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Reviewer: mara west (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 07:24 PM · On: Chapter 28

read this in 2 days...hope you update fast! Don't let Bella do anything stupid!

Reviewer: sassygrl0982 (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 05:51 PM · On: Chapter 28

okay so i waited till i read everything you had here before i reviewed... all i can say is.... incredable!! I really hope you update soon!! I absolutely love your story!! To say that it had me in tears a few times is an understatment!! I know how it is to feel that down, that low and just wanting the pain and anguish to stop... I feel touched by your story is so many ways... To see that I finally reached your most updated chapter broke my heart!! So I am begging of you to you update soon!! Pleading!!

Reviewer: roxnroll (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 01:41 PM · On: Chapter 28

OH MY GOD!!!! I can't believe that she's actually considering killing herself.

I was also really surprised that she's gone to see Jake and I can't wait to find out his reaction to her story, if he will listen to her.

You're right... definitely one hell of a ride. Good thing I'm wearing my seat belt!!!!!


Reviewer: TeriAnn (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 01:19 PM · On: Chapter 28

Great chapter as always, I'm glad Ronan was able to talk some sense into Edward.. can't wait to see what happens with Jake. x

Reviewer: DrSnuggles (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 01:05 PM · On: Chapter 1

I probably haven't asked (and don't know if i should :/ ) but i guess you are...better? I'm still fucked up - not in the scale of Bella and Edward tho! - but i think my ideal therapist would be a mix of Michelle and Andy! that'd be perfect for me! i like Andy's no nonsense ;) but think i'd get miffed at the same time! (but then who doesn't when you basically get proved wrong about your own life!?) but i really like that you do have "real stuff" behind this story- makes it credible- especially for someone that has a little (stress little) ya!

Author's Response:

I don't mind being asked; I'm better, but always a work in progress.  A lot better than before, though, absolutely.  <3

Reviewer: DrSnuggles (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 12:39 PM · On: Chapter 28

I'm baaaack! ;)
So for this one:
*Ronan really did give Edward a few choice words- and not just about Bella.
* Bella really has gotten herself a good therapist! - Hope my next one will be too, cos the other one was all granola too! not my kinda shit...
*oooh Bella locked up would be NO good idea! she'd be there for quite sometime! you know once you're in an all...and that'd kill Edward too!
*awww Edward's got a broken nose - I'll kiss it better for him!
*and Bella telling Jake the truth about what really happened, dispelling all the assumptions she's let hang out there for the taking - i'll be waiting for that one! For one, what will she actually say, and for seconds; what the fuck will Jake say? and what will he say to/do about the quilote-pack? interesting :) So, my 2nd review - but hey! it was a bloody long one- and one with new points of view! ...i think...? hehe

Author's Response:

You are amazing!  Michelle is based on a therapist I had at a very bad time in my life.  She was really, really good to me, just the right mix of hard and soft, and very relatable.

As for Bella and Jake, I think most people will be shocked about how things play out there...*schemes* 

Edward's poor face is a mess.  Carlisle's going to have to tidy up that nose.

Reviewer: Leenf (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 11:26 AM · On: Chapter 28

wow very very good chapter keep up the great work and post soon

bye bye

Reviewer: Mistress Voodoo Barbie (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 07:57 AM · On: Chapter 1

I have lived and breathed this story for the last couple of days as I have spent every available minute reading it!! I love it. I love that you have introduced some new names to the mix and I love the way the characters just flow from the page.
What I didn't love was finding out that this is a WIP!! what am I going to do while I wait for you to update?!! Oh yeah. Write... Oops.

Seriously though, love it and can unfortunately relate to this story. I think you have tackled some very sensitive subjects very well.

Author's Response:

I will do my very best, I promise, to keep updating weekly...  At least you found me after the four month hiatus, right?  That would have driven you mad! :)

I'm glad it's doing the job well.  I, too, relate all too well to a lot of the material in this story, so it has always been my goal to do the characters justice, even if they're not always lovable.  Because when you're depressed, you can be downright infuriating at times!  Underneath, though, these two need to be loved, and deserve it.


