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Reviewer: shishi167111 (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2017 05:50 PM · On: Chapter 1: The Unseen View

Please, please, please continue this story!!! I love it! It's hard to find a story that hasn't been tried a hundred times before! I would be so grateful if you finished it’–

Reviewer: Solenita (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2013 06:31 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Very interesting.  Please help Bella open up to Edward!  

Reviewer: aimacullen (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2013 10:19 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides


Reviewer: Europa27 (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2010 04:26 PM · On: Chapter 2: Seeing Red

I just think she must pick herself up and talk out already..... this might give the creepy guy all the wrong idea....and i cant even stand that thought .....

Reviewer: amhatfie (Signed) · Date: July 08, 2010 10:57 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Hey hun, just checking to make sure everythings goin ok. I also wanted to make sure that you are planning on finishing this story. I have had so many people just drops stories recently.


It is a great story and definatley worth finishing.

Reviewer: vixenjc (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2010 06:45 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

i didnt realise that because of tcg's ability that edward cant hear him does that mean he has a kind of sheild like bellas. also will bella be able to stop him./and why is she reacting to him or is it because its similar to edward cold touch

Reviewer: vixenjc (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2010 05:12 PM · On: Chapter 1: The Unseen View

should edward not be able to hear his thoughts just cause he is invisible doesnt mean he cant hear him

Reviewer: bellacullen5665 (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2010 03:41 AM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

in the next chapter u have 2 have bella tell edward everything that happened to hr and u need to get the creepy guy killed already

Reviewer: bellacullen5665 (Signed) · Date: June 10, 2010 09:33 PM · On: Chapter 2: Seeing Red

i really wish you would have her tell edward it would make things sooooo much easier and better, then he could help her through it, but if she were to tell him it should be through her mind tomake it easier on her, also i think that before she tells edward she should tell roaslie since she went through it before.

Reviewer: babsnorwood (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2010 02:09 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides


Reviewer: Aksrds1 (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2010 02:11 AM · On: Chapter 2: Seeing Red

She needs to talk to Edward, but in true Bella fashion, of course she won't until things get out of hand. (sigh)

Reviewer: Aksrds1 (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2010 10:01 PM · On: Chapter 1: The Unseen View

O.k, I like the storyline, but seriously, there is NO WAY Edward would not pick up his thoughts, right? And Jasper would pick up his emotionis! The invisiblility is physical, not mental or emotional change, just visual, right?

Author's Response:

Well, at least you like the storyline! lol. I understand that it might seem a little far fetched, but I like to think that when TCG is invisible, he doesn't exist. So things like his thoughts and emotions are invisible too. After all, we can't make it too easy for the Cullen family to find him, otherwise he wouldn't be much of an Invisible Predator... 

Reviewer: babsnorwood (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2010 04:26 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

I have so far read all chapters of the Invisible Predator and have enjoyed them.  Edward is far more brooding in your works, but you let readers know up front that the story is quite angsty!  I enjoyed Danicing with Death as well, although I am very glad you are writing this sequel as it felt incomplete.  I like your writing style and you have intriguing thought processes.  I do hope you post the next chapters soon.  I just read them today and saw that you havent posted since Jan.  Hope to read more soon!  Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying reading the story so far! I know it's been a while since I have posted, sorry, I just haven't really had much time to since January. But since I just finished my degree (today, in fact) I like to think that'll have more time from now on! he he So I hope to be posting to the next chapter very soon! :D

Thanks for reviewing! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story just as much, if not more. :)

Reviewer: rigyasingh (Signed) · Date: April 18, 2010 05:08 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Just started reading your story...... please update fast......

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2010 08:56 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

I can't believe I only saw today that it updated - this is on my favorite list???

Reviewer: pinkribbonx (Signed) · Date: January 27, 2010 07:36 AM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Wow. I just read this story and the one previous.

The way you`ve described Bella is exactly like anyone after a sexual assault, it makes me wonder if you`ve had an experience like that. If not, you`re bloody amazing at getting inside people`s minds. That last comment also goes towards the creepy guy..I don`t know how you`ve managed to tell his story from his POV but you`ve done it so convincingly.

