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Reviewer: xtwilight3 (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 10:28 PM · On: Chapter 1- Imprisonment

great chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks! :)

Reviewer: pinkylove102 (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 09:02 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

uhhh i understand how she cant stop her self from wanting it i would feel discusted after that but i understand the story keep up with the good work


probly more if it was mike newton

or james

Author's Response:

Ha ha ha, the idea of Mike Newton forcing himself on Bella is really not attractive. I think she might actually be able to beat him into a pulp if he tried. James would just be down-right disturbing. I guess only Edward could pull something like this off ;)

I'm glad you are giving the story a chance, I know it's not always easy to understand the characters and their actions and reactions. Thanks for the review and wonderful rating! :)

Reviewer: KelseyJane (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 08:58 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Hehe, I like that she was kind of calling the shots on what she wanted. Good for her! It makes me wonder what he was thinking when she obliged and enjoyed it this time. Maybe we'll find out in a later conversation. Okay. so it wasn't Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds? You said he's in his 40's. So...George Clooney, Peter Facinelli? Maybe Nicholas Cage? Liev Schriber? Those are my guesses for now. Until next time. Awesome chapter chica

Author's Response:

Well, Bella is used to getting what she wants, and I love a demanding Bella! What was he thinking? You mean other than yes yes yes YES! ;)

I didn't even know who Ryan Reynolds was, lol! Had to look him up. So no. Geroge Clooney? Nope. Peter Facinelli? Damn, he'd make a mean gangsta as well! But no. Nicholas Cage? ha ha, no. Liev Schriber? Are you serious? Does anyone write fics about him? ;)

Ok, you need more clues... he was the Body that year, he made this movie and all people talked about for months were his thighs.

Kisses, chica!


Reviewer: Queendel (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 07:50 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

 This fic is different. I don't like rape and what Edward did to Bella was horrid, but he still seemed to be humane, gentle and did not brutalise her.

I am eager to hear what Bella's father did to him or his family for him to be so hard and vengeful.

Update soon.

Author's Response:

He has his reasons, or at least he thinks he does. I don't think you could ever truly reason something like forcing sex on anyone. Give him a chance, he does have a brutal past. But yes, he wasn't horrible about it, it tells of feeling he has behind the actions. It wouldn't be possible to go anywhere if the rape had been brutal, there is no way Bella could ever recover. It's farfetched as it is already...

I know it's a strange story, the story is as much fiction as if there were vampires involved! But I do hope you give it a chance and keep reading. I'd love to keep you as a reader. If you have any more specific questions, let me know, everyone knows I love to explain my inane creations...

Thanks for the review and for reading, reservations and all! :)

Reviewer: edward08 (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 02:23 AM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

i loved it

Author's Response:

so happy :)

Reviewer: MonCherie (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 12:28 AM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Um wow lol thats all I have to say. I love the plot and I love-hate this edward

Author's Response:

Love-hate is good, leads to great sex! ;) I'm happy you liked it! Hope you stick around.

Reviewer: lee723 (Signed) · Date: July 05, 2009 12:22 AM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

WOW! This is such a interesting situation that Bella is in now.
compared to the first time when he did force her and YET was NOT forceful with her to now where her mind is not registering the shock and hurt and pain that everyone would feel after an encounter like that.

She seems to just WANT him it was kinda hysterical in a way, she ached for him and she desired him..huh...well that was certainly something.

Just really intriging, she reciprocated and anticipated his return for another go.
this time it was just wow lol...and he actually kissed her this time....and no words were said...purely animalistic and dare i say it Hot.
With the way Bella stared at him at Dinner to the way she admired his body, and every inch of it....nice.

i can SO see that Edward CERTAINLY has issues.
I really wanna know what they are and what his feelings are about Bella.

