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Reviews For Running Home
Reviewer: Cocnnor11857 (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2009 03:48 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I loved this!

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  I love to hear that!  :D

Reviewer: scout (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2009 05:44 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I can imagine how beautiful the cabin is, it sounds wonderful.

Is it really Marcus's baby Tanya is pregnant with or is it Edward's? I don't trust anything about that woman, not after all the shit she has put Edward through.

I'm glad Edward told Bella about his relationship with Tanya, especially as she told him everything about the accident. Now i can imagine Esme being all protective over her child.

You know iv'e always loved the Volvo but nothing compares to the Vanquish, it's a very sexy car.

Author's Response:

I'd love to be at the cabin right now...sigh.

Edward hasn't seen Tanya for almost a year.  She is due in July - 13 months after she left him.  Definitely not Edward's baby!

It was about time for Edward to open up.  He carried guilt over his relationship and his inability to protect his child.  He's finally letting it go!  Esme - she's something else! 

If Edward showed up in a Vanquish for me, I'd have to tell my hubby that I was going out with him!  lol  It is a VERY SEXY car!! 


Thank you so much for your review!


Reviewer: sconnolly318 (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2009 06:44 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Thanks for updating!

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing!!  :)

Reviewer: chasityc (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2009 12:49 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! i've just read through the story sooo far and i love it.. keep it coming because i'm a fanfic addict.. lol

Author's Response:

Wow!!  Thanks!

I love to hear that new people are reading my story!!!  My goal is one chapter per week.  Chapter 9 is in the works!!


Thanks again!!

Reviewer: kenziemorton (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2009 12:03 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

love it

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  More coming soon...

Reviewer: ContemptuousCullen (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 11:19 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I'm glad he told Tanya to get to steppin...She doesn't deserve him.

Author's Response:

Tanya doesn't, but Bella does...  :D 


Thank you!

Reviewer: petite_femme (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 06:58 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

i'm adding this as a favorite. so please, keep writing!

Author's Response:

I'm doing a happy dance!!  I love to hear that!

My goal is one chapter each week.  Working on chapter 9 - and a lot of fun, right now!


Thank you!!

Reviewer: pillow912 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 06:24 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Great Chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!  :)

Reviewer: StoryPainter (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 05:17 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Aww, I love how they are there for each other!

Can't wait for the cheating card playing fun :-)

Author's Response:

Thank you!! 

Yes - they are halping each other heal! 

Oh, Emmett is going to be a lot of fun playing cards.  lol

Reviewer: valelf (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 04:27 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I loved the chapter. It was good to hear Edward's story. That explains a lot about him and his issues.

“I hope you won’t run away screaming when you know everything.” I don't understand why Edward thought Bella would react badly to what happened. It didn't seem like he did anything that would affect her negatively. Tanya's the one that ran away and decided to end the pregnancy without even talking to him about it. Was Edward's self-image so low because of the way Tanya treated him?

I think it's beautiful that Edward and Bella are able to help each other heal the way that they have. This story is fabulous! I'm really enjoying it!

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Edward was finally ready to tell his tale.  It really does tell a lot about him.

Edward felt guilty - it's in his nature to protect the ones he loves, and he didn't get the chance to protect the baby.  Tanya blamed him, and he believed her.  He internalizes.  He needed Bella to tell him that it wasn't his fault.  Yay for Bella being so strong!

You're really making my day!!  Thank you!!

More soon...and less angst in the next chapter.  ;)

Reviewer: Drnifer (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 03:57 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I'm so glad Edward opened up and told his family and Bella the whole story.  I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

It was so necessary for him to let go of the grief and the guilt he felt.  He finally trusts Bella enough to open up.  That is huge!

My goal is one chapter each week.  I'm writing tonight...  ;)


Thanks again!

Reviewer: Drnifer (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 03:55 PM · On: Chapter 5 Friendship and First Dates

This is one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time! I love your writing style, too. It's so easy to feel the heartbreak and hope that B & E are feeling as they get to know each other. 

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  I'm flattered!  I really love it when people connect with my writing! 

There's so much more to come!! 

Thanks again!

Reviewer: shyhorse (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 12:22 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

wow, that was great! just read the whole story in one go --- really like it, it's getting better and better, too! will definitely be reading more :) hope you update soon. good stuff!

Author's Response:

Thank you!! 

That's quite a bit to read all at once - wow!!  :D  I hope you'll enjoy the entire story!

I'm aiming for one chapter a's in the works!


Thanks again!!

Reviewer: Daylen (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 12:17 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

loved the cabin setting - and Seth's reaction to the Vanquish earlier hehe :)

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

I need a place like the cabin...  I need a vacation!!  lol

Seth is all boy - cars and ball games!!

Reviewer: marybeth315kcfan (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 12:00 PM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Great update. I'm gald he told Bella all of it. 

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

It was about time, wasn't it??  They couldn't start a relationship with huge secrets.  Now, off to write some fun times!

Reviewer: PLV (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 10:48 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

I really enjoyed the chapter. Wow it blew me away that Tanya would be so brutal as to just get rid of the baby without letting Edward know. Will we ever find out the reason why?

I think if given the chance Edward would have stepped up to the plate and kept the baby even if Tanya did not want the baby. He just wasn't given the chance. That's sad. He seems like a natural father. Loved how Bella took charge and texted Tanya back and not in a bad or mean way. Edward needs a strong woman right now. Now he has to tell Esme.

 Seth and Edward are really a pair. He brought the Vanquish so Seth could see it. LOL

Update soon. =-D

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Tanya's behavior is horrible.  She's selfish and is a total mess.  She's not quite done in the story...