Back to Bella; the cleaning, feeling his presence, being so detached and jealous and not wanting to tell anyone..I just can`t get over how accurate it all is. Seriously, I can`t put into words how amazing I find your writing.

Please, keep writing.

Author's Response:

Awww *huggles* Fortunately I can confirm that it's only through extensive research that I've been able to get everything I need for Bella's pov and not from experience. So I'm immensly pleased that you've found her response believable but I hope that's not because you've experienced something similiar yourself. If so then... *gives extra hug*

As for TCG, I'd like to say that he's hard to write but he's actually not! Which completely freaks me out when I'm writting him because I'm not at all like TCG in the slightest! least, I don't think I am.... O.o lol So yeah I guess I'm glad that you're finding TCG so convincing but..... also, I have to admit, a little worried. he he

Anyway, thanks so much for reading, reviewing and for such a high rating! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story much. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it just as much. :) Thanks again.    

Reviewer: Niluvien (Signed) · Date: January 20, 2010 05:36 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

good story but i was wondering if you had any intentions of getting edward and bella somewhat back to normal soon? i just think it would make an interesting story of the other vampire getting jealous and starting to pull shit to get back at her for what he would consider "cheating on him. cause as it is hes already formed a relationship with her in his mind.

Author's Response:

I don't know if I can say... that's not exactly what I have planned but Bella and Edward will slowly get closer and TCG will certainly scheme to seperate them more perminantly. So I hope that meets some of your expectations.... if not hopefully you'll enjoy the story more when it progresses. :) 

Thanks for taking such interest! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story enough to want to hypothesis. It was certainly a great idea! But as I say, hopefully you'll enjoy what I have in mind too. ;) Thanks again for reviewing and for such a high rating!

Reviewer: racerchick1118 (Signed) · Date: January 20, 2010 10:30 AM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Well were do I start.TCG deffinatly lived up to his name in this chapter,actually he went past creepy.I am just glad that it didn't go farther with him and bella than it did.He's so fucked up in the head.I'm offically creeped out and hate him so that means that you have done a great Job with his character,because that is kinda the point.Right?LOL Anyways I think this chapter was great for the story because its setting everthing up.Shits about to hit the fan and I'm excited.I do think that Edward is being his normal brooding self and Bella is being a shut in,but that's how they work.That's who they are and your staying pretty true to that.If I was Edward I would be frustrated to no end.Maybe Bella will talk soon.I'm hoping anyways.I'm thinking that TCG is the owner of the club.That would make sense on why he loves it so much and the whole owner dissapering thing.idk just my guess.Awsome job sophie!

Author's Response:

Aww thanks Christina! It means so much to me that you enjoyed it as much as you did AND that you still think that everyone's pretty much in character. Thank you, I'm so pleased! XD

As for TCG, well.... what can I say? It was bound to happen eventually I suppose. But it's good, I'm glad that you don't like him even a little any more because now he has to play the evil villian not just the eccentric creepy guy who stalks Bella and bad mouths the Cullens.... however fun that might have been to write. he he And yes, you're very much right about TCG being the owner of the club so while I hope it wasn't too obviouse, I'm glad you think it makes sense! :)

Thanks again Christina for your review and for such a high rating! >.< Hopefully I'll be seeing you on the thread soon.

Reviewer: kimi-cullen (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 08:20 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

ok... hmm... i dont like TCG.

i really dont.. not anymore!

Good chapter though! :)

hope it wont be as long a wait for the next ;)

Author's Response:

LOL, damn, did I cross that invisible line between love and hate? *sighs* Oh well, I suppose that should be a good thing considering that he's the bad guy after all. I promise though that that's the creepiest he's going to get!

Thanks kimi! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Yes, hopefully you really wont have to wait so long for the next chapter! Thanks again for being so paitient. Hopefully I'll see you on the thread soon. :) 

Reviewer: Miss Erica (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 07:32 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

I cant believe you left a cliff hanger, they drive me insane.  Please hurry and update soon, I am going insane reading this... I just need to know what happens and how they get rid of that creep. Urgh!  Cant wait for more!

