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Reviewer: BiteTheBullet79 (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2010 08:57 AM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

I know, I came back... :|

But, this is one of the chapters that I love! I loved reading it. Payback is a bitch, and I hope Edward gets that. That's one of the things I hope for.

It'll probably be turned around though in the next chapter right? I love this one for the fact Emma will get her revenge - looks that way, and the next I won't so much, if she doesn't go through with it or Edward "saves the day".

Reviewer: shadow205 (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2010 04:49 AM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

WHO IS IT?! OMG i need to know asap! Next chapter soon please!! Haha


Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2010 03:25 AM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

Oh man. Who is this guy? I don't think anything is going to happen. Emma won't follow thru or Edward will show up.

Reviewer: asil78 (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2010 02:07 AM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

I love the Mike Dexter reference. It made me LOL. I am enjoying this story. I love the direction you've taken the characters. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to read the next chapters. Keep them coming Please =)

Reviewer: MizzVixen (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 11:18 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

Umm, the Harry Potter line was excellent. I'm a huge Harry P fan and I thought that that was apropos. But this line caught me off guard:

I think you’ve pleased your share of Black women today.

I was like huh?? Bella and Emma are black? Is Edward black too? Funnily enough, I didn't even notice any of the references even though you had a few musical choices up in there that I picked up on. I just thought you had great taste in tunes! I'm happy that you're back to this story and I'm anxiously awaiting to see if Emma goes through with her drunken romp in the sack or not.

Author's Response:

hahahaha i know, when i was writing that line about black women even i was like... wait, what? when i reread it, but then i thought it was really funny, because i imagined an all black remake like "the wiz" so i left it in there.

and thanks for applauding my musical taste haha, i've been told that i make the worst CDs EVER because i like so many different things and i just throw them together without trying to make it flow or have any consistency, the only common thread is that i like them haha.

i wrote a bit today, it didn't really take the direction i was expecting, but i hope to update in a 2 week window :)

Reviewer: merelade (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 10:38 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

yo i luh dat u talked about jk rowling cuz her writing iz far su-pee-ree-or to SM. n i lyked dat emma is drunk cuz nuttin solves yo problemz like some good crunk! i lyk everclear, hypnotiq and hennesseee better den tekeela but it's all da same when u throwin it up.


i hope emma fukks dat guy. edword SUCKS ma DICK. team brad.

Author's Response:

haha let's go get coldstone. but not in your hood, you is straight outta compton, dre.

Reviewer: mrsdorough (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 09:08 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

I love, love, love this story, continue soon please! :-)

Reviewer: LupeGold (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 08:09 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

Winner. This is exactly what I would have done in Emma's position as a teenager... in fact I'm almost a hundred percent sure that this is what I would do in Emma's position now as a "grown up". All hail Jose!

Author's Response:

bahahahaha i love you for saying that. because this is DEF me as a teenager... and perhaps now as well. viva cuervo ;)

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 01:49 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

I think this chapter rocked ass! Especially the race with Rose! Ha, loved the phrase bloodsucker Barbie's bitchmobile. I wonder if Mattel will make a vampire Barbie, cause they should. Oh and they should make her a bitchmobile too.

I wasn't exactly fond of the last part of the chapter, but hey, it's your story and I'm a whore for it, so I'll read it all with wild abandon. We've all been where Emma's been, wanting to punish the person you love/loved. 

I'm glad I finally caught up. I had to put my reading aside to make dinner. I know what you mean about real life. So gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway, patiently waiting for your next update. 

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 01:24 PM · On: You Can't Go Home Again.

Just goes to prove that what you want isn't what you need. Unfortunately, many of us make the a similar fall from grace like Bella does. Some of us will make it back, some of us won't. I really can't wait to see where this story ends up.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 01:10 PM · On: Humanity

That was powerful!  You did a great job with all the emotions. The anger, contempt, rage, and even the pity that always surfaces in situations where you don't think it's possible. Spot on girl, spot on.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 12:50 PM · On: Unchained Melody

Bella's sleep talking reminded me of a song, 'Talking in Your Sleep. "I know the secrets that you keep, talking in your sleep." So Bella to spill the beans in her sleep.

Everybody's got their reasons or lack of reasons for doing what they do. Still Bella's got some cajones for sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend and her ex. I mean, besides the obvious, her daughter is a werewolf who flipped out on her once before. I know a lot of people don't really like this particular chapter. I don't mind it. My life once fell into the realms of SoapOperaLand once too and it wasn't pretty. No, it wasn't this scenario but strange enough. Honestly, you have no idea how you'd react to it in real life, let alone in fiction. At least you can control the fictional world and make it right if you so chose.

I like the boldness of this story. If this were a Jake/Renesmee story, there would be the same issues too. BTW, glad it's not a Jake /Renesmee story. I like this one just fine.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 12:23 PM · On: Discovery Channel


Reviewer: KellansBBR (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2010 01:28 AM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

I have a feeling this is not going to end well. This guy is going to turn into a vamp or something similar dangerous...maybe? Keep up the good work...

Reviewer: Gwilwillith (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 09:25 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

go emma go emma..fuckign edward, bastard!

Reviewer: valelf (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 09:08 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

Oh, wow! While I love that she's torturing Edward, I have a feeling that this will end badly. Either she'll freak and beat the crap out of the guy (that's kind of what I'm hoping for) or Edward will pull an Edward, be his possessive, territorial self and attempt to "rescue" her - which may lead to her kicking Edward's butt. Which wouldn't be bad either. Hmmm. Or, maybe I'm way off.

Anyway - great chapter!

Author's Response:

ugh i hate when you say stuff like that because now i'm like... OMG maybe she should kick edward's ass! and trying out all kinds of wacky shit in my head when i THOUGHT i knew what i was doing. but i need that, i guess, to explore every option before i commit to the shitty first one i had in mind.

thanks for keeping me on my toes, kid :)

Reviewer: therunaway (Anonymous) · Date: July 19, 2010 09:07 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

You know I love you, right? What I like about this story is that, yeah, Emma is going through pain and heartbreak, but she's handling it like any normal person out there. You're realistic with your writing and downright comical.

Great job!


Author's Response:

what a coincidence, i love you too! thanks so much for the compliment.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 07:33 PM · On: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Hell's Bells! I like older Bella. Were-dragons, like that idea.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 07:23 PM · On: Recipe for Disaster

Happy in a bottle= loose lips. Poor Emma!

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 07:13 PM · On: Bait and Switch

Oh no mommy dearest! Ca-ca hits the fan.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 06:57 PM · On: All the King's Horses and All the King's Men

That was soo great. Wish I could rip some other bitch's arms of if she touched my man. Well, wish Eddie baby some luck. He might just be missing his new favorite part.

Reviewer: LadyExcalibur (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 06:51 PM · On: If music be the food of love, play on.

I just found this. I'm enchanted. I don't know how else to express it. Absolute perfection in every line. I'm looking forward to getting caught up.

Author's Response:

i can't tell you how touching this is for me. i love new readers, and i love new reviewers more. thank you so much for your kind words, they slingshotted right to my heart.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 06:29 PM · On: Too Dirrrty To Clean My Act Up

Way to lay the smack down on Rose...naked!Dirty to the core.

Author's Response:

haha i love watching you get caught up, it's like seeing the whole story through new eyes. thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: grayskiesatdawn (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 06:12 PM · On: Lemon

Holy guacamole! Freakin puddles of melted brain matter!  That was so good.

Reviewer: zee97 (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2010 06:07 PM · On: Ten Things I Hate About You

who is she leaving with why in the back of my mind i'm thinking it is edward and she is to drunk to realize it

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