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Reviewer: twiheart89 (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2010 05:19 AM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

I had no idea your story was taken off of FF but so glad I found it on here! Very glad it's not APOV again, in fact, I didn't really like that she was there telling Edward what to do but I'm glad he's realizing how much of an ass he's been! Hopefully we get to see some Bella-Edward interaction next chapter even if Bella does go on a date with Jacob. Looking forward to it (preferably a mostly Edward chap) :)

Reviewer: Annichka101 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2010 11:40 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Great chapter Kiki. I freaked when I couldn't find you on Twilighted at first. Typing in kikiblues gets you nothing on Twilighted, in case you were wondering. Hoping for an update soon, but oh so grateful you haven't forgotten about us fans.

As always, luuuurve your story.


Reviewer: carog91 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2010 02:27 AM · On: Chapter 13 - Add it Up

i was wondering if bella's not dating cuz of james' was going to be addressed...glad it was..:D

Reviewer: mistydawn (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2010 07:29 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Reviewer: eyeris806 (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2010 03:43 AM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

I had really hoped that Edward went out to get some coffee or some breakfast. Bah I shoulda known he was gonna be an ass about it :/

Can't wait for the update - and PLEASE let it be Edward because I think I will be ill if it's not.

Loving Alice and jasper. More please :)

Reviewer: diamond_heart78 (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2010 08:37 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Eddie Peen plz! They need to face each other! Good chapter! can;t wait for an update!

Reviewer: asoulenchanted (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2010 03:31 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

love this so much!

im guessing a randomer, i would love a randomer but i think it could be Jacob cause that would get E really jealous :)

cannot wait for more :D

Reviewer: twilightlovergirl (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2010 03:28 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm


Reviewer: twilightlovergirl (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 08:40 PM · On: Chapter 16 - Trav'lin' Light

=] cant belive i waited dis long 2 read dis chapter =[


Reviewer: maggiemay82 (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 05:38 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Great chapter! E is frustrating but I can see him coming around. Keep up the great work.

Reviewer: KirenD (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 03:19 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Ugh if Edward's with some random girl and visevera for Bella you're not gonna give us visuals right? RIGHT!!??!?

I was thinking of a lotta different scenerios after Alice's tell-all to Bella. That was not one of them. I forgot Jacob even asked her out so i had no Idea who she was talking about until you said

Loved it-Still wodnering if we're gonna get us some Charlie?

Emmett's really a total douchebag huh? So I'm guessing he and ROsalie are not gonna evolve in your everyone else did.

Great chapter!



Reviewer: KirenD (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 02:44 PM · On: Chapter 16 - Trav'lin' Light

Loved it-didn't think I would enjoy the jasper/Alice stuff but i only skipped through a little to get to the Bella!

I love that you incorporated the "You're late" line!

Reviewer: KirenD (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 02:12 PM · On: Chapter 15 - Destroy Everything

FINALLY! It was impossible to get to this story every time I was signed on and tried to go to this link it would say I'm not signed in and needed t press OK to get in!


Anyway loved this chapter-can't wait for Alice's explanation!

Reviewer: Emmi (Signed) · Date: February 28, 2010 08:16 AM · On: Chapter 16 - Trav'lin' Light

Well, I was wondering were have you been and it shows that you were kicked out from FF!!! They're fools - recently they're kicking all the good stories out :( This is why I decided to look for you in here AND here you are :) I'm happy that I found you, I really like your story. And APOV was interesting, but I like E/B POV's so much more :)

Reviewer: lauras1sttime (Signed) · Date: February 27, 2010 09:55 PM · On: Chapter 10- Situations

LMAO...I don't know what I love more your story or your A/Ns!  You are simply hilarious my dear! :)

I am completely sucked in by this story, it's like the best kind of smutty yumminess!

Oh and since I suck at stopping to review most chaps...during the first party when Bella tricked Emmett into walking in on Edward and the freshman...holy shit I almost died laughing when Emmett said "I think I touched his dick, does that make me gay?"

You are the shit! ;)

Reviewer: eliza41 (Signed) · Date: February 27, 2010 06:40 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Can't believe ff. Glad I found out your story was moved. Looking forward to hearing Bellas POV. Hpefully Edward will figure some things out before he does something stupid.

Reviewer: 09kez (Signed) · Date: February 26, 2010 07:56 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Jasper is right they both need to grow up - they're not very likeable at the moment with all the dicking around.  Looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers

Reviewer: ALAYNE (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2010 11:12 PM · On: Chapter 1- Local God

Whew, I am so glad I was able to find you and BDR on Twilighted.  I hate that you were pulled from, it's like a witch hunt over there!!  Looking forward to future chapters!!

Reviewer: Pretty_Face (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2010 09:59 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Hello There!
 The British Bitch and American Whore from FanFicers Anonymous here!
One or both of us have read your one-shot/chapter and absolutely loved it! Great job!
We wanted to review, let you know we appreciated your writing and to also let you know that you have been mentioned on our blog. 
We will link your story, profile and include your summary of the story along with our little review on the blog! If you find some time we would love  for you to come check it out!
Thanks again for writing this, it was fantastic!
xoxoxo ~ Fanficers Anonymous

Reviewer: clancy (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2010 05:06 AM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

I love that Alice bought up the date Bella has with Jacob - i just hope she doesn't go there... just to get back at Edward, Jasper or Alice

oh and as for Eddie..... he is an ass and if he goes out and finds 'new pussy' i hope it is infected with a scabby STD !!

Reviewer: 2loveybunnies (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2010 03:35 AM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Damn, I knew it would be bad, but not this bad!  Dickward returns it seems and now he's on a rampage.  I can't believe he actually called it a mistake.  Bella must have really misinterpreted what happened between them because Edward is totally in denial.  Bella needs to go out with Jacob and have a real, normal date with someone who doesn't just want to fuck her.  I feel so bad for her.  She should sleep with Jake if she wants to, but only if she can handle it.   It makes me a little sick to think that Edward is going to go out and raid the "fresh cookie jar" - those girls are 14  or 15!  That is way too young to be doing what these guys are doing.   I'm glad Carlisle has brought Esme home.  Maybe Bella will bond with her and have someone to talk to and guide her since her own mother is MIA.  Right now it seems like Alice has her head on the tightest and Jasper is following a close second.   I just wish Bella had more self-respect and self esteem - maybe she would see what she's doing is only going to hurt herself more in the long run.  

Hope the RL stuff works itself out for you.  Waiting patiently for the next update so I can stop being so pissed off at Dickward!

Reviewer: nonetocare (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 09:02 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Lovely , please post more : D

Reviewer: kapap (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 06:50 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Wow!! I cant wait to see...

Reviewer: JaspersCowGal (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 05:42 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

Well thank fuck for that!  I found you *wipes sweaty brow*Oh Edward.  Edward, Edward, Edward!  You silly, silly boy.  It's as plain as the nose on your rather lovely but fucked up face that you are head over heels for the girl.  Deal with it son.Ohhhhhh!  Hell yes!!  I had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't just work keeping Carlisle from home and I'm glad I was right.  And Jasper has come out of the closet about Alice.  All is well in the world.  Now we just need to give Edward a swift kick up the arse...Thanks for the awesome chapter.((BIG HUGS)) for the RL stuff that's barrelled your way.

Reviewer: Lotte (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 05:30 PM · On: Chapter 17 - You're the Storm

How do you do that? This story just keeps getting better... And it started out pretty darn good! Looking forward to next chapter and some mystery peen...
*crossing my fingers that it'll be Edward's, but definitely not counting on it!*

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