Author's Response:

At least it's not as big as the last one I left you on! This is more of ledge now, surely!? No...? Okay, well I'm sorry. I promise to do my best with the next chapter. Though you'll have to wait until the chapter after that to next read about TCG, sorry. *ducks* Anyway, thanks for reviewing, I'm so glad that you're enjoying it so much! Although I have to say, I'm a bit worried about the whole insane thing.... O.o Hopefully you can wait a little bit longer.... Thanks again. :)  

Reviewer: snowgood (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 07:01 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

Well, tcg certainly lived up to his name!  Ewwww!  So, we also know that he's the stupid vampire who owned the club-interesting!   The thing that surprised me was how short Edward was with Bella!  I get his frustration at her not opening up, but I think he would regret being so harsh with Bella-even if she was being unreasonable!  Especially now when she seems to want to reconnect.

Author's Response:

lol, I'm so glad that you think TCG lived up to his name in this chapter! :D I know it certainly creeped me out, writing it. *shivers* But I assure you, it's the creepiest he's going to be. And yes he's the stupid vampire who owns the club, so I'm sure you can imagine what he'll be like when he realises that the Cullens want to buy it! lol. As for Edward, I think he already does regret being short with Bella but I imagine walking in on Bella pleasuring herself in the tub while their daughter waited outside to see her was the last straw. Bless him.  

Anyway, thanks so much for coming back to read and for reviewing, I'm so glad that you're still enjoying the story! I hope you enjoy the rest of it just as much. :)

Reviewer: elle12 (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 05:04 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

another good chapter about the creep that is tcg lol, im assuming from the last couple paragraphs that he is the owner of the club , ugh gross man he freaks me out, look fwd to next chapter

Author's Response:

LOL, I don't know whether to happy or disspointed that you worked it out! Hopefully it wasn't so obvious up until then, so in that case I'm very happy! he he. Yes TCG is the owner of the club. Doesn't that just make him that much more creepier!? Knowing that he can be smart when he wants to be. Smart enough to arrange a group feeding in the middle of busy city anyway. Urgh. I don't envy Bella that's for sure!

Thanks for reviewing, I'm so glad that you're still enjoying it! Not to mention that you're looking forward to the next chapter! I'll do my best with it, I promise. Thanks again. :)  

Reviewer: tazz (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 02:25 PM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides



Author's Response:

Thanks Tammy, I'm glad you think so! I'll be deffinetely seeing you on the thread later! :)

Reviewer: LJ Summers (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 10:53 AM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

TCG is just SO CREEPY.  You've written him beautifully. I think I say that in almost every review, but it's always TRUE.

His perspective is so deliciously, horribly skewed.  And his internal monologues are just...perfect. Yes.

The interaction with Edward and Ness and Jake is great. I like how you caught the awkward feel of everyone.  TCG isn't the MOST perspicacious, but he does pick up on some good details for us.

It was GREAT to see this story updated.  Thank you so much.


Author's Response:

And thank YOU for such a wonderful 100th review! XD It has cheered me up no end to read that you're still enjoying TCG's creepiness. Thank you, thank you, thank you! he he

I'm also glad that you enjoyed the interaction between Edward, Ness and Jacob. You're right, TCG isn't the most perceptive guy in the world but he notices what matters and how fractured the family is getting is really what matters right now. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading his perspective on things more in the future as well, although he might have had his fill on the Cullens for the time being....Never Bella though, never. ;) he he. Anyway, thanks again for such a great review and high rating! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story enough to come back after my horrendously long absence. *hangs head in shame* If you're ever in the neighbourhood, pop by on the thread. I'd love to see you there! :)  

Reviewer: Bellinda (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2010 03:42 AM · On: Chapter 7: Changing Tides

why cant she just tell themabout the creep

Author's Response:

Because she still doesn't know for sure that he's around?... I guess it's hard for us to remember that when we read through his pov as we do but it's true. Right now Bella just thinks that it's all in her imagination and that it's just her minds way of coping with what happened.

I hope that answers your question somewhat but I understand your frustration and in fact, I'm thankful for it. It shows me that you care, so thank you! :) Hopefully you'll find some solace soon....

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