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Reviewer: debrad (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:40 AM · On: The River

I love this story!!  I just found it and read it entirely this weekend.  I was so excited to receive the updated for today. THANK YOU!!  How often do you update? 

It is so nice to see the role reversal.  Edward being the needy one and Bella being the protector.

Thank you!!


Reviewer: blkeyes_redlips (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:39 AM · On: The River

Well fuck me. It would be too easy if it were other Vampires that took him, huh? See? Damn the human race for being so cruel. We're sarcastic and bitch about everything. Gah, absolutely love this to pieces.

Reviewer: BellaGioia (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:37 AM · On: The River

I can't stop thinking about your story.  It's so captivating!  I'm delighted with the new chapter.  They're so sweet together.  I wonder what she said in her sleep? 

Edward said he'd never faced a vamp before "last week"...has it really only been two weeks?  Gosh, I thought it was longer! 

Thanks for the update.  Can't wait for the next installment.

Reviewer: snowgood (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:36 AM · On: The River

NO!  Didn't see that coming!  Who could have imprisoned him?  Was it the stinkin' werewolves?  I am so delighted that Edward is talking to Bella!  How does she ever leave him to go home?  I love that she is taking care of him in this story-the opposite of the books.  Can't wait till the next chapter-Thank You so much for never stringing us out too long!!!

Reviewer: swan_song (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:34 AM · On: The River

This is an amazing fic! I'm totally engrossed! Please update soooooon.

Reviewer: v1cky84 (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:34 AM · On: The River

Wow...I'm so happy that he is getting better with each new chapter.  So Edward's captors were humans, huh?  That's interesting, although not unexpected because I can't see vampire doing it to fellow vampires.    Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Reviewer: mbluvsdarkedward (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:33 AM · On: The River

ohhh was it werewolves then that held him?? otherwise why was he found so close to forks!! nasty nasty werewolves - i feel even more justified than usual to be a jacob hater!

Reviewer: LilMoCullen (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:32 AM · On: The River

WHAT!! who kept him locked up and they wen't Vampiers???Thats crazy! I would like to meet them and give them a pice of my mind :P. Love the story and i cant wait till the next chapter :)

Reviewer: Lola84 (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:32 AM · On: The River

I figured it was humans.  There's no way vamps would do something like that to him... it's not in their nature.

The B/E moment was beautiful! Thanks for the update!!

Reviewer: Lindisima (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:32 AM · On: The River

Oh wow... what an intriguing last sentence. This story would be an awesome book!

Reviewer: VampSK (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:31 AM · On: The River

They were not vampires??  Wow, you really keep us guessing in this story!!  Great job! ha

Another great chapter.  Thanks! :)

Reviewer: sb7 (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:31 AM · On: The River

"Your...." kind?  Humans?  Was he captured by some "freak" hating humans, trying to reform the bloodsucker by making him repulsed by blood?  Will he and the Cullens be recruited into the X-men???

Reviewer: sjfdmf (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:30 AM · On: The River

I am so enthralled by this story.  You keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what new information about his past will be revealed in each chapter.  I love that Bella is the strong one to lead him and guide him.  Hopefully Carlisle will soon realize the benefits of her relationship with Edward. Thanks for writing.  Look forward to the next chapter, as always.

Reviewer: Abfabany (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:30 AM · On: The Hunt

Awesome chapter! It is really progessing! I'm truly impressed and can't wait for more. 

Reviewer: Jedward (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:29 AM · On: The River

Well, I didn`t expect that , no evil vamps did this??? If humans did this to him he wouldn`t be so comfortable around Bella. It  does explain why he is nervous about the Cullens if he has never been around other vampires.

 Who else could have done this to him? Werwolves?

You know Tuesday is my favorite day of the week now. I live for these updates, it jsut makes my day!

Thank you for this wonderful story.

Reviewer: Stellarrose (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:29 AM · On: The River

Whoa!!  Carlisle and all have been operating under a false assumption...that they were looking for some type of vamp group.  Instead, was it a group of human scientists???  Mengele-type experiments?

