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Reviews For The Dating Game
Reviewer: DazedNCnfused (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2009 03:31 PM · On: Blue

You haven't abandoned this story, have you? :(

Author's Response:

I'm still writing it! I've just been away for a month and RL has been a kicker. I will come back to it, I promise :)

Reviewer: Browns (Signed) · Date: October 31, 2009 05:36 AM · On: Blue

OMG I just realized that all the players have now been introduced.  I also just noticed that each photograph has a one word caption below.

I can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: diamondtopaz (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2009 09:52 PM · On: Blue

I really want Bella to actually meet Edward (for real) already!

But great work so far- but is she ditching Jasper now, with Emmett??

Anyyyhooo, please update soon!

Reviewer: wendeline (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2009 06:40 PM · On: Blue

love it.

Reviewer: sanglin (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2009 02:54 AM · On: Blue

Player play And that devil song has caught everyone, including my very "manly" best guy friend. Its rather humorous to hear him singing it.

Author's Response:

It would be even better to see him dance to it! It's atrociously addictive.

Reviewer: serena_heart_moon_4ever (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2009 01:28 AM · On: Blue

Love it! Update quickly!

Author's Response:

Thank you! Next one's coming up fast!

Reviewer: Simonelecochon (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2009 08:31 PM · On: Blue

This is a fun story, can't wait for more.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I've got another update right on the way!

Reviewer: yvonne385 (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2009 05:39 PM · On: Blue

Reviewer: DazedNCnfused (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2009 05:03 PM · On: Blue

I was so excited when I logged in and this story was updated!

I love how you are working every character(even the ones that didn't have a big part in the books)into the story, how they each have their own little part to play. Very creative. :)

Can't wait for the next one!

(I love your Jake, by the way. I love his cocky/goofiness.)

Author's Response:

Thanks Dazed!

I absolutely adore my Jake, in a strange love/hate sort of way. There will be a lot of characters in this story, and the major ones still have yet to make an appearance. But they will all be there!

Reviewer: JW11 (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2009 02:58 PM · On: Blue

Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: October 04, 2009 01:01 AM · On: Prologue to Getting Laid

Oh my....she FINGERED him, or gave him the finger???? :)

Love the banter between Jake and Bella - man, he pisses her off! But in a love you/hate you kinda good way. :)

Hmmm....Jasper's accent, soft locks....shit, I'd tap that!!!

Author's Response:

She gave him the finger...but you've put some lemony ideas in my head o.O LOL.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: October 04, 2009 12:56 AM · On: Girls

damn...Jasper gets me GOIN!!!!!    Is Bella gonna schmex him up??? pleeeeease????

Author's Response:

I love Jasper, although I never really liked boys with Southern accents. Jackson Rathbone is a hottie, though. As for J/B lovin', you'll have to keep reading to find out! :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: October 04, 2009 12:50 AM · On: Fuck Buddies

Oooh, wish I could see Jake's sexy dance 8)  Can't wait 'til that boy's 18, 'cause ya know, he's just waiting for an old cougar like me!! >:>

Author's Response:

LOL, his sexy dance was inspired by an old boyfriend!

Reviewer: wendeline (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 03:16 PM · On: Prologue to Getting Laid

love it.

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Reviewer: Browns (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2009 11:41 PM · On: Prologue to Getting Laid

Okay you have to tell me if there are some deep down feelings from Bella's roommate.  The outburst just seems too intense.

Is he jealous of Jasper?  I smell unrequited love I right?

Author's Response:

I can't give anything away, but this begs the question: can guys and girls really be just friends? o.O

Hehe. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: DazedNCnfused (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2009 04:18 PM · On: Prologue to Getting Laid

Lol, this chapter cracked me up! Loved this line: She wondered if it would be inappropriate to say ‘Sorry, long year and I haven’t had my sex fix, could you pass me your big cock?’

This is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Lol, I love the interaction between Bella and Jake. The many years they've spent around each other definitely shows. I hope they end up together *waggle eyesbrows*

I can't help myself... I'm a HUGE Jake/Bella shipper, so I'm hoping my hints will pay off, haha. But either way, I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response:

Haha, thanks DazedNCnfused. I like to include what Bella is thinking, since I decided against POV's. Other characters' thoughts will be revealed in the near future, too, so stay tuned! And yes, J&B's closeness is apparent, who knows, it could get complicated ;)

I certainly have a favorite when it comes to Team J/Team E, but I won't give it away...yet. My personal preference won't affect the outcome of the story, though.

Reviewer: andi_girl24 (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2009 03:30 PM · On: Prologue to Getting Laid

This chapter was quite amusing.  I'm excited to see how the date goes.  Please update soon!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! The story's been a lot of fun to write so far. I've already submitted the next chapter. Hopefully it gets validated soon! :)

Reviewer: lilac17 (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2009 03:16 PM · On: Girls

I loved Bella's interaction with the boys and how playful they are. I'm guessing that Edward is the prick with lots of money and an Aston Martin. I'm excited to see what's going to happen now!

Author's Response:

I always enjoy the company of boys over girls for some reason. I'm glad you like it. Was I too obvious about the prick with the Aston Martin? Hehe.

Reviewer: illtakeemmett (Signed) · Date: September 27, 2009 12:30 AM · On: Girls

What a Great Story! I am anxious to see where this goes :) Also I love the Banner for it

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! The banner is very amateur, I'm not very good with photoshop! But thank you! :)

Reviewer: DazedNCnfused (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2009 11:48 PM · On: Girls

This is definitely different and interesting. I'm curious to see where this leads. I'm definitely going to favorite this.

Hope to read more soon! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: moracres (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2009 02:33 PM · On: Girls

wohoo! i like how it has been going so far, so keep up the good work :D

actually if more people hear about this, I think you have a chance at top-ten!!

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you! Feel free to spread the word :)

Reviewer: wendeline (Signed) · Date: September 14, 2009 08:34 PM · On: Girls

i love it.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: andi_girl24 (Signed) · Date: September 14, 2009 04:25 PM · On: Girls

I'm liking your sassy Bella.  Please update soon!

Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm adding new chapters as often as I can! I've got the first five done. :)

Reviewer: Kaiya87 (Signed) · Date: September 14, 2009 03:36 PM · On: Girls


I will definitely be looking forward for more. I like a tough bella... she rocks my socks!!! HAHAHA

Author's Response:

Tough Bella is way more fun than meek Bella...she won't take shit from no man! ...or will

Reviewer: chrissy_tigger (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2009 01:10 AM · On: Fuck Buddies

i like it so far...keep going i want to see what happens next.

oh...and i love the idea of a man-whore Jake :D

Author's Response:

Thank you. I like man-whore Jake, too! There might be a lot of man-whoring in this

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