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Reviews For Need to Escape
Reviewer: EMCullen17 (Signed) · Date: January 27, 2010 03:23 AM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

I can't tell you how much I love this story! I love the dynamics with the family--great little outing.

Can't wait for RPOV.

Author's Response:

thanks so much! there are more family times to come... christmas is just around the corner!

and the RPOV... i can't wait either! heehe

thanks my dear!



Reviewer: biddyswife (Signed) · Date: January 27, 2010 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Wow, another hottie. Can't believe how this story keeps sucking me in each chapter. RobJen getting naughty outside in the cold was HOT! Can't wait to see how they warm up, hee hee hee.  Love it. Looking forward to the tree decorating and the girls day out. Please post soon.  (BTW I live near Guildford and loved your description of the landscape etc!! Very accurate, have you been here?)

Really excited about the RPOV for this story, should be great, hopefully with lots of hot lemons! Can't wait to read it.  

Author's Response:

Thanks deary!

I have actually not been to Guildford... Google is a wonderful thing... but in researching for christmas tree farms i found the Santa Fir tree farm south of Guildford... and fell in love with Guildford as i searched... there is a church on a winding road that is somewhere in Guildford that i have fallen in love with in my image searches... that is the one Jen sees.... such a beautiful place... I WILL go there someday....

The RPOV will have as many lemons as this story...only in Robs perspective...hehehehe... oh that naughty boy!

thanks my dear!

more very soon!



Reviewer: kbrendon (Signed) · Date: January 27, 2010 01:03 AM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

loved this chapter ;) made me feel like it was christmas all over again. I know what i want for christmas next year Rob. Please post the next chapter soon. As always love this story i find myself checking everyday to see if you have updated and it always brings a smile to my face when you do thanks

Author's Response:

Thanks my dear! 

so glad you are enjoying! and it was like christmas without the clean up! hahahaha!

Will be submitting the next chapter today or tomorrow. so maybe we'll have it for the weekend?

thanks My dear!



Reviewer: Brumbear (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 11:51 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

It's great to see Rob and Jen settling into Pattinson family life. Her story is heartbreaking enough already!

Sexy times are always good, they're like horny teenagers who can't keep their hands of eachother! Looking forward to some sex exploration between them.

I would like them to talk some more about their futures. It would be great fun to see their jawslacked reaction to Clare or even better Mr P. asking for grandchildren in the near future. Although that would be a charged question.

Looking forward to Nick groveling and public knowledge!


Author's Response:


yeah... i don't think we will have too many more sad skeletons in Jen's closet... We have learned about just about everyone now...

she can only look ahead..and that's with Rob- so how sad could it possibly be....smiles....

thanks for enjoying their sexy times... really these two need to take a breather...hahaha...maybe by february!

more discussions about their future are definitely coming up...Christmas always brings those kind of discussions around, don't they? smirk

Oh and Nick.. you all are just dying to see nick squirm! hehehe... after the new year i promise.... (that just sounds weird...)

thanks for all your support my dear!



Reviewer: Sarahcini (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:47 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

awwww that was such a sweet chapter.....and that place sounds sooo beautiful!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much my dear!

Doesn't it sound really cool! and it actually exists just south of Guildford!

thanks so much for the review!


Reviewer: TraceyJ (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:22 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Great Chapter...I am so curious why Clare and the sisters (love your name for them by the way) are so anxious to get her out of the house....What do Rob and Mr. P need to talk about? Hmmm...oh! It just hit me....maybe Nick? Can't wait!!!  Look forward to the RPOV story....

Author's Response:

Hmmmm. what indeed...father son talk? Rob's future? just some testosterone time under the hood of the stang? or maybe a lecture to keep it in his pants once in a while... hmmmm.....


we'll see....or maybe the girls want to grill JEN?

thanks my dear! I am excited about the RPOV story! can't wait to get it going!

thanks for the read and review!




Reviewer: Emrae Penne Degrah (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:18 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

it always stops when i want more....

