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Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2017 10:13 PM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

So... what ever happened to the last chapter? 

Reviewer: swross (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2011 10:49 PM · On: I Corinthians 13:4

I am really enjoying the character development in this story- each character is so different from the books which is great!

Author's Response:

i just sent you a message but not sure if you'll get it...


you may want to read this on FF net. it's a new version (not that different, just edited a bit more) and I apparently didn't even finish posting the story here.


tx for your reviews - glad u are enjoying the story

Reviewer: swross (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2011 09:13 PM · On: The Wickedness of the Wicked

This will make you laugh, I have been listening to back "issues" of the Temptation Twilight podcast from 8/31/2009 when you were interviewed. I decided to check out this fic and it has definitely pulled me in! I am pretty new to Twilight and fanfic, so I feel like I am two years behind everyone else in the fandom. Will try to review as I read, but so far it is super well written and an interesting plot line!

Reviewer: ElleCC (Signed) · Date: December 15, 2010 09:26 AM · On: John 4:18

Tsk, Jasper, tsk!!

Reviewer: Bkwrm (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2010 05:41 PM · On: Ephesians 3:13

Hypocrite much, ASSper?

Reviewer: Fionna (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2010 07:59 PM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

I feel quite bad for not having reviewed each chapter of this while I read it, but I was impatient and always wanted to know what would happen next! So I'll try and sum everything up in one go!

I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this story. I read it on a bit of a whim, and was enthralled by the first chapter. One thing that struck me immediately was how convincing the language was that you used for the characters speaking to each other. Authors often have a really hard time making high schoolers have realistic conversations, but you really made it believable (and if it's believable because you're actually in highschool, that just means you're an incredibly talented teenager!). I was also really impressed with the levels of emotion you portrayed in each character. Again, it was believable, when often authors go completely over the top and it all gets a bit ridiculous when they start feeling emotions for each other. This was especially true of the parts when Edward is starting to really pay attention to Bella, as he still comes across as a teenage boy and it's not too over dramatic... if that makes sense. Finally, I was shocked at how divided I was between Bella ending up with Edward and Jasper. A part of me really wanted her to end up with Jasper, because they actually had a good thing, and Edward was a bit of a douche for only realising she existed when it was all over.

So that's about the longest review I've ever given. This story deserves 1000x more reviews than it has, and I encourage everyone to give it a chance! xxxx

Reviewer: LiRock (Signed) · Date: August 16, 2010 12:36 AM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

I've just finished reading your story so far and I have enjoyed it greatly. I'm not a huge fan of Bella/Jasper stories but this one is really good. Can't wait for the ending. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Reviewer: berry (Signed) · Date: July 26, 2010 04:03 PM · On: The Wickedness of the Wicked

Amazing story :D

Reviewer: whereiselvis (Signed) · Date: July 25, 2010 08:19 AM · On: Exodus 20:12

Can't say enough good things about this story! Great plot, good character development and the dialogue is amazing.. Kudos!!

Reviewer: whereiselvis (Signed) · Date: July 25, 2010 07:50 AM · On: Job 31:1112

I know that this is sacrilegious, but I think it would be very intersting to read a story where Edward doesn't get the girl. Or maybe, Jasper falls hard for Bella and fights tooth and nail w/Edward for her affections.

Reviewer: Babygurl64209 (Signed) · Date: April 22, 2010 07:31 PM · On: Peter 1:14

that thought will live in my mind forever thank you

Reviewer: tears (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2010 05:53 PM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

whew...deep breath...i was worried u would pull a fast one on us:)

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 11:34 PM · On: Deuteronomy 30:19

=[    I'm unbelieveably sad that Edward can ignore her for three years and  yet when Jasper messes up and realizes it it's too late. 


I'm just being bitter.  I'll read the rest of it once I get over it.

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 11:18 PM · On: The Wickedness of the Wicked

Finally!!! My hope is back in full force!! Go Japser!

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 10:59 PM · On: Revelations 3:11

FINALLY!!!  Ugh. About damn time. Now, if only that bus would appear........

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 10:02 PM · On: Romans 13:11

I am revolting.  I'm totally dissing the Edward/Bella vibe.  I need some jasper loving.. I'm hoping the next Chapter comes from his point of view and he gets his head out of his ass and figures out what he wants and what he wants now.  


I'm petitioning for a spin off where Edward does get hit by a bus and a certain tall bonde comes to comfort Bella.  Hey, I mean it coule happen right??   Please?  haha  I'm off to the next chapter.

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 09:08 PM · On: John 3:18

So I originally wrote this big long review but my internet hates me and erased it.  Summary.  I'm so Team Jasper/Bella it isn't funny.  I'm saddened by Bella giving Edward a chance even though he's had about a thousand for about three years.   I'm really hoping Edward gets run over by a bus right ahout now and Jasper has a change of heart and he and bella make lots of cute babies.


Anyway.  Good story.  Love it anyway.  I'm holding out still in hopes.  Off to read the rest.

Reviewer: skipaheartbeat (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 08:10 PM · On: Timothy 2:14

Ah! Yes! That is my very most favorite Kings of Leon song. I put it on repeat while I finished this chapter.

I feel a little bad, because I just realized I had never left you a review before. But I have a tendency to get so into stories that I cant stand to stop reading long enough to type anything. Anyway, your writting is amazing. But Im not sure how I want it to go from here....on one hand Im a serious Jasper fangirl and he seems to really like her. And then Edward is just so adorable and sincere. I dont see how Bella could be so blind about him though.


: )

Reviewer: Enya (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 02:38 AM · On: Exodus 20:12

Awesome!  I can't wait for the next update!!!

Reviewer: r-pks (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 02:24 AM · On: Deuteronomy 30:19

I hate Bella but I love your story.

Reviewer: readergoof (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2010 01:06 AM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

great chap

Reviewer: lindsayrae (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2010 08:43 PM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

*Sigh*  Oh my...loaded chapter much?  So much hanging in the air...I'm glad we got down to fixing (or trying to..) things.  Rosalie has been through hell, but she knows she's still a bitch, and that made me smile.  She's going to get through all of this.  And Edward didn't "say or do anything fucking stupid."  AND he got his ass back to Bella in time to iron things out and be okay.  I love these characters...I'll miss them!


Welcome back to the proverbial top, my dear!  I missed you!

Reviewer: Belindella (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2010 07:47 PM · On: The Wickedness of the Wicked

Wow. I can't believe this fic only has 400 reviews. R&R over at FFiction (dif pen name) - it's so fabulous.

Reviewer: mareimbrium (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2010 06:39 PM · On: Ephesisans 4:32

Lovely!  Thanks for posting!

Reviewer: kshaudae (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2010 05:46 AM · On: Deuteronomy 30:19

ok so i love Edward and everything but Jasper-Bella love gets me every time. So can we please please please get a little J/B action before it comes to a close?

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