Reviewer: belachia (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 07:04 AM · On: Chapter 28

wow~ i'm glad it was ronan that showed up!~ he totally made good on his promise to kick edwards ass...waiting on the next chapter...

Reviewer: SeeMyEvil (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 01:05 AM · On: Chapter 28

Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train. Help I'm alive my heart keeps beating like a hammer...

Author's Response:

Metric is epic.  *sings along with you*

Reviewer: freefelli (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2010 01:00 AM · On: Chapter 28

Wow. Ronan acted exactly like I wished he would do ( minus the first punch :)). I'm really glad that you didn't make them have a physical fight, the way he handled the situation was so much better, he really helped Edward instead of just giving him more guilt and pain. And you have done such a great job with Bella's carchterisation. The way she thinks, the way she acts, it's so realistic and moving that it's almost too painful to read.  It's also brave of her to face Jakob, hopefully something good will come out of it. And although I understand her fear to be hospitalized I think that it would be good for her so she can get more help with all her problems and learn new "techniques" to handled tough situations in life.

On another note I would just like to say that I have found some great artists on your Blipfm site, some of them I listen to daily now. So thank you for that and thank you for this amazing chapter!!!!

Author's Response:

I am such a music addict, that everything I write is influenced by it.  I always have playlists and love sharing them.  I've had some great songs thrown at me because of this story, too, so it's awesome!  Which ones are you liking best?  Tweet me/msg me

Ronan deserved his punch, I think; he's like big brother to Bella.  But he's a good guy, so it was just that one punch. 

Bella needs serious treatment, but she's not ready.  Her one motivation to get better was Edward, so she's feeling like it's too much work, too hard, no good reason...  I understand her.  I've been her, only not quite as off the rails.  And facing Jacob is definitely something she needs to do, even if she doesn't understand how good it is for her.

Reviewer: DrSnuggles (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 11:31 PM · On: Chapter 28

ok, so can i review A LOT of times?? hehe
but, seriously...i'm liking this angst riddled bit! Still looking forward to a very juicy making-up lemon tho! but it's really good we're starting to get some flesh on the bone here! Can't wait to hear what Jacob will do/say. And what Edward will say. Well that Bella will forgive him (easily) there's no doubt about, Alice now on the other hand will be a force to be reckoned with! But she's not one to bear a grudge either, especially not with Edward. She was clever setting stuff up with Ronan tho ;)

Author's Response:

I'm pretty sure Alice and Ronan drew straws to see who could punch Edward.  LOL.  It's a possibility for another lost moment.

Alice understands her brother, but Bella's fast become her best female friend.  She's in the middle and it's hard not to pick a side.  But we'll hear from Alice again in chapter 30... Chapter 29 is primarily La Push.  Jacob will be...  interesting.

Reviewer: MissDarkAngel (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 08:58 PM · On: Chapter 28

I read this a couple of hours ago (when I woke up at 2.30AM and couldn't get back to sleep) and I soooo loved it!

Finally someone called Edward on his shit and it landed!
I have a little trouble with the timeframe though... The whole leaving Bella, Getting drunk all the time, going to Andy and getting more drunk, felt like a lot more than two days to me... From Bella's point of view too...

I was so happy, when I read Edward went to see Bella, but my heart fell when Bella ran out of Michelle's office...
I rewally thought she was gonna try and kill herself right then, but thankgod she didnt...

I am anxious to see what happens with Jake...
If he's not to much OOC, he will listen to Bella and somehow understand what she has to say, but you never know...

Keep going, I love this story and your writing!



Author's Response:

I have a timeline in my outline... LOL...  I'm nerdy down to the five minutes.  It really wasn't long at all.  For these two, however, it feels like years.  And besides, would Alice be able to hold Ronan back for more than 24 hours?  ;)  Nuh uh.  He's Irish!