Author's Response:

oh I know... i'm so sorry... but i needed to break it up a bit... they idea of a 20k chapter was daunting...

but there is hope... always a fast turnaround! 

more soon! 

promise! thanks my dear!



Reviewer: farawaymomo (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:15 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Ok seriously I want that family! Who wouldn't?They're amazing. Jen has the saddest stories... she deserves some good stuff now.

Reviewer: farawaymomo (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:14 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Ok seriously I want that family! Who wouldn't?They're amazing. Jen has the saddest stories... she deserves some good stuff now.

Author's Response:

they are wonderful aren't they!? goodness... where's the hidden skeletons?

and yes.. Jen deserves some happy...Yay for Rob being there for her! I think happy times will be in her future!

thanks my dear!



Reviewer: twibrarian88 (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

I'm so excited that you're going to do RPOV!  I've loved the snippets you've provided so far, and I'll be especially anxious to see the early days together and his POV when they're separated.


This chapter was so sweet, and Cedward's speech in the maze was adorable.  Thanks, Steph!

Author's Response:

thanks my dear!

yes the RPOV will be a parallel story to this... chapter for chapter for the most part (except where we already see RPOV here)

I may even throw in a Nick POV while Rob is in LA...hmmmmm.

so glad you liked this chapter, oh how i love CEDWARD... hehe. 

thank you my dear! 

more soon!


Reviewer: blondieja (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:52 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Loved the tree farm!!!!  It was great, Steph.  I can only wait patiently for the next one.  I love how you write Rob and Jen.  It seems real.  Some authors you read make you want to think, "no way" but I think you really capture their emotions.

Thanks for sharing....heres to some one-on-one time!!!!YAY!!!!!


Author's Response:

Thanks so much Jen!

i can only hope that how I portray ROBJEN comes across as genuine... so it means so much to me when you say it does..SO THANK YOU!

the next one may be up by end of the weekend? maybe?

and yes.. some more one on one time (snickers) is on its way!




Reviewer: laurelbarnes (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:51 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Love the tree hunting adventure!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much! 

wouldn't that be awesome with his family!

we used to do it as kids (it wasn't nearly as sexy rob around...sigh)

and this tree farm actually exists in Surrey! very exciting!

thanks for the review and rating!



Reviewer: bommarkm (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:47 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Loved it!  I just love how to write his family.  They are just too much fun.

And the sexin in the cold outdoors was hot!

You and Beautiful Distraction totally rock for getting this out so quick.

Author's Response:

Beautiful Distraction is the best beta ever! she totally rocks!

I owe all my fast turnarounds to her...

so glad you like the family.. I heart them so... 

and mmmm cold outdoor sexing.. can't wait for these 2 in a warmer climate... maybe a boat... or a beach... wow....


thanks for the review and rating my dear!



Reviewer: jarielynn (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:31 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Awesome chapter!! Loved the Harry Potter reference and Rob's answering "You know I did, Jen." OMG! This chapter was so great because I lughed my ass offf and we had some sadness- Jen's bro and wondering why her.. Plus warm fuzzy times with family.. Just wonderful..

2 fave parts- 1)Robs crack showing... ahahahah... and Jen's teasing... very cute- again LMAO 2)Rob in a beanie, jen on his lap, Rob's hand in her pants... GAH!! What a picture... sigh... (Making me shiver even thinking about it now..mmmm)

Author's Response:

LOL! thanks my dearest!

sigh,, i have been dying to make a snarky HP reference! glad you liked it! and his response... he can defiinitely keep up with Jen!

Yeah... Jen has had a sucky life, but she has become the lovely girl she is by having it... And the Patti clan has welcomed her in so well, maybe she will actually be able to have something she never had before...

Rob in a beanie... jen on his lap... yeah... that would be nice... *faraway look begins*

thanks my dear!



Reviewer: Laura Cullen (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:24 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Aw, love ya bb!  Just great!

