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Reviews For The Cullen Girl
Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 09:07 PM · On: The Human in the House

“I mean...she’s like a mom to us, yeah. So we don’t look at her as being like a proper chick, yeah. ‘Cause she’s our mom...she’s not like a real woman or anything to us... Well, maybe to Carlisle...but not to us, like me or Edward or Jasper, so it’s not really the same thing is it?”

Possibly the FUNNIEST thing EVER. Hahahah. I loved that XD

And oh my god!! Bella came on. How embarrassing! Esme is lovely though, god knows what they would have done without her though!!

Author's Response:

OMG, you are the first person to pick up on that part of the chapter. How weird is that? Emmett's the kind of character who would just keep digging his own grave over a crack like that.

The men would be nothing without Esme :)

Reviewer: cag4288 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 09:01 PM · On: Blood Red

I was so excited to see that you updated!  Such a sweet chapter.  Please update soon!!

Author's Response:

Thank you, the next chapter should definitely be out a bit quicker. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: Chickey (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:57 PM · On: Blood Red

I looooooooove this story, I always get so excited when I see you update.
I really like the way Bella is adapting to the Cullens, especially Esme, despite what she's gone through because of vampires.
Any encouragement that can be given for you to continue this fantastic story, it's there! Please please please bring on more of your work...

Author's Response:

Awww, thank you. That's such a lovely thing to say. The updates will probably be every other week now, but I will try to get them out as quickly as possible. Cheers for the support, I appreciate it.

Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: caperves1979 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:50 PM · On: I Know What You Are

Lilked it.  E must be really rattled if he is spilling the beans on mind reading to a stranger.

Author's Response:

I don't think he knows what to make of a human who knows what he is so he's just going with the flow. Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: mjbabe58 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:48 PM · On: Blood Red


Poor Bella, that would be so humiliating! But thank goodness that Esme is there, she's so sweet! Love your story, can't wait for the next update, so make it fast! :)


Author's Response:

I think it's the kind of situation where you couldn't possibly not be embarrassed. Glad you're liking the fic so far. The next update will definitely be faster than the last one, I don't have so many fics in the queue now. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: caperves1979 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:45 PM · On: Prologue

Hmm...I bet I know who is picking her up.

Author's Response:

What I'd like to know is if your guess was right :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:44 PM · On: How It's Going To Be

He smiled then and for a second it was the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

*sighs* I do hope they are together. I love Jasper. He is totally awesome.

I love the bond that you have made between Emmett and Bella, and also Jasper and Bella, how she knows she has to do what he says. Edward can go run away for all I care.

Poor Esme though.. I understand why Bella is being the way she is.. but poor Esme.. that must have really hurt :(

Author's Response:

Not sure that's quite the response to Edward that I was expecting, but I respect the Jasper love. Right now, Bella's got to be horrible to Esme (as mean as that sounds) as she still needs to deal with the death of her parents. Cheers for the review :)

Reviewer: midnightstars (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:44 PM · On: Blood Red

I think that chapter was a must have, and i really enjoyed it, just to see some Esme/Bella relationship forming. Can't wait for your next update x

Author's Response:

Thanks, glad you liked that chapter as I was worried about how it would be received. I love the Esme and Bella relationship too, but I felt I needed to move it forward slowly otherwise it wouldn't have been believable with Bella's background. Next update should be posted a bit sooner than the last one. Thanks for reviewing and Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: JW11 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:40 PM · On: Blood Red

That was really great!. I just wish the updates cam sooner.

Author's Response:

Before Christmas I was updating once a week, but I've now had to cut back to every other week in order to fit RL in there somewhere. However, I do post the chapters as soon as they're written and betad, so if I've been particularly productive, you'll get them sooner. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:30 PM · On: Something's Got To Give

Well thank god for that. All hail Jasper the awesomest guy in the world :)

He needed to do that, hell no one else realises how much stress and pain he has to endure. I loved the fighting scenes you did write them really good :D

And hahah Bella got told ;D I loved how you had Jasper commanding.. and telling her what to do.

