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Reviews For Tropic of Virgo
Reviewer: Belledward (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 07:04 AM · On: Short Ended Stick

WAG response: Withdrawal.

OMFGx100. They know! The group knows! I about screamed out of my own skin at 1:45 in the morning. OMG! I've been waiting for this for so long! Please clue them ALL in now! I'm so anxious I might just burst open!

Ooookay, wtF just happened? It bothers me that they're so dramatic. But then again, this is high school haha. And it doesn't bother me in a bad way, to clear things up. I love this story for reals. It's just that they both NEVER say what they want to say - and it's so realistic - that it hurts my face! All this could have been avoided - and we see that all too much in real life. Like Edward could have just grew some balls and just shut Bella up and say what he needed to say. Then there would be no misunderstanding. Instead, he just stood there like a mutherfcker and let Bella think those bad thoughts and didn't interject when he knew better. And perhaps he could have explained the Tanya situation a little better. But like I said, this story doesn't bother me one bit; it's just the realistic-ness (that I love) that bothers me! lol I know I sound confusing, but really, it's like a love-hate relationship haha! They're killin' me! But I'm dying for more.

Your poetry is beautiful. You are truly gifted.

Tanya, the bitch. Someone take her out before I do!

Reviewer: Belledward (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 06:39 AM · On: Imps

WHOA! That shot thing was a total surprise! What an interesting idea! I must keep that in mind! Thank you! Haha. That was major hot though. I like your brain.

Hmm... I do wonder where this thing with James is heading... Good or bad?

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 06:36 AM · On: Short Ended Stick

Twilight = drama.

OK, it's 4:33 a.m., I'm bleary eyes, out of chapters, and out of birthday cake. And I feel a little quesy because I'm old, it's late, I ate too much cake, and this chapter has made my head spin. Edward is SUCH a douche. Good lord, how can he be SO eloquent with his poetry, and such a mutant in person? Does he ride the Volvo version of the short bus to school?? Shit, hellfire, and damnation, man! Tell her "Tanya has my little disk drive and is blackmailing me into taking her to the party, so can you please play along?" Don't stand there and watch yourself not-really dump her and her walk away! DUH! SPEAK, MAN, SPEAK!!!  Gah.

:)  I have given you more reviews than you ever wanted, I'm sure!  Can't WAIT for the next chappie, and hope it isn't too long...(hint hint)

Sweet dreams, everybody!!! (except Edward, who has pissed me off.)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 06:23 AM · On: Imps

P.S.  I don't know if I'd want to BE her, but I would pay serious bucks to hang out with Barbara Kingsolver. She wrote The Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven, and Prodigal Summer, and The Poisonwood Bible, and lots of others...she is my favorite author of all time, and is so damned SMART it's almost painful to witness. Her work is amazing, inspiring, funny, mystical, intense, simple and complex....and all other good adjectives. :) 


Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 06:19 AM · On: Imps



I spotted this in a review when I first started this story, but man, it still stings. What. A. HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My guess is James is trying to manipulate her with the "edward won't let you" crap. Gah, men.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 06:10 AM · On: The Goods

Hmm...kill Lauren, fuck Jessica to death, marry Angela and live happily ever after. >:>

Holy crap, singing in front of 5k people. Where is James in this chapter; why isn't he hounding her about the envelopes?  He's a douche, and she could easily suck at the tryouts.   So....did BD actually enter themselves,w/out Bella??

Are they gonna go to dinner at the mushroom ravioli place? :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 05:58 AM · On: Patience

Shit. Feels like a lot some days...spiders, these disgusting leggy lightning-fast bugs I have in this rental house, failure, dying alone and overweight and my dogs eating my face...disapppointing people that shouldn't matter and myself for feeling they do..cancer. Losing friends and family. North Korea, some days...blindness and monkeys.

Why 3 envelopes, Bella? James and BD...and what's the third?? What has Alice done?? whoops, Bella is PISSED! Shes' gonna put on her boots and kick some more ass :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 05:47 AM · On: Aisle C

YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Eddie grows a pair and asks her out for ice cream!!!!

I actually just clapped and yelled out loud again!  I am a goober!!!!!

Look at Bella GO!!!! I love this girl :))))

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 05:31 AM · On: Games

Vag!  Variety, Vision, Valkyrie, Vivacious, Victory, Valium 8)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 05:19 AM · On: Matters

OK, I thought that maybe in the last chapter, when Edward appeared in just his sweats, all hot and moist and cranky, that he suspected that she was OG. Now I'm guessing not....guess he's just jealous of anything that holds her attention besides him.  Hey, what was up with Charlie's mood, and the "taking advantage" comment? Who takes advantage of her? She doesn't sing with anybody...not sure what that meant. Hmm. 

I'm running out of chapters and am kinda freakin' out about it....