Author's Response:

heehee... I would have gone there Laura! but pine trees are itchy and scratchy.... heeheeheee

Love you more!

thanks for the review!



Reviewer: KalifDee (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 08:02 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Damn the cold! Up against a tree would have been FANTABULOUS!! lol. Too bad it wasn't Arbor Day they were celebrating!!

Love it as usual..duh!

For your RPOV are you doing the whole thing? I was just hoping for a few chaps!


Author's Response:

hehe! yeah up against the tree was hoped for.. but it was like 40 degrees out there! I don't want Rob getting frost bite....coughcough

heehee..I was saving them till they got someplace warm....

Yes... I intended on the RPOV's to be just outtakes of particular chapters at first.. but it has blossomed into a parallel story... Complete chapters... the first 11 are currently written... phew...that only leaves... what? 40 more? omg... i need more coffee...

but yes it will be a full story... we may even get a Nick POV thrown in there...maybe....

Thanks my dear!



Reviewer: KrisB (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 07:52 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

There were too many out-loud guffaws in this one to capture them all, but I dearly loved the trip to the Tree Farm.

The plumber line was so funny I'm still chuckling just thinking about it.  And the question about the wand - did she sign up for the straight-man part, because, really, Jen!  But all of the double, triple, and quadruple entendres were excellent.  I love how Liz and Victoria get under his skin.  He's SUCH a classic little brother.

I wonder what the girls have in store for her, but more importantly, I wonder what business it is that the boys have to attend to that requires the girls to distract her.  And the line about everyone putting down their balls!  Hah!  Hmmm... I'm just a curious sort.  I am also very intrigued by the "Isle of Why" teaser.  That's just delightful.  I need you to erase the stuff I have from there now and replace it with a better vision of the New Year.

Thanks for the update, Steph.  Fabulous as always.  And, although it goes without saying, I guess our boy's pretty insatiable, huh?  Too much!  I love it.

Author's Response:

LOL! yay! for loud guffawing! i gotta try to balance the angst filled sexing with a little humor... glad you liked it!

oh yes.. the plumber joke.. i bet he has a very nice plumbers crack... just saying....

I had to go there with the wand...  LOL!

AHHHH... yes.. why would the girls need to take her out and leave the boys alone? hmmmm. something must be going on....

oh...Isle of's in the distance...but it HAS been written.... I have an answer to the famous Isle of wight... yes i do...

sigh..yeah.. you'd think that 23 year old would tucker out.... really....

i'm not complaining.... i just would think...hehehe

thanks my dearest! 



Reviewer: CanadianCullen (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 07:41 PM · On: Chapter 30- O Christmas Tree

Hooray!  2 lemons where they could get caught by the fam at any time (naughty naughty!)...

"The list"...

Nutcrackers... (too funny!)

Rob with his 'wand' in the maze...

Another Dr. Who and Mr. Tennant reference...

Big smiles on my face at the end of this Chapter Steph!

Your updates still make my day!



Author's Response:

HAHA! Thanks so much Terri!

I had a lot of fun (and coffee) for this one.... and I am really happy that Jen is starting to come into her own with the family...

Rob and his wand... i had to go there... i think now that she is feeling comfortable and they are really getting to know one another... we are going to start seeing real interactions.. joking... talking... even annoying little things... (like does Rob snore, or drool when he sleeps? hmmmm)

thanks my dear! glad you liked it! more again soon!



Reviewer: Binky1 (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 10:29 AM · On: Chapter 29-Time for the Talk

I just spent 2 days reading this story and I LOVED it!!  Very well written.  I sympathized with the gut wrenching feelings that Jen went thru when she thought that Robert was "acting" and I teared up when they finally spoke on the telephone.  The New York shopping trip was every woman's dream (well this woman anyways)...  We stayed at the Hotel Roger Williams just this past December as well - how bizarre!?!?!??!!!  I can't wait for the next chapter to see how Rob reacts to the guitar and how he handles the Nick situation....Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response:


Goodness, I am always so impressed to hear of wonderful readers like you that do a marathon of this story! simply AMAAZING! so thank you!

and the roger williams?! that is weird! LOL!