Emmett is adorable for sitting with her all the time :D

Author's Response:

I hate to blow my own trumpet, but I heart my Jasper. I think he rocks. It had to be Jasper who snapped her out of it, cos as you said he's the only one who can feel her pain. Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: ruthhazelton (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:26 PM · On: Blood Red

Have been following this story - am glad you decided to write this chapter. It was/is needed.   

Author's Response:

Thanks. Unfortunately the decision was made by the readers, not by me, so as much as I'd like to take the credit... I do think it's odd that not more authors deal with the whole feminine issues thing. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:17 PM · On: Sinking Deeper and Deeper

I really liked Bella's introduction to the family. That was so cool how Emmett was with her.. he looks scary but he just isn't with the people he loves.. or at least will come to love I'm sure.

One question, even though she is 13 (and I'm assuming you will hop forward a few years) are you planning on having her be in love with one of the brothers? I do hope its Jasper :) Or Emmett. But I bet it will be Edward. *sighs*

I loved how you had her assuming every one of their motives was to kill her. Although I hope she doesn't keep thinking that and realises that they are there to help her.

Author's Response:

Bella's unsociable attitude won't last that long. I couldn't keep it up. Emmett is definitely a big brother type (I think looking scary only helps that). Yes, I'm hopping forward at least four years to when Bella's a bit older and she will enter into a relationship with one of the boys (though I refuse to say which). At the moment, I think what's going to happen is I'm going to split the fic at a key point and have more than one version of who she ends up with :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 08:01 PM · On: The Good Doctor and His Wife

I loved hearing from Carlisle and Esme.. especially Esme's thoughts on keeping Bella for herself. That was lovely, it was a true motherly vibe from Esme.

Hahah this line really made me smile:

“Oh well, I think we could handle it.” And now my sensible son was in the mix too. Any minute I was sure Carlisle would join in the baiting – he did have that glint in his eye.

Author's Response:

I just figured poor Esme, living in a house with all that testosterone. After all boys will be boys, even Carlisle. I think Esme is so naturally caring that she can't help but mother anyone and everyone. Glad you enjoyed their POV, if you like those kind of stories you should check out My Family and I by RedSummer whose written a beautiful Carlisle/Esme fic (I'm pimping her out cos I'm her beta).

Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:50 PM · On: I Know What You Are

HAhah I love Emmett :D

But ooh Bella is not going down lightly.. I like that. I especially like how she knows hes a vampire and she outright says it to him. She doesn't care that shes going to die, well she does, but she knows that its going to happen.. apparently ;)

Author's Response:

I love Emmett too, but he's really awkward to write and make realistic. I think Bella confronts Edward because she's literally just beyond the point of caring what happens to her, she has nothing left to lose :)

Reviewer: mrs_n (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:47 PM · On: Blood Red

Finally some Bella/Esme bonding! I love stories where they have a close relationship. Esmes character has just always screamed mom to me. Can't wait to see what happens when the boys come back from hunting :)

Author's Response:

Yeah, the bonding was a bit long in arriving, but I thought it was something that needed to be dealt with slowly. Esme's definitely a 'mom' figure although I love that she's physically only about 26. The boys will be dealt with next chapter. Thanks for reviewing and happy new year :)

Reviewer: mfoxee (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:44 PM · On: Blood Red

                        I like the way that Esme d lt with bella concerning her period it was really heart warming and I lked how she brought her  down from the near panic she was experiencing wiith the knpowledge that they would know see and smell every thing going on with her.

Author's Response:

Wouldn't you be panicking if you'd just been told that... but yes, it's definitely a mom-thing to deal with. Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: FrozenSoldier (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:37 PM · On: Prologue

Wow that is so chilling!!! I really like it though!! I saw the banner, it had Jasper on the front so I added it to my favourites without even reading the summary lol once I read the summary, I started to read ;)

Really really liked this start, its god awful whats happened though.. and the description.. shudders.. that is just horrible.

