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Reviews For Turn to Stone
Reviewer: laced (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2009 03:12 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

dont hide in the closet it was good although the cliff hanger sucks

just dont keep us waiting so long i was getting desperate

Reviewer: mcamastow (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 11:56 PM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I really like the direction this chapter took Edward let Bella lead and followed inwhat ever way she wanted that showed real love.

Reviewer: treeclimber (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 09:21 PM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Very sweet... and can't blame her for wanting Edward!!!

Reviewer: ttcub (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 11:00 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

OMG that was so good. And I like her baby steps. Can't wait for more. I know from experience that it is very important to take baby steps.

Reviewer: be_my_escape (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 08:51 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Even though I'm disappointed that there wasn't any lovemaking in this chapter, I'm glad they talked about everything. I loved Edward's reaction when Bella said they had to talk about sex, and he swerved and started whining. I started singing 'Let's Talk About Sex' in my head. Lol.

Can't wait to read more. Please update soon.

Reviewer: Emz80m (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 08:34 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

great part

Reviewer: Azlady (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 08:30 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

update soon

Reviewer: love2readE-B (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 08:27 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

great chapter as always! funny in places-gotta love jasper!

and baby steps are always good!

i'll be interested to see what happens next!

Reviewer: ange28 (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 05:48 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

This was a fantastic chapter :) Always look forward to this update :) You are doing an amazing job. Keep up the great work. Please update soon

Reviewer: inani (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 05:46 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex are mean! why stop it now?! now we have to wait to see what happens :(

kidding :) loved it. can't wait for the next one!

Reviewer: Aille (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:40 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex


Baby steps are hard to take, and she's doing a great job.  Edward is being amazing by taking them with her & letting her lead the way & stopping if she needs it.

Reviewer: nicoleihca (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:37 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

i can't see what you're worried about. that was absolutely lovely. you're really doing this story and its characters a lot of justice. thanks for all the effort you put into providing us with such great entertainment.

Reviewer: janna479 (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:36 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

it was a really nice chapter, I don't mind a good cliffhanger especially with a story that updates reliably, I also like your fic recs, some of my favorite stories I have only read because I found them in an author's note

Reviewer: BellaS (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:19 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I'm kind of surprised by what bella's definition of baby steps were. I thought hey were going to have to wait months at least...not hours. I though eddward was great. I kind of don't blame bella for burring the lines with him.

Reviewer: Bella Quinn (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:17 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

ooo...Baby steps! I can't wait until they finally nail James though.

Reviewer: Niluvien (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 04:13 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Just gotta throw it out there your soo evil for stopping it there!! I mean seriously thats worse than a "Are they dead or are they not dead cliffie"....

Reviewer: romancaholic (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 03:27 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

In spite of everything that has happened and is happening, Bella wants Edward.  They are taking baby steps together.  Bella is actually surprising Edward on how where she is leading him.  Looking forward to future chapters to continue with baby steps as well as legal issues to get Tanya and James off the street.

Reviewer: AshLove (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 02:47 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

My internet is failing me right now so I'm reviewing from my phone. I wanted to let you know that I thought it was PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT. I'll say it some more if you need more validation (we can get you a bigger door, too) *snort*. They worked through everything very naturally... BUT... I need to know what happens next! I can guarantee you will be pestered beyond belief to get that next chapter out. We love you, Nikki, keep up the amazing work!

Reviewer: My Friend Alice (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 02:23 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I really liked the baby steps...I just hope that Bella is really ready.

Reviewer: Kisster (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 02:02 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I like it! I think you did really well with the "baby steps" theory. No need to hide dear!

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 02:00 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I liked the chapter

I hope she is ready for the leap

Reviewer: edbellafan (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 01:56 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Youch!!  You are seriously leaving it there???  Evil woman...(shakes head)

I'd been wondering about this story, you had been on such a faithful updating kick that it seemed strange to go so long with a new chapter.  I can see why this part of the story would give you fits though.  Bella is seriously traumatized so their romantic interactions have to be believable from that standpoint.  But you've done great!!! I don't know what the next chapter holds (hint hint) but baby steps would be understandable.  I love how sweet and tender Edward always is with her.  Had to chuckle about "Little Eddie's" comments...heehee

You can't hide in that closet forever!!  Get out here and give us that next chapter!!! LOL!  :o)

Reviewer: madison elliott (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 01:48 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

I love it so sweet baby steps

Reviewer: hockeymom (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 01:37 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Baby steps, huh?


Thing about that is, that I have two children and I remember one day they were taking like 3 steps, and a few days later they were running.

Reviewer: Elizabeth Masen (Signed) · Date: November 03, 2009 01:32 AM · On: Chapter 28 - Sex

Wonderful chapter, Nikki.  Love the baby steps.

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