Let's see... next chapter is inthe queue, althoung you may need to wait for a bit for the guitar and more Nick..but they are coming... I'm a bit of a wordy the next few chpaters will be still pre-christmas...but it just means we get more ROBJEN time with the PATTI CLAN! yea!

thank you so much for finding my story !



Reviewer: pkmarita (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2010 12:13 AM · On: Chapter 29-Time for the Talk

cant wait for the next update!!!! excellent chapter!!!

Author's Response:

Thanks my dear! 

the next chapter should be up by the weekend! yea!



Reviewer: ButterflyBullets (Signed) · Date: January 25, 2010 11:06 PM · On: Chapter 24-New York,New York

Tuxedo pants (I KNOW those pics ;) ) and Little Patty had me rolling!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this story - pure brilliance

Author's Response:


thank you so much for the read and rate! I love seeing new faces! 

I am so glad you are enjoying this story!

oh those Tuxedo pants... that poor poor boy! hehehe

ANd Little Patty! glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review! It means a lot to me!



Reviewer: jenjan24 (Signed) · Date: January 25, 2010 05:41 PM · On: Chapter 29-Time for the Talk

Another wonderful chapter:)  As always of course!  I'm so glad that they finally told him what was going on.  He needed to know..but angry Rob.  I have to say..I found it really sexy:)

I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response:

Thanks hun! yes..they finally have it out in the open! phew....

and *cough cough* yeah...angry Rob.... there is something nice about seeing him let loose

next chapter soon!



Reviewer: mizz_music (Signed) · Date: January 25, 2010 01:31 AM · On: Chapter 29-Time for the Talk

Hey Girl, sorry it's taken so long to review, my laptop died on me just go it back.

Wow....that was such a rollercoaster, but fantastically written, can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response:

thanks my dear! sorry about your laptop! glad you got it back!

next one will be up around friday I hope! 

Christmas tree shopping!




Reviewer: KrisB (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2010 06:17 PM · On: Chapter 29-Time for the Talk

So the mystery of the spike in reads in spite of the Twi server failures is solved... you are a goddess for rec'ing my little appetizer and I can't thank you enough.  I'll just keep blushing while I write my little review, because this chapter was absolutely brilliant, and I may be alone in agreeing with you: personal is personal and business is business.  So we'll start with ficNick.

Jen is so right that it needs to be Rob's decision.  Even when it is his decision there is going to be speculation (if he sacks him) that it was her decision, but they both need to be able to say that it was all him.  That being said, if I were his advisor on this one, I'd tell him he shouldn't fire him.  And not just because there's still so many opportunities to cause him pain and suffering.  I don't love the whole shopping spree thing because I think of ficNick's money as Rob's money at the end of the day, so while I get it and she needed the stuff, I don't get a lot of pleasure out of that (although I'm glad she and Liz did).  Real Nick is good at what he does and ficNick seemed to be as well.  The manager work, that is.  Now he can fire him as a friend, and for a while ficNick will have to be in a timeout as far as decision-making for Rob's personal life as a result, but he seems to have been a very good business manager.  There's got to be a blowout; ficNick has to explain himself, and he needs to see that if he were ever truly a friend he would NEVER have done anything like what he did, but then the lines need to be redrawn and Nick needs to be his manager, and JUST his manager.  At least for a while until Rob can figure out whether or not it will be possible to trust his decision-making.  He still has Stephanie, and he'll have Jen as a sounding board.  He should also hire a "Suzie" for his personal crap since ficNick shouldn't get to do that any more.  Then he'll have a buffer between him and ficNick.

At least, that's what I think.  I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Um, the boxing?  Yeah, thanks.  That was just... thanks.