Author's Response:

Yeah, I wrote it, posted it and then realised how brutal I'd been when people reviewed, so yeah. It's nice to find another Jasper fan out there. I heart him :)

Reviewer: ddcdragonfly (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:36 PM · On: Blood Red

Beautiful! There are just certain topics that only a "mom" can help with did a beautiful job balancing the outrage, embarassment, acceptance & compassion. Glad Esme and Bella are beginning to bond!


Now, since you listened and came through for the request to *hear* the conversation between Esme and Bella ... could I beg and plead one more time? Please share the conversation that the "boys" have with Carlisle ... it would be fun to hear.

Author's Response:

Definitely a mom-issue, I can't imagine Bella having to have that conversation with daddy-Jasper. I'm glad you liked the conversation though... I was having a bit of a nervous fit over writing it cos I wasn't sure I got the tone right. You can ask. Originally, I was going to have the last chapter be half Bella and Esme's conversation and half Carlisle and the boys' conversation, but it ended up differently than it started, so I was going to just cut it out. Since you're interested in reading it then, I might include it next chapter ;)

Happy New Year

Reviewer: laurelbarnes (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:34 PM · On: Blood Red

love esme you write her so perfect. just what bella needs

Author's Response:

Thank you. I do agree that what Bella really needs is a mother-figure, but thanks for saying my Esme is perfect. Yay. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: Grizelda (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:27 PM · On: Blood Red

I dohope you continue with this story.  Really like the bonding between Esme and Bella.  Poor Jasper!

Author's Response:

I'm def going to carry on with this fic til the end. Poor Jasper indeed, I just thought it'd be funny and that it could happen. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: mandilm14 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:18 PM · On: Blood Red

Very enlightening.  I loved it.  I'm so glad you updated.  I was getting worried that you wouldn't anymore, and I so love this plot.  There is so much you can do with it.  I cannot wait until she starts school with the boys!

Author's Response:

No, I was always going to update, don't worry. I just had other fics and chapters in the validation queue so had to wait until they were posted before I could get this chapter up. I always gets really disappointed when some fics are never finished and have promised to always complete everything I write (no matter how long it takes). School with the boys will be interesting to write, but at the moment that looks like it will be the chapter after next. Thanks for reviewing and Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:14 PM · On: Blood Red

I loved the moment between Esme and Bella. It was so sweet. :)

Looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response:

Glad you enjoyed it. Especially as I find Esme really hard to write, so yay. Thanks for reviewing :) Happy New Year

Reviewer: teamswitzerlandmom (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:12 PM · On: Blood Red

amazing chapter. I love the way that you explained everything that they can "sense" about Bella due to being vampires and that she did not just sat "ok" at first. I mean who would be ok with that at first?
update again soon.

Author's Response:

I just thought that with their senses they would be able to sense a lot more than just blood, particularly for Jasper with his mood-reading (I just love the idea of Japser suffering from PMT. But I don't think anyone would be ok with that situation straight away. I certainly wouldn't be. Thanks for the review and the stars. Happy New Year :)

Reviewer: Kalimando (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 07:04 PM · On: Blood Red

Loved the Bella pov and the fact that she's finally letting Esme in. You've done a great job capturing Esme's motherly nature.
Part of me sort of hopes that Emmett does try to crack a joke. I'd love to see what Esme would do to him. :D

Author's Response:

I'm glad you like my Esme... I actually find her one of the hardest characters to write along with Emmett. Since you asked nicely about Emmett cracking an inappropriate joke I might be able to throw that in somewhere in the fututre :)

Thanks for reviewing, I appreciate it.

Reviewer: Hermia (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2010 06:56 PM · On: Blood Red

Oh god how sweet. I didn't anticipate how wonderful and sweet that would be. God I love Esme. So much. Lovely chapter.

Author's Response:

Awww, thank you. I love Esme too. I'm really glad you think I got the tone right on this chapter, cos I was really worried about it. I'm glad you thought it was sweet and not just cheesy and/or awkward :)

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