Here's the timeline:

Sept 28th, 11pm approx - Edward abandons Bella

11:45pm - Alice, Jasper and Charlie find her.

Sept 29th at 4:38am - Edward is already drunk.  Lovely, Edward

Sept 29th at 11am - Bella wakes up from being sedated.  Spends day in bed.  Alice comes over that night and they have a sleepover.  During the evening, Bella cuts herself in the bathroom.

Sept 30th at 1pm - Edward is still drunk when he arrives for therapy.  Andy boots him at about 1:20pm.  Edward notices the text message from Alice saying she'll make him talk.

Sept 30th at 2:15pm - Ronan picks up Bella.  In the hour before this, he's been talking to Alice.

Sept 30th at approx. 4:10pm - Ronan drops Bella off and heads to Edward's place.

Sept 30th 4:30pm - Bella's appointment starts late because Michelle is having a conference call about a patient.

4:50pm - Bella escapes as Ronan and Edward step into the elevator.

6pm - Bella arrives in La Push.


As for Jake, we're going to find out that what Leah and Sam say doesn't quite match up with what Jacob knows...

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 07:15 PM · On: Chapter 28

I'm glad that Edward realized his mistake and is trying to fix it. Hopefully Bella won't try and kill herself before she can get help.

I have a feeling this meeting with Jake will badly...

Looking forward to your next update! (Oh, thanks for the quick update!)

Reviewer: HopeStreet (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 07:14 PM · On: Chapter 28

What an amazing update!  It gave me what I wanted (Ronan vs. Edward with Edward down for the count), and it gave me what I didn't expect with Bella running away and into the arms of more harm (?).  I never tell authors to update soon, but this is an exception - Please update soon and put me out of my misery!  I gotta know what happens to Bella!

Author's Response:

I really, really wanted to let Ronan step up, not only because he would be no bullshit, but because he needed to atone a teeny bit for getting frustrated with Bella when she went to La Push and Sam and Paul found her there.  Edward needed someone to literally shake him up.  Since I am not a character, I let my favourite ink artist do it. ;)

Bella is in a mindset of nothing to lose... and also, saying goodbyes...  Neither of which is a good thing...

Reviewer: jettyheartsyou (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 06:57 PM · On: Chapter 28

The heartbreak continues. I'm so wrapped up in Bella's anguish! What a great chapter... and I'm glad Edward is coming to his senses. Ronan is like a friend that I wished I had. He never has enough with all this taking care of Bella's mess does he? It's refreshing. And the ending of this chapter was a definite twist. I was not expecting that one. 

I hope we get enough reviews for the outtakes!!! Jasper is a favorite of mine... I'd love to that one...

Author's Response:

The lovely MissDarkAngel guessed Jasper could be at the door last chapter, and it hadn't occurred to me to even consider him as an option... But now?  I can see it!  Alice was always a 50/50 chance of being there, and I just love the thought of her punching Edward.  We are well on our way to enough reviews for both.

I've hinted to people that we'd see La Push once more in the main storyline, but I held that pretty close to the chest.  I've known since January that it was coming to this moment.  I very much look forward to seeing it play out. 

Ronan... I always see him as saving Bella to save himself.  He's been where she is, and pulled out with his art and a few good friends.  He's still a little troubled, though.  Keeping Bella safe is his way of reminding himself how important it is that he keeps living and stays strong.  He's trying to save his mother by saving her, in a way.  He's just more stable than Edward, so he doesn't run.

Reviewer: olsson82 (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 06:56 PM · On: Chapter 28

great chapter.....

Reviewer: kikirev (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 06:40 PM · On: Chapter 28

What a fantastic chapter!  Ronan was perfect...he was furious and upset with Edward but also a good friend to him at the same time.  I'm still so disappointed that Edward got her to trust him and then left her like that, so desperate and vulnerable.  I can't imagine leaving someone I love in such need like that.  I understand what he was going through on an intellectual level but not with my heart.  Even though she does not blame him for it, I don't see how she can trust in his love for her or get past that painful blow to her fragile self-worth any time soon.   