The paps at the gate were quite a bummer.  They need to figure out when she's walking out with him, and then just do it. But he should give ficNick and Stephanie a heads up so they are prepared.  That part of his life has to just suck royally.  Poor Jen needs to be ready for that.  But now that she's feeling more beautiful and loved, she's getting there.  Better in London than LA is all I can say.  I really can't begin to imagine how crappy it must be to have hordes of people follow you everywhere.  Wait, what am I saying - of course I do - I'm a Verizon customer.  But my guys don't have cameras or ask me questions.

Finding the tree is going to be fun... but I'm looking forward to London date nights!  Yeah!  And now I'm all caught up so I can go sit in the corner and tap my foot like everyone else!  Off to the blog!

Fabulous, Steph!  Love it!


Author's Response:

Aww. i am happy to do it sweets! i love you story!

So fic nick... I agree on all your points... there is a lot to be dealt with on Nick's/Rob's/even Jen's part.Things will come to a head after the new year.

and yes.. he definitely needs a "suzie" he really does in RL too... sigh... where are my business cards again?

heehee... boxing...yeah... you're very welcome....smirk

The paps are unavoidable sadly,even in London... They need to figure something out it is true... and Jen is growing.. will she be ready? She really needs to be soon...

The tree is next.. and oh yeah.. should be fun! More family time to pit these two lovers against! hehehe!

thank you my dear! you are the bestest!



Reviewer: KrisB (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2010 06:13 PM · On: Chapter 28- An Evening at the Pattinson's

Of course, you know I'm not capable of just one word.  Hell, four words was almost impossible and that was because you had killed me dead.  So if I can muster four words when I'm dead, then imagine what I can/will do when I've had to reread and rereview because of Twi techfail?

This was so much fun!  I love the banter with his family, the way his mother manages to "mother" him while still letting him be an adult, and the way the rest of his family just sort of falls in line around it.  I love how much his father appreciates her love of cars.  I think when Rob gets to know her a little better, he's going to be surprised at how much of a fit she really is with his universe.  Except, of course, for the surreal part of his universe, which is lurking but happily kept at bay for this chapter.

So nice that he still has some measure of privacy in London.  I think that will lead to him letting his guard down a little, which will also give her a chance to get to know him.  It's so much fun watching their romance blossom!

And tomorrow morning we get Lizzy back!  Lizzy seems to me to be the perfect combination of her parents in personality, but with some idea of what the craziness can be like.  She strikes me as fiercely protective because she knows how quiekly it can come and go.  Like her brother, she had to learn to be wise beyond her years quiekly.  I really believe her experience is part of how he's come to grips with all of this as well as he has lately.  As we've discussed, when other influences in his life were dominant, I thought he was headed down a bad path.  It just looked like his family and friends came in and redirected him.

Finally, I'd love to know what Clare is saying to him when she comes downstairs.  I hope it's in RPOV because that had to have been an interesting conversation.  I'm also still curious as to how much he told his dad about their little strategy, since the one hour of the telly mark seemed to be a cue for Mr. P.

Okay, off to the Next!  I love this and I'm almost current *does a little dance in the corner* so I can go visit the blog soon!  And cry!  I'm looking forward to being a sad panda.  See what you've done to me???  I needed to embrace the angst to finish 37/38, so thanks!

Author's Response:

SQUEE! you are almost there! YIPPEE!

yea i think he is going to realize just how well the family loves her. Like she is a good fit with him, so shall she be with the PATTI CLAN.

They will finally be able to relax in London, and maybe even get out on the town.

yea for Lizzy! yes. with Lizzy back all sorts of fun can ensue.She is such a strong force in both their lives. It will be interesting to see how she keeps the fun going...

Oh yes.. there will be an RPOV on the Clare debate... gosh i have so much to write for ROB! GAH!

Mr. P is very observant....hehehe... it's the Pattinson way I think... you'll see. 

Yea! you'll ahve to tell me how you liked the blog... yes.. there will be some tears... i am sorry!

Yea! for 37/38! i can't wait!



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