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Reviewer: twifan788 (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2010 04:06 AM · On: Chapter 23

what is this secret she is keeping?

ohh please tell ...

Author's Response:

Bella promises to tell you in chapter 25.  Edward has a secret of his own for chapter 24...

Reviewer: UrbanAngel (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2010 03:28 AM · On: Chapter 23

yes ronan should be upset, edward should be upset...i think bella did sth incredibly stupid...and yes, she's sick...but what exactly did  she try to achieve by that? don't get it. at least with edwards fuck ups i understood why. with bella - not so much. and she seriously right now pisses me off even though i get that this is hard ...or so i think at least...

Author's Response:

She's quite literally losing it....  Looking for punishment...  Her guilt is about to make her explode.  A part of her wanted to be found, and suffer consequences.  It was seeing the consequences for Edward and Ronan that made her snap out of it and realize how stupid that errant thought was. 

Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 03:00 PM · On: Chapter 23

Dammit I need answers

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 12:31 PM · On: Chapter 23

great chapter

Reviewer: HopeStreet (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 11:29 AM · On: Chapter 23

As I've said before, this is one story that I have trouble guessing where you are going with things.  I mean, take Rosalie, how can she "out" Bella without having back up evidence?  She's heard and misinterpreted snippets of conversation.  Ronan has been with Bella through the worst or the worse that is Bella's life the past couple of years.  He's been friends with both sides of the tragic event and he know how much Bella suffers for her lack of judgment.  He wants his friend to get better but he only sees one side up the ante in bringing distress to Bella who can't seem to find her way out of the overwhelming guilt and anger.  And your next question - I don't know how Edward is going to get through to Bella especially if buys Rosalie's story.  Why would he want to bother?  See, you've got me not confused but not really knowing which way to think.

Author's Response:

I've intentionally been incredibly 'both ways' about Rosalie's role in this story, especially as of late.  Most of the characters have a story they need to tell, or something they need to come to terms with.  Rosalie, once a royal bitch, is attempting to make amends; why she's so hardened is explained down the road a teeny bit.  She means well, truly.  That said, I think people will be a little surprised when she speaks to Edward in how she approaches what she believes she knows.

Ronan has been her friend for over 2 years now, watching her slowly slide into a black hole that he can never seem to pull her out of.  He also has his own emotional baggage, and I think Bella forgets that in her own pain.  To clarify a bit in case, he's not mad at her, per se; he loves her like a sister, and would die for her.  But he also feels like he's been beating his head off a wall for a very long time, and is emotionally exhausted.  He sort of needs Edward to step up and help him with her, because he needs to recharge.  He's been walking a tightrope like Charlie, where he's trying not to take sides, but is being forced to now, and he's pissed that everyone can't just chill out.  Don't worry; he'll make sure Bella gets it.

Thank you for such a thoughtful review; I'm glad to know that I am puzzling people in the exact ways I intend to.  The next three chapters are extremely pivotal, and a lot will come together.


Reviewer: Leenf (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 11:23 AM · On: Chapter 23

wow this was very very good chapter

keep up the grae work and post soon

bye bye

Reviewer: MissDarkAngel (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 11:05 AM · On: Chapter 23

This is an amazing chapter, I've been on the edge of my seat (couch) the whole time. Eventhough part of it was to be expected, you never know what's really going to go down.

I've been waiting for Rose to talk to Edward the last few chapters, and I cant wait to read it.

I love how you've used Muse in this chapter and am curious if there's going to be more of it... You know I enjoy them.. :D

Author's Response:

Oh I adore Muse!  They'll drift in and out of the playlist for sure, especially soon. 

I've been both looking forward to and dreading the next three chapters for a very, very long time.  I just realized I began writing this story a year ago, and I've known what these next few chapters would hold since last fall!  But it's going to be satisfying to see the story reach its intended crescendoes...

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2010 09:52 AM · On: Chapter 23

Great chapter!

I'm glad that Edward and Ronan got there before anything too bad could happen.

With your warning for the next chapter, I hope that Edward lets Bella explain before he jumps to conclusions.

Looking forward to your next update!

Author's Response:

I think the conversation Rose and Edward have will be very surprising... 

Reviewer: readergoof (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 04:18 PM · On: Chapter 22

cant wait

Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 03:39 PM · On: Chapter 22

omg update soon

Reviewer: roxnroll (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 09:30 AM · On: Chapter 22

Oh Crap!!!! Obviously Rachel died, but was it an accident..I know that I have to wait for that answer, but it's driving me crazy.For that many people to hate her, it must have been something bad.

I'm thinking an accident and they just don't know all of the details.

Did Sam just knock her out?


Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 09:06 AM · On: Chapter 22

I hope Edward and Charlie get there soon!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: DrSnuggles (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 08:23 AM · On: Chapter 22

yay! great chapter! pls throw as the next one as quickly? love u being unemployed! (apart from the obvious downsides of it of course- but my purely selfish FF-h00r mind is definately grateful!)

Reviewer: cbzoo813 (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 04:41 AM · On: Chapter 22

still is a mystery to me

Reviewer: acullen-masen (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 03:46 AM · On: Chapter 22


OMG!!! worried right now...I know Bella has to deal with her own demons now, but I keep thinking what might happen to Edward if anything happens to her...I feel that their are lives so linked that one can't live without the other...

So please post the next chapter soon!!!


Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 03:42 AM · On: Chapter 22

great chapter....

Reviewer: orangemonkey (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 03:10 AM · On: Chapter 22

Very sad that her relationship with her father is so impacted ...


Good chapter.  Look forward to the backstory. Good luck with your job search!

Reviewer: HopeStreet (Signed) · Date: September 07, 2010 02:26 AM · On: Chapter 22

For this story, I am not a good guesser.  I mean, Sam knocked into Bella - who would have thought that could happen?  No matter how mad they are - to do that and probably more to Charlie's daughter?  Every Twiight story update I receive, I keep hoping it's yours.

Reviewer: east_C_anthem04 (Signed) · Date: September 06, 2010 07:54 AM · On: Chapter 21

I. Love. This. Story.

I pretty much can't put it any other way. You're amazing at writing and I can't wait for the next chapter! =]

Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2010 11:12 AM · On: Chapter 21

I have no clue. Jake maybe?

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2010 09:58 AM · On: Chapter 21

This was an excellent chapter!

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: Estar (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2010 08:20 AM · On: Chapter 1

ooooh angst, undying love, I love it x

Reviewer: HopeStreet (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2010 07:42 AM · On: Chapter 21

I am sure the mystery guy is Jake.  I don't have high hopes for this "meeting."  Bella isn't in the best place right now.

Reviewer: roxnroll (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2010 07:18 AM · On: Chapter 21

I'm assuming that she went to talk to Charlie, but now I'm not so sure.

I can't wait to read the next chapter.


Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: September 04, 2010 06:32 AM · On: Chapter 21

great chapter

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