Loved the poignancy of the end when Bella is driving to see Jake and says it will be her last confession.  Still wiping my eyes.  The suspense and build up in this chapter was perfect from a story standpoint and you're doing a wonderful job with the characterizations.  I've never experienced anything like what Bella and Edward have but I can feel it and understand their reactions and motivations because of your writing.  Thanks so much for updating this story!

Author's Response:

Bella blames herself for everything, like Ronan says.  But trust will be very hard for her to rebuild.  Michelle tried to play devil's advocate and suggest to her that maybe he was overwhelmed and she shouldn't give up, but Bella's a mess.

Ronan is a good guy at heart... He won't kick a man when he's down and he quickly realized that Edward was already on the ground when he showed up.  He wants these two to work out.  He knows they have the potential to be great for each other... if they heal.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review!  It means so much to me.

Reviewer: Shonla (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 06:28 PM · On: Chapter 28

Omg. Great chapter.

Reviewer: lilangel_me (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:57 PM · On: Chapter 28

So excited to see another chhapter - can you say suspense!!  Oh my I am excited and nervouse to see what will happen now. Thanks for continuing to write, I am invested in seeing how this story ends.  As my personal story has similar feels, I understand the ending can never completely be "Happy" but I hope this story comes to a (as I like to say) Glad and peacefull conitnuation of life. 

Author's Response:

These two will always have to be mindful that happiness takes work, but they can be happy, if they try...  I've asked them to try.  Let's see where they take me next.

Reviewer: Striking Green Eyes (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 05:07 PM · On: Chapter 28

WOW.   And can I just say that you are my FAVORITE DJ on blip fm?  You introduced me to it and the ForkedUp Channel just has really awesome songs.  You have really good taste in music.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I have to thank my parents, who raised me on almost every genre.  It's made me love music so completely that I have a stupid collection that never stops growing.  It's encouraged me to look for indie artists a lot more than most people.  Music always influences my writing, so I thought I'd let the characters blip through some of the songs that I'm loving in particularl now.



Reviewer: tinaconnor (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 03:20 PM · On: Chapter 28

You are seriously killing me with this story.  So many near misses at chances to make things right.  I hope that Edward and Ronan guess right on where Bella is, there is no forgiveness in Jake, at least none that I have seen in this story so far.  Please update soon.  The angst is killing me

Author's Response:

There's a long understood notion in treating mental illness that things get worse before they get better, because you start to actually face your demons.  This story has been mirroring that.  These two need to hit rock bottom, so they can bounce up and out of their misery.  Remember:  nowhere to go but up (soon, I promise!) 

Reviewer: readergoof (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 03:18 PM · On: Chapter 28

run edward run

Reviewer: Ingenuity15 (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2010 03:09 PM · On: Chapter 28

You did not just stop it there?! Well I cried again, no surprise there, and for some reason I feel I'm going to be doing a lot more of it in the next few chapters. I know you probably have a life outside of writing this story, but I would really love it if you updated really really soon!


Author's Response:

I am on a roll with it, and I've wrapped a story recently.  I'm hoping to get 29 up before my fiance's long weekend off for his birthday/Thanksgiving (Canadian here - ours is October).  I know, I'm a cliffy bitch. I'm really looking forward to Jake and Bella's encounter so it shouldn't be too long.  Thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: annetted (Signed) · Date: October 04, 2010 11:30 PM · On: Chapter 27

Hey sweets

What a terrible mess these 2 are. What Andy said obviously did penetrate Doucheward's head. He knows how badly he's hurt Bella but that obviously wasn't enough for him to do something about it. He does have enormous amount of guilt that he's carrying around, totally uncessarily & he needs to get rid of that before he & Bella can have a healthy relationship. I'm glad Ronan's gone over there to beat the ever living shit out of him. I'm not sure how B & E get back to where they were. They both need to deal with the grief & guilt in a healthy way.

Loving your story.


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