As for dishes, I'm not sure...tonight, while I was checking on a neighbor's cat, I was singing "By My Side" from the Godspell soundtrack...lower than I usually sing, but it went well. :)  And tonight, reading this, I sang some Tracy Chapman, and contemplated dropping $55 on a concert ticket to see her in August....for those of you that don't know her music, GET SOME. Her playing is simple, her music simple for the most part, but her lyrics will break your damned heart. She stuns me repeatedly with what she writes. :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 05:02 AM · On: House Cullen

It may be trite, but "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails...I dance to it like a big ho in my living room, stomping my feet with each step, feeling all Britney. :) lol...there are a few Enrique Iglesias tunes that make me wanna mate...ooh...made out to one of his CDs once, and it was freakin' HOT!!   Kinda funny.... a white girl doin' an Eskimo boy while singing the tunes of a Latino was all very international!!! 8) 

"We sat in the gymnasium, backs breaking on the hard bleachers, the familiar scent of shoes, sweat, perfume and puberty rising from the crowd of students like fetid steam form a simmering stew" ---- another of your beautiful missiles, dropped upon the unsuspecting heads of your slay me.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 04:44 AM · On: Mindless

Is Bella on crack? Why was she sleeping with him again if she thought she was still "the wrong girl" and didnt know he thought he slept with Lauren?  Good lord, these teen hormones are insane.

That side was ready for anything, and that side was singing this morning, and they were dangerous songs. ***   This line is amazing! So very I'll-kick-you-ass-in-a-bar. You continue to blow me away with your writing - you drop these literary bombs so casually upon us....kerBOOM!  And wow, Bella kicked ass HER way, and I loved it all!  THe kiss in the cafeteria was sweet - very Officer and A Gentleman moment. 8) 

Lunch today? I'm guessing birthday cake. Yesterday was my bday, and I had to put my 16-yr-old kitty to sleep. Sniffle sniffle...I've been self-medicating with buttercream frosting.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 04:25 AM · On: Unconfessional

"That's What I Get" by Nine Inch Nails, on their Pretty Hate Machine CD. It's freakin AMAZING - angry and raw and pissed off. I LOVE it! (you can actually sing along with that album, and it's amazingly hot and sexy and wet and WHEW!!!) 

"Last Day of Our Aquaintance" by Sinead O'Connor is also fabu, and has a kick-ass, pounding drum solo before it goes off. :)

OK, the story...I fell completely in LURVE with Emmett when he covered Bella's ass and did his Stomp routine. How sweet and caring was that?? LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Emmett...and Rose, riding shotgun on the way to class.

Now, if Bella can take out 2 drunk pigs at a bar, surely she can take down Lauren and Jessica. Time to kick some ASS, Bella - fuck being suspended. One beatin' down, and your street cred will protect you thus forth!! Seriously - I'm no advocate of violence, but some bitches need a beating!! >:<

This sex thing between B&E is weird. I'd stop putting out until he started talking - he's a hot, noncommunicative mess. :)

And WTF with Carlisle and Esme? I hate to sound like the Moral Majority, but they need to "parent" these kids a wee bit. Even Edward said so, when Carlisle gave him the Come to Jesus meeting! oi! That family is a bit loosey-goosey for anybody's good. haha!

OK, lastly, this story is making me feel like a musical ignoramus. I haven't heart of half of these groups you mention...I think I'm in a musical rut. I must explore more! Hmm, gotta start cruising Itunes for some trendy stuff. Are you gonna make a kick-ass playlist in the last chapter?? Just sayin' - would be helpful!

Intersting - I'm sitting here in my office, it's 2:30 am, and suddenly, I smell tangerines. ?????

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 04:01 AM · On: Balancing Act

Ben & Jerry's New York Super Chunk Fudge. DELISH!!


I'm glad they had better sex - that first round was a hot mess. It's interesting that they're falling for each other in person and electronically. :)  So, who's doing the drugging???? I suspected Lauren, but doesn't seem like it...James??  grrr...

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 03:49 AM · On: Lost Angeles

Muskrat Love.  haha! no way.

Um...Power of Two by Indigo Girls is lovely...I Wanna Come Over by Melissa Etheridge... The Promise by Tracy Chapman is absolutely beautiful and somewhat haunting...check it out! :)

OK, back to this chapter. Why doesn't Lothario just say "hey, I was drugged and confused. Sorry 'bout that!"  Dude needs some lessons in communication!! :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 03:27 AM · On: Complicated

WTF!!! I can't believe he pops Bella's cherry, has no clue about it, was drugged, Lauren didn't get her ass kicked, poor Bella thinks he's regretful, those idiots don't know they're each other yet, Bella has unprotected sex with a manwhore, Carlisle is so damned clueless...oi veh! I wanna run that house for a week and whip their asses into shape! Ed needs to chat with Alice who will confirm it was Bella. And where the hell was Lauren - hiding in the bathtub while they got busy? good lord. ANd what a "first time" memory for Bella - ignored and forgotten, and not even kissed! what a hot mess. :)


Lauren must DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: mcmommy (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 02:58 AM · On: Short Ended Stick

This story has me by the proverbial balls!  I await your updates with baited breath, excited to ride this wave out.  You write a rich, interwoven story full of complexities when it could be trite and dull.  I hope you continue on to fulfill the potential here!  Love it!  And just so you know, I've never reviewed a story before.  I've read many, and haven't been nearly as impressed as I am with you.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2009 01:20 AM · On: Interrogation Exposition

oooh, the first kiss!! if Ordinary and Debussy start sharing more personal details, aren't they gonna have an "uhHUH!" moment when they realize they're describing their own lives?? Eddiepoo needs to step up his game with Miss Bella and get to the sexin'!!! She's gonna blow up if she doesn't get felt up. Poor thing - I can relate!! hahaha.

