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Reviewer: Ksangi (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 04:06 AM · On: Of Popcorn and Tom Servo

DUNN, DUNN, DUNN, This Island Earth,This Island Earth,This Island Earrrrttttth.  Snort.  I can't remember the name of the movie they were watching, BUT a fine, brave and studly Air Force pilot was preparing an intercontinental flight in his new top secret air force jet and was reminded by his nerdy sidekick not to forget to wear his poopie suit.  I fell off the couch and do believe peed myself laughing.  Of course, never one's to let me down Joel, Crow and Tom made a point to add the "poopie suit" into every scene of the movie.  Funny shit.

Oh yeah, like your story as well. *grin*  Stop dangling Bellas past and spill!!! *grin*

Author's Response:

Don't worry - next chapter is BPOV :)  There's a teaser currently up at - and the poopie suit was pure win!

Reviewer: karentwilighted (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 04:04 AM · On: Air and Angels

Fantastic. Loving this story. I like the interaction between the boys - even gruff and rude, Emmett is still caring.

Author's Response:

*grins*  Emmett is always one of my favorites.  I'm really glad you're enjoying the boys - they never want to shut up.  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: noel presh (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:56 AM · On: Air and Angels

Got to love Emmett - and he knows Edward pretty well! Maybe he can help keep pushing Edward in the right direction. Edward's feeling some love, Bella's got some feelings for Edward, they just need some help on the togetherness (and overcoming a few hurdles).

Oh, loving the geek chic glasses...

Author's Response:

Emmett is definitely got some insight into Edward's psyche - sometimes more than Edward himself does.  He thinks trying to be friends with Bella is a lost cause...and I'm glad you like the glasses :)  They make me swoon!

Reviewer: missloonylovegood (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:49 AM · On: Air and Angels

Awww Edward realized he is in love with Bella ^.^ Cute. He needs to man up like Emmett says. Take life by the horns, Eddiepuss.

Author's Response:

ROFL Eddipuss just kicked my ass!  Maybe because I was thinking "Oedipus" - dunno, but it made me laugh out loud.  And don't worry, Emmett has plenty of advice...thanks for reading and reviewing (and making me laugh :))!

Reviewer: rinna629 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:47 AM · On: Air and Angels

Can't wait to see where Bella and Edward go! 

Author's Response:


Oh wait, got a bit ahead of myself there :)  Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Miss Poison (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:32 AM · On: Air and Angels

This is SO well written. And I LOVE that quote, which I've never heard before, but have always understood completely, albeit in another language.  

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you for the compliment!  I really appreciate it - and I appreciate you reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: cindysark (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:20 AM · On: Air and Angels

Um....yum....thanks for that visual of Edward in the shower. Nothing better! Great chapter. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

I totally agree about the yumminess of Edward in the shower!  Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: lexiecullen17 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:16 AM · On: Air and Angels

oohhhh edward!!!!!!!!!  this edward is too cute for words.  honestly, i think im in love with him.

the visual of the wet, glasses and xmen wearing edward is enough to make my heart spontaneously combust. did you know my ideal guy, haha?

that said...i'm obsessed and cant wait for more!

Author's Response:

Wait!  What are you doing in my head?!  This is so my ideal guy :P  Seriously, though, I'm glad you're liking this Edward and enjoying the story.  Thank you so much for reviewing!  The next update shouldn't be too terribly far away.  I'll post a teaser on the forums in the next day or two :)

Reviewer: darkchyld1980 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:13 AM · On: Air and Angels

Awesome chapter! Loved that you added in the part about the meaning behind the poem, even though it does speak for itself, but still. Kudos!

Author's Response:

I agree that it speaks for itself, but Edward was brooding a bit :)  Thanks so much for reading and for the great review!

Reviewer: Clancy67 (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 03:09 AM · On: Air and Angels

I love this chapter - the freakin' X-men t-shirt was win!

I feel bad that Edward is probably going to put himself through hell for God knows how long because he won't want to tell Bella how he feels. His world has changed forever, it's really intense emotional stuff.

Thanks for the update, I really enjoy this story!

Author's Response:

Glad you liked the X-Men shirt!  It seemed appropriately Edward, at least :)  Well, sadly there are the angsty bits that are still to come, so I'm afraid you're right in a lot of ways.  Thank you so much for continuing to read and review!

Reviewer: Nox (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2009 02:57 AM · On: Air and Angels

god i love emmett lol

Author's Response:

*grins* Me too!  Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: Miss Poison (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2009 10:46 PM · On: First Sight

This story is AWESOME.

Author's Response:

Wow, that is really fantastic to hear - glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for reviewing! :)

Reviewer: allieannez (Anonymous) · Date: March 03, 2009 01:47 AM · On: Of Popcorn and Tom Servo

Just when I thought this story couldn't get any better, you drop the MST3k on me! I love it! They should really watch Mitchell - "Next week on Mitchell, the cloverleaf." Seriously, I'm loving this story. Thanks!

