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Reviewer: jazzy-cullen (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 01:55 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

seriously, wtf????? that lousy sob!!!

Author's Response:

HEY!  Don`t be too hasty to condemn him, you might end up having to eat your words! LOL!

Reviewer: TwiDi812 (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 01:53 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

Ugh no!!! I know this is important to the story but NO! And what is up with Bella not answering his e-mail? Can't say I liked this chapter but know that sometimes it has to get ugly before the healing starts.

Please update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you for trusting in us and where we are taking the story!

Reviewer: Eidelweiss (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 01:37 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

no no no no no no no no no no no no.

As soon as I read Edward finding out that Bella was calling Esme - I wanted to die. Why Edward, why??? I know everyone has challenges BUT WHY????


Author's Response:

AH!  Gah Edward is having a hard time dealing with his emotions but please trust us when we say that this is absolutely necessary!

Reviewer: lisamichelle17 (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 01:24 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have to thank you for writing and sharing this story with us. A few reasons that I loved this chapter.

1) I am so happy that Charlie is taking Edward to his therapy sessions.

2) I really loved the e-mail exchange that Edward and Bella shared. I think it's good for them. They need to be in touch with each other but not by phone calls every single day. The e-mails show how much they are getting to know each other again. They both need to be stronger individuals in order to be in a healthy relationship.

3) I also loved that Carlisle feared that Edward would walk out of their lives again. It was very important for them to have that conversation.

4) I also understand why Edward reacted the way he did to the fact that Bella was calling Esme everyday. He was obviously hurt and of course drowning his sorrows in alcohol and meeting Tanya could be a crushing blow. Do I dare say that this is the way Edward deals with being hurt? I hope that Edward realizes that this is not a healthy way to deal with things. 

Don't worry, Venomousgal, I am not going to threaten your life. I trust you and Ellie to give us our HEA. Thank you for the update, even with that nasty cliffy you left us with ;-)

Thank you again!

Author's Response:

Thank you for trusting in us!  We are really trying to have these two characters communicate more and get to know each other again, hence the emails.  As for the rest, well, all I will say is that whatever happens is necessary to healing these two and making them stronger!

Reviewer: Belize123 (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:53 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

I do believe in HEA... I do I do

Author's Response:

Thank you for your review! :D

Reviewer: wsharp30 (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:43 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

No, no, no! What are you two doing??? I'll come bitch-slap Fuckward if I have to...Seriously,I am really hoping for HEA.

Author's Response:

We promised a HEA and you will get one, trust us.  What is happeneing now is absolutely necessary for the story.

Reviewer: potterkitty (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:34 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

Jeez, you'd think he would be happy that she was talking to somebody....He is a little irritating. 

Author's Response:

He is hurting just as much as she is they just both show it in a different way.

Reviewer: dreampills (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:21 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

nooo! whywhywhy

don't be stupid! tatoo it to your forehead!

Author's Response:

LOL!  Maybe that is what his groin tattoo should read!

Reviewer: ginginlee (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:10 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

Wow -- that kind of broke my heart. It was incredibly hard to read, but well written. I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reviewing

Reviewer: teamedwardfan (Signed) · Date: April 08, 2010 12:07 AM · On: I'll Be There for You

GAH!!!  You are killing me!    The emails were fantastic though- Let me just say that Edward better not go through with it or I will kick his chubward ass!

Author's Response:

Kiss his chubward are killing me!  So glad you liked the e-mails.  We thought it would be a nice way for these two to reconnect.

Reviewer: kmfroggi (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:51 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

oh no, no, no, no!!! i can only hope that he wont go thru it or he'll get an email during or before anything happens. damn.

Author's Response:

Stick with us and you will find out exactly what happens!

Reviewer: muldergirl (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:40 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Oh no you guys DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF was that?

Author's Response:

Ummm, we did   *peeks up from behind a big rock*  Please trust us and stick with us, all is not what it seems.

Reviewer: youdazzleme (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:38 PM · On: I'll Be There for You


Author's Response:

Edward sends hugs your way and pats your head soothingly.

Reviewer: chtx (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:25 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Not good!  Please don't make me hate Edward!

Author's Response:

We won`t.  Trust us!

Reviewer: KimmieB (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:17 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Wow Edward, that was one major slip-up.  i know that its hard to change overnight but really??? a one night stand GAGH!!!!!!  I really hope that now that Jasper is back from his honeymoon, that he is able to help both Edward and Bella.  I trust that you believe in HEA even if right now it looks very distant, I will make it my mantra.....

Author's Response:

Hey!  Don`t be too quick to condemn him!  Just take a deep breath and trust in us.