Author's Response:

Hey Lee! I know, Bella's reactions are just unprecedented. Her survival radar is kinda off, like canon Bella ;) If the situation were different, if she wasn't a prisoner of Edward's, if she had been forced by him and then went back home to never see him again, I'm sure she'd just feel hatred and pain and gult forever, but being under his constant control, may he be around or not, changes everything, changes her perspective. I'm glad you found it hot, that's what I was going for! ;)

Yep, Eddie here is very complex and very confused. Poor puppy just needs a hug ;)

Thanks for the review, hun! :)

Reviewer: lmr14 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 11:40 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

I think this story fastastic! So very interesting; I can't wait more! 

Author's Response:

Yeeeeeeeey! Thank you so much!

Reviewer: Mayfair1285 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 09:45 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

I'm intrigued to see how Edward and Bella's relationship will develop. Update soon please!

Author's Response:

I'm done with the chapter, just need it betaed. I'm sure it'll be up in a couple of days. I'm glad you are intrigued, and I'm happier you are going along with the crazy plot! :)

Reviewer: chiara0075 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 09:32 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

I take it back.. I don't like this story.. I loooove it :D

Author's Response:

Ha ha ha! You had me worried there for a second! :)

Reviewer: diamondtopaz (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 08:43 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

hot! another awesome chapter! also, i think making everything in the past tense would be a good idea as well.

please update soon!

Author's Response:

Yep, I'm so glad I changed the first chapters, whoever reads it will be happier, I'm sure. I've just been so all over the place with my verb tenses in this story... sorry, I know it can get annoying.

I'm glad you liked the chapter! I loved writting it, specially after the last one...

Reviewer: La Jodi (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 08:31 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Great writing! If Bella wasn't so obviously into it, I don't think I would like it so much.  It's nice to see glimpses of them liking each other.

Author's Response:

Can you imagine if he was to force himself on her over and over again? That's a new level of horrible! No, I wouldn't do that, she needs to be attracted to him in order to eventually like him. You know? ;)

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Twilighter22 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 08:17 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

This is wonderful! There are twists that make it interesting. Even after the way Edward has acted, you simply cannot hate him. Even the first time he took Bella he was so gentle

I cannot wait to see what you have instore for them next!

Reviewer: Twilighter22 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 08:16 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

This is wonderful! There are twists that make it interesting. Even after the way Edward has acted, you simply cannot hate him. Even the first time he took Bella he was so gentle

I cannot wait to see what you have instore for them next!

Author's Response:

Yey, you love the twists! So do I, he he. It's so much fun to think about the rest of the story, I tell you, it's so full of new possible twists! ;) Thanks for the great review!

Reviewer: kenziemorton (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 08:02 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

i freaking loved it. i think it was HOT! very tastful and sexy and i can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Yeeeeey! So glad! :)

Reviewer: BellaChick (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 07:51 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

i'll tell you what i think...HAWT!!!!

Author's Response:

Hawt is always guud! :)

Reviewer: mayams (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 07:41 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

They really are strange people. Marked by their pasts, their stories, their fears and of course their desirees.

Why did he stay away? Why did he arrive late to dinner? And even more why did he agree to all that she asked? That was a surprise. Was he feeling guilty, or not at ease from what happened? He clearly enjoyed it then and now, and so did she. He is silent. He entered the room when she was thinking it wouldn't happen again. They didn't need words, but both knew what the other wanted.

Will Bellar really feel bad with herself tomorow morning? Will they ever talki about all this?

So many questions. This is a twist I didn't think would come to the story and especially at the time it did. It shows us two individuals who even if they come from the same background, they have dealt with it in such different ways and yet have come to stand at the same place and at almost the same time.

Bella is living in a glass house created, it seems, especially for her by Edward, for how long?

Author's Response:

Hi Mayams! I've told you I love your reviews, right? ;)

Ok, first things first. Your inquiries: if you want to know the answers, read ahead. I'll answer truthfully. If you rather be kept in the dark, don't read ahead (I do love my warnings, huh?). THESE ARE KIND OF SPOILERY:

Why did he stay away? To give Bella time to process things. He knew she'd be mainly hurt and humiluiated at first. But eventually, she'd start thinking about how much pleasure he gave her, and her body would focus on that. He knew she'd start wanting him.