Hmm, I don't listen to the radio, so I don't know what's played these days. :)

Reviewer: gpl993 (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 10:55 PM · On: Short Ended Stick

Easy.  Edward.  And he cannot get anything right can he?  Honestly, why didn't he just tell her what was going on?  If she knew she wouldn't be mad... she'd probably encourage him to go with Tanya to get the password back.  But know she thinks he doesn't want her...or to even be friends with her.

Reviewer: bella_edward05 (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 08:57 PM · On: Short Ended Stick

Omg! I can't belive Tanya did that. I feel so bad for Bella. But Edward should of explaned it better. I can't wait to read what happens next.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 06:48 PM · On: Ghost Stories

Ooh, now he knows her hot dream was about him....loved that they finally kissed....drunk Bella is a good Bella, for her "drunk mouth speaks a sober mind." Woot! now we're gettin' somewhere, folks...

My fave Tshirt says "End of the Road Bar" - I won it in a karaoke contest with a girlfriend a few years back. She stopped singing, and I kept on...brave for me. :)  I also have a cool one with a mermaid from Weeki Watchi in FLorida, and a Pirate Soul museum tshirt from Key West. :)


Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 06:22 PM · On: Type set

Aaah, the sexual tension and angst begin!!!

Hmm, I like "junk" for guy parts - it always makes me giggle. 8)

I've been referring to my girl parts lately as "my vag" or "cootch", but it changes....and what I'd call parts in an intimate moment differ from casual convo.  (at least in my head....there, I'm a trash-talkin' sexual DIVA.)

haha! I'm telling you waaay too much probably. teehee!

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 06:10 PM · On: Melodic

Holy crap. That description of E&B, spine to spine, feeling the vibrations of his singing was incredibly erotic...very tantric....I think I need a cigarette!   What's your story, woman? I must consult your profile after this review!

Jasper in butt jammies cracked me up. (pun intended.)  Rosalie on guitar? Hot enough to make even a baptist go girl-on-girl. ;)  Esme offering joints? Hysterical! 

Hmm, I don't do breakfast....I'm on a crazy night schedule and just sorta eat whenever....usually lunch stuff. I only do breakfast stuff late at night, at diners. :)  Something about pancakes at 2am is just...blueberry poetry.  *clears throat*

Rivers of potential

poured from lipped bowl

onto hot grill, sizzle before settling.

Flipped, solid now,

cream to golden brown.

Tossed onto plate, adrift in seas

of butter and maple,

sweet and salty on the tongue,

breakfast goodness at 4am,

syrup on chin,

licked off in 5am sex.

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 05:43 PM · On: Dazed and Invited

I just literally clapped my hands and yelled out "OH YAY!!!" like a HUGE dork!!!  Look at Bella GO!!!!!  She had one of Dr. Phil's "aha!" moments!!  I am envious as hell, I admit it - I need to get one of those myself. :)  I'm getting there...slowly.

Loved the comment about her sitting at Rose's feet, by her throne....your imagery is beautiful! (I'm gonna check to see if you've written any other stories here - maybe on Fanfic??)  Rose saying "she'll do" is enormous, coming from her - gave me a giggle and reminded me of the movie Babe, where the farmer always said "that'll do, pig" to Babe. :)

Aaah, another tea drinker! I knew it when you said moue. :)

I drink very rarely- maybe a drink every few years - but my fave is a milky combo of Kahlua and Bailey's. It's liquid SEX, and I would love to sip it from Rpatz's belly button. (post shaving - that boy is a wee bit hairy to sip from.)

On to the next chappie I go! :)

Reviewer: Esquire (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 05:28 PM · On: Visuals

What is a Bast charm?

"She was wearing another slip dress, a multi-layered chiffon thing with patterned leggings, a sunshine sylph with charcoal hair and hazel eyes."  - your writing is lovely and descriptive, truly - it paints such a lyrical picture. :))))  Part of why I'm so enamoured with this story!!  And, you used the word "moue" - NOBODY knows that word but me!!! (and, obvy, YOU) You ROCK! I worship intelligent authors. :)  I bow before you!

I don't like coffee anyway. Hate the smell of it brewing and the taste, which reminds me of cigarettes. Ick! I'm a tea drinker, big time - herbal, black, fancy, simple. It's all good! I love to kick around tea shops and I collect teapots as well. And yes, dork that I am, I have tea parties with tiny sandwiches and a zillion desserts. :)



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