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Reviews For Zenith
Reviewer: charmed05 (Signed) · Date: February 08, 2009 01:20 AM · On: Choking

Wonderful story, I joined today so I can get emails about when you update!  I also love the detail you put into Bella's dreams, so vivid.  Update soon!

Author's Response:

I'm glad that you joined; this is such a great site to be a part of. I'll do my best to update in a timely manner, I promise!

Reviewer: MasochisticLion (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2009 08:32 AM · On: Choking

oohhh i m dying to find out what happens ! write more!! xD. awesum so far!!

Author's Response:

I'm dying to find out too!!!

Ooh...I should probably get on that. *minimizes page and pulls up Word*

Reviewer: Bellina (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2009 04:05 AM · On: Choking

Hm.  Its a very well writtin piece.  I am enjoying it so far, but a little confused on where it is all going.  Im sure the last dream is telling something, but I dont quite see it yet.  Update soon!

Author's Response:'re not the only one who's confused.  That's my problem with reading an incomplete work: you don't get the resolution you're looking for right away.  Instead you have to wait for the slow, inconsistant writer (me) to update, and it takes forever.  ;)

Yes, the dream is key!  And it will make the future...several chapters from now...ugh. Unfortunately this isn't one of Bella's dream that we can all read about and say, "Duh, Jacob's a werewolf!"  For once, we're as ignorant as Bella.  Ha, no wonder she gets moody.

Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: lostinthought (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2009 12:35 AM · On: Choking

I am loving this story! cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading!

Reviewer: Siamecho (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 10:11 PM · On: Choking

Thanks for the update!  I want more explanation on this last dream sequence so hurry up with the next chapter :P

Author's Response:

Keep reading for awhile, and it will make sense eventually (though not as quickly as you might like)!

Reviewer: SottoVoce (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 06:52 PM · On: Choking

I love this! No one gets Jacob/Bella like you do... great lines here... "I hope you choke" and the fish tank... Im pro-switzerland so its nice to finally have a E/B/J fic that doesnt undercut the J/B chemistry. Honestly, it sounds like SM wrote it herself.

Im a little nervous about this last dream and the cold skin plot line though... try not to stray too far from the Twi-universe and get too fantasy focused with new mythical creatures, your strength is in exploring the new relationship dynamics of the "if alice had only called" AU. Ive read a lot of bad "What if Bella had her own powers?" fics, but then again Im so impressed by your writing that I think you might be the one person who can pull it off.

This is going on my favorites list. Please update soon!

Author's Response:

Well, I certainly hope I don't disappoint you. There will by a new fantasy thread pulled into the story--I was just so intrigued by some of the possibilities opened up in BD and stuff from SM's site--but I hope to pull it off in Twilight fashion. And I have to admit that relationships are my favorite dynamic of a story to write about, so I'm glad you enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time to review!

Reviewer: asimpledesign (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 05:53 PM · On: Choking

Its good soo far update soon tho cause u sorta 4get the whole storyline after a while!:)

Author's Response:

I'll do my best!  Sorry for any confusion. :)

Reviewer: littlebit (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 03:09 PM · On: Choking

I think you are driving me nuts!!

I can't tell what is going on yet, and I hate that!UGH!! Normally I am so good at predicting things!!!

I love the story so far. Now get Jacob away from Bella, I getting sick to my stomach. LOL

Author's Response:

Uh oh! You may not want to read the next several chapters, or you may just!  I'm afraid Jake's not going anywhere anytime soon.  Sorry!

Thanks for reading despite the fact my story makes you queasy. :)

Reviewer: ChulaB (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 02:22 PM · On: Choking

hmm its getting intresting....

Author's Response:

Finally, right? ;)

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 01:59 PM · On: Choking

Wow.   Things are intensifying.... I can't wait to read more.  This is great!  I am loving it.

Author's Response:

And the plot thickens...DUN! DUN! DUN!  Ha! Glad you're enjoying it!

Reviewer: nomdeplume (Signed) · Date: January 05, 2009 02:53 AM · On: Close Call

just read all four chapters... i'm really enjoying this story so far. you write very similarly to ms. meyer, even a little more succinctly, which i appreciate.

what i really like, what kept me reading your story and makes me anxious for the next chapters is your jacob. a short background: i just finished twilight and new moon and i thought i would loathe new moon, because after twilight, i was all about edward (who wasn't, really?). but i really like new moon, and i think it was all because of jake. i'm still team edward but i'm definitely straddling the border-- i love jacob black and his devotion to bella.

your jacob is spot on (as is your bella, for that matter). had that one moment veered away from alice and toward jacob, this is exactly how i think it would read. edward is dreamy and perfect, hence everyone's infatuation with him. but jacob is real and flesh and you write him brilliantly-- playful, caring with burgeoning sex appeal that bella is just noticing that all of us saw underneath the hints in new moon.

also that first kiss-- phwoar. (that's a good noise). thanks for giving a great jake-centric alternative to the end of new moon. keep up the great work... update as soon as possible, i WILL be waiting.