Why did he arrive late to dinner? That's actually horrible, but he was taking care of a 'rat'. One of his men betrayed him, he had been feeding information to the police for some time. He was caught and dealt with.

Why did he agree to everything Bella asked for? Because he'll agree to pretty much anything Bella wants. She hasn't realized exactly how much power she holds over him. As for guilt, no, he isn't feeling any guilt just yet.

Will she feel sad? That you will have to see. He he, I'm done with that chapter, so you won't have to wait too much, I promise.

Their backgrounds are actually very very different. The one thing they have in common is Bella's father. But yeah, they have dealt with hardships in very different ways. And yeah, they both end up in the same place at the same time, over and over. Again, you'll see.

How long will Bella remain in her prision? About four more chapters, lol! But things will go beyond that.

For other things: I just read you profile and I have to say I envy you, you live in Puebla! I lived in Cholula for 3 years and just absolutely loved it. That land is magical. And I love Gabriel García Márquez. Have you read Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada? That is my absolute favorite book ever...

Thank you so much for being among my readers, I'm honored my story has caught your attention. :)


Reviewer: KBfan (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 07:08 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Your narrative of Bella's inner struggle remains OUTSTANDING!! You can actually feel the inner battle that Bella is having in regards to her feelings towards Edward's complete domination. Not many stories move me emotionally as much as yours does with each chapter. I love this rollercoaster of emotions you are making me ride. Can't wait to read more. GREAT JOB as always. =)


Author's Response:

Thank you KB! What a wonderful review, you made me smile! You made me blush! Ha ha. Hope you keep liking it! :)

Reviewer: lord periperi (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 06:19 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

i can't help but be amazed by the fact that she is no longer afraid of him-and the logic behind that fact surprised me, and in the same time, it is so simple and understandable. really, what could be worse than what he already did?

in another way, that rises another question: is it really the worst that can happen? in wars, particularly cruel, army sistematically rapes women of enemies to break their spirit-wide-known technique since dawn of time...and i sometimes ask myself isn't that feeling connected with millenia-old scheme of woman-role and place in society? (oh, i hope i don't sound  forgiving about rape or something , cause i'm not, i hate the fact it happens, i hate everything about it, i hate the horror i feel when i try to imagine how it feels to have your body be the instrument of such a violation of your person) i can't help but ask myself, after i read that, is it, when i react like that, the horror,  partially result of a society-instructed feeling we are subconscously taught since we were born. i mean, being a victim once-if you stay alive-gives you a chance to heal and live your life....and you are so much more than your body; a woman has so much more to offer, so much more to protect than just that.

ok, i have to stop ranting.

i like to think two things about this edward:

he is either a cruel-cold-logic-minded mastermind of breaking people, in which point he doesn't care about "protection" simply because he doesn't care at all, and in time some feelings will rise and maybe, reform him, partially or completely......

...or he had something with bella, some kind of connection that she herself isn't aware, and he already does care about her, on some level-and in that story, he is considerate, we just don't see it, as bella doesn't (as it is her story, for now;)

if it's the first, i'm curious will the first feeling be affection, or will you bring some other emotion first (and i really think it would be interesting to see how would that develop, because this isn't normall "fall in love" case) and will he change partially or completely.

if it's the second, then it's a mystery...almost for miss marple;)

i'll stop now. great  chapter!

(and please don't hate me after my stupid thoughts, i never knew how to explain myself in english;)

Author's Response:

First of all, your thoughts are far from stupid so never apologize for them. I love how much thinking goes into the story by some of the readers, I think it's the best compliment. And you explained yourself perfectly, what's your native language, anyway? Mine is Spanish, so I can relate.