Reviewer: Sophie_2003 (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:13 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Well...I think a fic like this is extremely difficult to read when updates are a bit sporadic and not on a schedule. I know you guys have lives (lucky you!!!) and sometimes it takes a while for a chapter to get posted once it's in queue. It doesn't take away from the writing at all, but after reading the forum I have to agree this is getting to be a bit much. Perhaps reading when we are over the hump will be a bit easier...It is a testament to your writing that this is bringing out so much emotion. I just hope the HEA is truly worth it.

Author's Response:

LOL!  We try to update once a week.  There have been two instances where we have gotten behind but as you can see we are back on schedule.  It will get better, trust me!

Reviewer: kcmbrown2445 (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:09 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

[With my hands around your neck,shaking you] ARE YOU TRYING TO KILLING ME HERE!!!!!

Author's Response:


Reviewer: sweetishbubble (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 11:03 PM · On: 2001-Grand Gesture

Oh No He DIDN'T!

Author's Response:

Um, he did....


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 10:29 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

jesus!  i'm hoping you have the good sense to give him whiskey dick, at least!!! or performance enxiety! or limpdickitis!!

gah! if he bangs this, what a relapse!


go home and sleep it off, vagina boy!!!! hehe

p.s.  not even witness protection can save you from this one, I fear!!

Author's Response:

I am starting to see that!  Just keep the faith and stick with us!

Reviewer: eoh21 (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 10:13 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Wow.  I did not see that cliffie coming.  But as I think and type I can see that I should not have been as surprised.  Edward has some serious issues, he just deals with them in a far different manner.  Seriously though, I really hope he snaps out of it because I just don't see how he could come back from this if he doesn.  Great chapter, looking forward to the next one as always.

Author's Response:

He does have some serious issue and they won`t be fixed overnight!  That being said, things aren`t always what they seem.

Reviewer: romancaholic (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 10:06 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Death Threats aren't even enough to backlash you both for this chapter.  Enjoyed the beginning emails.  I can just see Edward falling on his face after reading the reason the girls were laughing when he came home.  Just thinking what the bananas were used the night before in his pancakes.  Quite a lot to deal with from his end.  Why Bella hasn't responded to Edward's last email?  Is she working late?  Looking or attending a counseling session?  What a hard blow to Edward when Bella said they could only talk once a week, I know that Bella is regretting her decision.  But what gives with her calling Esme every day?  Not really fair at all towards Edward.  How could she do that?  Where is she coming from?  I can understand his frustration and confusion.  Even going to have several drinks to calm down.  I don't agree with his behavior with Tanya.  If he really wants Bella back he needs to stop the old patterns.  If he has doubts about where Bella is at this time, he needs to call her on it.  Edward needs to talk with Bella before he assumes he knows what she is thinking and feeling.  Just falling back into same old patterns.  As Angela mentioned to him they need to learn communication between themselves.  Discuss what is bothering each other.  Talking problems out, make misunderstandings and questions actually facs and emotions.  Going home with Tanya is NOT the answer or the way we want the story to continue.  Hopeful if he approaches her, when he is engaged in activity he won't be able to perform because of thoughts of Bella.

Yuck Tanya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

He does need to break from his old un healthy patterns, just give us the benefit of the doubt!  We will get these two where they need to be....together.

Reviewer: Mi_Cullen (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 10:06 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

Nooooooooooo!!!!!! please tell me he is just giving back her card... pretty please?? I don't know how you guys can do it... don't you feel bad for him?? I could never write something like that, maybe that's why I love this

great job!!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your review!

Reviewer: fotogirl (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 09:17 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

I'm so tired of this sh*t! Haven't we had enough of the angst?

Author's Response:

WHOA!  Give us a chance to get these two where the need to be.  It is frustrating but realistically there would not be an overnight fix for their problems.

Reviewer: skimmerscm (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 09:16 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

what the...

talk about clifhanging...

update soon please


Author's Response:

sorry and update is on it`s way.

Reviewer: Melsie (Signed) · Date: April 07, 2010 08:26 PM · On: I'll Be There for You

That just hurts!

I sincerely hope that Edward doesn't do anything with Tanya, I hope he is just chasing after her to give her her card back, and state he couldn't in good conscience take it because he is in love with another. It would be too disappointing if he went after her for any other reason.

It would also be too disappointing if someone else stops him from doing somethig with her, like someone seeing him leave the bar and stop him before he follows through, because it is all about intent. I already think the lack of faith he has in Bella, AGAIN is bad enough, like prom night all over again. 

I was really loving your Edward, but unfortunately if he does this to Bella and to himself I couldn't buy into a genuine HEA for them. Bella would be crushed AGAIN, she wouldn't survive it.

I so need to go and grab a kit kat and mope for a while after that chappie. It definately hurt to see how quickly he lost faith in her.

Author's Response:

Cheers to the kit kat!  Trust in us.  It is not as it seems.  This is necessary to the central story and must be done.

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