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Reviews For Zenith
Reviewer: Pixie_Whitlock (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2010 03:04 PM · On: Precarious

As ever I love it!

I really love the way you portray Jake and Bella as a couple I think its pretty perfect!

And of course even though im team Jacob I think you have Edward down too!

Can't wait for an update :)

Author's Response:

See, I usually consider myself a Team Jacob girl, but I love Edward too. He's a pain in the ass to write for me personally, but the complexity of his character is yummy.  I love it when authors manage to really capture him.

Thank you!

Reviewer: sweetness4683 (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2010 01:57 AM · On: Precarious

great stuff can't wait to see what the "couselor" has to say to Bella.  Last chapter was great too.  i don't think I reviewed it.  Sorry.

Author's Response:

I can't wait either! I'm so excited to start writing Vanessa. Woot!

Thank you so much. :)

Reviewer: Karmol (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2010 12:21 AM · On: Precarious

Ah Italian witchcraft to fight the Italian vampires - now this is making sense. It was the vampires burning Bella's Gx3 Grandmother...

Author's Response:

You have sort of touched on an important concept. :D :D :D

Reviewer: Te0214 (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 07:58 PM · On: Precarious

More Bella/Jacob plz :-)

Author's Response:

I think I can manage that...


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 07:12 PM · On: Crutch

LOL...I wasn't in agony but being Team Edward.....had to give you a hard time!!! LMAO

Author's Response:


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 04:16 PM · On: Precarious

First on a personal note....congrats on the decision to take Creative Writing as a Major - I really think you are making a great decision.  You are very talented - this story is strong proof!!

Now.....I can't believe I am caught up!!!  AGH!! Now I have to wait for chap at a time!  I really need to make a rule for myself to only read completed stories! 

I am still hoping for an Edward Bella romance here??  Am I crazy?  I thought for sure when Angela came up to Bella, she was going to be the other student getting the interview from Salem.....very interesting...can't wait to see where you are going with this!!

Author's Response:

Well, I want to congratulate you one making it this far without dying. ;) It really seemed like you were agony for most of this, lol.

You are not crazy. This is BELLA we're talking about. She can only try to dither on whether or not to marginalize Edward's place in her life for so long. They really need a chance to talk some more I think. I THINK that conversation will make its way into the next chapter. As long as the characters dont try revolting again.

Yay, I'm glad that my Calisle meets your standards. He's one of my favorites. I also hope that Edward's not comming off too OOC. I struggle with writing his character.

You were right about that boy in the woods being Riley. But I don't think Bella or anyone else will ever figure out his name in this story because I doubt Victoria will ever have a reason to bring it up.

Thank you so much for all of the feedback you left me on each chapter and for the congratulations on my choice of major.  I appreciate the support more than you know. :D

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 03:09 PM · On: Ashes to Ashes

OMG......she can't change???  So they can't be together forever??? Or is her being a witch going to give her eternal life??  OMG....


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:55 PM · On: Kept Promises

UGH!!!!!  I can not believe she slept with him!!!! is out I said it.  Otherwise the chapter was great and I still love the story even though it is way too much Jake and not enough Edward so far...

The it Riley???  If yes, then she is in quite a bit of trouble.....and the handprint is completely confusing me.


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:39 PM · On: Agreement

Poor Alice.....but I understand why Bella is hesitant.  Interesting that Bella and Jake are going bowling with Angela and Ben.  Still missing Edward...the chant gets louder all the time...

Yeah Yeah....I know he's there but they haven't even talked yet!  And what is with Bella and Felicity????

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:08 PM · On: Scarring

You captured Carlisle PERFECTLY!!  Loved the interaction between the two of them and thought that the conversation in the lunchroom between Angela, Jessica and Bella was very authentic!

The visual of Edward standing in front of the bike was hilarious - it was just so Edward....another great chap!

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:54 PM · On: Act II

Where is Edward!! LOL  I can't imagine he would take too kindly to Jake man-handling Bella in her room...although I know he doesn't have any say in the matter.......yet!!!!  AGH!~!!!!!

Reviewer: nocturnal_rendevous (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:51 PM · On: Precarious

I'm at a loss for words right now.  I loved the chapter, don't get me wrong-I suppose that I was hoping for more light to be shed on the entire situation.

Author's Response:

Then you should be looking forward to next chapter when we jump back into the supernatural happenings. We had to take a "human moment" with this one.

Thank you.

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:38 PM · On: The Morning After

Wow....kudos to Jacob for his honesty.  I really feel for him because you know he thinks she is his own world but if he is honest with himself it is only a matter of time before he imprints.

