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Reviewer: Kiren (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2010 06:16 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

YAY! Perfect 10.

Reviewer: mizz_sunshin3 (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2010 02:16 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

I'm glad that they got their version of a HEA. Awesome story; thank you for it. =)

Reviewer: What Obsession (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2010 05:55 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

That was GREAT!!! LOVED IT!!!

Reviewer: bdahlia04 (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2010 04:30 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Awesome story!! Thanks. You're a great writer.

Reviewer: Oli-kat (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2010 12:09 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Loved it...had me addicted till I reached the end.  Sadly that came too quickly.

Reviewer: gypsymomma (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 10:15 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

So sad this story is over love love loved it!

Reviewer: La Jodi (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 07:27 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

That has to be the most fitting last sentence of all time! "It was me and him against the world. I love it! It's so, so, soooooo them!

This has been such a fun read. And also a really great story. I loved seeing the character development and growth. I think this has sequal all over it! Please? :)


Author's Response:

Aw thanks for the thumbs up! I'm glad you liked the last liine- they are fuckers to come up with!


Sequal? Not really on the cards I'm afriad- sorry bb xxx

Reviewer: Ampluver88 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 01:45 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Fucking loved it!!! Fabulous job.

Reviewer: izzzyy (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 12:18 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Awww Kiki I am so glad they worked shit out and you didn't waste time being like "and then they moved to Wyoming to farm sheep and had six kids all named..." etc etc. I hate endings like that. this is so much more REAL.

Author's Response:

THANK YOU so much for your support through all, bb you're awesome and I want to schmoosh you <3 <3 <3

lol- yeah i hate the 'they moved to ohio and had bb's and bought a toyota' endings too- glad you liked this one! xxx

Reviewer: fudgie (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 09:43 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

You did a great job!!! I loved this story :)

Reviewer: ahatten (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 06:34 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

.....I am SO happy to have an ending to this great story. I will admit, I did not expect to get so hooked on it as I did. You really did a great job with such a complicated and vastly different story line! I never considered human versions because I loved the vampire idea but you did a great job of putting them in this setting.


Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

Reviewer: marajlove (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 03:55 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

lovely story ....beautiful mess

Author's Response:

'beautiful mess' oh i like that!

Reviewer: diamondtopaz (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 03:41 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Amazing job with this one!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Reviewer: Twi lover 21 (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 12:20 AM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

*wipes tear* loved that ending, one of the best ending I've ever read actually.

amazing job on this. I had a great time reading it :)

FYI: you are now officially on my author alert.

Author's Response:

*hugs* you're a sweetheart tysm xxx

Reviewer: Temporary Exile (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 11:15 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Awesome ending. You did a great job with this. I really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: samanthawatts (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 08:26 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

I loved it!! read it in one sitting i couldnt stop, thank you for this story.

Reviewer: Jessy-Anne (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 08:22 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

I love your story doll and i will miss them lots :( but thank you for sharing this with us it takes true courage to put yourself out there for others to judge, even when you are as amazing as you are, there are always haters who are jealous of you and will talk shit so for you to let us share the journey with you is great i'll admit i first started reading this because i saw smut haha but it was the whole dynamic that they all had that made me love this story as much as i do i don't even know what to do now haha you are brilliant and i hope you continue to write i know i would love to read more of your art :D 

Author's Response:

I have haters?! OML, Thats so exciting!! Lol- no, i get what you mean- you're a sweetie for giving me the thumbs up- glad you liked BDR! :)

Reviewer: emmw (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 08:11 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

your story has been diferent from begining to end and that's what makes it soo good .I'm in one point in my life where believen in hea is dificult so this ending looks more to RL. Hope your Rl gets better soon and you can writte another good story.

Reviewer: TeriAnn (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 07:00 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

I have really loved this story and I think the ending was just perfect.  The pair of them have been on such a journey it was so nice that they got the HEA.  It's quite sad that its reached the end but ever story has to end and I think that this was the right place. 

This fic has had everything in it from angst, funny moments, love, super hot lemons, what more could you ask for. I will definitely come back and read it all again now that its completed.

Take care. T xx

Author's Response:

Thanks hun, thats so sweet of you to say! Hope its ok 2nd read!! xx

Reviewer: whit (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 06:51 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

I loved it!! a great way to end it!!!!

BIG fan

Reviewer: SkateLoVe (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 05:30 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

A pretty much perfect final chapter! They ended up just as they should - together. <3

Reviewer: twilightlovergirl (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 04:22 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

wow. what a ride this story has been. ive missed it. im gonna miss it a lot more. and the ending was perfect .

Reviewer: wifie_b (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 02:45 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

This story was awesome and I am so sad to see it go, but I loved the ending :) Great Job!!

Reviewer: suzie55 (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 01:58 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

Kikiblue, That was BRILLIANT!!! Truly, I loved it and it was filled with such intensity and depth. I thought the ending was PERFECT for them. I, like many others, hope that one day, you'll be inclined to continue this story. No pressure, it's just that good.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents and story. I'm so glad I found this story...I think from Twitter you know I love it.

Take care and look forward to reading your future endeavors,




Reviewer: edwardsjennx3 (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 01:57 PM · On: Chapter 26- Bad Romance

i absolutely adored taking this journey with you-the highs the low's. thank you so much for writing it and i enjoy the ambiguous ending it leaves us to imagine it any way we chose :)

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