Can't wait to

Reviewer: kng1986 (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:28 AM · On: The River

He looked longingly back out the window and almost inaudibly whispered, “I don’t… I don’t think I can.”  I know he's mostly afraid of everything and everyone except Bella but I also hope he can't leave her.  I wonder who or what held him captive and if it was humans how the hell did  they pull it off.

Reviewer: BellaWillow (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:26 AM · On: The River

I am surprised that he wasn't taken by vampires, but then again, human scientists have done a lot of bad things in the name of science. Where was Carlisle in this Universe since he did not change Edward? Maybe I missed that.

I like how Edward and Bella are talking more and more. That interaction on the lawn was touching since it showed how much he trusts and cares about her. I liked the scene where Carlisle was feeding him and thinking all of the thoughts about Bella at the same time. That was a nice way of keeping Edward calmer.

This story is one of my favorites and I look forward to each new chapter which you publish!

Reviewer: zess (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:23 AM · On: The River


eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  :D

I love that thinking of Bella calms him.  About re-acclimating Edward to the scent of that going to make Bella's scent a problem?  Or maybe the aversion will always linger enough to make blood unpleasant, though eventually tolerable?  Hmm...

That's interesting that he wasn't locked up by vampires.  I'm so curious about how humans managed to contain a newborn Edward!

Reviewer: AzraTain (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:23 AM · On: The River

I have two reactions from this chapter: Awwwww and WHAT THE...?!?!?!

Amazing work as usual. When Edward said "Beautiful" and put his head on her heartbeat, my heart swelled almost to bursting point. You have this amazing knack for plucking on the heart strings.

The WHAT THE...??!?! Came from the cliffhanger ending... How... what... who...??!?!?! All thoughts of evil James and Victoria flew out of my head. Evil Weres? Oooh, that'd be a nice twist.

<Sigh> Now I have to wait till the next chapter. The edge of my seat is becoming well worn! I love it!! Okay I'm going now before I start throwing in random exlamation points due to my "wheeeeee"-ness. "Wheeeee"-ness that you caused!!!!!!!! Opps there they go...

Reviewer: eeva (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:22 AM · On: The River

I love the little moment they share!  So cute.  And Carlisle's thoughts of Bella to keep Edward calm *sigh*

Thanks for the update :D

Reviewer: blondieja (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:21 AM · On: The River

Wow!  So here I thought it was the Volturi doing this so they could eat human food and stuff.  He's been around humans, huh?  This story just keeps getting better by the updates.  I can't wait to read the next one.  I was wondering since Edward had never really been around other vamps, if this is why he is so freaked out about the Cullens and not Bella?

Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!


Reviewer: ladee_sarah (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:20 AM · On: The River

Okay, I'm glad there's been more talking and to people (or vampires) other than Bella and going outside; I've been waiting for that for a while now. Clearly I am not a patient person!

He's never seen another vampire? How? I was thinking in the same direction as Bella, it must be vampires. Frankly, I don't care what Edward says, must have been vampires!..

Reviewer: jeesiechreesie (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:19 AM · On: The River

i swear you're going to give yourself an ulcer over NOTHING.


ooo carlisle pov...bah..uh, hello? it breezed by and you totally had E/B in it...even if it was subtle. If anything, that whole scene emphasized the extent to which Bella is E's comfort zone, if just thoughts of her eased his fears. so, uh...brilliant.duh...


and everyone will want to know what kind of bumping and grinding moaning bella was doing in her sleep that put that new smile on E's face. hehe


the beautiful scene clearly echoed sentiment and not just copy catting bella, so no worries on that front. it was a fantastic recreation of the meadow scene without being cliched or over the top. you have now given me faith in them. so thank you.


and it seems as if the plot thickens. my guess is zombie aliens had him held hostage. just a thought. ;)



love love love it as usual hon!

  - katie

Reviewer: kapers_in_pink (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:18 AM · On: The River

I'm so intrigued by this story, and I can't wait to find out what really happened to our dear Edward.

I guess I'm not really surprised that he'd never seen another vampire before, especially given his reaction to the Cullens when he first met them.

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