Author's Response:

*adding 'phwaor' to my list of approving noises*

You're alot like me in the Jacob or Edward debate.  I could go for either and I love them both for different reasons.  I'm just giving Jacob his time to shine (because SM takes good care of Edward)!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Reviewer: luckii00 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2009 09:29 PM · On: Crutch

I am absolutely not Team Jacob, but I'm enjoying the build up of their relationship.  Well written and I can't wait for the rest of the story!

Reviewer: barefootduchess (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2009 01:25 AM · On: Close Call

Ohhh this is good! Please continue!

Reviewer: Porcelain Mortal (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2008 02:22 AM · On: Close Call

This was a great chapter!! Waiting for it was painful, but at least it was worth it. I know how hard it is to find time to write sometimes. Please update asap!! :o)

Author's Response:

I'm glad readers aren't massing together with pitchforks to come after me for the long wait--not that that would be in any way affective, hehe. The next chapter will arrive much sooner, promise!

Reviewer: lobsters4ever (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2008 12:29 AM · On: Close Call

WOW!  Such an incredible story.  I can't even imagine what will happen next!  So looking forward to more!!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm a lover of positive feedback!

Reviewer: lobsters4ever (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2008 11:46 PM · On: Crutch

OK the call from Alice made me sad!  And Leah -- I actually felt bad for her!

Great start!!!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2008 06:29 PM · On: Close Call

Wow.  This is a great story.  Its epic, really.  Now, I am a true Edward/Bella tyoe of girl, but I have to admit that you write Bella/Jacob very well.  It is very believable and true to their characters, I think.  Of course, I am eager for Edward to return...  Please update again soon!

Author's Response:

Don't worry. Edward will return...eventually. There's just so much that has to happen between then and now--even I'm nervous about getting it all to fit! My next update wont take as shamefully long as the last one.  Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: xineweber (Signed) · Date: November 07, 2008 09:37 AM · On: 12 Step Program

Your writing tugs at my soul. Its deep and introspective.

I enjoy reading Bella/Jacob relationships, they work well together for me. Add Edward to the mix and it will be hot, cold, sweet, painful, heaven and hell -- totally indescribable!

Reviewer: Bandwitch (Signed) · Date: November 06, 2008 04:57 AM · On: 12 Step Program

Reviewer: notmyself (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2008 08:54 PM · On: 12 Step Program

That was always one of my favorite day dreams conjured up by the books too. All those gorgeous Quilleute boys running around starkers. Mmm. I quuite liked entertaining the idea of Edward swimming in the buff off of Island Esme, waiting for Bella to get herself pulled together. But that's just me.


I think you have a lovely thing going on here, and I'm anxious to know where you're taking it. The promise of a supernatural element is what most attracted me to your story in the first place. I have a feeling it may have something to do with Leah's cold hands. Especially considering that her temp should be closer to Jake's than Jasper's. Ah well. Bring on the next. I can take it. But gentle.



Reviewer: Diana_in_Houston (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2008 09:47 AM · On: 12 Step Program

Well written - I also wondered what would have happened if Bella and Jake had been more involved when Edward returned.  I really am curious to see where this is going.  Looking forward to the next update.

Reviewer: lacrema (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2008 07:07 PM · On: 12 Step Program

Like it! You're doing a great job with keeping things in character.

Reviewer: beachgirl647 (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2008 05:51 AM · On: Crutch

great, please continue -on edge of seat-

Reviewer: fabricating-evidence (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2008 03:36 AM · On: 12 Step Program

*sings* " I kissed a wolf and I liked iiiiit!...."lol

great chapter! :)


Reviewer: Porcelain Mortal (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2008 12:41 AM · On: Scab

Ahh I loved it! It was soo heartbreaking, but so beautiful at the same time. Jacob could be so good for Bella.

I thought this story would be harder on me than it has, being such a Team Edward girl, but... I love the new romance and the conflict for both of them. I can't wait to read what's coming next. That chapter was so worth the wait. ;o)

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