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Reviewer: cornel (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2010 01:00 AM · On: Chapter 16

When you say that this should not be read at work, it's like saying "GO READ!" and that's what I did. I read. While at work. And I was happy and felt good that they love each other so much. And he told her about Liz. And they made love. Earth shattering love making. And now I CANNOT work. I hope you are proud with yourself!

Loved it!!!

Can't wait to see what happens. Will she tell him finally about Jake?

Author's Response:

Oh, reverse psychology and its wacky mysteries!  My bad!  It's a stat holiday in Canada;  pretend you're Canadian and slack ;)

She will tell him eventually... but not yet.  Not for a bit.  She's going to need a push, and a big one is coming very soon.

Thanks so much for your review! <3

Reviewer: FanFic4SANITY32 (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2010 10:20 PM · On: Chapter 16

you do not writing smut, that is.  that was emotion fueled sex at it's best...primal, needy, raw, loving....perfect. sticking with this one until the matter how long it takes.

Author's Response:

I promise not to take too long, although I'm outlined for another 19 chapters so um.... a while?  But I'm trying to get it down to a chapter every couple weeks at most.  I hope.  Chapter 17 is done already (all night writing binge!  Whee!)

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2010 10:06 PM · On: Chapter 16

This was a good chapter!

I loved everything about it!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: bara (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2010 01:05 AM · On: Chapter 7

very interesting take on the story. I like it a lot.

Reviewer: bitemecullen_justdoit (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2010 08:33 PM · On: Chapter 15

I think Bella decided she wanted to go cliff diving and Rachel, Jacob's sister went with her and ended up dieing. And Edward is showing her his Liz tattoo. :) Am I right?

Reviewer: Jasmine SessLover (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2010 07:27 AM · On: Chapter 1

Even though i only read the first chapter it is so good. it's better than good. it's intense and it's deep. I have to read more but i already know i will love it. Keep writing. 

"I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope" T.S Elliot

Reviewer: LucyLu (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2010 08:39 AM · On: Chapter 15

I'm not sure who the girl is, maybe Jake's sister? They must have been doing something wreckless, cliff diving?  The girl was killed, everyone blamed Bella, or maybe just Bella blames Bella.  Well, obviously Leah and Jake blame Bella.  I can't get it straight in my mind.  Were Jake and Bella together, in a relationship? If not, maybe it was Jake's girlfriend.  I'm confused a bit, can't wait for answers!

Author's Response:

Jake and Bella were a couple, once upon a time. 

Reviewer: cornel (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2010 02:57 AM · On: Chapter 14

You thought of stop posting this story? Why? Why? Why? I haven't been following your blog (RL too busy), but I did read your latest A/N where you said that it would be a while before you updated and I waited. Patiently. I didn't say a word. I didn't bother you. And now I read that you wanted to end the story online? It feels like I've been stabbed in the heart!

I'm only kidding. I really like this story and I'd hate to find out that it was ended online, but pursuing publishing is something really big. If you choose to stop posting it online for that purpose, I'll be saddened, yes, but I will wish you all the best. And I will make a small request (oh god I rhymed lol). Can you please point the site to order your book?

Back to the story. I loved the chapter. It was so happy and different. They're in love and they're trying because of their love. And I felt happy along with them. And I felt like they deserved it. And I was like, finally something good, something easy, like hanging out with your siblings and friends. But you couldn't leave it there, could you? You had to bring Leah!

For once I'm happy my life has been busy, because I'm running off to read the next chapter!!! Yay! OK, not yay, it's not happy, but I'm happy. Am I weird?

Reviewer: MyBrownEyes (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 09:54 PM · On: Chapter 15

People can be so harsh. I don't know what Bella did that has Leah and Jacob so furious, but Leah is horrible for saying,"I hope your mother's rotting in hell for giving birth to you." That's such an awful thing to say. Bella's encounter with Leah and seeing Jacob has really affected her and her relationship with Edward badly. I'm curious about what Edward will show her. He sees that its not just the alcohol that's affected her so I think it might be something about his past.

As for what happened in La Push...I think someone was badly injured or died. Bella may have been doing something reckless. The person who got hurt might be Seth since Leah was involved or maybe one of Jacob's sisters.


Reviewer: TheCelticOne (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 07:18 PM · On: Chapter 13

"Maybe..."  Bella began, her mother's smile coming to mind, vivid and loving, "Maybe our moms are gossiping somewhere...  Watching..."

Edward remained silent a moment, then replied quietly, "I really hope they don't watch us have sex."

 Hahahaha! I love it - I've actually wondered about that... when I'm really tired ;)

Reviewer: debs2crazy (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 05:41 PM · On: Chapter 15

IDK what happened in La Push, maybe someone died and Bella was there, hard to tell. Good Chapter.

Reviewer: judester (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 11:36 AM · On: Chapter 15

i am so glad this story resumed. definitely worth it.

Reviewer: babynancy (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 11:20 AM · On: Chapter 15

I'm not sure what e wants to show b.but I think some how seth got killed in lapush?any ways I adore this fic and am so glad your back.update soon

Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 11:11 AM · On: Chapter 15

I don't know what to think. Maybe Bella thinks she is responsible for the death of Jacob's girlfriend? Well I think its a girlfriend or sister.

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 10:56 AM · On: Chapter 15

Hopefully Bella will tell Edward what happened...I'm very curious on what he has to show her. Perhaps something he made to show his love for her?

