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Reviews For Branded
Reviewer: Syndi-Dowell (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2014 09:40 AM · On: Ch 16-Outtakes #4-6

Very touching story. :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. :)

Reviewer: allienicole16 (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2011 02:50 PM · On: Chapter 6

I was raped when i was 13 years old, got pregnant and lost the baby. I moved on to the first guy who ever stood up for me after that and who helped me through it. After a few months he started beating me and saying how worthless i was. It got worse when we got to high school and I started spending time in marching band alot. I finally got up the courage to walk away from him. I was nothing but a broken beaten shell of my former self. Then i met the man i've been with for 8 years. He pulled me out of my own personal hell and 5 years later her gave me the best thing in the world, my daughter. I doesnt matter how soon it happened after I left asshole. All that matter was that he healed me in a way that no one else could. This story hits me very close to if her falling in love with edward so soon is a problem for some people...get over it because it is realistic and it does happen!

Author's Response:

I am humbled that you shared your story with me, and I'm glad you are standing behind this Bella.  I took a lot of flack from people who said it was just too fast, too unrealistic, but I know that healing happens for people at different rates and I wasn't going to back down.  

Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: IzzaBella Marie (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2011 07:13 AM · On: Chapter 4

WOW a lot of emotion ... I really Like this story

Author's Response:

Thanks, IzzaBella Marie.  I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:59 PM · On: Chapter 7


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:57 PM · On: Chapter 6


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:56 PM · On: Chapter 5


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:54 PM · On: Chapter 4


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:53 PM · On: Chapter 3


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:51 PM · On: Chapter 2


Reviewer: xbellex (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2010 01:49 PM · On: Chapter 1


Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2010 03:22 PM · On: Ch 16-Outtakes #4-6

again this was a beautiful story and i loved it and these outtakes where a beautiful insight to what everyone was going through
can't wait to read the sequel
until next time

Author's Response: Thanks so much mbellaandedwardm. I appreciate it. It's a tough story to get through sometimes. I hope you'll enjoy Road Maps.

Reviewer: veveavitabella (Signed) · Date: October 21, 2010 03:07 AM · On: Ch 16-Outtakes #4-6

great story

Author's Response:

Thanks so much, veveavitabella. :)

Reviewer: mbellaandedwardm (Signed) · Date: October 17, 2010 09:14 PM · On: Chapter 13

wow this was a wonderful and beautiful story i have learned so much from this story and im sure if someone who was abused like bella had by chance read this story they would be moved and would learn something from this story i know it would probably take longer for them but same goes both ways
This was beautiful story i loved bella and edward there relationship was perfect and just what bella needed this story was hard to read at times but it was worth it this story was inspiring and i would recommend it to anyone
so now im going to read the outtakes and after that i will read the sequel and see what else happens in bella's life and im sure i will love it so
until next time

Author's Response:

Thank you, sweets. I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though it is an incredibly hard story to read.  I hope you'll enjoy Road Maps just as much.  In fact, most people like it more.  :)

Reviewer: Sydney Witherspoon (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2010 01:04 PM · On: Chapter 10

thank you very cool story

Author's Response:

Thanks for continuing to read it.  It's not an easy story to read.

Reviewer: Sydney Witherspoon (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2010 12:34 PM · On: Chapter 8

i love Emm hugs....

Author's Response:

Em hugs are the best.  :)

Reviewer: Sydney Witherspoon (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2010 11:15 AM · On: Chapter 4

wow this is really good thank you

Author's Response:

Thanks, Sydney, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: cullenetc (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2010 10:33 PM · On: Ch 16-Outtakes #4-6

I really liked this story. You are a very talented writer. You brought feelings out in this story that other people would have missed and it really made me feel for these characters. I am so excited that you mentioned a sequel. I will look for it. Thanks for the great story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It was a real labour of love, and I'm thrilled you felt so strongly about it. I look forward to hearing what you think about the sequel. :)

Reviewer: vampiregirl1001 (Signed) · Date: August 21, 2010 12:53 AM · On: Ch 16-Outtakes #4-6

I loved your story, it really drew me in and kept me on the age at times, especially when James found her and was harassing her and especially when he went into her room. I felt sorry for the characters and I am glad it had a great ending and a message to survivors, not victims of abuse. But, survivors of abuse. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank YOU, vampiregirl1001, for reading! I hope you'll read the sequel sometime. :)

Reviewer: pamelajeanne (Signed) · Date: August 20, 2010 02:14 PM · On: Chapter 6

As a rape survivor, I can honestly say that we all heal at different rates. The relationship bella and edward have is perfectly fine...idealized, but hey, it's all good.

Author's Response: That's the great thing about fiction-idealization is acceptable (in small doses). Thanks for reading and sharing.

Reviewer: vampiregirl1001 (Signed) · Date: August 20, 2010 05:40 AM · On: Chapter 10

LOL! Nice funny part.

Author's Response:

Glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: shegoddess (Signed) · Date: August 19, 2010 11:34 PM · On: Chapter 13

love to read any out takes you got! Loved the ending!!!

Author's Response:

Outtakes are chapter 14-16.  :)  There's always the sequel, Road Maps.  :)

Reviewer: shegoddess (Signed) · Date: August 19, 2010 06:30 PM · On: Chapter 11


Author's Response:

So glad you liked it!

Reviewer: shegoddess (Signed) · Date: August 19, 2010 05:43 PM · On: Chapter 10

HAHA love adam and Pandora!!!

Author's Response:

They're pretty special, aren't they?  ;)

Reviewer: shegoddess (Signed) · Date: August 19, 2010 11:14 AM · On: Chapter 9

dazzlegasm-inducing crooked smile  hahaaha! Why cant we all have an Edward!?!

Author's Response:

You know, I don't know...I wish we could, though.  mmm...oh the things I could do with a dazzlegasm-inducing crooked smiling Edward Cullen.  :)

Reviewer: vampiregirl1001 (Signed) · Date: August 19, 2010 05:34 AM · On: Chapter 6

I am glad they already hooking up. I was wondering and waiting long!

Author's Response:

You know, some people complained that it was too soon.

People heal and deal at different rates, and Edward is pivotal in her healing process.

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