Author's Response:

I seriously debated using Mitchell, but they aren't quite finished with the MST3K yet...Edward has to come back after all! :)

Reviewer: soofine11 (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 06:44 PM · On: First Sight

i ove this story it's so cute!

Author's Response:

Thanks!  And for those of you reading the reviews, there is a preview snippet of chapter 8 in the "Just One of the Guys" thread on the forums -

Reviewer: cindysark (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 04:36 AM · On: First Sight

Aww, he's a smitten kitten! And so is she! How long is it going to take for them to realize it?

Author's Response:

Well, they each realize it...but the question is, how long before they admit it to each other?  And the answer is...not quite yet :)

Reviewer: cindysark (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 04:12 AM · On: Of Popcorn and Tom Servo

MST3K is WIN!!!! We used to have parties in high school to watch episodes. My dad and I had some serious bonding time over it on Sundays, too. This story just went up 50 points in my book!

Author's Response:

LOL I'm glad you approve :)  My dad and I actually bonded over Monty Python, but there was plenty of friend-bonding over MST3K for me...I hope you continue to enjoy the story :)

Reviewer: Winifred (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 02:59 AM · On: Overgrown Barbie Dolls

congrats two of my favorite things wow and twilight

Author's Response:

I'm glad I could hit on two of your favorite things!

Reviewer: ThreeAM (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 02:42 AM · On: First Sight

It's nice to see how head-over-heels Edward is. Glad he liked the MST3K. Thinking about that show really takes me back...

Author's Response:

Thank you for reading and the nice review :)  I'm glad you're enjoying Edward and his smitten-ness...and MST3K will always be made of win in my book.

Reviewer: orangecosmo26 (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 12:36 AM · On: First Sight

Aw, Edward is so cute!  I hope Bella lets him in and gets comfortable around him

Author's Response:

*smile* I'm glad you like my Edward :)  Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: Jadasmine (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 12:19 AM · On: First Sight

OMG!!!!!!!  I LOVE this story.  I love what you are doing with the characters.  Can't wait to see what happens with Bella and Edward.  Please update soon... if you don't I just might DIE!!!

Author's Response:

Whoa, that's really awesome to hear :)  Though, please don't die on me...I promise I'll update soon.  Look for chapter 8 in the next day or so :)

Reviewer: naley819 (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2009 11:48 PM · On: First Sight

i need more!! don't stop!

Author's Response:

LOL Now that's the way to stroke my ego :)  Not to worry, I'm working on finishing up chapter 8 at the moment...  Thanks so much for the awesome review!

Reviewer: barbarito (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2009 09:39 PM · On: First Sight

OOOH YEA!!!Loved getting EPOV on their evening together!! I hope Bella opens up to him!!

Author's Response:

Bella is hoping so as well :)  Now it'll just be whether or not she can...I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: lexiecullen17 (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2009 09:36 PM · On: First Sight

pooor lovesick edward.  love him to death.  and this bella is unassuming and delightful - and i, too, as a girl who loves comics have seen the affect wearing a superhero tshirt has on a guy, haha.


Oh, look, Edward!  Everything you want, plus the things you didn't know to ask for...but you can't touch!

--> also, i ADORE This line.  i feel like it was written secretly about me. haven't been  stalking me, right?  hahaha.

yay - i can't wait for more ;)

Author's Response:




No, seriously haven't been stalking you, but I really appreciate you pointing out favorite lines and such :)  That one was inspired by something I read at some point, but I honestly can't remember where exactly...the things you didn't know to ask for bit, anyway. 

And yes, gaming/comic boys go silly for girls in superhero shirts :)

Reviewer: selene_romanov (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2009 09:08 PM · On: Meeting Alice

awesome, can't wait for more.

Author's Response:

So glad you're enjoying it - and thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: karentwilighted (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2009 08:26 PM · On: First Sight

I just found this story and am really enjoying it. Edward is delightful - I hope he can remember to keep himself in check and go slooooowly with her. Bella is obviously having problems (and like all stories where one or the other of them is, all I can think is 'has no one recommended therapy?' - obviously 7 yrs later, she isn't ok) but I do like her quirkiness, wit and intelligence. I like that while she has trouble intereacting wiht men in general, she's a TA, she has Jasper and the WOW friends she intereacts with. She isn't completely cut off from the world. Both of their inner monologues are fantastic ;) I hope you will allow these two to slowly, carefully get together without too many bumps along the way. Some authors seem to enjoy angst torture - but it sounds like she's had enough. She needs someone gentle and sweet . . . and your Edward seems very up to the task.

Author's Response:

Thank you for such a thoughtful review :)  I can say that, while it hasn't specifically been mentioned yet, Bella actually has gone the therapy route, which is why she is so high functioning.  She does still have residual problems, though, and some of that comes from not allowing herself to try dating again (which will likewise be explained later).  As far as Edward being up to the task, I'm generally of the mind that there's nothing a good Edward can't fix ;)

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