I think that Bella probably did something stupid in La Push, like try to 'fun', meaning something that would kill her and it ended up hurting someone else.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update soon?

Reviewer: tatie87 (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 09:45 AM · On: Chapter 15

Okay, I really want to knoe WTF happened b/t Bella and Jacob. All the hints are driving me CRAZY.

Reviewer: roxnroll (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2010 06:48 AM · On: Chapter 15

OH MAN!! I'm thinking maybe Jacobs sister was with Bella and she died-maybe cliff diving? Obviously everyone blames Bella.

I loved this chapter and it was nice to read an update so soon.

Can't wait for more.


Reviewer: ssuryan (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2010 04:50 AM · On: Chapter 14

I TOTALLY agree with the lame remake of Karate Kid. I actually had the same thought about the John Hughes' movies. I was picturing a sad Breakfast Club with Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. UGH

Reviewer: antipyro (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2010 07:23 PM · On: Chapter 13

OH, don't hate me....I'm so sorry I've neglected your story for soooo long.  I know, I'm a bad reviewer.  For my penalty, not reading this fantastic story isn't enough for my faults, I give you a tray of just baked chocolatey (or whatever your fave is) cookies.  Please don't hate me...
This is just what the story needed, a climax of sorts.  No pun intended.  This kind of resolution just grips the reader, as they say, "Ohhhh, Noooo.  She can't do this to us?"  But you pulled your stop out and Bella reassured us that that tragic ending wasn't anywhere near here.  Does this mean Edward's mind is getting better?  Carlisle would know better than any of our guesses.
The love they both admit to the other has been there for so long....and part of the high point in this story.  FINALLY, you brought it out.  Thank You.
The images of their mother's watching a carnal act between the two love birds, is just chilling, creepy and I don't want to think about it.  It would be the same thing, imaging your daughter having sex with a boyfriend or just anybody - EWWWW, unthinkable.  nice touch.
I'll be reading the next chapter with much enthusiasm and hope to make up for my lack of attention.  I know authors are fragile.

Reviewer: blueschicka (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2010 01:53 PM · On: Chapter 14

I have to say I really love your writing style. It's clear, concise, and with proper grammar/puntuation while still maintaining a poetic flow. I love it. Thanks for writing!

Reviewer: debs2crazy (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2010 03:29 PM · On: Chapter 14

Short but good chapter.

Reviewer: jatara18 (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2010 09:51 PM · On: Chapter 14

Ok finally made it to the end.

I have to admit when I first read the summary of this story I thought it was going to be too grphic for me, but when I read the first chapter and understood what was going on I immediately fell in love with it. I added to my favorites and didn't stop reading until I got to this point. This story has made me cry at so many different parts just to be able to feel or imagnie the pain that they went through, but got through it with love. When I was younger a lot of things went doen in my house hold and I also wanted to commit suicide, but I never tried to do it just thought about it. Everyone has there way of coping with things and theres was love, but mine was just pretty much closing down and staying to myself and I really don't know how that helped but it did. I kind of just turned me into a really heavy thinker and now I am always thinking about things alot but it keeps my mind off all the bad things and I am also slighty goofy and its really hard to make me mad but I'm always so emotional. It hits home to see a story like this and have a view of what someone could be going through right now this minute. I am always read and love doing it, but it has to be a really interesting story for me to even consider liking it but I feel in love with this story at ch.1. I thought I had my favorite story from this site but I was wrong this now my favorite story on this site and I am looking forward to the next chapter to this beautiful and heart felt story. I hope Leah and doesn't cause to much pain to ruin all the progress Bella and Edward has made thus far(I might have to beat her ass) LOL!

Oh wait about the piercings and tattoos, I'm with Bella about the blood, I have always wanted to get my tongue and belly button pierced but my tolerance for blood is very low and I tend to faint or puke, I also want a tattoo or two but I have a slight fear of needles so I'm just screwed all around I guess. LOL

Anyways I wish you the best and I do hope you continue to win my heart with this story!

Author's Response:

This is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing reviews I have ever received.  I make no secret that I'm pulling heavily from my own life and those of my dearest friends with this story; the material is hard to write at times, but is my therapy, as writing has always been. 

I too hunkered down within myself, and while at times, it was my ruin, it also encouraged me to think, and to later pursue psychology as a means of thinking harder and saving myself - then, saving others. 

There's a long journey ahead for these two (I mapped it out fully and I'm looking at 37 chapters and an epilogue).  I will hope and strive to continue to win your heart and do justice to these characters, for all of us who have hurt so badly that death seems like a friend. 

Thank you, so very much, for revewing.

Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2010 07:30 AM · On: Chapter 14

Yeah I need to go back and read chapter 5. I've missed this fic. Great chapter.

Reviewer: belachia (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2010 03:45 AM · On: Chapter 14

I missed this story, i'm glad your back!  looking forward to the next chapter :)

Reviewer: UrbanAngel (Signed) · Date: May 11, 2010 11:47 PM · On: Chapter 14

ohhhh your back! yay! i can't wait for more!!!!!!! and they're really sweet! just knew this wouldn't last too long! hope bella is gonna talk to edward and not shut him out...

i think i didn't get a missing moment and i'm a 100% sure i reviewed the last chapter cause it was soooo beautiful!

love the story!

Author's Response:

I responded to every review with a link to DL it.  If you didn't get it, PM me. :)

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