Edward was excited at the thought of a baby.  He would have kept it!!  That was probably the biggest blow - that he had no choice in the matter - he felt like a failure.  He would be a good dad! Bella is strong - she's remembering her strength!!  Esme is a lot stronger than he gives her credit for, too. 

I have so much fun writing the Seth/Edward relationship!!  It's great!  He had to show Seth his Vanquish - he knew he would appreciate it!  I have a pic on my thread if you'd like to see it.

I'm planning one update per week.  ;)

Reviewer: be_my_escape (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 10:35 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Great chapter. I'm glad Edward finally told Bella everything and she helped him through it. Can't wait to read more. Please update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Edward needed to unload everything before he could move foward!  He trusts Bella - and she is being strong for him.

I'm planning on one update per week.  Soon...  ;)

Reviewer: Stacierob1 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 10:20 AM · On: Chapter 5 Friendship and First Dates

Really nice first date!

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  Still a lot to come.  Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Reviewer: Stacierob1 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 09:35 AM · On: Chapter 3 Reality Check

I like it so far...tragic beginning though.  I can't imagine living through Mom did though...same kinda thing.  I look forward to reading about happier times with these two! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you!

It was tragic - and they both need to heal.  They will help each other.

I admire your mom.  Living through tragedy is tough - and I'm always amazed at the strength people have!


Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!!

Reviewer: yameen (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 07:42 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

:) I love this edward and bella much more...and Tonya is a trifflin ho! lol...cant wait to read whats instore for the card game keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  I'm so glad you like my Edward and Bella!! 

Tanya is a mess.  A selfish mess. 

I'm excited to have a happy chapter ahead!!


Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Rand0mnessR0ks (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 06:17 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Interested in what will happen next!

Author's Response:

Thank you!!  It's in the works!

Reviewer: lee723 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 04:38 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Oh WOW! Great Chap!
I thought Charlie was so cute :))
The way he said Edward could Help her eat all the fish *giggle*
It's nice that he accepts and gives his blessing of B&E being together.
For some reason, even though Bella knew as much to herself that she lost a baby in the accident, it kinda makes it REAL when Charlie confirmed it.
And now i feel even worse for her.

Edward is really thoughtful and sweet, he'll make a fab father ;)
The way he decided to drive the vanquish just to make Seth happy, that was amazing. He even had to take 2 trips to take Bella and seth to Em's place.

I love Esme.
And I'm glad that Edward has decided not to compare Bella to tanya. Thank GOODNESS!
They really do fit, and she fits with his fam.

I didn't expect Tanya to have done that, i thought that maybe she just lost the baby, but HELL, and At least Bella took that well considering.
Poor Edward. I could just give him a hug :'(

YAY for Bella taking charge and txting Tanya and turnin off his phone.
Sheesh the woman needs to move the hell on!

I'm looking forward to the rummy game haha.
It was best to leave that for the next chap.
The weight has been lifted from Edward's shoulders now that B knows :)
Time to move on and deal with their own couple stuff and life. I HOPE lol.

Oh and I Love Rose, she's such a mama bear!
It would suck to be Edward if he screwed up with B.

Can't wait for more BB :DDD


Author's Response:

Thank you so much!!

Charlie is one of my favorite characters - and he never gets enough love...  Insinuations and round-about questions are his style.  He really does want to see Bella be happy.

Bella kind of always knew about the baby - and it does make it more real for Charlie to tell her.  But, that's part of accepting and moving forward.  She actually feels better knowing the truth and being able to deal with it. 

Edward brought the Vanquish for Seth's sake.  And, two trips?  He'd make twenty!!  lol  The car is on my thread if you'd like to see it.   

Tanya is a royally screwed up person.  What a mess!!  She is very selfish and unfeeling where Edward is concerned.  Not nice!! 

I love it when Bella is strong.  She's just finding out that she really is in this story!  And, she's fighting for her new man!  ;)

I'm glad you agreed that the fun stuff needed to come in the next chapter.  This chapter was pretty serious.  Emmett is a great card player/cheater...ha ha  It's going to be a lot of fun to write.  Rose is awesome!! 

Things can finally start to move forward for E&B.  Still some hurdles, but not as bad!!


Thank you for such a wonderful review!!  I'm working on Chapter 9!

Reviewer: Iceangel7 (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 04:34 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Oh I love how Bella understould and took charge, she knows a good thing when she sees it.... another great chapter, love your story!  Love Edward with Seth, he will be such a great daddy!  Hint, Hint......

Author's Response:

I want Bella to be strong - and she's getting there!!  She really has been strong - getting thru that kind of loss, but she doesn't know it yet.

Edward and Seth are so much fun to write!!  I'll take your hint into 



Reviewer: EandBforever (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 03:11 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

Tanya is one sick lady!  Who kills and innocent baby for no reason.  Sorry prolifer here.  Anyway, I'm so glad Edward finally told Bella everything.  I am also happy Bella didn't blame him or think badly of him, it wasn't his fault at all.  I'm also excited to read about the card game.   That should be loads of fun.  LOL :)

Author's Response:

Tanya is a mess.  And, she's very, very selfish.  Don't worry...I won't be offended.  This was a hard choice to make with the story - I knew I might offend people!!  Knew that from day one of outlining!!

Edward really needed to tell his family and Bella!  He's letting go of the pain, finally.  He does feel responsible - that's just Edward.

Bella is becoming stronger!  She is willing to fight for Edward at this point!  Yay!


I'm looking forward to a happy chapter, too!!


Thank you!!


Reviewer: chickarocka (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2009 03:07 AM · On: Chapter 8 Cards and Confessions

laundry is aired. wonderful chapter.

Author's Response:

It is!!  Edward finally can let go!


Thank you so much!!

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