilogue: Time Moves On

I think you did it just right , though I did tear up a little when Bella went to tell her folks goodbye. Saying a final farewell to your parents is awfully hard to do , but so necessary.  This has been a good story, even with the lack of lemons and I agree it was the way to go, only a teeny bit disappointing. One thing I kind of wondered about was Jake and Tanya and how that turned out. Happily I'm guessing.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. Tanya and Jake are imprinted so they are PERFECT. Thanks for all the reviews, I'm soooo giddy now.

Reviewer: k1942 (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2011 03:05 PM · On: 14: A Promise That Lasts Forever

So, lovely wedding, perfect little log cabin honeymoon cottage, every one happy at last. I know it can't be that easy, you must be dropping the other shoe in the epilog.  I'm on my way to read it right now.

Author's Response:

Thanks, I think o.0 Dropping the other shoe, how so?

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