And the whole witch storyline is very cool....anxious to see where you are going with it.

Reviewer: twirl1 (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 11:50 AM · On: Precarious

Ugh!!!!!! I can't believe you ended right there...this chapter was way too short...need more...update soon... gosh I love Jacob and Bella together...

Author's Response:

LOL, it was longer than last chapter. And most of the others as well actually. I think all of the conversations seemed to make it go by fast, though.


Reviewer: HanaEmi (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 06:16 AM · On: Precarious

I'm loving this story. One of the best stories with Jacob/Bella. I absolutely love how you write their intimacy. It's not gushy or overly corny; it's just perfect. I really wonder how Edward's dealing with their relationship, though. I'd say that this is prob staying a Jacob/Bella story, right? Which is actually okay with me (for once), shockingly. It has to do with how you portray their relationship, so thanks for making it lovely. I catching some Edward/Leah possibilities? Don't know how I feel about that...ugh

Author's Response:

Aw, this comment made me do this ---> :D  like crazy. I'm glad you enjoy the way I portray Bella and Jacob's relationship.

I'm still not commenting on the end pairings, I'm afraid. However, I will say that you do NOT have worry about Leah/Edward showing up.  A few other people have commented on it jokingly and have requested an AU outtake to that effect, but nothing like that is gonna make its way into this story.

Thank you for the feedback. :)


Reviewer: Daylen (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 06:12 AM · On: Precarious

Bella was having a grand ol' time there teasing Jacob!!

But Angela was hilarious at the end, so excited to share with Bella :)

Author's Response:

Yeah, I like seeing Bella getting a chance to have some fun. Her life can be a bit of a downer at times. Lol, yes, I thought nervous/exciting Angela was amusing too.

Thank you! :)

Reviewer: dkgors (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:52 AM · On: Precarious

A college in Salem hmmmmm, this wouldn't be a college for witches would it?  Damn Charlie messing up some good lemons for us, you have to make it up to us....soon! 

Update soon! 


P.S. congrat's on the major change, I think it's perfect for you, you are so talented!   Best of luck to you! :)

Author's Response:

Hehe, what are you talking about? Charlie saved the day (for me)! Lemons are not my specialty I'm afraid. And I'm not sure that they fit in with the tone/pacing of this story. You'll have to rely on your vivid imagination. ;)'re on the right track about this "college" visit.

Thanks for the congratulations! I'm very excited.

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:29 AM · On: Constellations


But where did Jake go?  Wasn't very responsible of him to leave here there on her own....what if Victoria had shown up?  And did Edward see Bella doing nasty things with Jacob???

My eyes are nearly crossing but must go on!!


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 02:08 AM · On: Human

another great chapter.  I can't even imagine how angry Edward is going to be when he sees Bella injured...and what is with the vanishing bit?  I am still considering that she might be a witch.  Love Emily's character...very sweet


Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:26 AM · On: Into the Woods

Yay!!!! Doing a little dance now that I know when Edward is coming back!!! 

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:16 AM · On: Forgiveness

Actually I didn't think it was too overtop at really rolled with the chapter and you had to know that Leah's change was coming and if Bella was around-she was going to be in trouble.....AWESOME chapter!!

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 01:04 AM · On: Nightmares

hmmm the dream was very interesting.  And I am placing a wager that the woman in the dream was being burned for being a witch.  Is Bella a witch?  And thank goodness about Edward.....the mantra gets louder each time Jacob touches her.....LMAO.  Great chap!!!

Author's Response:

You're definately onto it with the whole witch thing. Now I'm gonna go read your other reviews and respond to them at once. :D

Reviewer: Tentickles (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 12:55 AM · On: Precarious

Oh I am loving Leah in this story! Most authors dont write her very well but you've got her spot on and totally a bitch! (In a good, if not awesome way.)

Author's Response:

LOL, I know what you mean. Leah IS a bitch. But that's one of the reasons why we love her. :)

Thank you!

Reviewer: photogal (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 12:43 AM · On: Precarious

Congrats on your change in major. I thinks its a good call. Rather than good luck....good skill (as we say in my household).

Author's Response:

Heh, that's an awesome saying because I don't like relying on "luck" or "karma."  It's not very reliable. I'll try to utilize my skills to the best of my ability. :)

Thank you. 

Reviewer: eyes of topaz (Signed) · Date: April 05, 2010 12:37 AM · On: Fever

Hmmm...that was sweet.  And I know Jake loves her but he needs to be honest about the whole imprinting issue...if it happens before her TRUE LOVE comes is not gonna be pretty....on to the next chap!

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