Now, Bella thinks it's the worst that could have been done to her because she is the victim and has no other previous experiences to compare it to. Has that ever happened to you? I think it happens to us all, how could this happen to me? Why me? When so many others have it so much worse. Now, I'm not saying that what was done to her was not terrible, but there are indeed worse things. Edward could still be so much worse...

As for your analysis of Edward, I so wished I could discuss this with you without giving the whole story away!! But you did put you finger on many issues... you'll see.

Thanks so much, you make my day lord periperi!


Reviewer: twilighter767 (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 06:19 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

i just found this story and i think its very intersting...cant wait to read more..update soon!!

Author's Response:

So glad you did! And I'm so happy you like it so far. Thanks so much for reviewing! Keeps me happily going :)

Reviewer: Shamatt (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 05:40 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Interesting! How long has she actually been there? Has it been a few weeks? I wonder if she is really being held because of her father or is that a rouse. I like mysterious non talking Edward.

Author's Response:

I love mysterious, not-talking Edward! He just sits there and be pretty ;)

No, seriously, I'm glad you like him. I know he is all weird and cryptic right now. We will get to know him better as the chapters go on.

How long has she been there? Let's se... almost 3 weeks unconscious, another month of recuperation, and now it's been another week= 2 months! Ha, I hadn't even thought of that. But there you go.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: rubytuesday (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 05:26 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Wow, nice chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Great writing.


Author's Response:

I'm so glad you like it, and thank you on complienting my writing, it means so much! :)

Reviewer: trutwilightfantasy (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 05:24 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Well hell, who could blame her? I think I'd be confused as fuck too. Oh, you asked me if I've read any other stories involving rape in Twilight fanfic. The Devil's Toy, on is one, also if you check her Fav's list you'll find more. Then you'll see what I meant about this one being "calm".

Author's Response:

Ooooh, I'm very curious now. When I'm done with this story, I'll go check it out. Once a very long time ago, me and several girlfriends where wasted and talking about our sickest fantasies, the one we ALL had in common? Yep, getting raped. Of course, not violently, held down, beaten-up, bloody and torn, gun-point, drugged, gang raped. But forced by the object of our lust. I guess sex always involves some degree of guilt, risk and consequences, but if that decision was taken away from you? It's not your fault anymore when things go apeshit. I don't know, it's a very complex issue, and one that should never be discussed with an actual victim of sexual abuse. It's just one of those fantasies that are meant to remain forever that way.

I guess confused while having earth-shaking orgasms might not me that bad, huh? ;) Thanks for the review, TTF!

Reviewer: laleangel (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 05:12 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

Ok so I took me over a week to finally just say stop being a stupid girlie and just read the dam chapter it can't be that bad!!  Even with all the warnings that you gave!!   I'm glad that I did, you wrote the last chapter and this one very well.  It would be nice to hear from EPOV to see what he is thinking about this whole thing.

Anyways very nicely written and I'm very glad to say that I will stick with this till the end and no running to the hills!

Lee Anne x

Author's Response:

I'm so happy you did, Lee Anne! So good to have you here... on the dark side! ;)

That has been most people's reaction: 'it wasn't that bad!'. But I'm still happy with the warnings, I think it's only fair. I'd really hate for someone going blindly into that chapter, you know?

We'll get to know Edward better, for sure. But I don't think I'll be writing anything from his pov. His mind is a scary place to inhabit ;) No, seriously, I guess you never know, but it's not something I planned on doing. We'll see...

Thanks so much for giving the chapter a chance, and thanks for sticking with the story! I'm too grateful :)

Reviewer: kissing_koffins (Signed) · Date: July 04, 2009 04:33 PM · On: Chapter 5- Desire

you said it was sick but it really wasn't. there is far worse out there. they want it, at first she might not have wanted it but she did in her heart.

Author's Response:

Are there now? I guess I've mostly read lovey dovey stories in this fandom, I don't think I've ever come across anything too terrible. But I'm glad people are not finding it offensive or 'that sick, because as much as I like dark stories, I didn't want it to be so dark I'd alienate the reader. Thank you fo reading! :)

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